Saturday, March 27, 2010

Radical right goes on war path about health care

I'm so surprised at the lies that the republicans have said over the past year. What's even more surprising is the people that believe all the lies and have expanded on the lies. Hate groups are running a muck. What's even crazier is the ones with guns. I heard one guy yelling out almost tearing his vocal cords say that, "Obama's going to take our property." This over health care. How did it get so wanged out. The republican leader didn't help with their talking points saying them over and over what people wanted and how this is such a wrong bill that it was rammed through. Last night on the news I could see one republican, Pence looking off camera to the left to read his talking points which he worked into the answers which he never gave anything truthful. He was asked a question and went off on a tangent with his talking points over and over never answering one question that was asked of him. He said that he was against the violence that people were doing but he supported free speech which was a bit of a confusing statement.

Palin's out with McCain who is trying to keep his job and because he's trying to keep his job is really talking out like he's some sort of tough guy winner. He used to by somewhat civil before many years ago but not he's trying out out conserve the other guy. You know how people try to out do others whether it's in being radical in fashion or kids out dressing the other punk kids. Dressing for best shock value.

What's real twisted is the not so bright followers who can't tell a lie from the truth, the bible benders, the nuts with guns drinking beer with a Confederate flag in the back of there pickup. Country in a sad state. I heard a stat that only 20% of the nation identify as republican which make you wonder how a republican can say the country doesn't want this bill. When Obama took office the republicans plan was to say no, "Nay Sayers" is a good name for the republicans. If your always being an obstructionist the Nay Sayer fits. I don't see what it's going to get them. I'm hoping that America can see that the Nay Sayers were putting up road blocks at every turn not to mention all the lies. I find it real sad that there's people that believe the lies and repeat them plus enhance the lies as they spread them.

I heard a woman that was going to move to the most backward country of South America because the country is turning socialist. She's a tea bagger and listens to Fox news. She claims she's a bright educated person and is interested in science. But ask her about global warming and that becomes a myth made up by the scientist.

I found that if you talk to a lot of people you bring back a little of there personality. What's bad is the isolated people that don't get to talk to a wide variety of people. They don't get feedback about why a lie is wrong and they can't find out the truth. I'm reminded that South Park is coming up on 200 episodes, a show more people need to watch and laugh at themselves for acting as a gang mentality. Find out how a 4th grader think compared to you. I know when I watch South Park I'll say, I know a person like that.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No vote, No help

People have been seeing what they can get out of this health bill. So much pork going out and no ones complaining about that. What they need to do is say, if you don’t vote for my bill then next time your state has a disaster then don’t come crying to me for help. I hate Boehner saying that the country doesn’t want it, no he doesn’t want it for many reasons. Obama a black democrat wins one for the people. Republicans are mad they lost the election after Bush. There’s only about 20 percent republicans in the nation so how could they know the country doesn’t want the bill. More people want it then don’t want it. Ever since Obama was elected he republicans have been spreading lies about Obama. This health bill is going to help so many people and would have helped even more but some sticks in the mud got the public option out of the bill because they wanted to protect the insurance companies and didn’t want to loose all those dollars they get from the insurance companies. They don’t call it bribes but election funds. Pay to play isn’t democracy, that’s what happens in third world country with dictators. Then there’s Stupak that stupid guy from Michigan that must have ate paint chips when he was young. He’s an right to life nut case but believes in taking over the country and turning it into a theocracy. I thought when you take any job in the government you need to say if your in any group that wants to over throw the government. He part of that group called “The Family” and they have been working on this since the thirties. I think they are traitors and need to be arrested. You can tell who these people are because they will pull stunts like this to disrupt bills. The republicans are being lead around too. Then there is the empty headed people from Texas that rewrite history. They don’t believe in science but they do believe in myths. Thing is having people believe in myths you can control them. That’s what this whole Christian movement is all about. Simpletons are being told what to do and what to say and how to vote and the funniest thing about it all they can’t see that they are being controlled. They think they are doing God’s work but they are following “The Family” and what they want to do and the republicans are using all those airheads. It’s amazing when they are told something and it’s clearly wrong they will continue to believe it because other republicans believe it and there’s nothing you can say or do to change their minds. Every things is a conspiracy from the left like global warming. The oil and chemical industry told them what to think and they are sticking with it. Then there church also told them that God told them they can destroy the world any way they want. When you ask if they went to college there isn’t many that have most of them had a hard time getting through high school. It really amazes me how dim they are. They put down science but turn to it to save there lives. They do to doctors and can’t tell you the difference between a science doctor or a medical doctor. I thought they are both the same.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evening time, time to rest.... almost

Been a long day. Looking back I can't remember anything outstanding I did today except walking around part of the yard, maybe 3 or 4 acres. Haven't found one deer antler. Lots of trees to cut up. Don't need to have to cut up the neighbors branches they throw over the fence. They do that all the time. Funny thing, the pine branches I don't have that type of trees here. I have native trees.

The deer came by twice today. The first time it was for water mainly and they took off before I could talk to them. They really had it going on the pecking order today. They don't usually play those games here, they know I don't like it. Then the turkeys and deer came back at the same time when I wanted to come in and rest. Wasn't that bad being out with the turkeys walking around me. There's a couple that see me and start walking away. One of the skunks was out early so I cut up a plate of meat real quick. Cooking them dinner now.

Was a nice warm day. When the male deer were here they were panting. They laid down and rested a while before they took off and met up with the females. The males are starting to heal after loosing their antlers. My males are looking rather old. Just a couple of them, I saw that in their faces today. They are about 9 years old. They are starting to get the herd back to what it was when Buddy was here. I still miss my friend Buddy. Mr Friend does a good job taking over the herd and he is friendly like Buddy was. He's Buddy's son and he's like his father and his father before that. I like looking into the faces of the deer and seeing the different personalities they have. The way they look at me. How they react to me being here. Many of them will stand about 30 or so feet away while others will come within 20 feet and some closer. The babies are getting so bit. I've seen two youngsters with little pencil like antlers. They were still with the mothers and the group. The group is several families that work together to help each other out in a way. More eyes makes it safer along with more ears.

Garden is doing good.Checked out the sprinklers that run around the place and into the garden area. Only had to plug a few holes. Need to set the timer for when they come on. Onions and garlic are coming up. My trees are doing good that I've started from seed. Even the potted ones are doing well. One pine in a pot isn't doing well. Must be because of too much sun light.

TV time. Flash Forward is on. Taping Bones and Fringe for later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What kind of weather is it?

Floods follow Northeast wind, rain storm

500,000 customers lose power; N.J. town declares state of emergency

There has been some foul weather back East, in the Midwest and just about everywhere. It’s funny people keep asking why is the weather changing. If you bring up global warming they will sweat that’s some sort of conspiracy by scientist to get more funding. So says Michael Crichton in one of his mystery book but Oklahoma’s senator Inhofe takes it as fact. This is the man they quotes the bible for other facts too. There is a big oil and chemical industry in Oklahoma also. Inhofe says it’s going to cost the country jobs if we do something about global warming. That it’s going to cost the country income if they work on global warming. I don’t understand how you can say global warming a myth made up by the scientist but if it’s a myth then why would it cost jobs and money to take care of the global warming problem. If it’s a myth then it shouldn’t cost anything, it’s a myth right? Unless there is something to that global warming then it might be a good idea to listen to the scientist rather then a hillbilly from Oklahoma who take the bible literally. I wonder what other mythical books Inhofe believes in. It can’t say to much for the people of Oklahoma for electing a uneducated fool like that.

A few years ago I drove through Texas heading East when we stopped to eat. The girls working there said, “Texas is Oklahoma with better road.” You can see that in the things that the elected people from those states stand up for an say.

Then we can that the former senator from Texas that removed many safe guard in the money industry that caused this recession.

Myself if I didn’t know better I’d say that the republicans are out to destroy the country but no, they are just dim people from dim states. No one smart would elect those people or stand for stopping progress. I don’t see how you could cut taxes to get more revenue to run the country but if you look at the taxes they want to cut it only favors the extreme rich, I mean people with billions. No your only middle class these day if you have a million.

So who you going to believe, people that are out for themselves or people that want to do good for the people of the United States and the country so that it advances. The people that were out for the fast buck have a lot of money and repeating lies doesn’t make it true. Take some time and see through the lies. Any one that is promising you tax cuts and doesn’t have any control over making that happen should be a clue that the person has an agenda that doesn’t include you.

If you take a look at the facts and still say that science is wrong then you need to have someone explain things to you in detail before you vote. If you still don’t understand then don’t vote, go back to sitting on the couch and watch Fox news.

Too cute... and...

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As I woke up late from the time change I looked out the front door window to see how the world was going. The sun was out. The turkeys were walking around hunting bugs. The little birds were flying around getting little seeds and things. Then I look down and see one of the small female skunks laying there sunning itself. Her little ferret like head up looking around watching all the birds and enjoying the day. She was laying on some soft leaves that washed on to the walk during the last storm. There's a myth that if you see a skunk in the day light it's sick but that's not tree. It's one of those urban myths like skunks are always spraying and smell bad. Truth is they are very clean and take care of their fur all the time. They don't smell because they don't spray themselves.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The dying computer

I can start it in the safe mode with the network so I can get online but other then that I can’t remove many programs because I’m in the safe mode. At least the blue screen of death isn’t happening in the safe mode yet. It has if I start some test programs of Microsoft tied to the MCC. I hate the blue screen when trying to start in the normal mode. All it says it start taking out new hardware which I haven’t put any in. Can’t do a system restore because it doesn’t start in the normal mode. Taken out the server with the Java programming package. I hate this because I’ve just got the computer put together after the drive crash in December. Have all the software I use installed and now it’s crapping out. It’s good I’m taking antidepressants and tranquilizers to I wouldn’t attack the computer. Guess I’ll go play with the skunks. At least they are always the same.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Time to start a criminal investigation on the lies going to war.

Bush and Chaney have been lucky so far and people have forgotten what they did. Republicans like Senator Boehner and that other drunk in the house need to be reminded what happened for eight years while Bush was in office. How he changed the constitution and the Geneva convention to make torture sound legal. Then there’s  the lies they told the American people to make the case for war. Well i was more then the American people, they were at the UN telling lies. Then there’s the guy which I’d call treasonous when he blabbed the name of the CIA agent and lied about it. Bush said he was going to prosecute how ever it was but nothing happened. Rumsfeld need to be in this mix of people since he was the one pushing water boarding and the stress positions. Remember Rumsfeld saying, “I stand all day, it’s no big deal.” He didn’t say he was chained to the wall naked. Boy! those were the days. Then there’s the master mind who put the briefs together like he was at a normal court case. He’s up teaching now at Berkley. I heard him on a couple talk shows, boy he can dance around a question. Someone will ask him if he deserves to go to the Haag for crimes against humanity. By the time he’s done replying to the question your feeling like you did something wrong. He gives you a history lesson on presidential power and which president was better under stress or so called stress because we don’t know. If you type Torture Memo into Google there will be a whole list of sub-subjects all on the torture memo and John Yoo. There’s page after page of John Yoo and the torture memo and here I thought people were forgetting. Too bad the wrong people don’t remember, Mister and Misses America needs to be remembering all this and what the republicans did the first four years went they had a majority. Bush came into office with a $500 billion dollar surplus. The republicans used the nuclear action where they only needed 51 votes to pass the tax cuts. We went from plus $500 billion dollars to negative $500 billion dollars and Bush was going to have another tax cut and start two wars that he wasn’t going to pay for. Now Boehner says worry about the children and there future. How quick the republicans forget and they are the first one to start calling people names. All that money returned to people went to the top 1% and the 99% got a minor check of a couple hundred dollars. Then when it came to paying for the war, it was never in the budget, it was in a supplement so it wasn’t counted until now with the new administration and guess who is blaming the democrats for the deficit? Boehner and his republicans and those weak minded Tea Baggers. Now that’s a group of confused people. There’s a republican leader herding them around telling them what to think. It’s funny watching them make a statement because it will be totally wrong but no one will correct them. Bush was lead around the first four years then he took a look at the mess that everyone told him to do and he just said yes, after all they were daddy’s friends and have to be smarter them him.

The press was afraid of the administration, partly because of 9/11 and partly because they didn’t want to be called unpatriotic. Bush would have been a one term president if not for 9/11. Everyone was running around in fear and the republican used that to the max. They were happy to call someone unpatriotic, in fact they want out attacking people for the most minor thing. For instance, the warrantless wire taps. Anyone spoke out about that and you were called a terrorist.

Do you remember Regan the hero to the republicans. All the republicans try to out conservative each other wanting to be like Regan. Every one says cut taxes Regan did it. They don’t tell you he had to raise taxes because he cut too much and the country was going to run out of money. That whole conservative thing is just a ploy in that they say it but like everything out of a republicans mouth it’s lies. To think the middle class and below want to be just like them they are hurting themselves voting republican because everything the republicans do favors the rich. They’re for big business and that always say, I know what Americans want. How could that, they don’t hang around anyone that could write a check for a million dollars for the reelection fund. The one I like is the old guys saying he doesn’t want government running his social security and Medicare. Like the programs are run by some mystical entity. So I wonder how much people remember of the Bush years and if they would like to see them brought in front of the world court. I know I’d like to see John Yoo in front of the court. I wonder how big my files if from the phone taps. How much mail was opened and looked at. And here we are today republicans calling the democrats every name in the book. They are defending the insurance companies from and changes, same with banking and securities. I’d like to see all the administration test out water boarding and have it on TV, Americas Funniest Videos, that should be real entertaining to watch. See if Chaney would need a jumpstart.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Poizner wants to cut taxes 10%

Another republican ploy to get votes. He says he’s going to cut taxes which will really help out the budget. He being a republican doesn’t care about public schools since he’s sending his children to private school. It’s the same with health care, the states is buying him insurance no matter what it costs. It doesn’t matter even if there are preexisting problems he still gets insurance paid for it by the state. People might get a fe dollars for the tax cut but the rich will end up getting the most money. The poor and middle class people will get there token checks.Those people will be happy unless they find out what the people on the high end of the scale get. Still people forget the services that will be cut but see the dollars lighting up in there eyes blinding them to anything else like logic.

It would be good for elected official making so much money have a cut to their wages to help balance the budget. They also should have to get their own health care and pay for their own car too. As it is elected officials get to many fee bees at the expense of the tax payer.

To balance the budget we need to stop building roads rather then make cuts to health care for the real poor. Besides they won’t be taking advantage of the great roads. What about the police and fire, everyone wants then around unless your so rich you have your own security and fire department on your private compound. That’s where you park your helicopter. Remember these so call common folks aren’t they are filthy rich, getting paid doesn’t even cover what they make on all the business deals they have going. The only reason they run for office is to get laws past that will help them and there friends doing what ever they are doing. Whether it’s selling arms, missiles, tanks, hummers to the government there’s always the inside man or woman. Get laws changed in the money market so your wife could be making money out there do to the changes. Have someone as the president and all his fathers buddies all sell to the military or get no bid contracts for a war because you were the CEO before becoming vice-president. Some people are more honest then others but you have to ask what is it going to do for the good of the country and the people or what people will it benefit. Some people don’t want any change to help the people with medical while others do, ask yourself what don’t they want change?

204 after quakes

After the 8.8 earthquake there has been 204 after quakes. They are having after shocks but the USGS doesn’t show the small ones below 4.0 mag. I think it would clutter the maps up and I can’t zoom in any closer to see the small quakes between the larger quakes. Most of what’s going on is is 5.0 and above on the map. I heard a report that said the ground was constantly moving for a minute to ninety seconds every few minutes. I’ve noticed that the so called what would be after shocks are very spread out over 300 plus miles so I don’t know if you would call them separate quakes or after shocks and settling. If we had a quake here that was large like the 8.8 quake and had quakes in Los Angeles I think the USGS would call them separate quakes. So I don’t know how they are classifying these. No one has said anything on the news about this. Maybe I’ll have to send a note asking this question.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lies, Lies, Lies,

And so it starts. More slander all the time.  The mean spirit of politics and false advertising. There is no truth in advertising in the political messages. “You did this.” “I swear he did it wrong and not my way.” Yes the egos are out telling everyone how great they are or just telling how bad the other person it. “Your not right enough.” “Your not a conservative right wing religious radical enough.” “You don’t say how your religious  myths have influenced your life.” Did you ever notice that republicans can’t tell you what they had did but what the other person did only. Seems one party has dignity not to be slandering the other person in their race. Some people are educated and are good humans while others tell you how it should be and don’t practice what they preach. You know anyone running for one office is only a cog in the works and they can’t do to much, not as much as they claim they will do when they are elected. This “I’m going to cut taxes” chant is getting old, who is going to pay for the roads, the schools, the military? If this person is getting elected to a post that is part of a group how are they going to make everyone else see it your way. I have to say the republicans sure ran out of things to say. They will cut down who every they are running against even if it’s in there own party. For being the theocracy party they sure don’t practice anything from there myths that they go to there churches for. What, Love Everyone? No, your the party of hate and block change because that’s what a conservative is, some old coot stuck in his ways. I know why they are afraid of change, they want to stay rich and keep the poor people poor because they pay all the taxes for the rich. They aren’t excepting of other people, that is other races. I’d like to see truth in everything on TV and radio ads so that people can’t make up crap so the stupid people will believe it all. One party is out right mean in there ads and don’t care who they hurt. You have to look at it the people with the most negative ads isn’t the one to vote for.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Creek is Flowing!

For several years my creek has been dry in winter. We have had more rain this year a lot of snow in December and this weekend a hard rain. Last weekends rain pounded the roof and kept me up along with the wind whistling around bending to to what looked was the breaking point. Saturday it was a more mild rain fall. Sunday was sunny and the creek had some water but it wasn’t flowing a that time.

Friday and at night was a intense rain. The wind started at fist on Friday about noon with real high gusts. The pines were swaying and looked like they were going to snap off. It went like that all day then the rain started. TV reception was real bad especially with the new digital signal. I went to bed early since there wasn’t anything on to watch. I was expecting the power to go out but was lucky this storm. With the intense rain it was enough runoff to cause the creek to run for a while. By late Saturday it slowed to where it was standing water. Sunday there was some spots with water but not running. There’s a couple areas if there’s water there it will be moving water and that was gone. Was nice to se in such a long time. The snow on top of the mountains has a good snow pack so there’s going to be a lot of runoff through the year for drinking water.

It’s been nice on the sunny days to get outside and walk around and getting to check the damage from the past storm. There’s so many fallen trees from the snow storm. The weight of the snow just snapped branches off and cause whole trees to fall over. Every sunny day I here chainsaws going.