Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smoke gets in my eyes

So many fires are burning that there's not enough people and equipment to fight all the fires. A fire near me which was small has been burning for two days when it should have been put out in a few hours two days ago. Fire departments are just protecting houses and letting the fires burn hoping that will burn out.

Crime really pays

A hedge fund manager riped off his costumers to the tune of $450 million dollars. The courts fined him $300 million dollars and sentenced him to a few years in jail. He faked his death and is on the run with $150 million dollars.

Exxon big spill and the law suits by the people of Alaska has been dismissed in the Supreme Court saying the price was too high. So after fighting this case the people and lands of Alaska are the losers. Big Business wins again and gets away with the biggest oil spill in the history of the world and doesn't have to pay for the harm it caused. It also helps when you have radical republican judges who are in favor in the destruction of the planet and all life on it, at any cost. Profit is the motive and I wonder how much the judges were paid by Exxon to make this judgment.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beihner appears drunk on PBS

Johnny Beihner with his glassy eyes on the PBS News Hour and blames democrats for what is wrong in the world including high gas prices, high health care prices and against a single payer system. I guess it's hard to keep telling lies in public without using your vises to aid you. You can only get behind big business knowing it's wrong when your bought off. It does take it's toll over the years when you can't believe your own words and have to stick to talking point set up by think tanks to stay in power.

Republican manipulate gas prices to win in 2008

Republicans manipulate gas and oil and blame democrats for the problems. When in 2000 Senator Phil Gramm of Texas got a law past for Enron to change the way America's market prices oil. It's also the time of energy deregulation which hasn't worked out too well either. At the time of the republican controlled senate and congress when it was sneaked in and not know by the general public along with the secret energy program developed by Dick Chaney.

If you have been listening to the republicans and president, "Bush" saying it's the democrats fault that they are obstructing oil development when they could have done something while they were in total control. They are now using this to influence voters with a oil scare.

The Enron Loophole lets the market set the price of oil by investors. This loophole can be closed and oil prices can drop within one month, that is if the president is really concerned about the price of oil. But Bush and the republicans are going to use this as a "Wedge Issue" this election cycle. It's just like they used "Gay Marriage" in the 2000 and 2004 elections along with national security.

Everything if you haven't noticed that comes out of the mouth of Bush is a lie and he always does the opposite. He said he wasn't going to be in "Nation Building" but when Diane Feinstein went to the Whitehouse in 2000 she found a map of Iraq posted on the wall and Bush was creaming his pants talking about all the untapped wealth and oil in the Iraqi oil fields. You can download the podcast of her talk about this from the "Commonwealth Club of California."

The republicans knowing they can't win this election cycle have pulled this dirty plan out to get people to vote republican.

Like Katrina when the country was flooded Bush was on vacation and this year again Bush was on a European Vacation while the Midwest was being flooded. Again only going to the disaster areas when it was safe and the flood waters have retreated, that is if you remember his big speech at St. Charles Square where he promised to help everyone in the affected areas. Still those areas are being rebuild after the two hurricanes. Texas had no problem of getting aid from the government and was speedily rebuilt without court battles from insurance companies and republican judges voted with the insurance companies that they didn't have to cover people in the affected areas of the South outside of Texas.

Since Bush said he plans now to talk to Iran about the nuclear issue and that everything's on the table. If McCain isn't elected in November I believe that Bush will start bombing Iran before the years end. Whether it's a proxy war don't by another state or is America does it, it's again going to be about oil for his oil buddies.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DTV what a scam

Leading up to the big hype about the new Digital Television next year where all these frequencies are suppose to be freed up it's not true, they use the same space and band width as analog TV right now. Depending on when you time of day you setup the tuner depends on how many channels you'll get. Do it at night and you most likely will get more channels which won't work during the day.

You need a large antenna array to get the channels you see now. They need to be pointed at the transmitting antennas.

What gets me is that both analog and digital do the same thing and analog seems to travel farther. It's nice that digital comes in clear and sharp if you can get the channel. Why they don't keep both. This has to be a republican controlled FCC maneuver just like making already large corporations even bigger disregarding what the people of this country has to say about consolidation.

It's the dumbing down of America so people can only get limited amounts of news. If you don't hear about it then you can't be outraged at what the republican government is doing. It's too bad that the K street project has fallen apart and the people involved have gone to jail well some of them have.

McCain wants drilling off California coast.

McCain wants drilling off shore of the California coast. Maybe that would be exceptable if they start storing nuclear waste in Arizona. That would be an exceptable trade off. If he wants to do drilling off California he has to give a little too.

What about drilling in Chaney's back yard? They are pushing drilling in BLM lands and National Forests of Wyoming without paying any royalties to the state of country. A free ride to the oil companies. Seems like if they are taking our reserves of oil from our country they need to pay for it but it's oil men in office. I'm sure they are getting kickbacks.

Yesterday I heard about the loophole that Enron made to change the way the market pays for oil where the market can change the price of oil rather then the market causing the market change. Closing that loophope would take about one month to bring oil back in line with what was going on for the past 70 years of trading.

I still want to see Ken Lays body in the coffin. I still think facing jail time his death was faked since Bush is his buddy.

You can't put 10 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket

People are wondering why there is flooding along the rivers in central United States. With development over the years and building closer and closer to the rivers. Placing bridges over rivers in narrow areas of the rivers blocking the rivers flow in high water years. It's just common scenes you can't put 10 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket. Placing levees to hold the water back where the river would have expanded during the high flood years causing the rivers to flow up rather then out in the flood planes. If you go along the rivers you'll see the river high mark areas but for some reason people keep saying, "it won't happen here" when it does flood. People just don't get it that if you build on a flood plane you're going to get wet.

Watching the pictures of the water on the news you can see the bridges near over topping. If you look at that banks of the river there's a long slope except where the bridges are which are build right up to the shore lines of the river, restricting the water flow.

Instead of building the bridge at the high water line they build it at the low water line and figure that the water can flow under the bridge. Mainly it's cost that they do this, cheaping out projects to save money, again saying, "It won't happen here." Well it happened here and is going to continue to happen here as long as you try to fight mother nature and global warming.

My best analogy which I used in several other papers I wrote is, "It's like building a house on train tracks, eventually a train is going to come along."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What about all those etra frequencies after digital TV is in place

I've been hearing the digital is better and after next year when everything is digital there's going to free up all these radio frequencies so that cell phones and public services can use them. Now, after reading the manual of what the frequencies the DTV converter box receives I was shock to find out that only a small segment was removed, two analog channels. This has to be a republican controlled FCC mess created like the war in Iraq, not to well thought through. Since digital and analog are intermingled right now why not keep both since I get more channels on analog. With Digital it either works or it doesn't. You most likely seen DVD's skip or on satellite it goes into patchy squares, sound stops, blast back in in chunks the squares move around. So the channels I got great now don't come in while the channels I never watch come in great, the religious channels. I get all four of them. What gets me is the channel line up will show that the channels are there but don't work and if they do, they come in chunky.

Knowing how the republican controlled FCC acts in other matters this must be a scam to get everyone to replace there TV sets. I heard one commercial saying if you can't receive a digital signal then you have to get cable of satellite.

As far as I can see you need to get what is called a "Smart Antenna" for those hard to get channels. Looking at it with it's little antennas I don't see how that is going to pick up very much except in areas of good reception. Having to have a antenna for each channel seems to be the way to get good reception. Who knew I'd need a large antenna array to get TV in the future. The antennas are going to cost way more then the stupid box. You know what they say about you get what you pay for and the government helped me get something worthless. That's nothing new, they do that a lot.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Republican defend big oils gas prices

Republicans defend big oils wind fall incomes. Ever since Bush and buddies came to office the price of oil or gas has been going up. Today the democrats tried to pass a wind fall tax on big oil companies and get them to invest in renewable sources but republicans defend big oil saying it won't work. That's something I've heard over and over, "It won't woke." Then a law is past and it does but no one remembers how many times republican made that claim that it won't work.

We could be buying ethanol but the republicans put a import duty where it's not going to be able to be imported. So we pay high prices for food because corn is being made into ethanol rather then being fed to live stock. More lands are being farmed for corn rather then food crops which is also driving up the price of food.

When it comes to doing something right for the country the republican look at things from a short term view. They want the fast buck without doing work.

Instead of making a wind fall tax, take energy away from the futures and stock market. Better yet since this is turning into a national security issue, nationalize energy and take it away from these people that want to destroy the country for a short term gain. How soon we forgot what Enron has done to the country and how they were manipulating the market. People have forgot what Exxon did to the country in the late seventies taking notes from what OPEC did earlier that decade.

The republicans solution, drill in the Wild Life Refuge in Alaska. Drill off the east and west costs. What burns me is they don't pay royalties for drilling on public lands. They don't pay for oil spills because Exxon is still fighting the spill they did twenty years ago in Alaska. They still haven't cleaned up the oil mess either, well they did a superficial job. The surface of rock are clean but turn one over and the oil is still there.

Why don't American that vote republican believe that they only want there vote and then they are going to tax them while giving themselves a cut. They will get laws past like what the credit card companies did where it's almost imposable to claim bankruptcy. But when it comes to a large corporation claiming bankruptcy, no problem, and the republicans will even give them money to help them out like the airlines. They are union buster and want to bring in low wage unskilled people from south of the country, that why The Wall, which was promised wasn't never finished. All you get is lies from republican. Just read the 9/11 report and all the books that have been written by past Bush buddies that quit because they couldn't lie any more.

McCain vows Bush tax cut and more for industry and the 1% of the richest

Campaigning today McCain vows to keep Bush's tax cuts and give more tax cut for large corporations. Well, he did say a few month back that he wasn't good with economic. He also said he wasn't going to be the continuation of Bush's policies for four more years. He's also shaking the big stick at Iran so that must mean another war because war is good for big business and it's inverters. People like those same corporations like Halliburton, Bechtel, the mercenary groups like Blackwater, a pro republican industry. He claims he plans to stay in Iraq for the next hundred years. So what is different the the Bush years, he hasn't said anything new. He did say he was going to keep doing warrant less wire taps. Guess that means our mail will still be read too. Well the constitution has be run through the paper shredder by Bush and Chaney.

Iraq is holding it's breath to the end of the year when Bush goes out of office because they don't want us there after the U.N.'s mandate runs out.

Iraq isn't going to follow Bush's oil law he's been pushing which signs over the rights to Iraqi lands and give it to big oil. Could that be part of the pressure being placed on the world by big oil raising the price of gas to force them in to signing. I don't thing so.

So if Bush was Chaney's puppet what would McCain be, Bush's puppet.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Zero Sum CO2 game

People keep passing this idea of trading CO2 credits but that means there's still pollution being pumped out which will take 50 to 100 years to cycle out of the air. Coming up with a Cap and Trade system only means it's going to take centuries to get pollution out of the air if at all. The right idea would be to have a zero pollution at some point in the future to return the earth back to normal. As far as global warming goes, people with the cap and trade ideas want to live with pollution and deal with the problems of higher sea level, less water, flooding, bigger storms. Telling people that have had their cities removed from earth because of super cell tornados because it wasn't economical to change our ways is going to be a little hard to do but elected official will do it, just like fabrications of the facts for going to war in Iraq. Some elected officials oppose anything to do with correcting global warming just because the other side is suggesting it and they didn't come up with it because it's going to effect the bottom line of the companies they have invested in or they are in their constituency. There's been more tornados since the first of the year then there has been in the past three years. Yet people don't get it. I saw a sheriff say, "The weather is changing and I don't know why," he live in a flat land red state in tornado allay and most likely was a republican. Ask him why he votes that way he'll tell you, "I don't know, my parents were republican and their parents were republican, so I don't know."

I've heard people suggest that we have something like "The Manhattan Project" to solve the problem through technology. I remember in the sixties when the "Army Corps of Engineers" wanted to drill a tunnel through the San Gabriel Mountains and place large fans in them to solve the smog problem in Los Angeles.

The idea of leaving it up to the energy companies to do something will take as long as there's still oil and coal. Until they run out it's going to be the same thing with higher prices and record breaking financial quarters like what Exxon is having right now. Part of the problem is they want to drill in wild life refuge in Alaska and off the east and west coasts and in the gulf. Maybe this would be okay if they could be fined at rates that they would really be careful about any oil spills. Maybe a million dollars a barrel as a fine plus the affected people must be compensated for the loss of wages due to a spill and until the area is returned back to the way it was before the spill. Also if they want to drill in Alaska they have to pay of the law suit before they even start talking about it in congress. They have been fighting that law suit it seems forever and still are fighting it saying that the fines are still too high. There will have to be a no exceptions to the fines and penalties before they start drilling. From what OPEC has said that there's enough oil just that the market has driven up the price, maybe to get there way in drilling like they did in the seventies when they wanted the Alaskan Pipeline. Soon as congress gave the okay to build the pipeline the price dropped over night. All the sudden there was more oil and no more lines and the pipeline wasn't even built yet. Was that a manipulation of the market, of course it was. So much pressure was put on congress to increases the amount of oil output that congress caved in.

What truly would be good to do is put solar on everyone's home and flat surface out there. If it's build it has solar on it. Have government project to increase the output of solar cells. Put them on thee poorest peoples houses first. There still will be energy companies but with the amount of solar cells on roofs it would cut the cost of energy for the people. The rich can afford to pay for their own solar cells so have cut off of some dollar value based on income and how the economy is going. Of course the energy companies will be against it and come up with all sorts of reasons why it won't work, only because their bottom line will be cut. Also you could put batteries in each home so you could have power at night or cloudy days, something the new solar systems aren't doing but are selling power to the grid but then people are buying energy back at night. This could be eliminated with batteries.

Having electric plug in cars would be the way to go as far as transportation goes, since people don't drive that far for work or going to stores. Besides most of the oil doesn't go for fuel anyway's but most of the fuel goes to making chemicals for making plastics, most of which aren't recycled. Having all plastics recycled and not put in land fills oils consumption would also drop.