Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a Life

If it can go wrong it has starting with the snow storm, after that everything was down hill. I've been backing up files on the computer when the snow storm happened. AT first I didn't think much about it. I continued putting files and pictures on DVD's. I made up so many disks I thought I'd defrag the hard drives. That's when the power went out. Not all at once but a sputter where the computer tried to keep going. Then it went out for the next five days. The phone was out longer, 11 days with no internet. Didn't matter, computer crashed and wasn't coming back anytime soon.

Been working on the computer besides other things here. Had a problem with the power cables going to the drives. The connectors seem to get loose because of where the computer is, near the sliding glass door. It's a bit cooler in this space because of the glass. It's dual pane glass which help no letting the cold in but still it's cool here So, I cut all the power cables apart and soldered them together coming from the power supply getting rid of any loose cables connectors. Had to replace the ribbon cable going to two drives. That seem to help fix things also.

I've been running Spinrite 6.0 for days to recover data and refresh the surface. I got about 1% done over 4 days. That took out two blocks and recovered several other blocks. Before running this it would take 3 hours to boot up. Now it's booting up normal. Haven't tried to accessing the drive yet. I wasn't being seen by Windows but now it is so that's good. Don't want to loose 2+ years of photos. I've backed up most of the downloaded files. I had so much junk and I was running out of space.

Well, my blog space has a mind of it's own and changes type or goes off to another page while typing.

So have the cover on the computer to cut the noise down. Hopefully I won't have to get back inside.

Installed Novell's openSuSE Linux on the small computer but haven't figured out how to set up the internet yet. Getting closer I think, the network lights are coming on and the DSL modem sees the computer. I've been trying all sorts of combinations of of network IP numbers and addresses. Going to take a little more work.

Suns almost out. Going to the doctors but afterwards I'll be cutting up trees.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow tonight

Been cold out all day and some popcorn like snow came down around noon. Now it’s real snow and it’s covering every thing.

Pentax 005

Watched the a skunk, Little Buddy and one of the female raccoons come on the porch earlier. If it keeps snowing like this I’m going to be stuck here a few days until the snow melts. It’s not coming down real hard right now and hasn’t all light. It’s just been real steady.

Friday, December 04, 2009

You call that a tax?

Some bone head thought he would try to get a tax on buying stock and derivatives but it’s so little it’s like buying a postage stamp for a million dollar sale. Then again everyone know that Washington insiders protect the rich. Why isn’t it more like 1% on stock purchases and 2% on derivatives and credit default swaps. All sales need to be registered so you can charge them for income tax. What I don’t understand is why there hasn’t been any taxes on these money making products. Even brokers take a cut why isn’t the government taking a cut for these sales? Why isn’t congress and senate up in arms after all we did have to bail these people out for the world mess they made.

Banks are putting up resistance to any changes or over sight, I wonder why. So they can have black market money to buy and sell things off the books. When I heard that weasel, senator Dodd laugh at how hard it is to make changes and get bills past with all the lobbyist in Washington. It’s hard to pass a bill when your on the take that’s for sure.

I heard a lecture about Black Market money and how it’s going to cause capitalism to fail. I listened to it and wondered how true it was. That Senator Dodd as the biggest obstacles to any bill that would make black market money.

What it takes is people with morals in Washington and not people only there to be on the take. They might call it campaign contributions but cash spends real well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cast on, Cast Off, Pin in, Pin Out! Way Out

Surgery is almost over. Got the cast off today and the pin pulled out all 2 1/2 inches of it. I feel so much freer now. I've felt stuck here unable to do anything. Hands still stiff and doesn't function so well but it's better then having that cast on and not being  able to do anything with my hand.

So nice to wash the hand. Skin is coming off like a wet old news paper. Hand is smaller from apathy. Going to have to work on getting things built up again. I have a Velcro cast now and need to go back to the doctor in a month. The best feeling so far was my hand under the warm water washing it. Such a difference then no washing for the last 6 weeks. Definitely a funky smell from the hand when the cast came off.

So, going to be typing  a lot to get my hand back in shape. I think it will be a while before I'm hammering or using power tools.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Well today has started up okay. I'm tired but could stay awake. Don't feel depressed and not sure if I should trust my feelings right now but it sure does feel good. When you feel depressed for so long a change is very shocking so I'm suspicious of it.

Day light came up slow. The turkeys were here hunting down seeds. The sun wasn't showing yet and it was still a little dark out. Don't like the day light savings time. I'd rather have the time set and it would stay that way through the year.

Was reading about computer parts, some new products coming out. I like the idea of a hard drive with no moving parts. Flash memory hard drive that uses a fraction of the power of one with a motor and less heat too. Blu-Ray disk reader/writers have come down in price. New AMD 6 core CPU, CPU that fits in a quad core socket and takes advantage of the extra two CPU's. I'm lucky to have a one core. Maybe one day I'll have the money or someone will give me there old computer. I see video boards with lots of memory are $30 bucks. The price of hard drive seem to go up. 1T is about $100 dollars. There were down to almost $50 dollars. The USB drives are cheap also, that might be the way to go without a serieal interface.

Well time for a nice bowl of Oat meal. Then lets see how the day goes.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

What going on

Worried. About me, my father, people close to me that I haven't heard from in a while. Been thinking about a relationship. That's usually shot if I'm doing something whee that takes up most of my time.

Saw the skin under the cast, the day the cast was removed and checked.

Just heard a speech Bush did about Geneva what ever part 3, about torture. I don't know what all the fuss is and the tour groups coming in. forgot what it's for except you don't torture people while holding them. I'm not my usual self, I'm in a lot of pain and that keeping me from talking or thinking properly. At times the pain pills aren't strong enough and other time too much.

To top off the day as I'm calling my father the nurse seemed to be fighting with him and said my father is slipping not sure what that means. Is he slipping holing on to my father, doing a one person rolling the person over. I'm sure if your a hospital you really would want two people turning a person like that. One person puts to much stress on the body. I know what I was rolled over or side to side I had two nurses and one spotter.

Out of all the nurses I had to deal with those to black women were the best nurses ever. When I moved here I was in the hospital for about a week. It also had a bad record to, it preceded them. I was watch the nurse give me a syringe. It was raining outside and the nurse wasn't going to give up when she's doing a perfect finger nail. The ones that look good but you couldn't pick up anything with.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What you say, your ready to work now?

So the republican are saying they want to work on the health care bill. After all the no’s since the beginning of the year now they are trying this, lets ask if we can help now that the bill is done. It’s not like they were busy or getting paid to put this health care package together, they were there physically. Maybe with such small mind, no takes up a lot of space. Then the republicans, the ditto machines repeat talking points over and over, that the sky is falling with this bill. You will live i fear because they are republicans and they perfected the stroke. This is something they have been working on for years. When you think about it, being a slacker because your rich republican with connections. The conservative slacker mantra is no taxes for the rich. At least they come up with good bumper stickers. Who could forget, “Slackers do it with spoons.” “College, I paid someone to attend for me.” That  frees up time for the spoon. Are they the Zombie wolf?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greenspan, totally wrong

Turns out every thing Greenspan said was right was wrong and he was warned 10 years ago. All these so called economist got it all wrong. they said the market didn’t need to be regulated and wall street is telling Obama not to regulate the market, so nothing is going on.

Phil Gramm attacked Mrs. Born because she wanted to regulate derivatives market. Phil Gramm’s wife just happened to be working in that same market.

All the things that were put in place after the 30’s depression were taken out to let the market run free at Greenspan’s advice. When it all blew up, all he could say was their was a flaw in his thinking of the world. A flaw, is that all you can say after loosing trillions of dollars. Maybe you could cover that with your pocket change, Mr. Greenspan.

The person that warned of impending doom,  Mrs. Born from a unregulated market is saying people haven’t learned their lesson yet and this will happen again and again.

Monday, October 19, 2009

“Kill the liberals” the ego driven host screamed out.

The host screamed out, “I want to kill him,” “kill the man,” he is the slime of the earth liberal and I hate liberal. The crowd gathered closer cheering on the host. The host yelled, “We need to kill all liberal starting with this vulgar man, he’s a liberal.” “Someone grab a rope?” a voice cried out.” The host called out. “We will kill it right here and put a end to his liberal ways.” The crowd went crazy cheering the host. Yes they said, kill him. The crowd jumped man-x and put a hood over his head. They pushed him to the tree and threw the rope over the branch with the rope tied in a slip knot. The host yelled out sting him up standing safely on the stage looking down at his followers. The crowd did exactly what the host wanted and all pulled on the rope till he was high in the tree his body liberal body twitching and squirming. The crowd cheered. “Yes, death to the liberals,” the crowed screamed. The host yelled, “Death to the liberals,” again. The body stopped moving. The crowd went quiet. The host repeated himself, “death to the liberals.” The people were silent. A person in the crowd yelled out, “Why didn’t anyone stop us.” Another person yelled out in the crowd, “it’s not are fault, no one stopped us.” Ya,” another yelled, “we were only listening to him, and it’s his fault.” The crowd walked quietly away. The host was on the stage, “we need to kill the liberal,” he yelled out once more but no one was listening. The crowd with their heads hung down in shame were silent.

Some people use drugs, some people drink some do both until they find the new rush, power over others. Their egos take over it’s their new drug of choice, twisting truth to see how far people will follow the broken mans mind.

Monday, October 05, 2009

This was a first

Today was a first, all the female deer and the babies came up close to me.  There are 5 babies here and some teenaged deer and all the mothers. Having them come right up to me was something totally new. There’s still a couple that hang back a little. Sonny Boy is the only male here and he came up close but stood to the side. Not they are going through there pecking order without me standing out there with them. I’m not sure but I thing one tiny baby might be an orphan. I’m not sure why they are acting this way today unless they smell the bear that’s been around.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If it’s good for the country the republicans will hate it

Have you noticed that anything good for the country the republicans will hate it. If they get laws past it’s so some body could make short term gains. Phil Gramm who caused most all the banking and oil price problems got old laws on the book to end so the market could run wild again. The laws he removed were ones that were past after the “Great Depression.” They were to keep banks, investment banks, stock market traders all honest. So Phil Gram working with his wife got a few laws changed and you seen what happened, this big bailout. There was last years spike in oil prices also where the market was manipulated. The republicans were saying we need a completely unregulated market because it will regulate itself. Well, we know that’s not true. That’s like asking a thief not to steel, a fire bug not to light fires, a serial killer not to kill and a stock trader to be honest.

Now that insurance and health care reform is on the table the republicans hate it because it’s regulating monopolies to bring down prices. To keep them honest after all they don’t just sit on all the money they collect they are investors also but the thing is they never loose. If there investment tanks you make up the loss. Your rates for insurance goes up not only in health care but any insurance you have.

If you want to see evil at it’s finest look into Life Insurance. First of all you have to be dead to collect so life is the wrong name. The people that come out to sell you insurance policy will sound real wimpy and talk softly to you. They get what you pay for your life insurance for the first year and a percentage the following years. It’s funny how different companies will make big claims about there companies when basically they are all the same. Better service claim really get me, your dead, you don’t need any services. The way they make it sound is like a energy account to keep the lights on and someone will be there to answer the phone.

Back to what republicans hate and if they hate it then it has to be good for the country. When they were the majority they did what was for big business say passing laws that keep you from filling bankruptcy. Then credit card companies sent out millions of teaser cards to get you hooked. Once you maxed out your card or cards they raised the percentage rate you where charged on the card and if you had any late payments they could raise it even higher setting there rates to what a loan shark would charge. There were load shark laws but the republicans found ways around them like find a state that doesn’t have any limits on the percentage they can charge. The company could be located anywhere as long as they had a office in the state that permitted loan sharking called usury laws. The states catered to the credit card companies since it brought jobs to the states which before only had jobs like farming.

So when it comes to insurance reform where insurance companies can’t cancel you policy they said they would follow states laws which means they will keep canceling people policies when you put in a claim for some expensive life threatening illness like cancer. Of course they will keep taking you money right up to the date you are canceled without giving you any idea that you are going to be canceled but they knew it. So I guess they will be making a national law to make sure that insurance companies can never cancel a policy because of the way they testified in congress.

What would really please me to see happen is like what they did in Germany make a law that all insurance companies are nonprofit. That way the CEO’s won’t be walking away with millions of dollars a year in bonuses because of the amount of money they saved by canceling peoples policies.

France #1

With the debate over health care and insurance reform being beaten around the public I’ve been hearing all sorts of horror stories from the “Radical Republican Right” spreading lies because they didn’t do their home work and actually go to those countries they are making statements about. “Socialism” the republicans are claiming and a few democrats also most of which are very much uninformed and very uneducated also. Lets face it, insurance companies want to keep everything the same and keep there monopoly status. After the fear mongering and lies that were spread back in the 90’s about the single payer system where every one would get a health card and the government would pay for everything. No rejections, no denial of service, no cancelation of policy because you put in a claim, it sounded real good except for all the lies that the insurance companies spread spending millions to buy off republican to lie for them and buying ad time on TV and radio making it look like the health program would make you wait month for treatment and hold back treatment because it was to costly. Well they are using that same game plan except the republicans just want to be nasty and make Obama loose this bill to make him look bad even though this would be a good program for the country and hold down cost. The baffle them with statistics, pulling numbers out of the republican but but there are used to storing things in there butts like log cabins. Hey let me hear you fart? So you went to Washington and as a tight end but now are a wide receivers packed with special interest plucking. They have learned not to stash the cash in the freezer but places where the sun don’t shine and where no one would one to check.

What the Radical Republicans with there defeat anything even if it’s good for the country except when they got behind Bush and Chaney to start the Iraq war. Then again they were spreading fear, there will be terrorist here under every rock. Spy on your neighbors and turn everyone in where they go off to the secret prisons for years only to find out they were innocent and didn’t know anything. Now suffering from PTSD from the torture or what they called it, “enhanced talking.” So after all those lies for the last eight years and a lot more if you count on what they did while Clinton was president. Newts promise the screwing with America Contract. Before that it was the Regan era. What to buy some cocaine for missiles? That’s when a wing-nut from Texas sent guns money and missiles to Afghanistan to help create the Taliban and El Qaida. The mantra back then was to get rid of communist at any cost. Don’t look at what monsters your crating, remember republicans are short sided look what they did to the economy. Sort term gains with devastating end game.

So, are you believing the republicans lies brought to you again by the insurance industry?

The republicans have been slamming the UK’s health system but they are at #18 and we are at #36 according to the WHO. France is Number 1 according to the WHO. Funny how the places that the republicans say are so bad are better then here. People live longer and healthier then here. So all the lies they have been saying about other countries make the republicans here look like real dummies.

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Cookie fits All

So been trying to get two Windows Live Spaces going. I have both accounts made up using unique names and emails for each account. Then I tried using Windows Live Writer for both accounts. It works fine for one account, this one which I set up and have been building up posting pictures and blogs. The other account has been sitting there doing nothing for a while. I got the Windows Live series of programs when they first came out. I was using mostly Outlook Express for my mail program and got the notice they were doing to drop it and switch over to the new more secure Windows Live Mail. I still have my Microsoft Office Outlook set up and working with all my mail accounts. So, I installed the Windows Live Mail program and the other programs which turned out to be alright. The Gallery program can handle the amount of pictures I have where all the other so called great picture manager programs all crashed big time. Adobe’s proto manager program crapped out right off the bat and needs a bunch of things you need to do to keep it up to date which takes forever to scan your hard drive and make thumb nails. Now that I have one site or space working well and it looks good but I want to change a couple thing still, I decided to set up the Windows Live Writer program for the other “Space” I have. I signed in and was moving things around on the “Space'” and fired up the Windows Live Writer program and went to sign into a new account. Well, it doesn’t work. When you sign in and tell it to remember your computer it put a Cookie or something that says I’m hooked to this account. So trying to set up another account it goes to the first one you set up. No problems with Google Blogger. No problem with the ad-ones to set stuff to Picasa or Flickr or YouTube but getting it to understand that you have two Spaces with two different emails that you sign in with and the title of the Space is different from each other is impossible. When I tried to sign in after that now it wants me to sign on with one email account only. When you click sign on with different account it put the name you don’t want there even though you clicked on the other name. Click sign on with different name or account it goes in circle over and over trying to make you sign in with the name that won’t work for that Space. What’s real ironic is doing a blog entry on the site or Space there’s a line saying to download the Windows Live Writer program. Over all I like the Windows Live Series of Programs even for the minor problems which I can work around. The menus and permission things can be a bit confusing. All the extra junk you can stick on to your Space is a bit much. I’m not one to give out a lot of my personal information or post it on line. Other then that everything is good except for the problem I had to deal with, “SysFader” which many other people have that same problem. That effects IE 8 and the Windows Live Series of program causing them to crash when you open them, but what’s new with problems with Windows and Microsoft programs, it’s always something with them so that’s nothing new.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So I installed everything again

So far after deleting all the empty files in the internet temp directories, most labeled “bogus” with nothing in the files but took up space because of the name. That added up to around 75k per directory. I deleted the empty directories also. Then I downloaded Internet Explorer and Windows Live install program. I installed both. Took a while to go through all the tests and checks. Finally it seems to be working and no crashes yet after battling this problem for over a week. No message, SysFader can’t read memory address XXXXXXXX. No messages from the Windows Live programs yet either. Lets see how long this all lasts.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finding BOGUS files

That's right bogus files in the internet temp directory. thousands of bogus files with nothing in them taking up space because the names take up space which adds up to over 75k per directory. I've been deleting these files and while there noticed that I tried to respond to a letter and it generated a bunch of bogus files and Windows live mail closed and sent a error message.

SysFader driving me crazy

What's up with Microsoft products? All the sudden last weekend it started. I turned on the computer and it started doing updates. So far it seems normal but then Internet Explorer started getting errors and the send error message to Microsoft popped up but this message had a debug button which I haven't seen before. Then another message came up, SysFader can't read memory and then a address. You click "OK" on that button and another SysFader message comes up, not a new one but over where the other message was. It sort of is doing a cascade the way it moves across the screen. You can get rid of that message until Internet Explorer is closed. Internet Explorer tries to recover instead of closing something new which I haven't seen before.

It's not only Internet Explorer that's having the problems, all the Windows Live Programs all have problems too. I can't use the mail program. When I start a reply the page goes black and a message comes up saying it was sorry that Windows Live Mail needs to close. I never seen that message and the way it's written either. Photo Gallery doesn't work. You open the program and it sits ther for a while then closes, no messages. Same thing with Windows Live Writer. At first I started to write something then it close. So I opened the program up and let it sit there for a while and it would close.

Windows Live Messenger is acting weird also. I've never seen the window turn black before. I just logged in. So far every things working. I leave it sign in and see it it craps out like everything else is doing.

Checking the web and Microsoft site there are some fixes which don't work. When I sign in using Firefox to any Microsoft site Firefox crashes which is a first for me. I used Google Chome to get some tips but it was flashing on one page. I don't know if this is just a Microsoft program or if this is effecting other programs. Was I just having one of those days with Firefox because it's running just fine now and I did download some Microsoft programs today

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paid Programming

What is paid programming? It’s crap they can’t sell without a long sales pitch where you get sucked in to what they are selling. They always have things like health secrets revealed. New system using the word system to suck you in. It’s got to be good, it’s a system. Ya right, it’s a system of getting your money from your pocket into their pockets. Some of the sales people have been band by the FCC for false claims, that shouldn’t be surprising.  Loose tons of weight without lifting a finger. Then they show a 400 pound woman and supposedly the same woman slender, as before and after pictures using their new secret system for weight loss. Then the small type goes flying by or a guy speed talking blurts out that that results may vary. Whether it’s a knife that will cut a car in half or weight loss or other miracle pill it’s all bad crap if it’s in a infomrcial, pain programming. You think if people could be making tons of money they would be doing it themselves instead of selling the secrets which is the money maker. Where they make their money because what they are selling may work but most likely your wasting you money if you think your going to buy a house for a couple dollars and turn around and be making millions with girls in skimpy bikinis hanging off you arms in just months. I like the one where the guy says you have to be all you can be with a vacuum pump masturbating machine. He’s smiling, his wife is smiling and they say Medicare will or may pay for it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why didn’t you care where the money came from for War?

During the Bush years there were silent voices asking how are you going to pay for this war. Republicans made people out as none patriotic if they didn’t support Bush’s Wars.

Now people are whining how are you going to pay for health care when they are going to be the ones benefiting from that health care.

When Bush wanted to privatize social security letting people invest in the stock market with it’s derivatives that fell flat. AIG an insurance company took the biggest bailout but people are forgetting what happened last year. The insurance company AIG couldn’t insure what it was selling. They figured, well no one has made a claim so we won’t put money aside for claims and take that money and invest it in over rated stocks.

Health care will cost less than bailing out AIG and be better for you not them. That’s why the monopolies are spending so much money to stay monopolies. 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dick Army works for the bad guys

Listening to Dick speak about health care reform and all his lies he’s speeding. Remember he was the guy that exposed a CIA agent then hid behind the president not to be prosecuted. I thought it was a traitorous offence myself. Well, he’s against the people of the country like most good republican sucking up to monopolies and helping them to stay monopolies. There are a few others spreading lies also. The one that really got me that the radical right republican woman that can’t read. She was reading of a page or so she said on a radio show talking about death board. Palin is no better but she used her body to get places. You know she’s got a tan vagina now for her husband and who ever else she needs to persuade. “I can see Palin’s vagina from my porch.” The health care monopoly has pulled out all the stops spending millions to defeat the public health plan. They have been giving examples of Canadian and UK’s public health saying you get put on a list and it take months to see a doctor, which is completely false. No one there goes bankrupt over getting health care there. Unlike here where 3 out of 5 bankruptcies are caused by medical bills. Lets not forget what the financial industry did about bankruptcy during the Bush years, corporations can claim bankruptcy any time they want but people can’t. So banks and credit card companies flooded the markets with credit card giving them to anyone that could make their mark on a slip saying they will pay for what they bought.

What type of republican moron would say I want insurance companies to restrict service saying those tests aren’t worth it. That wants insurance companies to cancel there policy when they come down with a life threatening illness like cancer. That’s everything thee loudmouths are saying the public plan would do but they are already getting that and want to keep that type of service with all those restrictions. Dick wants you to keep everything the same and so do the monopolies called insurance companies.

Why isn’t anyone bringing up not for profit insurance companies. German did that, converted the for profit companies into not for profit companies with one law. That’s what we need here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Palin is a looser, quitter, lier

Palin says the the health reform is going to make people sign up to die, what a lie. Then again she made her way from her looks and not her smarts.

The republicans in bed with the insurance companies want to do everything they can to keep prices high and health care for profit. The idea you can only insure healthy people only. Ironically many of the republicans in office couldn’t get insured felt on there own. Tax people pick up there high price. Chaney could get health insurance. He’s had 4 heart attacks, bypass surgery, pacemaker, drugs, everything to disqualify him from being insured.

We need a law to make all insurance companies to be nonprofit. As it is they only spend 28 cents of every dollar they bring in for health. They are also a investment companies and if they loose on a investment they will raise your rates which have nothing to do with your health. They set their profit amount and don’t take anything less.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Who supports republicans

That’s real simple, stupid Americans in states like Alabama. There there are the republicans that are spreading lies about health care reform and the hillbillies believe every word. Only stupid people support republicans because they don’t know any better even though they are voting against what would help them.

If people of Alabama want to be poor hicks with guns, drunk so they don’t see what’s going on while watching stock car races. Fine, but someone should tell them they are really getting screwed. That republicans are big business the ones shipping jobs over seas. Why can’t they see that? Too drunk to see the world and can’t read a news paper or watch the news. I’m sure these are the same people listening to Rush and Fox news. Someone has to listen to that crap and it might as well be stupid people in Alabama.

Stupid people don’t just live in Alabama, Oklahoma is another good place for stupid hicks. Everything they think they are voting for is just the opposite. Republicans don’t have morals at least the elected officials because they are making deals with big business. You think this depression wasn’t started by republicans. Bush giving the oil companies a big bonus before leaving office and trying to get offshore drilling going. Then Phil Gramm and his wife who got commodities and banking finance  deregulated causing these bizarre products that were sold that were over rated. Why the rating companies are in trouble for getting paid for giving products high ratings when they were crap and they knew it but they were paid to rate them high which is a conflict of interest.

If you ask me, the people running the ratings companies need to be placed in jail. Better yet make them pay for everyone’s losses. Not bank but all the people that investing in crap that was rated by them.

No tax below $250,000

Obama said no taxes on the middle class, people making $250,000 and below. Funny isn’t that’s what congress and senate pull in? Plus they get all those breaks and benefits costing a lot which normal people would have to pay for. All the free airline trips which we would have to pay for. Pelosi gets a jet that can fly from coast to coast because she didn’t like to stop for fuel. Seems like she should rent out part of the space to recoup some of the cost so that tax payer would have to foot the bill every weekend. Her flower bill for the first three months in office was enough to pay three people social security benefits for a year. Then when they retire they get there highest salary times every term they were in office. North Carolina’s Senator Byrd will retire with $12 million a year.  Lucky he’s old and the country won’t be paying that out too long. Still the cut off for the people who can afford to pay taxes bothers me. Now if it was in a more practical range like $50,000 or $60,000 dollars a year that would make more sense.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Weather movie, extra Cheese

I’ve seen bad movies and two of them on NBC in a row, two two week two part movies wasting my time, both times. Something that could have been a one day two hour movie was stretched out filled with crappy music that should have been in a video game and not scored for a movie. This movie was so cheesy. Whether it was the science done without any help from real science people to the cheesy rays coming out of the radar dishes. You know you can’t see magnetic wave no matter how hard you try. Then turning off a storm in the nick of time to end the movie. “Storm” has to be someone’s movie that they won’t use on there resume. What was NBC thinking okaying this movie, then showing it, what were they thinking. Did they make that much in advertising. Makes you wonder if a movie is going to be on NBC that you might not want to watch it because of there history of making in house movies. Well you get what you pay for whether it’s where you watched it, free off air DTV or the NBC people that made this movie.

Just think, next fall they are beating a night with talk show hosts are going to pull them out. Would be nice if they had programs to replace all the infomercials.

Friday, July 31, 2009

World says American Capitalism is broken.

When all these dirt bags too money from the Federal Government to get up and working they were paying themselves bonuses. What I see that is as take the money and run, leaving the mess to be picked up by someone else.

AIG the biggest off ender of capitalism with no moral playing fast and loose with the laws making up things that laws went made to protect the people investing in what they were selling, which should have been insurance but weren’t. Sure it’s nice that some of the people are getting paid off for the losses but they should have started at the bottom of the list and worked up. If they ran out of money going to hedge funds, so what.

I’m thinking at everyone that got a bonus at AIG for the past three years over a million dollars need to be vaporized from the planet. A hundred years ago they would be swinging from a robe of the favorite towns tree. Microwaving them to they were chard still and crispy being cooked from the inside while still alive isn’t that bad of punishment in my book for people like that. They rank up there with rapist and child molesters but worse. Since the amount of people they effected they should be charged with crimes against humanity. Life in prison is too good for them.

For all the CEO and upper staff that was in on the deal and were taking home these big bonuses all need to be executed. Like O’Reilly said, “they need to be taken out and shot.” That’s one of O’Reilly’s comments about doctors and liberal. He’s another one that the world could do without, stirring up people with his hate speech.

Line up the CEO from all the failed bank, investment companies, hedge funds, insurance companies, and last of all the rating companies that took bribes to give a positive review of junk that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on, the worst of the offender and those companies need to be removed from the planet also. So you find a nice hole in the earth and drop a air fuel bomb on them. Western justice. Something Bush and Chaney were pushing for and should join then in this hole.

Another good punishment for all these people would be to run the gauntlet of people effect in the world where those people would be able to hit them with anything they want. They will have to getting running the gauntlet from both side because they would never make it to the end of the line. Even if one person was aloud to hit them once with a fist or a kick with a foot, several hundred thousands of those you wouldn’t be in very good shape.

The  next tear of people under the people with the bonuses need to be band from anything economical. You won’t have to worry about the first group because they will be spending a short time on the planet before there punishment.

I see all these people as traitors to the country and to the world because they knew what they were doing was wrong but did it anyway. If you look at what political party that are affiliated with they all with say Republican, the party of no morals.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Dogs PROTECT Big Business

Blue Dog democrats protect the insurance system keeping things the way they are. They did get big campaign checks for there re-elections too. Radical Right gets it’s way on keeping Big Business the way it is, higher and higher insurance prices. Forget inflation, insurance companies can set there own price because the Blue Dogs and Radical Right got rid of the competition from the government, the public health plan that would keep down prices.

Just goes to show you that money talks and people knuckle under fearing big business. What happened to your spines? Worrying about re-election verses doing the right thing for America has been the apathetic problem for years.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Duo to Wed Woman: Turkey Dinner for Three

posted by Cal Orey, Author-Intuitive at The Writing Gourmet - 1 day ago
*Wedding * *Engagement Dinner* ***By Cal Orey* ** *"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last ...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Republicans say, “We can’t help it, we were born this way.”

Republicans can’t defend there actions saying they were just born mean and support big business no matter what it costs the country. They republicans proved there selves during the Bush years deregulating everything they could get there hands on including banking and stock market laws making it easy to cheat people. What I don’t understand is they say they are the party of morals but you haven’t heard that lately because it’s obvious they don’t have any morals. In fact they act more like sociopaths then anything else. They all went into politics as “Tight Ends” but insurance companies, banks, and any other lobbyists made them all into “Wide Receivers.” And to think they are against being gay. I guess bending over is okay when you say, “it’s just politics.”

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Testing out the Write Program

Well this is totally cool, being able to write my blog off line and then post it to Blogger. They used to have a add-on for Word but that went away. Now I’m using Windows Live Writer to write this blog entry.  Now to see if it works which would be very nice. I noticed that my entries went down when the Word plug-in stopped working. Now that I have this, I’m going to be using my blog again. I like it that you don’t have to log in and all that jazz.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Looking good....

Added the picture in the header. That looks good but the way the page is laid out you can't make it go all the way across. It's okay though, It fits the way the page is set up plus I have my screen res set real high so at full screen things look small.

Now to figure out what I'm going to do with the Google ads. Right now it puts a ad under the last post which I guess I can live with. I don't know if anyone has ever used these links. I know I'm not getting money hand over fist from the ads. Don't think I've made anything so far.

The Firebug program works pretty cool. I've been getting a lot of goodies the last few days. I thought I had all the good ones but they always come out with new better toys. Some I'm not sure what they do yet since I haven't used them yet.

All Right Now, Playing with the Blog

Trying some new stuff for the blog. Found that there is videos about how to do things on YouTube. Whether it's made by Google or a personal entry they cover a lot of things you can do to yuor blog. Not sure that I want people to come to my blog to play games but I guess they are there to put on your blog.

The Soon to be Momma Deer is laying about resting intensely. This is what the other female did right before she had the two babies. Very touchy too, even though she knows me and lets me walk close to her but not today. I'm thinking she will be giving birth soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

McCain plays stupid, again

I should say he’s not playing stupid. How can you find out what happened with the spying if there isn't an investigation. Either is the rest of the republicans that don’t want an investigation on spying on American, warrant less wire tapes, what ever ever evil things Chaney could cook up. Republicans know that if the spy program is reveled to the public they will loose seats and votes along with credibility. This is besides the torture programs Chaney loves also which republicans don’t want people looking into. As Chaney would say, it’s just a little water and some stress positions. As it is they changed the definition of torture to where only if you have organs failure is it torture. Well, people did die from what they did to them. They also ignored the Geneva Convention. How can you tell others not to do that when your not setting an example.. If what all happened in the last 8 years of what Bush and Chaney gets out to the world there might be a cry to put them on trial for Crimes against Humanity. I’m sure there were some other shady deals done where Bush and Chaney’s friends made billions of dollars. All the no bid contracts that went on which gave people the idea they didn’t have to do a good job but take the money. All the companies tied to position that Chaney had as CEO should have been excluded from taking part i any government contract. Chaney went from being CEO to vice president and gave his former employer sweetheart deals. It was like he was still the CEO and had two jobs.

What gets me is the republicans said they are the party of morals then go out and torture people, invade a country for oil. Looking from the outside you would say it was insider trading and manipulations of the markets. How people voted for the party thinking they were voting for moral people when they are the party of big business. There vote was shooting themselves in the foot. If you look at what happened to the bankruptcy laws where you can claim bankruptcy but big businesses can. That credit card companies can charge you any fees that get you into deep water where you never can get out because you can’t claim bankruptcy. Last years high price for oil was Bush’s gift to the oil companies. That’s what caused the economy to start to collapse. Then it was a house of card falling one by one until today. Meanwhile the rich got richer. Bush and Chaney aren’t hurting and this depression has no effect on them, they could care less. Like Iraq which Bush and Chaney broke, they also broke America and the rest of the world. I hope history isn’t very kind and tells the truth about Bush and Chaney and all there shady dealings.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Love Life, Hearing Voices

Listening to the man that lost his son to suicide and started walking across the United States with a sign saying "Love Life." Just so happens I'm here looking out the door drinking coffee watching the deer, the blue jays and the baby turkeys with mom. I have to say I'm here in life and taking part in it. I had to look up Steve Fugate too read more about him.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day in the life

Mr. Lizard smiling in the sun. Nice sunny day except for the mosquitoes that travel in swarms. Even the deer run from the mosquitoes swarms. They duck through low brush knocking off the flies and mosquitoes. I've tried the so called repellent but that doesn't work all that good. Haven't seen momma deer in a few days, well there's two pregnant deer. I saw the baby skunks last night for the first time. They are real cute and doing everything you'd think a large adult skunk would be doing, stomping their feet and squeaking. Have to say they are so cute. They were sticking close to mom but one was a bit of an explorer. They still gathered close to mom after looking at the world for the first time. They say me and didn't make to much noise seeing me. They looked at me as part of the family with mom coming up to me to get a pet. They sure were on the move and was hard to count them. I'm still not sure if there are five or six babies. I've notice many mothers running around here. Not sure if any of them are males, maybe one. The deer look at the babies and wonder. I've noticed the deer taking in the sights. They'll watch birds, I've seen them looking at the hummingbirds. Today I put grain on the table but the deer say a bird under the table and waited until the bird left before coming up to the table. The deer would look over at me then under the table to let me know there was something down there. Was real cute. It looks like it may rain and has been dark most of the day. The skunks haven't been out yet, they might stay in if it's going to rain, at least for the babies. Going to be an interesting rest of the summer with all the little ones.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

DTV and the poor preformance

I'm real disappointed that DTV conversion. Not that it was hard to hook up but the poor signal. In my area of Northern California the power of the DTV transmitters has gone up by 3 but the range has gone down by 3 to 4. Why a million watt transmission can't make it forty miles amazes me. I used to get with analog TV signal San Francisco which is 120 plus miles away at 300,000 Watts. Now with a million watts in my backyard that DTV signal doesn't reach me on a good night. I'd rather see a signal that maybe a bit ghosty but has the sound then a signal that drops out when it looses a few bits.

One thing that's wrong is the high compression ratio. MPEG compression only sees after the first key frame the changes in those frames. So when a minor bit drop happens the whole signal falls apart and takes time to recover getting the key frame which seems to be at least one second.

The audio was suppose to be better like CD quality that is if you can receive the signal. I've noticed that the audio signal comes out about 10 DB's down or 1/2 the signal then analog. I haven't looked into the bit rate of the audio yet to see if it's the same as DVD or CD quality. I do know that it skips like a DVD or CD and drops out like the pictures does.

Cell phones use a bunch of transmitters and receives to make it's system work. I think for DTV to work it's going to have to do the same thing, dozens of low powered transmitter towers spread all over to cover an area. The idea of one big transmitter just doesn't seem to work since weather, static in the air, rain, snow, wind, heat inversion layer all seem to affect the signal. Setting up a bunch of smaller transmitters with over lapping signals might be the way to go.

My video of what DTV looks like if you don't live under the transmitter.
DTV Quality Video