Thursday, December 20, 2007

EPA says tail pipe gases are good for you

EPA sucking the tail pipes of big American car makers votes against California's law to reduce tail pipe emissions. Well there's a way around that, ban the American auto makers from coming into the state because they pollute to much. Well you had to expect this since it's Bush's buddy's in the EPA who are none scientist making policies. Since foreign car makers can make these standards it's time to send a message to Washington and Detroit. No more new American cars in California will fix the problem. If you want to play by Bush's rules then you need to take harsher measures. When a American car gets a smog check here and fails because it's not meeting the new California green house emission laws and you can't register the car but have to take it out of state and sell the cars.

George W. Bush, "Milk Toast of the Year"

Toast of the Year and George won again. Listening to the press conference I was wondering why the reported don't ask and good question. I forgot, these press conferences are scripted and Bush knows the questions before he starts. Bush needs a writer to talk and they are out of strike. Shooting from the hip Bush sounds like a country bumpkin that's drunk. After being a drunk for so many years he's still coming out of that wet brain state. His disjointed statement are examples that a substandard student can grow up to be president as long as you have a big business force behind him. Use Daddy's friends because when you were drunk you alienated all the people you once knew.

What I don't understand is why impeachment proceedings haven't started yet. If any people needed to be removed from office it's Bush and Chaney. With the lies told in the lead up to the Iraq ear, people, mostly shallow minded Evangelicals believe Bush has found WMD in Iraq. They also believe from all the lies that Al Quieda was involved in Iraq.

Why don't the reported ask Bush why he invaded Iraq. Why does he keep pushing the privatizing of the Iraqi oil fields. When does he project when the troops will be coming home, like in what day or year. That crap he give, "We will stand down when the Iraqis stand up. There are more mercenaries in Iraq then there are standard troop shooting up the place. So as I count there's over 500,000 troops able to fight there while the freedom fighters and people the they tortured are still fighting. The one independent poll on how many Iraqis have died since the start of the war is over 600,000. No mention on how many women barring unborn children have died but that doesn't matter because they didn't have an abortion but a bomb that killed them so that's okay.

He gave his "The economy is just fine" quote. What planet does he live on. Well the economy is going good for the real rich and the government is bailing out the investors of the sub prime mess. Funny how the rich never loss because they are connected and people pull strings for them. Mean while people can't go into bankruptcy because of the new laws. Even if you loose you house you still have to pay off that investor so he won't loose.

Bush was asked about the destruction of the torture tapes, (which America doesn't do.) He's claiming ignorance on this one which isn't so hard for him, or until they all get the story straight. It's not a couple tapes like I first thought but 200 to 300 hours of tapes. That's a truck load of tapes. Maybe that's what was burning in Chaney's office yesterday along with all the other secret papers that if gotten out would make this administration look worse then they already do.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Don't you wish Windows XP worked every time.

Still dealing with the Win32 error problem. So nice looking up on Microsoft's search engine and find out you have to buy a product not made by Microsoft to fix the problem. Be nice if XP worked without giving you an error message and tells you to restart the machine. Be even nicer if it would tell you what is going wrong. So I have a Win32 error and part of the problem is the SVCHOST.EXE problem. I know I can't get online to send the an error report because it says my modem is already being used. I downloaded the patch from Microsoft which is suppose to fix the problem but after restarting the machine for over an hour it finally works. What a great product. This first started after updating to Internet Explorer 7.0 and after that the rest is history, the Win32 error. I've been putting my computer into hibernate rather then turning it off so I won't have to deal with this problem since Microsoft hasn't figured it out yet. Looking up the problem on MSN's web site they have page after page of fixes and reasons for the error. I've noticed that Apple has a page for this problem for the people running Windows on their Apples. Nice to hear that Windows runs faster on a Mac also. Now Microsoft has come out with a new operating system, full of problems. People are buying new computers and taking off the new operating system. I just love getting something that doesn't work out of the box and where you need to spend days installing patches to fix the broken product.

Top it off, Microsoft has geared up with Ford to have crap in cars. I'm wondering how many updates and patches your going to need before it works. How many versions of the same product are you going to have to install.

I've been trying to install Windows Live for the past 9 hours. The program just stops. It thinks it working but then after stopping the program it comes up with the error, "Program stopped responding." Don't give up you just need to strat it over and over until it goes all in.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Frosty wet morning

It looked like the little birds could use some seeds. So I slipped on my fuzzy slipper and ventured out with a pound of seeds in a coffee can. I could see why the birds were having a hard time finding something to eat, the ground is covered with frost along with being wet from the rain from that past couple days. Still the birds need energy so they are out every day no matter what the weathers like. Rays of sun light is coming through the trees. Where it hits the cold frozen ground it's turning into a fog and steaming off. The sun on the wet leaves looks like a icy reflective surface. Still in the shade the ice crystals sparkle as I move by and the light refracts of them.

The hummingbird is getting breakfast and I think I need to fill the feeder up for the little bird. Some times when I'm outside the humming bird will fly right up to my face to check me out. See who is the nice guy putting food out for them. As soon as my eyes focus on how close the bird is to my face they fly away.

The little Oregon Junco's are back zipping around eating seeds. Suddenly they fly into the trees and shrubs as if danger was around. A silence is in my forest but soon broken and the birds are flying once again.

Yes it's a cold fall morning in paradise. Time to enjoy life with a cup of French Roast coffee and be amazed at the forest as it comes alive.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wolf, Wolf, Wolf

"Don't believe those truth tellers," Bush said today. "Dick and I want to get that oil for our friends and Iran has lots of that." "So, I'm going to keep preaching fear until we start the next war. You know they have terrorist there?" "I still think they are working on a WMD and we're getten' the mind police on them."

"I want congress to give me money unconditionally so I can fund my Black Water friends." Do my pet projects. Buy oil and put it in the reserve driving up the price of oil for my friends. We got a deal you all know." Support our troops." "9/11" "Terrorist"

Monday, December 03, 2007

Twisted Religions

Just amazed me the stink that Muslims are making over the Teddy Bear name, wanting to put to death a teacher after the kids in the class named him Mohammad. What about the parents that name their kids Mohammad, should they be put to death too. Seems with the age of communication as it is these days where people can hear most story instantaneously but still there is that passing of a message from one person to another error. It's not just Muslims that have twisted views of the world but all fundamentalist seem to have a real twisted view of religion. If you look at the origins of religion first there was the Jewish religion, then the Christians which took about four hundred years to get organized, then came the Muslims religion picking what it wanted from the other two and leaving out what it thought was bad. Mainly religions have always been about controlling people. The Kings and Church used religion to conquer lands in the name of religion taking the wealth or gold in the name of their God's. That promise of life after death was adopted and the followers flocked to the churches or mosques. You pretty much could do anything if it was in the name of God. To think you would put all your trust in just one book and reject the other books of the world seems rather shallow, how can you be a whole man or person by only reading one book. Some people forget that the bible isn't one book but a series of stories bound into one book and it was rewrote to sound better by the Puritans the people the Pilgrims wanted to get away from, now they are here in many names but you couldn't tell them that because they don't read history books.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

XMAS report or stock market report

I've been hearing the last few days the XMAS reports and it sound like a stock market report. Be interesting if we went back to the old way of a religious holiday but then again what would the economy do. Myself I'm burned out already with all the ads. I can't stand going into a store and seeing all the "XMAS" junk and it is junk. So many people are buying useless junk that they will never use. The TV ads just get me, "Buy this car and tell her you love her" like that a measure of love. You have to wonder what people are thinking when they make these ads. What kind of person they are. You might compare them to snake oil sales men with very low morals.

What else gets me is there's a couple wars going on and it seems the Christmas hasn't been effected at all from the people selling good. No sacrifices from anyone here in this country. Bush's ideas of sacrifice is to go shopping, that's going to help fight terrorism.

What I don't get is those evangelicals who scream about values are silent. I guess the values they have aren't that great. The bar is rather low for them. Meanwhile they keep thinking that gay marriage and abortion will save the country from terrorist at least that's how they vote.

Christmas is for children but it's been bastardized by the corporate world taking the value right out of this holiday.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rove on Charley Rose

Karl Rove was on Charley Rose last night. I always knew Karl was a good lier. Karl said, "This administration did not want to go to war with Iraq." I must have been on the wrong plane or something but my recall of events have a completely different take of events. Then he was pulling clips from obscure news papers quoting how good the war is going. Charley totally had to question Karl about that and what the real solution is, a political one like everyone else is saying. This war is still a money pit in the pursuit of oil for Bush and Chaney's friends. Propaganda isn't going to change that. We haven't heard anything about WMD in years. Bush stopped talking his "Church slang." How many times has Bush changed his turn about why we are at war, about as many times as you change your sock, hopefully every day. Well history well tell in time that Bush was the worst president and drove this country into near bankruptcy but the story isn't finished for another year so he can do more damage like start a war with Iran.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why American children are stupid, Dover School Board

Watching the PBS NOVA series about the Dover School Board and teaching or trying to teach kids about "intelligent design" a weak attempt at bringing the bible into the class room. Thank God they lost the court case other wise we would be going even farther behind the rest of the world. It too bad that there are those people that can't see the truth in science. For me that's why I stopped going to church because of the lies they were teaching and I have to say, religion has the biggest holes ever. How anyone could take that as fact is beyond me. The bible, it's not science it's theology. Albert has a theory but you can't test it because you can't go faster then light just yet. DNA is a real good way of proving Darwin. Carbon and atomic dating isn't other tool in the box of knowledge. No wonder the red states don't have any technical industry they don't have the staff to maned them. Then again anyone smart born in a red state moves to a blue state with the rest of the other smart people.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rudy says he's tough enough to do water boarding

Rudy says water boarding isn't torture so he's planing to do a demo in public to show people how tough he is. I really want to see him say uncle and confess to all his sins too.

Just love those comments about the liberal media too. Where is that liberal media he's talking about. So any media that says anything or questions what's going on is liberal media.

I guesswhen a guy gets married three times and gives his word to his wife and God he surely can't be trusted when he's been married three time. How can he take an oath of office and be trusted to uphold it since he hasn't done that before. The people off New York hated Rudy before 9/11. Now his buddy is going to prison, the top cop buddy. What other crime organization is he tied to after all he did take out the competition. Maybe Rudy's the new Dom, whacking all the competition.

I really don't see him as a man that can be trusted, not with any single replacement woman out there or some mans wife. Not with money or the countries military.

Win 32 error, svchost error, what a bunch of crap!

What a bunch of crap,update to Internet Explorer 7 SP2 and the updates that followed after installing it and ever since then the none stop errors. I looked it up on the Microsoft web site and there are tons of pages on how to fix it sort of. There's a patch but that has to be loaded every time you start the computer. Then restart the computer and after several tries it works. It's funny that the only version of an operating system that Microsoft ever had was the R-Dos which was made by some one other then Gates. Even since then there hasn't been one product that came out that doesn't need upgrades and patches. Now they got Vista out and haven't finished developing XP. They stopped supporting the older versions like 98 and before. When is Microsoft going to come out with something that works right the first time out of the box. I really hate have to be the proving ground for Microsoft. They have enough money that they need to pay me every time something doesn't work. MAC's don't have this problem, they work right all the time. They come with everything you need to work and no crap shareware if you buy a new computer with bundled software. I'm so thinking of going to LINUX. There must be another company that makes an operating system that will work with the programs I run. I'm really glade that Europe has got the suit with Microsoft to release the operating system so real working software can be developed that works right all the time. What gets me is I don't hardly even use IE except Microsoft makes you to get updates.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cleaning things up and getting rid of CO2 and other good things

Some people are selling the idea of getting green or making look like they are green. Sure a dancing elephant looks cute. Then there is the diesels with the rainbow and saying we are making cleaner fuels. As they would say on SNL new update, "Really." Listening to the show today and hearing the GM rep. saying it's coming in the future. Or Carl Levin who I think is a great leader take the side of the car companies. Then there's the tax breaks for the refineries and oil companies. One thing I notice is if they do nothing they get tax breaks. Oil is at an all time high. Some ones making a lot of money and it isn't me. The thing I hears from these profit centers are all saying is every thing cost more as the pull in record breaking quarters. They won't say we are taking advantage of the public because we can or we are doing this so the public will let us drill in wild life sanctuaries. That was a common thyme back in the seventies where they delivered oil to anywhere but here driving the price of gas up until the Alaskan Pipeline was approved. After it was approved oil prices dropped rapidly even' thought the pipeline wasn't even built. The oil deal in Iraq that Bush is pushing is to privatize the oil field and the Iraqis can see that isn't a good deal for them. We saw but don't remember what the CIA did in Iran by placing a dictator in office that was friends to the oil companies and the outcome from that. I don't want to get into history lessons though. What I want to say about getting green is it needs to be done now and now twenty years from now. An analogy of what the world is doing, I came up with this while watching an old StarTrek episode. We are in a space ship traveling to a far off land but we forgot to take enough fuel along to get back. We also forgot to take enough extra air along and the CO2 in the ship is building up. We scarped the air scrubbers that would have taken the CO2 out of the air because someone complained it was too expensive. So there we go traveling along unprepared and we have past the half way point so there's no turning back. The ideas of tax credits for cutting CO2 is another shell game, it's like being on the ship and telling the people aboard that they will have an ever other breathing day. Of course like the old west people wouldn't want to be told what they can and can't do so people get mad and start killing each other for their own existence. Seems there are always those that panic when their liberties are infringed on even if it would cost the lives of others.
The Bold Move:
It would be a real good idea since the would is going to keep growing population wise to stop all green house gases. That would be the goal. The thing is that the lower classes are stuck in the middle of big business where they want to sell off all the crap they have before it's classified as something you can't use any more. What I'm getting at, the oil companies want to keep selling oil even if there was a replacement energy. People have been saving energy so new power plants don't need to be built at least that's what they tell us as they keep building more homes. Then what do I hear, the power companies are loosing money because people are saving to much so they want to raise the rates to make up for their losses.
What I don't understand is the national oil reserve. Bush has been pumping oil into the salt dome since he took office in 2001. Seems that is he stopped buying oil and driving up the price of oil thing would calm down on the futures market which I think need to be removed since that's just a form of gambling where the people are the losers. Hedge funds are even flakier where they are betting on stocks to fail to make their money. So with a industry without control it seems it would be real easy to manipulate the market, sort of like the movie Trading Places." People are doing things in their interest and not in the interest of the future of the United States since every thing they do is only sort term gains.
Everyone hates a sales man:
The sub prime loan debacle was something a sales man made look good like a high value life insurance policy. They made the deal look so good that like life insurance you even thought you got to collect the money when you died. Remember back a few years ago when Enron was busted for jacking up the price of power and making fake shortages. Then other things started happening on the stock market, they would have people give crappy stocks good marks and sold them to unsuspecting people. The stock market walked away with billions of dollars and when caught fined 1.2 billion and told not to do that again. When it was suggested they regulate the industry they said they were good and didn't need that. Well they did, they moved into sub prime loans and did the same scam. There's another problem with capitalism, black market money which there is just as much out there as the money being tax or the legal money but we don't know for sure since it's black market money.
Where's Kenny?
Well Kenny died before he could go to jail for his involvement in Enron but have you seen the body? Remember he's a friend of the president and the president has been making people disappear for several years now to unknown locations. Is Kenny really dead or is he living life on some desert island some where?
Correcting errors:
Since rich white people never go to jail even for murder things need to be toughened up for fraud where it effects millions of people. They need to get charge with fraud for each person they effects. In some cases I don't rule out the death penalty if any person dies while this fraud was committed. Remember Lincoln Savings and loan, there was several senators tied to that but Cranston's said he was to sick to testify at that and distanced himself from the whole deal, so did that other senator from Arizona, what was his name? The one with the black love child. Oh wait that was one of Karl Rove's lies that cost John McCain a lot of votes. That's another thing that needs the death penalty lies while campaigning. Since Bush's team was spreading the rumor John would get to shot one of Bush's team for the lie and it would be legal, anyone even Bush. Well that would take care of dishonest politics. Maybe most other things after that would start falling in place also. People that give good ratings on homes and stocks, life in prison, no exceptions, mandatory, No presidential pardons. Too many white collar crime get such minor sentences, if they were really enforced and stiffened up life would be more "Christian Like." Remember Kenny from Enron he was one of the Christians one of those God fearing people, "Ya Right." If a company cheats, the CEO gets the death penalty. That will fix oversight.
So get rid of the ties to big business and the CO2 problem would seem to start correcting itself.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Rudy said, "Vote for Demarcates and raise taxes."

Well that might happen, since the demarcates want to balance the budget once again. That they already want to change the "Alternative Minimum Tax" to keep up with inflation and protect the middle class. Rudy didn't say that the taxes that the "Rich top 10%" would now have to pay taxes who he is only worried about. You have to have guest that republicans really don't care about you. Whether you have insurance. Whether poor children even have health care. Bush didn't even want to improve flood control but is only interested in oil and how to get it. Iran's a state sponsor of terror and the guard also a terrorist group and we slapped sanctions on them but why is Halliburton still there. Why have they been trading with them since the Carter Administration. Those chemicals Saddam had, where did they come from, Halliburton seem to sell them the stuff. Taxes, Rudy would rather borrow the money and make the dollar worth less like Bush has been doing. You can only run up the credit card dept so much before they want their money back. Then again Republicans are cheap that's why they are rich they never pay for anything. Take from the poor and give to the rich, what a motto. Trickle down as Regan said, well that turned out to be pissing on the poor. It didn't work but the republicans want you believe that it work because they never admit when they did something wrong but blame others. Rudy as far as giving his word to God and his wifes, well you can see where I'm going on that. Rudy's word doesn't mean much as far as God goes since he's out for himself. Till death do you part or is it until something better comes along. So if you want a weak dollar and high priced oil where your paying tons of money to the energy giants like Exxon and PB or even Enron go ahead and vote republican. You want far priced health insurance or do you want the republicans plan to force you to buy inflated health care prices. Well most of those red state people will be voting on morals, whether it's abortion or gay marriage but not on a strong dollar, not on security, not about corruption, and corruption with this war which is and has been very good for some republicans. It's too bad people had to die to line the pockets of a few. Now that's moral. What about acts of treason such as lying to the American public about why Bush and Chaney wanted to go to war? They didn't say it was for cheap oil because no one would say that was a good idea. No, they told large lies and even believed them themselves after repeating them so many time. Flesher got ass cancer from telling so many lies. Most of the administration has left because they are having morals and can't destroy the planet to enrich a few billionaires. Now that's not too moral wouldn't you say. Now Bush and Chaney want to bomb Iran to get closer to the oil, it really has nothing to do with much else. So, voting for Rudy will still put you in a crappy tax bracket so the rich won't have to pay taxes anyway. Your still going to have to pay most of your pay check to drive across the street. The stock market is in the dumper and getting worse and jobs keep going over seas as we just seen with the auto companies new contracts. So, if you want to protect those rich people follow Rudy's advice, protect the rich from paying their far share. Go ahead, let them laugh all the way to the bank while you worry about where you next pay check is coming from. Don't worry about your health, if you get sick and end up homeless you'll die on the streets.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Amazing, wasted votes

It just amazes me to hear people who are conservative vote for the president because he is against abortion, like that will make the country safer. Another issue is the vote against gay married like that would keep a terrorist from attacking the United States. Or even voting for a president because he's a born again Christian like that makes him a better person of something. Just voting pure republican blindly like the vote for Bush was and you see where that got us. Jobs are still moving over seas that's because republicans are for big business and don't care about you. Bush hates children but will support his buddies and the military industrial machine. Most all the contractors now working for the US government in both wars are riping off the tax payers but you thing those narrow minded voters care, no they are going to vote for a president that is against abortion. To hell with the way the country is going. Forget you future and your children's and grand children's future, we selling America to anyone that has some fast money. No one is talking about long term goals for the country. Bush has the balls to ask for $200 billion to fight his war but can't help kids because he says it would cost to much. 41 days of the price of the war would take care of the program for ten years. Bush s saying things about global warming but is doing nothing to change things. He changed the way we measure unemployment and inflation so things look better then they really do. The only people that are doing any good financially are the filthy rich the rest of the middle class are loosing there home. Bush still hasn't done much in the recovery of the gulf coast but Texas is all fixed up like nothing ever happened there. It just amazes me that these backwards people vote for people that are only interested in big business and end up shooting themselves in the foot by the way they vote.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Second hand smoke and mirrors

In the last few decades they came up with the second hand smoke deal like that is the only thing bad in the air. That for the most part is the least of your worries. The buses and trucks and even the diesel powered cars are a lot worse then second hand smoke. Breathing diesel exhaust is like breathing asbestos. I learned about that back when I was in college in the early 70's. At that time it was being covered up by the manufactures of diesel engines and the oil industry who makes the fuel. It's just like the manufactures of asbestos who covered up the fact that you could get sick and die from breathing asbestos and did that very successfully for 50 plus years until in the 60's. The chemical industry doesn't want you to know what it's doing because it would cut into their profits. I wouldn't put it past these same people to blame all the problems on second hand smoke rather then taking responsibility for the problems they have created. We can't forget the regular cars either and the tons of dirt they pump into the air. Living in the foothills looking down on the city I can't see how people live down there. The air is so think and brown you can't see anything down there except maybe a few lights but no details. Bush has tried to raise the exceptable levels of lead in children. For years the lead level ratings have been going down and down as how much a child could be exposed to but Bush hired a guy from the lead industry and changed it to several hundred times what we used to have. Same thing happened with coal but Bush called it "the clean air act." Increasing the amounst of polution that power plants can spew out. That they didn't need to upgrade the plants to cleaner burning plants but that they could expand without any safe guards. Bush has took the country and world backwards. So in history there will be Bush 41 and then there will be Wrong way Bush started of several wars for oil. Contractors with no over site steeling billions from the American people. He could insure children saying it was too expensive but he can ask for 200 billion for his dead end war. There ar more Blackwater people in Iraq then there are American troops. Is Blackwater an word for oil by the oil corporations. This new world order is getting to look like it's one run by corporations and not countries. Blackwater is so big that it could if it wanted to take over a small country since it's better armed then most countries.

Just lay back on this bed Mukasey and we'll find out if this is torture.

Mukasey can figure out if torture is torture, maybe he should try it out to find out. To say you don't know if it's torture and then Bush saying it's classified just gets me because almost everyone in the world knows about it now. It's been all over the web, TV, magazines and news papers that doesn't sound like it's very much a secret any more. The only reason he's balking is to protected the whitehouse like Alberto did and you seen where that got him. Well he's always got a job picking fruit.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What is porn and what is a nasty book

I've been hearing the take from the Supreme Court talking about porn, child porn and what books to ban. Listening to the arguments just gets me when people take religion into the matter. Some people are just twister and need porn to get off. I don't know if it's because they are insecure with themselves. Whether it was their upbringing and the religion that was forced on them which kept them from developing normally. The people that want to live this Victorian life on the outside but once they are in a bedroom they become some nasty thing and do things they condemn in the outside world. So many people like senators and Christian leader and their followers talk against different life style but end up they find they are doing the life style they condemn.

The bible is a good example of a book with a lot of naughty passages. Mosses gets raped by his son. There's a lot of bigoting going on. Lets not forget the angel that came to Mary, must have been a real good lay.

Lets not forget the fundamentalist Mormons who marry off as teens to old crusty perverts.

Then there is the middle easter cultures that have to have a virgin to marry. Or that when they go to their heaven they get a bunch of virgins. That would be ironic if all the virgins looked like their mother and that's why they are virgins in their heaven.

From what I heard that child molesters where once molested them self and that's why they do it too.

It seems you do what you have learned as you were growing up.

When it comes to locking people up for long periods of time to take them out of society, I really think that's sort of the right idea but they should be treated as mentally ill people. Throwing someone into a violent environment without some sort of treatment will only get you a violent person when they come out.

Well enough ranting, time to get on with the day. It must be because I didn't sleep well that I'm so ornery today. I think what I was trying to posse was that some people just jump into ideas to restricted others and they are just as twisted themselves.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bombs away Bush. Chaney told me to...

We the people? Well is it really? From wire taps to hiring solders of fortune to fight our battles so we don't get blamed. Protecting the Constitution, well are you really or just making a few bucks for your friends at the expense of the American people.

Bush administration levels more sanctions against Iran. Does that me Chaney's Halliburton will finally have to leave Iran or are they going to continue to say they are a international company and stay in Iran. They still haven't left Iran since the first sanctions started under Carter.

Then again that might cause Chaney's kickbacks to be cut and he wouldn't want that.

There should be a law that if you can't say, "Nuclear" you can't use it. After all these years of being criticized about his pronunciation of the word Bush still hasn't gone to a speech therapist to learn how to say the word.

Is the "New World Order" going to be a world run by corporations?

CO2, we'll, take care of that tomorrow when things are better

It's interesting how governments are putting off cutting down on CO2 and making such small strides to cut CO2. Things like cutting 20 or 30% but 2020 sure it's good but we know that the worlds condition is direr right now. I see this slow action as like the people on Easter Island cutting down the last trees to put up ideals. Whether it was to appease the gods or to catch the eye of a passing ship. We are in the same predicament today. We need acting today. The worlds atmosphere is messed up right now. Cutting the CO2 in the future isn't going to help the worlds existence. When you talk about billions of people being displaced so you can keep your life style right now doesn't make much sense. This is going to be a mass extinction of the earth and nothing short of that. So your kids have to swelter but you grandkids bake in an oven, how does that make sense to put things off and only reduce CO2 a little bit. This is something your going to see in your life time. It's not going to be a story passed down from generation to generation. Your not going to be able to say this is how it was but more we used to be able to breath. We used to have plants here and new the danger but ignored it and put it off to tomorrow to fix things, waiting and hoping for technology.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2.3% cost of living increase, boy that was real white of you

It just amazes me every time congress or the senate votes themselves a raise. Meanwhile working people don't have that luxury. Maybe we need to take our elected officials raises to a vote and not leave it to them. They gave people a 2.3% cost of live for social security which works out to about $24 dollars. Maybe congress and the senate should only get the same amount of a raise based on what social security gets. So if they get $24 dollars a month raise congress and senate get the same money too, not a percentage but $24 dollars. No more of this 30 or 40 or 50 thousand dollar raises. They are all rich to begin with and could live just fine without working. Then again they didn't get rich by giving there money away. Rich people tend to be rather cheap and only think of themselves. Look at Bush vetoing the S-CHIP program saying it's going to cost too much but his war for oil for his friends he will spend you money like crazy. Now there is a bunch of investigations ongoing about kick backs on food and supplies for the troops and the cost of the war. Chaney still getting kick backs fro Halibuton. They even moved out of the country so it would be harder to audit them. When it comes to companies dealing with countries put on the no trade list Haliburton will be there. They have never left Iran of Lybia. As they say crime pays and it pays rather well. Bush's legacy will be the president that ran the country into the ground while enriching his friends. I can't wait for the next landslide election in 2008. That when there won't be the obstructionist left in office supporting Bush and that's when some real investigations can happen. The scary thing I see that can happen it the republicans pay someone to attack the country to get reelected. You don't think they would do that just look at what they have done so far.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Propane and propane accessories

Well, heater stopped working last week after sitting all summer. After taking the gas valve out, it was full of black goo. I had to order a valve and replace the generator a bi-metal strip. In ordering the valve I found the the propane dealers didn't know much about their products. One dealer said propane comes from the ground and the refinery puts it in tanks. When I questioned what the refinery does he really didn't know. Then it was the question about the difference between LP Gas and Propane, as far as they were concerned they were the same. Looking up the heater I found that the LP Gas model was more expensive. Dealing with a supplier of heater products they couldn't tell me what the difference was between the valves just that it was a different serial number. I use propane but a LP Gas unit was installed here. He won't sell me a propane valve or even look it up but he will replace the LP Gas valve. I looked up the difference between the gases and it's a big difference. Propane a distillate from crude oil. So it butane which is added to propane to make up LP Gas. The ratio is 60% propane and 40% butane to make up LP Gas. Natural gas is totally different as far as the chemical make up. Natural gas has a lot of goodies in it to make it what it is; methane , which make up most of the gas, 70 to 90%, then ethane, butane, propane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen sulfide. What gets me is how so called professionals don't know their products and why they work like they do. I could see the LP Gas need a product that is more resistant to alkaline gas. It just amazes me that these people like the ones at Suburban Propane here in Placerville just think gas comes right from the ground and it put in tanks. They were the original people that put the heater in in 1985. Why they would use a LP Gas unit instead of a Propane Gas unit, I can only surmise they sold it because it was listed at $100 dollars more then the Propane and Natural Gas units.

Monday, September 17, 2007

your going to force people to buy insurance to solve the problem?

Another politician has come up with a way of solving the uninsured, make them buy insurance. Boy won't that make the insurance companies happy. Mean while the other developed countries of the world have solved the problem with the high cost of insurance. They still have insurance that you can buy if you want a private room and stuff if you in a hospital. The government takes care of it's people. Not here, they want the old and broken people to die off. A good example of this is Bush's cuts to the VA. He knew he was going into two wars and that they would need hospitals to help the wounded solders so he cuts the VA. Mean while his buddies like Hallibuton is making billions on the war. Just think about all the equipment that's going to be replaced or the new stuff. That MRAT's contract won't be finished until 2012. Gives you hope on how long the wars going on. Seems politicians are sucking the Dick Chaney's of big business with no regard of the people of this country. Big business has turned to the labor force of China and other third worlds countries where people get paid penny a day. It's not going to be long before China and India pass us in wealth. Then the NeoCons will want to be on top and take on China. It's the same old history repeating itself.

Well that's my rant for the day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Same old, same old

General says stay the course and repeats Bush's build up to the hearings. He has a bad job right now since the White house dumped this war on him. Iraq is a horrible mess. So, the new plan is, stay the course and it might get better. As far as the "Surge" goes it brought a lot of people into Iraq but that's where it stops. He's talking about bring troops home, like it's some sort of great idea he has. Now Bush is claiming he's going to sign off on it, like that a big deal. The guys served there time there and it's time for them to come home anyway. It's normal troop rotation except he's saying that he won't add any more troops to replace them. So, we are going to be at that same place as we were before the "Surge" next year. Since they said troops will have to stay there for 15 month and the last of the "Surge" troops came in last July they are going to be there until next October.

So, all I see is stay the course. Things might get better. Dollars are falling into the money pit and no ones keeping track of where it's going. For the contractors it's a hay day. Halliburton is making a killing since they are Chaney's buddies. I'm sure he's getting a kick-back. After he gets out of office we'll know if he retires to his own private island or country. Mean while Bush is still pushing the Iraqi's to privatize the oil fields so his oil buddies can get in there and rape the lands. It still amazes me that the first law that was pushed on the Iraqi's was they could unionize.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Conserve power?

Energy companies are complaining that people are conserving too much power and want to raise rates to make up for the money they are loosing with people conserving energy.

Don't that beat all. Mean while they keep building large houses that use large amounts of energy to light to cool or heat. Solar is for the rich and if our government was on the ball, they would have some sort of way of putting solar on all the poorest peoples houses to help them out. Here in California where the sun shines almost every day it would help all those air conditioners and new homes that need tons of extra energy. The energy companies serving their stock holder want to make as much as they can no matter who they hurt in the process.

Wouldn't it be great is all the houses would have solar cells on there houses. Then you wouldn't have the scare of brown outs.

What gets me is the oil companies and the price of oil. Even thought the west coast doesn't rely on oil from the Caribbean when a hurricane comes around the price of gas goes up on the west coast. That sounds like price fixing which I thought was illegal. I guess that shows you that if you have enough money then you don't have to obey laws.

I'd be in favor of nationalizing the utilities here and giving the people far prices. Now with insurance constantly going up some states are making it mandatory to have health and car insurance. That makes them a monopoly. They don't have to lower the rates because they know you have to buy it and will be fined if you don't. Because it's mandatory then it should be nonprofit. How else could it be fair?

The Night Shift

Well I guess you can't put a picture where you want to on the page.

The gangs all here. Haven't made a post in a while and it seems there's been some changes to the blog site. Found that Firefox doesn't seem to work right any more as far as posting pictures.
There's a red brown tint to the shy here. I'm listening to the fire near San Jose and I guess the smoke is blowing this way, 150 miles to the East.

I woke up today freezing and had to close the doors. It was still dark out and the deer were milling about the yard. The night shift was all gone and had turned in for the day. I really find the wild life here so amazing. I know I've said that before but it is. If you treat them with respect they respond in kind. Found out that the skunks can smell butter on your hands even if you wash them and they really love butter. You could put butter on a rock and they will find a way of eating it.

I haven't seen my baby turkeys in a while but they are hanging out today. They are getting so big almost the size of mom. I think the smell of smoke in the air is making them want to stay here. It's not strong but still you can smell it. At first looking outside I thought it was a fire near here which is rather common but haven't hears and air craft flying around here. Going to check NOAA's web site to see the latest weather pictures to see if the smoke will show up.

If this is good what is bad

President Brownie selling the surge and it's aftermath is pushing the idea that things are just fine. The generals who remind me of a Frank Zappa lyric, "You sniff the buns of angles like it was cocaine."

So Bush thinks it's going great. What would something like a total failure look like. New Orleans still looks like it did after the hurricane or close to it. Right before his going on vacation speech he said that Americans were taking home more money per year not thinking that it was only the top 5% of American that were doing well.

At a boy Brownie will go down in history as the Bush administrations most famous quotes. Bush surrounded himself with yes men and butt sniffer that never tell him things are crap but yes your doing the right thing.

Mean while everyones phone calls and emails are getting read and even your snail mail is getting opened to see what's in side.

I can see why the Iraqi's haven't met the goals the congress set. The oil deal that Bush and Chaney are pushing is to privatize the oil fields. The Iraqi's say no to that and I can see why. It would be counter productive to their country to sell their future. What gets me is Bush and Chaney keep saying it's not about oil.

Chaney still being tied to Hallaburton who still working in Iran to matter what the sanctions are on that country. Even after the hostage taking back in the late 70's Hallaburton's been in Iran. Another country that's been off limits was Libya but how's there all these years, Halliburton. Now that they moved their office to the Gulf it would be wise not to have them working or having contracts with the military since they can't be trusted as being loyal to the United States. I have to question Chaney's loyalty wheather he's loyal to the United States or to Hallaburton.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bush give his studdering going away speech

Bush stammers along with another speech toting how good he thinks he's doing. Since he's been on vacation his approval rating went up. This tells me that the country thinks he's doing a better job while he's not doing anything. His statement that the economy is doing great came a bit soon before the stock market start taking a dive do to sub-prime loans. So far the federal reserve has been pumping billions into where ever the pump it, bailing out the banks and big inverters. Bush said he would help people from loosing their home but will help out the banks, investors and stock market. He's still out of touch with the war and thinks it's just going fine. He also this week made Iran Guard a terrorist group so I wounder if Halliburton will have to stop doing business with Iran, it hasn't so far in the past thirty years. During his speech he said people on average are taking home $3,500 a year but that is really all going to the top 5% of Americans. The rest of Americans have been going backwards. Bush never talks about inflation but only the core inflation which isn't much of anything. That's like saying you cut down on eating but still are 200 pounds over weight. He stays away from talking about the cost of the war also. He wants to push the September due date for the big report down a couple months but that's not going to happen. warrant-less wire taps are on the increase. All Americans are now far game.

So glade Texas has and is still getting pounded for putting this lier in office. Just proves that the Texas God is the wrong God. That steeling and lies will come back to haunt you. If they need to believe so heavily in the bible this is there biblical flood for Texas. Maybe they will take note about global warming now.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bush wants peace in the Middle east or does he

Bush is claiming he want peace in the Middle East so that's why he's selling them billions of dollars worth of arm. Now that makes a lot of sense. Mean while back here in the states they are trying to approve a bill to give more money to the Veterans Administration but he says he's going to veto it. Why does he say he supports the troops but doesn't support the VA? I guess if your a wounded solder then your no good to him. He must expect everyone to come back or to come back dead. Now the generals are saying that "we will know better how the surge works in November." Putting off the September date. He really wants that oil, at any cost.

Windows XP Headaches

Had to format my hard drive and start over after 6 or 7 years of having "XP" working some what good, asides the usual updates and fixes. Well the registry crapped out and I couldn't fix it, so Windows wouldn't load. Every thing's going some what good now but Outlook Express isn't working with "Hotmail." So been rooting around looking to see what the problem is. Wrote a letter to Microsoft and they sent me a note back telling me to load these three updates. One turned out to be a 64 bit program and couldn't run. The other one said I didn't have Outlook Express 6, so it didn't load. The last one ran but now my Internet Explorer doesn't work. What's real wild, every thing else works online. My Firefox, Netscape and Mozilla browsers all work. The auto update for Windows works. Norton can't update. I do get a error message when I sign on that something like the protocol isn't right. Trying to find Outlook Express on the MSN site, well it's not there. Even the older versions aren't there. The one update that the tech told me to load changed the address to Hotmail. So, to live the way it is or to keep trying to fix this problem. What ever is keeping IE 7 from working must be the same thing that's keeping Outlook Express from working.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Sockets Error

Sounds like a Mike Myers skit from "SNL," "No Sprockets." That means no email from hotmail with Outlook Express.

Well momma deer and the babies are here so need to knock some apples and plums from the trees for them. Mom's looking at me through the front door window. She's got that, "Why aren't you getting fruit for us? look."

Mean while I'll keep plugging away at the hotmail crap.

Monday, July 30, 2007

County Helth Department doesn't take State insurance

Well, after getting a love bite from Mr. Stinkers, one of the skunks here that I've been watching for the past five years. Finding out that skunks all carry rabies it got me worried, a lot of stressful nights with little sleep because the mind wouldn't turn off. So, called the doctors office to get a rabies vaccine and tetanus shot. Show up and all they have is the tetanus shot. They said I needed to go to the county health department. So, after talking to several employees I get to the right place and am talking to the right person. They Tell me I need to go to the hospital to get the first shots. Okay now, off to the hospital for a 6 hour wait in the ER, well I didn't have anything planed for the day. At the ER they call the health department and set up time for me to come to them to get the rest of the shots. So I show up at 10:15 AM. I'm half asleep still. Only had one cup of coffee. Then they tell me they don't take the states medical insurance. That just got me, the county doesn't take the state insurance. It's one government service to another government service. Now if I didn't have insurance they would cover me, so they tell me to go back to the ER for my shots. Today wasn't bad, only a couple hours, almost three for this shot. What gets me is my name was Juan from south of the border I'd be covered for everything even having a baby.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush make more lame claims

"Say the course." "9/11" "Stay the course" Mushroom clouds" Stay the course" "Need more money" Support the troops" "We're cutting back funds for veterans administrations again for the 6 year in a row." We're cutting back on science and real stuff and placing it in the hands of Christian Fundamentalist." Clean Air Act is good for my buddies so it's good people, just don't breath to deep." "I broke FEMA and I plan on breaking a few more things before I'm done." "I can do it, I failed at all my businesses so I can do this and my father won't bail me out."

It's funny when you hear someone lying, there is certain tells like playing cards. If they start out by saying, "Now Look," or "Look this is how it is," then you know they are lying. Even if they are trying to explain something and use that word "Look" they are trying to have command over you and make you think that are telling you the truth. Also talking fast like they practiced their responses before they even heard the questions. Talking fast doesn't mean it's right. Nether does talking louder then the other people who your talking to. This is just ways of tricking people into thinking your the speaker that is saying the truth.

If you listen to people that think things out they talk slower and softer and don't try to dominate any conversations. They don't have to the message gets out but it's up to you to listen and hear it.

Militants with balls

It's one year later after the militant group Hezballah started a war with Israel. It's terrible that some country are so weak that they let militants run around freely. They weren't acting in the interests of Lebanon and it's people had to suffer and the hands of a few.

I think it's sad the militants put others in harms way. It's to bad that Lebanon was so weak that they couldn't kick out the militants who had interest not with the country they occupy. They always say they will fight to the death with no regards with the innocent people living around them who don't want to fight to the death but just live and farm and have no political interests.
Maybe if the U.N. and the World Courts would say or pass a law that if militants place themselves in populations those populations can be considered as militants also thus be fired on for being complacent and letting the militants set up their hardware and use them as human shields.
I don't see why they don't deserve a Dresden style type air raids, they are as much as at fault as the militants.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nancy in Wonderland: (Here's Blinky)

Nancy in Wonderland: At first I thought with the new democratic senate and house things would be different. Then I saw Nancy on Charlie Rose; she was a deer in the headlights. I kept hearing her repeat herself, this is what we did, this is what we did, really this is what we did. I lost my enthusiasm for the democrats. Lost any hope with the republicans back in the 70’s with Nixon. That’s when I found out the republicans see people as disposable units. Nancy was claming oh look what we did we raised the minimum wage to $7.50 an hour. I wish Nancy would try to live on $7.50 and hour for a month. Maybe she could do it during the summer months when she on vacation. Sort of like the Mel Brooks movie where he is a rich guy and has to live on the street for a month to prove a beat.

I challenge any lawmakers, Congresspersons, Senators, Governors, Mayors anyone one that is elected to live on $7.50 an hour. They don’t even have to work just live on the salary. They will have to live on $7.50 X 40 hours a week with no outside or other help. They need to get a place to live, pay rent, buy food to feed their self, buy cloths, pay for car insurance, buy gasoline all the stuff everyone else has to deal with.

If the congress and senate wanted to do something good they would stop inflation. Inflation doesn’t just hurt people in the developed world where we pay more for goods. Like gasoline used to be 19 cents for the most part of my days with a car in high school and part of college. I could go camping with a friend and it would cost us $20 dollars each for everything for the whole weekend. That’s gas to and from the desert and driving around gas while there. Then we eat like pigs and have a case of soda too. What a deal, there were no complaints.

I really liked what China did to a person in like an FDA like organization for taking a bribe and putting peoples lives at risk and hurting the economy, they sentenced him to death. I don’t think that’s too harsh and should be implemented here in the States. Since these so called elected official are mostly lawyers, they know the laws and should get hasher sentences when they break the law. Right now it seems that official tend to get easy or soft sentences. Maybe if they knew they would go to jail for life they wouldn’t take bribe and cheat people. As it is you can steal billions and get a slap on the hands while a person who robs a bank for a few thousand dollars gets twenty years.

I just don’t buy this crap that our officials spout off, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. What a bunch of crap. Your even dumber then you look to thing I buy that. I’d believe you after maybe your hands were cut off for stealing. I’d believe that. Maybe after 20 years in jail I’d believe they are sorry for what they did. Officials need to go to jail one day for every dollar they took in bribes or embezzled or bribed others. This crap they say, “Well he was really humiliated for what he was caught doing.” Mean while people that are addicted to drugs, who can’t control their selves are sent to jail for years. I think if we started hanging elected officials that do wrong they will stop doing wrong real quick.

Lawyers, elected official that break the law don’t do it on the spur of the moment type impulse like say a drug addict does. They conspire with others to break the law and try to figure out ways of covering up there deeds. Thinks like that need a more extreme sentence. Give them a lop it off of them type treatment and you will see organized crime go down drastically. If your in a national capacity then it’s life in jail, no second chances, no new court case. But you think elected officials would make such a law? No they wouldn’t because they want to keep there shady doings on open, just in case a deal comes up where they can walk away with a few billion. You’d go to jail for a couple years if you could walk away with a couple billion.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Supreme Court, Big Tools

Supreme Court sucking the big tool of big business and the Religious Reich. They seem to have a case of ED, Extra Dick, I thought we had that in the Casa Blanca already. What's one more Dick in the city of Dick's.

No more simple speech unless you run it past your lawyer even if the slogan might be fiction. Mean while "The Tools" keep reading the Big Book of Fiction saying it's true bring mankind progress slowing to a halt. This almost sounds like some religious ideology's that want to live in the 8th century. Lets save the unborn to send them off on some religious war for oil and big business, that makes a lot of sense.

What should we expect, after all all Bush's appointments have been losers, this is nothing different. Every one of Bush's buddies ended up getting fired, quit in shame or retired to stay home with their family. Still waiting for Alberto to exit.

Maybe if everyone prayed to their "God" and hoped that Bush's backward appointees will get hit by lightning , have a blood clot, or something lake a car accident and doesn't have his or her seat belt on.

This seems all good and legal. It's my "FREE" speech It's how I feel and you can't make a law to change how I feel. Oh what doesn't Bush have the mind police?

Monday, June 18, 2007

What about the other war?

Somalia has a war going on in it's oil rich undeveloped country supported by the U.S.A. Ethiopia did the grunt of the work with air support by a carrier group off shore. It's not getting too much press if any. It's nice to know that the oil companies are looking into other easier countries to take over.

Fires and hot birds

Another fire today. I can hear the large airframes flying to the west of me. The twin engine spotter came almost over my house which prompted me to turn the scanner on to see how close the fire was to me. There's two tankers circling like vultures on a hunt. Many of the fire companies are out fighting this fire putting a strain on the rest of the county.
It was the same thing yesterday too, the spotter and heavy traffic on the radio. I could see the smoke from that fire here.
Seems the fire is a structure and grass fire. The fires about fire miles from me as the crow fly's. Good to know the fire departments will respond to fires rather quickly.
I think I lost about ten pounds working in the yard yesterday pulling weeds. I was in the sun most of the day which felt good but dried me out like a piece of beef jerky.

Hens are sitting at the picnic table, I guess they want to eat. They look a bit over heated and breathing hard. I guess it's hard walking around with a down coat on in this heat.

I saw a mother jay feeding her baby yesterday. That was a first for me here after five years of watching them. I've seen other birds feeding their young but not jays.

The raccoon babies were here last night. They are real playful and seem to get into everything. Mom is real protective of the kids and challenges everyone that comes close to them.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You want to eat Whales? I want to BBQ you.

Several countries don't seem to get it about that whales are on the endangered species list. They insist on hunting them. Japan says it takes around a 1000 whales a year for "Research" but the whales seem to end up in the markets. Maybe it we change the stakes, any country that does whaling are open to hunting the countries people down for sport of a BBQ. What ever you feel like doing with the carcass. You bag it and it's yours to do with what ever you want. Mount it above you fire place with the other heads Open season on whaling countries. Cook em up for a summer BBQ.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Why do Republican want to cut health care to kids?

The republicans and Bush don't want to renew the "SCHIP" program saying that people don't want Washington controlling peoples health care. That the answer "Republicans" give when asked about the high price of heath care in the United State. They don't want a national single payer type program like most of the developed world. They always give you the same answers, yo will have to wait month to be seen, what if your having a heart attack and try to scare people. That's how we got into this war, remember they scared you into believing that there was a terrorist under ever rock and "bush." It came out this week even more that people warned the administration that thing would go wrong if there wasn't enough troops to keep the peace. They told you that there was weapons of mass destruction. Which we found out there wasn't and wasn't even close to that. The mission from looking for weapons has change to removing Saddom, to making the country democratic, and this week they are just trying to get out and say they still won the war so it would look good for the history book. Some republican strategist have said that we went to war just to sell us a new product since the war on terror had run it course so they needed something new to sell leading up to the midterm elections in 2002. Well it work idiots from the bible belt beleived every word and voted republican.

When Bush came to office there was a 5 trillion dollar surplus. That's little over a years on income from taxes. So how are we doing now, we are barrowing money from China. Gas is twice the price since Bush took office. You electric bill keeps going up because the rebulicans deregulated the power companies. What did they do, just mainly one of Bush's friends they raised the power prices over and over. Making outages and brown outs in California which lead to Davis being removed as governor. And guess what a republican was elected in his place, do you think that was calculated or what. What did Arnold want to do the first thing in office but redistrict California, so he had a special election so he could get more republicans in the state offices or federal offices. This is the same thing they did in Texas by the guy that was tied to Abermoff and has been indited for money laundering.

So why don't they want to do something about health care and keep giving people lame answers because they own shock in companies like the insurance companies who make money by not treating people. They don't want to help people because it will cost money, money out of the stock holder pockets.

If we can get to the moon we sure can come up with a health care plan that doesn't include the cheap insurance companies that take you money and deny you coverage. The only way we can have far and cheap health care is to get rid of the insurance companies. A single payer system work in dozens of countries why not here. Sure you'll still have to pay for things like boob jobs or face lifts like it is now but with the government running everything cost will drop putting this country in competition with other countries again.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Preconception about people from Oklahoma are true!

My preconception of people from Oklahoma being a bit on the dim side. Today I heard a senator talking about so called junk science. Only thing I know it that the senator has a faulty mine and need to have it replaced with a new one. It's not just in Oklahoma but those "Red States" as a whole or should I say, "A Hole." These are the people that will have facts in front of them but go with superstitions. They could be on fire and you'll say, "your on fire" and they will look at you and say. "No I'm not" just because your not in the same church as them or belong to the same political party. They will talk about stem cell research as something evil when they can't even spell DNA. Forget asking them is they understand DNA because they don't, the only book they read is the bible to find out about science. To them the earth is still flat, if you've ever been there then you might thing that too. They need to keep people there from breeding with their brothers and sisters, too much inbreeding and you get an "Okey."
The same Senator picked up a book by Micheal Crichton, "State of Fears" and pointed to it and said "Global Warming was a myth." Doesn't he know Crichton write fiction or is that a word they don't have in Oklahoma. Crichton's got some weird views, I think he did too many drugs. He thinks "Aliens" are causing global warming. What weird about that he believe that and lectures about it too. He also much be from one of those flat states.
Don't get me started on the people there they are Creationist. Darwin to them means humans come from monkeys and the earth is less then 10,000 years old. I know they haven't really read Darwin's book or any other books dealing with evolution.
Since God told Bush to invade Iraq, then we have only God to blame for the war. Well when you live in a place like Oklahoma where the world is flat you better not go to far other wise your going to fall off the edge.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A wonderful end to a day

After a fun day of pulling weeds I took a shower and got dinner started. The oven was hot so bake a cake, why not. Yummy chocolate fudge cake. That will sit well with the pound of cherry's I ate today. With the kitchen door open I could see a heard of baby skunks walking on the road with mom. Had to run out and get a couple picture. Too cool little babies. Had a Laura Croft movie on, don't think I ever say this. Haven't been paying attention to it so being in the kitchen really doesn't matter. Well movies over food all done, time to kick back. I hear crunching on the porch; it's Ernie one of the raccoons. So I lay down in front of the door watching her. She didn't mind me watching, it was rather amazing like any other day. Bill Moyer's is on with a poet who I can't remember her name. They were reading poems from veterans mainly from the Vietnam War. Sort of nice listening to the poems, reflecting on what Memorial Day is about. I get to do a lot of reflecting out here every day, which I don't mind. I hear an owl hope the babies are back home. Don't know if they would bother with a little stinker. I hear the frogs in the forest, the moon should be coming out soon. It was a half moon last night. Here come momma skunk and the kids. The raccoons scared them off all but one. I'll try to herd him over to mom who's down on the road now. The bugs are really out tonight. I started making grunting sounds like momma skunk and the baby ran right over to me. He start challenging me as soon as he figured out it wasn't momma, stomping his little feet and squeaking at me in a threatening tone. I tried it again but this time close to the steps and he ran over but I backed up. He recognized the steps and knew he wasn't far from home. He struggled down the steps and mom and the rest of the babies came running over get him. Every one seems to be happy running around mom, squeaking and such. Another day in paradise, time for another piece of fudge cake. Got milk!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"I work for Devil, that's what we do," she said on the stand.

I was what I was taught to do in the college of Satan, Pat taught me well. I want to destroy this planet and every one on it she said today at the hearing on the firing of the Federal DA's. We wanted to put "Our Special People" into office to serve evil and all it stand for.

Then it was reported she started speaking backwards. After it was translated, it said, "I'll see you republican all in hell."

Mean while back at the ranch, Bush writes presidential act making leader of the universe.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bush Appointments dropping like...

Has anyone noticed that everyone the Bush appoints to a job they leave with their tail between their legs. Next will be Alberto. It's amazes me what a stain in the shorts the Bush people have been. Even party members don't want to be affiliated with Bush. With Blair leaving in the U.K. seems he doesn't have any friends left. Did he ever have any friends or was he just tolerated. Carter gave him the what for over the weekend stirring up the hornets on both side of the Atlantic.

I listened to a lecture last night on the radio. Seems that the Neo-Cons plan was to invade Iraq and Chaney's Energy policy was to flood the market with cheap Iraqi oil drive the price down making OPEC seem meaningless. That was Chaney's secret meetings with all those oil companies back in the first administration when everyone wondered what they were doing. They were planning a war way before 9/11 way before any terrorist problems. Makes you wonder if or who paid them to carry out the attacks of 9/11.

After all, Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and now the defunked Wolfowitz all were pushing for a private military to carry out secret things that couldn't be tied to the United States.

So many people warned Bush and this administration that something was coming but were only fired for their input. I just hope all the secret laundry gets air making Bush look like a footnote in history and not the Grandiose Grand Pooba that George thinks he is. People should have locked him up when he said God was talking to him. That what you do with people like that. Put him in the patted room.

Well if all my plans would have worked out I'd be a millionaire too but plans don't always work out life happens.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My nightly prayer for Chaney

Oh God, Please let Vice president Chaney has an aneurysm that bursts or blood clot to the brain rendering him brain dead. Oh God, please do this for sake of the country. I pray that he has a long lingering time in bed with spittle coming from his mouth like all the troops that are coming home from the war are. That is if your not to busy smiting evil in the universe.

Thank you for taking Jerry who sold religion and turned God into a business.

Thank God he's dead

The bigot has died and gone and maybe the rest of those narrow mind people will get a life instead of following some one. Letting them tell you want to think and how to vote. Hopefully the hate speech will stop now.

Save America, feed a Christian to a lion.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Profiles in Deciders

George W. Bush Master Reader

George W. Bush Master Hacker

George W. Bush Master Pointer

George W. Bush Master Batter
George W. Bush Master Whiner

Views and Perceptions and Loosers

If you'd say a religious group wants to control what you see on TV or what music you can listen to, you would think it's some third world country wouldn't you. Some sort of radical Muslim faction that controlled the country. You wouldn't think it was the United States and the Evangelicals that were the radicals trying to force their ways and views on you now would you. They are and with a army of people too. There's a reason why they call them red states it dates back to the civil war, the red confederate states and the blue union states. The baptist church of the south, the
puritans, the re-written King James Bible with the enhanced miracles. It's sort of like the lead up to the Bush's Crusade, the Iraq war, an evangelical miracle war, the second coming of Christ, the end times, and the rapture.

It's too bad that people don't understand the religion is being used as mind control. Countries use religion to make there case for war. Didn't Bush say God told him to go to war? Sure it wasn't the oil companies telling Bush to go to war? The church leader told their subjects to vote red and they did putting the Neo-Cons in power. This war wasn't planned when Bush and Chaney took office in 2001 but after the first Gulf War. The oil companies wanted that oil and money talk as we all know and they pushed the people that would give them what they wanted.

People need to wake up and see that the evangelicals are as radical and terrorist Muslims. Both are pushing their will on others. If you really believe that God gave you free will, then who are these people telling any one how to live. Wouldn't that make then be acting like God and there can't be two God or can there? But then they are human so they could be a God because Gods are suppose to be supernatural.

It's interesting that when you look at the desert religions it's all about who is going to rule the world. The religion with the most people wins. What gets me is that the leader tend to always live in great houses and have dozens of cars and millions of dollars. I just don't understand why you need to sell religion or is it a business that take in the suckers, the pawns the meek of the world to do a few peoples bidding.

If your religion says all life is valuable then starting a war would be blasphemy. What also gets me Christians call none believers and blasphemers and the Muslims call the none believers infidels. Seems following these rule books makes them all as losers.

When you look at the current world situation the terrorist leaders never are suicide bombers they always get some gelable person to do it. When Christian army's go to war they talk about honor and preserving their way of life. Who's way of life, I'm poor, rich doesn't start until 800 million dollars. You never see some rich leader leading the charge in battle. They are the one pointing, "You go do that for the honor of your country" and I'll hide here.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

60 Minutes, going down, bottom floor, sleaze and crap

Used to be 60 minutes was something you could count on. Tonights show amazed me in that the reporter hasn't paid attention to what has gone on since pre 9/11 and post 9/11 with all the books coming out and all the stories flying. Seems like some one that is going to question the head of the CIA should do his home with before making him look like one of those other "News" shows that are still talking about Ana Nicole Smith. With all the books out seem like Scott would have read one of them, like the one from Paul O'neil who pointed out the administration wanted to go to war with Iraq from the first day in the white house. Richard Ckarke warned the white house over and over along with Tenant ant the same time. Richard Clarke was demoted and was told, "I don't want to hear another word about terrorism." Frank Clack from the FBI was fired and was hot on the trail of Alquita but didn't fit into managements I deal and was moved out. 9/10 he had dinner with his ex-partner for the FBI and they talked about the big attack that was coming. That there was chatter all over they were picking up. The next day, Frank Clark first day was head of security for the twin towers. They never found his body. The whitehouse was warned over and over but lets this attach happen. It was on the grand scheme of getting oild out of the middle east with the devertion of the war.

Friday, April 27, 2007

No money till you learn to talk first.

Congress and Senate tell Bush, No money until you learn to talk first. If you can't spit out your ieas we can't trust you to spend the money properly.

When I was in college it was pointed out to me that you talk like you read. So, listening to Bush speak disjointed is how he reads. No wonder he can't make a train of thought, there isn't enough cars lined up.

I have one question for the republicans that follow Bush down his path of destruction, "Why do you stay on the sinking ship?" Also, What thing did Bush do right? I ask that because I can't think of anything he's done that actually helps people and not helps big business and doesn't destroy the planet.

Bush's "Clean Air Program" make the air more polluted and increases global warming. It was written by the coal industry.

Bush's new EPA standards lets people put out four times more pollution before you need to tell anyone.

Bush's "Clean Forest" is a method for logging National forests. Oh, by the way, Bush owns a logging company, like he didn't know.

Every law Bush and Chaney got passed by the rubber stamp republicans does more harm then good. They started a war with no end in sight, all for oil and profit. What gets me is how fast people forget O'Neil's or Clarke's books on how Bush and Chaney wanted to invade Iraq from the first day in office. I'd go as far as saying they planned this war since the last Bush was in office.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where to put things

From seeing how this administration has took this country backwards from the coal fired plants to making air pollution regulations go back to the 50 when there wasn't any.

Seems that Bush and Chaney need to share the burden, put a coal fired plant next to their house. If they like coal fired plants so much let them live next to them. Same thing with oil and chemical refineries, put them next tp Bush and Chaney's house.

Not Bush wants to bring in Iraqis and all sorts of immigrants, they need a place to live like Waco Texas next to George W. Bush's ranch. Or in Wyoming next to Chaney's house for starting this war and displacing these people. They wouldn't be displaced people if it wasn't for them.

Impeachment is to good for this administration's, they need to be brought up on charges treason. This includes Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and anyone that fed the people of the United States lies to the lead up of the war. That guy from the department of "Dubious Information" need to be skinned I think for the lies he sold people, left in the sun for the ants to eat, it could happen. Seems though this administrations going to get away with all this scoot free but history will show that this administration is and did lied to it people for oil and profit.

It just amazes me how the evangelicals were used to make a case for war, to get Bush all mighty elected. If you ask me it just proves how backwards they people are. Even though you can question these lairs they still think they did nothing wrong. If the do come to grips that there was lies they will blame it on some one or some other group. They can't take responsibility's for there own actions. Even when Ken Lay was convicted he said he did nothing wrong. He supposively died but did anyone check to see who was really in the casket? For all we know he's living on a small island some where. You just can't believe any religious republican because like through time they are people that use and abuse religion for personal gain, just like the church of England which the Evangelicals are a sub set of.

That's a group of misguided people with narrow minds. Just amazes me how they think they are doing good but taking the country backwards. What gets me is they are so stupid that they can't even see how they are getting manipulated by the corporation and political party that the church is.

They walk a fine line and really should be taxed as a political group and not a church. Out of two groups that want to fight each other such as the fundamentalist Christians and the fundamentalist Muslims, if you ask me, they need to be put on one continent and let to fight until they kill each other. Get them out of the way of the rest of the world.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What does mental illness intail

Dealing with mentally ill is a larger then we thing problem. For the most part we only treat people who are bi-polar or schizophrenic and only thing that the ones with the problem. With the advent of the Virginia shooting we are looking more at depressed people, which has been something over looked for years. There also is the matters of drug induced mental illness and dependency. Then there are the psychosexual disorders and neuroses disorders. One way that society is treating all these illnesses is by putting them in the criminal system, which is a business onto itself. One thing we over look are the criminally insane people, which tend to look like normal people but have, drive to take over the world or make money as their Gods or both. Some of which hold high elected office. Some are religious leader who God seems to talk to and people will follow to the ends of the earth.

The criminal justice system needs to be changed in that everyone that’s in there is mentally ill. Normal people don’t kill each other. Normal people don’t thing bank robbing, as a business is normal behavior. Every one entering the criminal justice system needs to be looked at as mentally ill.

Religious people that want to take over the world or impose their will on other is a worse problem that I can see. I see them as more dangerous then a guy with a gun because they rally thousands of people to do their will. Example, the anti-abortion people who want to stop abortion, who kill doctors and say it in the name of God they are protect life. Example, imposing your will on other to protect life when it would put a mothers life in danger saying they are protecting life. When God tells you to start a war with another country for oil profit. When you have a bunch of followers that are egging you on you need to look at what is wrong with those people and figure out whether they need to be medicated or locked up for the safety of the human race.

Being poor and homeless does have effects on people also which slowly changes who they are. Mostly from lack of sleep, being forced to be on guard from harm or even looking out for the police so they won’t be arrested for being homeless.

Seems if we want to help people we would do what’s best for society and move away from what’s just good for a few. Capitalism perpetuates this drive in the criminally insane. Other people see this behavior and want to follow their lead and will do the same actions to get rich. Some go to jail such as the leaders of corporations. When their asked about their crimes, they always say they did nothing wrong.

Remember alcohol is a solvent but when you drink it, it's also a drug and it changes your emotions.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Score one for the Religious Reich

Again the Religious Reich imposes their will on others whether they need it or not. This country was founded on religious freedom until now. No more countries and new lands to run to for freedoms. How they can't see their own action are imposing on other.

The Reich imposed their will in the field of science to stop stem cell research. This has put the country behind other countries as far as advancements goes.

Why is it people who believe in myths make decisions on science when they have no scientific back grounds.

The Evangelical movement has gone from a church to a corporation and political movement. With that, they should be taken out of the tax free status.

I can see people believing in a faith but when it comes to the point where they think they are right and everyone else is wrong, that's not being very Jesus like and loving other. If they believe that life is so valuable then why do they support war? Why do they support destroying the planet they live on. Seems their teachings tend to be an oxymoron.

What gets me is a few leaders of the church tells them how to think and they follow it blindly without question even if it's to their detriment.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Of course I'll lie, I'm Mexican

Bush was heard saying, "Lie like a dog Alburito." Alberto said "sure thing, just like we lied about why we went to war."

"At a boy, Alburrito, your doing a heck of a job. Keep up the good work," Bush said.

Pull my Finger

If anyone is standing in the way of peace in Iraq it's this guy, Al-Sadr. Why no one takes this guy out with a none-denominational bomb is beyond me. So what if they think he's a spiritual leader. Spiritual leader don't invoke war or violence. If anyone in the world needs to be waked this guys top on the list. The only reason he can't show his face in public is because he's afraid that someone will kill him. He keep telling his followers to kill American troops along with anyone and everyone else. He's not a spiritual leader but a warlord. Where are the A130 gun ships when you need them. Every time there's a rally where they're screaming out to kill Americans bring in the Jolly Green Giant's and clean the streets. Nothing like a chain gun to change your attitude and allegiances. Give them the Saddam treatment, gas them like the rats they are. There will be no peace in Iraq until this guy Al-Sadr is promoting violence.

Also I've been taking pictures of peoples faces for a long time now. I found I can tell what kind of person they are from looking into their face and this guy is pure evil, full of hate.

For the good of Iraq, for the good of the world, for the good of the troops take this guy and his followers out. When his followers get together bring out the block buster. They are the "Insurgence" and need to be removed.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

It got deleted by accident, REALLY

It got deleted by accident, Bush administration's said after the information was requested by the oversight committee. They knew there was data missing but it seems it was deleted on 22 computers by accident, not one but 22 computers including Karl Rove's.

I could see it happening to one computer but 22 give me a break. They said nothing fishy was going one when it came to the dismissals of the DA's but the plot thickens. People are taking the 5th, quiting anything not to have to testify under oath.

5 of the 8 DA's fired were looking into corrupt republicans when fired. Now the emails on 22 computers disappears when they knew they were looking for it.

Just more Bush crap and lies, time to get the impeachment started.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Harms way?

If I'm not right but wasn't Bush's idea to go to war and put "Troops in Harms way." Now that congress wants to attach a few items to a supplemental funding bill Bush is going crazier then he is already was.

It's funny to listen to the drunks at a bar solving the problems of the world. They even get into fight over the ways they would solve the problems but when they are sober they wonder, "What was I thinking."

Most everyone now is getting the idea that Bush and his buddies got us in the war for oil and to do a perverted religious thing for the religious right thinking that by going to war they would all be saved in the rapture or to make a 1000 years of peace like it talks about in the bible. Who knew what they were thinking but it wasn't sober thoughts. Must have been drinking too much holly water or something.

What most people didn't hear last week was that the UK was handing out schedules to there troops and when they will be deployed. It goes through the years from now to 2012.

Am I the only one that picks this stuff up and has a memory longer then my little finger. For the most part there's a lot of apathy here and that really needs to change.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More theatrics

Jerkoff (the homeless looking guy) says he's going to protect chemical plants but weakens states laws in protecting chemical plants. This is something that has been being pushed by lawmakers but the chemical industry has been fighting and new laws and regulations. So what does that mean, same old same old nothing is getting done just theatrics like they are doing something when nothing is getting done.
Bush had a speech today of high theatrics using the same old rhetoric, the terrorist will follow us home. Maybe if he would take the border security and port security more serious we would be safer. The idea that he needs this money right now so Halliburton and Blackwater could get paid is more like what the supplements about and not money for the troops. After all Bush just cut $5 billion from the VA's budget this year and democrates added $2 billion to help out the VA but he wants that money striped out of the supplement. He doesn't care about the troops but the contractor friends of his making tons of money. When I was the republicans passing this same bill last year it didn't show up until July. Then all the earmarks were overlooked because it was republican earmarks.
If anyone needs to get an award for theatrics it's Bush and Chaney for the lead up to the war. Question, does Bush eat Rice? or Does Rice eat Bush?

What is a republican

Republicans are big business. This means if you don't have 800 million dollars your not rich and being a republican is self destructive vote that will only impend you in life. To believe that a republican or big business has your best interest in store is a total lie. Republicans used the religious right to get votes, you don't hear Bush saying anything about his God or religion these days. During the past 12 years of republican rule the country has past laws to hinder everyone but the rich. The drug companies wrote the Medicare drug plan making illegal to get cheaper drugs from Canada or Mexico while the drug companies keep jacking the prices of drugs up. The republicans used Enron to manipulate electricity to California which cause a recall election sponsored by a republican millionaire in San Diego. This got Arnold voted in which other countries laughed at Californians for being so stupid. If you look at the people that donated to the republican party to get Bush elected many of them were fined or went out of business due to account fraud. The stock brokers that were caught were fined 1.2 billion for steeling 100 billion which show that crime pays when your rich. I think all the brokers should have been jailed just like bank robbers. The only thing that happened to them was they were told not to do it again. World Comm. went out of business and was a big contributor to the republican party. They also caused the loss of millions of people savings leaving them with nothing. Each people that lost do to Enron's and World Comm.'s collapse should be charges separately for each persons loss as if they stole from each person as one crime each. Another big business that workers tried to help from going bankrupt lost wages, retirement and their jobs while executives to huge pay raises. Those airlines should have been let to go out of business because that's the capitalist way but no they are still hanging on like a festering soar. If Bush likes coal fired power plants so much put one or two in his back yard. Bush had his buddies from the coal industry rewrite the laws to and call it the "Clean Air Act" which means they get to pollute more with no regard to peoples health. Then there has been Bush's budget, which cut this year $5 billion dollars to the VA and he has been doing that for the last five years and he says he supports the troops. Chaney's secret energy policy was to divvy up Iraq leading up to the war in Iraq. A war for oil not for terrorist but that totally backfired and has caused that to be a magnet for terrorist. With the torture treatment of captured people who they didn't know if they were terrorist of just people has turned all them into terrorist. When it came to the "Patriot Act" no one caught what Tom Delay said after it was signed into law a document thousands of pages and just seem to appear, "We have been trying to pass this bill for the past ten years." So that means the republicans wanted to take away peoples liberties for the past ten years before 9/11. O'Neil and his book he wrote told of the Bush and Chaney working on figuring out a way to invade Iraq as soon as Bush stole office. Then there's Diebold executive who said he was going to make it so the republicans would win in 2004. They hold there voting machine a secret so no one can examine them to see how well they do work of if they work properly. Some of the operating system was investigated and it was found that the code was written by real hacks having all sorts of programming errors that experienced programmers wouldn't make. When it comes to Gingrich pursuing Clinton over the Lewinski at least the stock market kept going up every time Clinton's zipper went down. At the same time Gingrich was talking family values and he had a woman on the side. His wife should divorce him. When Gingrich was asked why he pursued Clinton he said, "Because we could." it didn't matter what the rest of the world would see the United States as. Then he was caught up in a scandal and had to step down. This is only a fraction of what happened over the past 12 years and how the republicans set the country back. This war is making all military suppliers a lot of money many of them tied to the republicans and Texas. It's good to see McCain is going no where as far as his bid for the next election. So many people forget he was tied to the Keating Savings and Loan sandal. He doesn't rob bank but liberate the money from savings and loans with no promise to repay the withdraw but hiding behind his office like Cranston did but they sure did profit from other people misery but that what a republican does. McCain clams the war and surge is working from his last visit there. What he doesn't say about his drive from the airport to the green zone was there were gunship flying over head and  he was escorted in a heavily armored military convoy where he has loaded down with body armor.