Friday, May 16, 2008

What is a Neocon

Had to think about this for a few days. I know the republicans use it but it's only a few of them that neocons. I know Bush and his crew are neocons. Which sent me looking in the dictionary to figure out what this means and basing it on the actions of Bush and his crew. They say actions speak loader then words.

I knew people that were want a be bikers and only had the shirt to impress people. So I had to go from there to figure out what it is to be a neocon based on what Bush and his crew did in the past seven years.

The con part was easy because we were con'd into going to war based on made of facts sold to us in a form of fear. Sure I can see taking revenge for 9/11. Then there is also to to the north of Iran too which you also need to take into consideration. Iraq was sold as partners of 9/11 which it wasn't. There was oil there and Bush and Chaney are oil guys.

We are also getting con'd to drill in Alaska's wild life refuge. The oil companies are all in on that one driving the price of oil up by not refining as much oil. Weather events also drove the price of oil up by panic buying on the futures market, most of that was flat out greed. What gets me is oil comes into ports on the west coast far from Texas but still when they said Katrina damaged the refineries that don't deliver gasoline here I had to questioned that. This is that same thing that happened before the Alaskan pipeline was okayed to be built. Then over night the price of gasoline went down almost over night. Makes you wonder how that is since the pipeline wasn't built yet and we all the sudden had all this oil to refine. Part of Exxon deal was to ship oil to any place but here making a shortage. They still haven't cleaned up after the oil spill and haven't paid all the people that lost money because of the spill.

So, Con was easy to figure out what that was, a confidence scheme. They are starting one to invade Iran not for what they are say but again for oil.

Bush wanted to pass a Nafta scheme with Colombia but I think that's more like no cocaine left behind. Plus it's a stepping stone to Venezuela, another scheme to take over a country with oil.

It's been a systematic villainous statements about other countries and people. When They were questioned about it they became the enemy and a none patriot. They didn't have a big enough flag and didn't fly it high enough. They also were refried to as people siding with the enemy. It was a good game run by them. Whether it was in the best interest of the country or was in the best interest of the Neocons.

Clearly as we look at the war we now see that the people in these two countries have truly a different culture and different ways of doing thing. The administrations knowledge of the middle east is clearly limited. Listening to Bush's speeches it's clear he has a wet brain from drinking, alcoholics get that where there brain gets pickled and shrinks. You get a person that stammers.

So that brings me to "neo." which I new was short for something and the only thing I could find in the dictionary to fit the past seven years performance is "Neophite" slang used by educated people to refer to idiots. So that fits. I'm sure everyone knows at least one neophite if not more.

So looking at the past seven years neophite con sure fits the bill. If you look at Bush's campaign speeches or remember them, he's done everything he said he wasn't going to do.

Whether the price of gasoline will ever go down depends on if the oil companies get their way and start drilling off the coast of Florida and California and drilling in Alaska. If you watch the commercial on TV they say they can do it responsibly but we only have to look at Exxon's oil spill. Maybe if they pay off the law suits it could be considered.

So I seem to come up with neocon meaning stupid con job. The truth will come out once Bush and Chaney aren't they to silence everyone. They won't have that pull to call people names and make it stick anymore. I just wonder what country Bush and Chaney will be buying after they leave office since we don't know where all these billions are going just that it's going, and soon Bush and Chaney will be going.