Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain vows Bush tax cut and more for industry and the 1% of the richest

Campaigning today McCain vows to keep Bush's tax cuts and give more tax cut for large corporations. Well, he did say a few month back that he wasn't good with economic. He also said he wasn't going to be the continuation of Bush's policies for four more years. He's also shaking the big stick at Iran so that must mean another war because war is good for big business and it's inverters. People like those same corporations like Halliburton, Bechtel, the mercenary groups like Blackwater, a pro republican industry. He claims he plans to stay in Iraq for the next hundred years. So what is different the the Bush years, he hasn't said anything new. He did say he was going to keep doing warrant less wire taps. Guess that means our mail will still be read too. Well the constitution has be run through the paper shredder by Bush and Chaney.

Iraq is holding it's breath to the end of the year when Bush goes out of office because they don't want us there after the U.N.'s mandate runs out.

Iraq isn't going to follow Bush's oil law he's been pushing which signs over the rights to Iraqi lands and give it to big oil. Could that be part of the pressure being placed on the world by big oil raising the price of gas to force them in to signing. I don't thing so.

So if Bush was Chaney's puppet what would McCain be, Bush's puppet.

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