Thursday, March 04, 2010

204 after quakes

After the 8.8 earthquake there has been 204 after quakes. They are having after shocks but the USGS doesn’t show the small ones below 4.0 mag. I think it would clutter the maps up and I can’t zoom in any closer to see the small quakes between the larger quakes. Most of what’s going on is is 5.0 and above on the map. I heard a report that said the ground was constantly moving for a minute to ninety seconds every few minutes. I’ve noticed that the so called what would be after shocks are very spread out over 300 plus miles so I don’t know if you would call them separate quakes or after shocks and settling. If we had a quake here that was large like the 8.8 quake and had quakes in Los Angeles I think the USGS would call them separate quakes. So I don’t know how they are classifying these. No one has said anything on the news about this. Maybe I’ll have to send a note asking this question.

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