Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Life in the forest

This morning was great watching mom and her to babies having  snack. The kids were exploring the world with such happiness. Every things new and fresh to them, they want to see every thing and run just to have fun. The forest is coming alive. First it's one then two then dozens of squirrels. The young one that seem to need the most energy because of the energy use by playing games like chase or climb the tree and run back down. The older squirrels are more calm and just interested in eating. Momma turkey and her three little babies are here briefly as they make their daily rounds. Slowly more and more birds come into the area celebrating the morning. 
I new there was a pregnant mother skunk around here ready to give birth. Well, she did over night under the house. As a matter of fact they are right under my bedroom door and wall. I can hear the little ones, they sound like little birds chirping. If it's like the other skunk families I've seen born this year there should be at least six young.
It's going to be another hot bad air day according to the news. You couldn't tell that by the squirrels playing outside at this time. Later today if it's going to be like the rest of the week, when the heat is on the forest seems to stop. For now it's great watching all the life of the forest.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Buddy didn't show up until 12:30 AM

To hot to be outside. The house hasn't warmed up yet since I have it closed up. They said it's going to get to 103 degrees down in the valley. Lucky I'm under the trees where it's cooler but not to much today. It's 79 degrees in the house and a oven outside. I just turned on the fire scanner to listen if there is any fires.
Most of the deer showed up just after sunset, even the mother and her two babies. Every one loves a baby deer. They were more interested in running and exploring the world then eating. Still I waited outside getting eaten by mosquitoes so I would move fast to swat them. The girls showed up first then the mother with the kids. Then slowly the rest of the boys drifted in except Big Buddy. I went to bed early but woke up at 12:30 AM just in time to catch a little "Conan" in HDTV not that I could see it that way but could see the frame size. I noticed the porch light was on. When I went to the door Big Buddy was there with his son Little Buddy. I went outside and encouraged Buddy to eat. I put out two pounds of corn which he walked over to as soon as I put it down. When he was first hurt he was very stand offish but now he is more tolerant of me. He ate most of the two pound of corn then went off to the alfalfa. I'm very glad he's keeping his weight on and eating even though he is limping and his leg is very swollen where the break is.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Had to sit with Buddy

Last night as the deer came through, I've been trying to help Buddy recover from his broken foot. The other deer were trying to push him out of the way and get to what ever Buddy was eating. I sat out there to protect him and to encourage him to eat and drink.  His break is very swollen up and big as his foot. At least Buddy is trusting me more again since I was keeping the other deer away from him.
The skunks have been getting out of hand. Just to many skunks. The momma skunk is ready to have kids, either that or she is really big. I put out some steak parts and those guys went to town on it, fighting fiercely over the steak fat.
Well the squirrels are looking at me funny since I ran out of sun flower seeds. Off to the feed store.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nice warm relaxing day

Saw a mother deer this morning with two fawns but she still looked pregnant. The fawns were having such a good time running and bucking while mom looked on. There's nothing more happier then a baby deer. Later on after a couple cups of coffee I noticed Little Buddy laying out in the yard. It's late afternoon now and the only critters outside are the baby squirrels eating and having fun chasing each other. It's that time of the day and here comes the turkeys on their tour of the property. They come down and eat and lay around about 3 o'clock each day. Momma turkey and her three kids should be coming around. It's like clock work every day when every one shows up. The only ones I don't like showing up are the pigeons. They make it so I have to wash my car daily.
I saw Big Buddy later night and he seemed to be doing okay. Still limping with a broken foot. I cut up at least 10 pounds of green apple and they are all gone today. I noticed Big Buddy and his two kids really went over then last night.
Well it's time to put out the nights feeding for the kids. The turkeys seem to get bothered by the incoming pigeons. When they take off they scare the squirrels which grab hold of what ever they are on.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another Momma Skunk showed up today

Yes another mother skunk was on the porch enjoying popcorn and sunflower seeds. She's getting ready to give birth. I can see that some of the other skunks born a couple month ago are getting rather bi about the size of a gray squirrel. That will make three families of skunks that are living around here. Watching pushing and shoving but not really fighting but just trying to get the most food. Life is a challenge for the little guys. And no they don't go spraying everything that comes their way. You need to have to really piss them off, like your planning to eat them or something. Other that they are rather gentle in their actions. Like I noticed in the squirrels they all don't look a like, there is minor differences in the fir and the spots on the fir.
My Big Buddy broke his back leg. I think he stepped in a gopher hole and his foot fell in. He's still getting around but not to fast. I feel so sorry for him and I've been trying to get help but no one will help. The local "Animal Control" wants to kill him. UC Davis Veterinary University says they don't do deer. If you go to their web site you will see how they are rescuing a horse with a helicopter. I thing the picture is more for there ego then the care of animals. They will take care of a dogs and cats cardiac system but not a deer. Goes to show you when your a Republican you play God with who lives and who dies.
It's amazing that pet owners spend millions each year on their pet which I don't believe in, we outlawed slavery a 150 years ago. I guess it part of the capitalist system, this is mine and you can't have it. Sort of like how some people have their marriages. Just a gathering of toys to prove how successful you are.
I can see how the European invasion of the Americas and the way they treated the Native Americans as they were animal. Well the tables are turning, the conquers will be conquered and we will be the looses. If You look at history you will see that this has happened over and over. No one country has lasted forever and never will.