Friday, July 31, 2009

World says American Capitalism is broken.

When all these dirt bags too money from the Federal Government to get up and working they were paying themselves bonuses. What I see that is as take the money and run, leaving the mess to be picked up by someone else.

AIG the biggest off ender of capitalism with no moral playing fast and loose with the laws making up things that laws went made to protect the people investing in what they were selling, which should have been insurance but weren’t. Sure it’s nice that some of the people are getting paid off for the losses but they should have started at the bottom of the list and worked up. If they ran out of money going to hedge funds, so what.

I’m thinking at everyone that got a bonus at AIG for the past three years over a million dollars need to be vaporized from the planet. A hundred years ago they would be swinging from a robe of the favorite towns tree. Microwaving them to they were chard still and crispy being cooked from the inside while still alive isn’t that bad of punishment in my book for people like that. They rank up there with rapist and child molesters but worse. Since the amount of people they effected they should be charged with crimes against humanity. Life in prison is too good for them.

For all the CEO and upper staff that was in on the deal and were taking home these big bonuses all need to be executed. Like O’Reilly said, “they need to be taken out and shot.” That’s one of O’Reilly’s comments about doctors and liberal. He’s another one that the world could do without, stirring up people with his hate speech.

Line up the CEO from all the failed bank, investment companies, hedge funds, insurance companies, and last of all the rating companies that took bribes to give a positive review of junk that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on, the worst of the offender and those companies need to be removed from the planet also. So you find a nice hole in the earth and drop a air fuel bomb on them. Western justice. Something Bush and Chaney were pushing for and should join then in this hole.

Another good punishment for all these people would be to run the gauntlet of people effect in the world where those people would be able to hit them with anything they want. They will have to getting running the gauntlet from both side because they would never make it to the end of the line. Even if one person was aloud to hit them once with a fist or a kick with a foot, several hundred thousands of those you wouldn’t be in very good shape.

The  next tear of people under the people with the bonuses need to be band from anything economical. You won’t have to worry about the first group because they will be spending a short time on the planet before there punishment.

I see all these people as traitors to the country and to the world because they knew what they were doing was wrong but did it anyway. If you look at what political party that are affiliated with they all with say Republican, the party of no morals.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Dogs PROTECT Big Business

Blue Dog democrats protect the insurance system keeping things the way they are. They did get big campaign checks for there re-elections too. Radical Right gets it’s way on keeping Big Business the way it is, higher and higher insurance prices. Forget inflation, insurance companies can set there own price because the Blue Dogs and Radical Right got rid of the competition from the government, the public health plan that would keep down prices.

Just goes to show you that money talks and people knuckle under fearing big business. What happened to your spines? Worrying about re-election verses doing the right thing for America has been the apathetic problem for years.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Duo to Wed Woman: Turkey Dinner for Three

posted by Cal Orey, Author-Intuitive at The Writing Gourmet - 1 day ago
*Wedding * *Engagement Dinner* ***By Cal Orey* ** *"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last ...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Republicans say, “We can’t help it, we were born this way.”

Republicans can’t defend there actions saying they were just born mean and support big business no matter what it costs the country. They republicans proved there selves during the Bush years deregulating everything they could get there hands on including banking and stock market laws making it easy to cheat people. What I don’t understand is they say they are the party of morals but you haven’t heard that lately because it’s obvious they don’t have any morals. In fact they act more like sociopaths then anything else. They all went into politics as “Tight Ends” but insurance companies, banks, and any other lobbyists made them all into “Wide Receivers.” And to think they are against being gay. I guess bending over is okay when you say, “it’s just politics.”

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Testing out the Write Program

Well this is totally cool, being able to write my blog off line and then post it to Blogger. They used to have a add-on for Word but that went away. Now I’m using Windows Live Writer to write this blog entry.  Now to see if it works which would be very nice. I noticed that my entries went down when the Word plug-in stopped working. Now that I have this, I’m going to be using my blog again. I like it that you don’t have to log in and all that jazz.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Looking good....

Added the picture in the header. That looks good but the way the page is laid out you can't make it go all the way across. It's okay though, It fits the way the page is set up plus I have my screen res set real high so at full screen things look small.

Now to figure out what I'm going to do with the Google ads. Right now it puts a ad under the last post which I guess I can live with. I don't know if anyone has ever used these links. I know I'm not getting money hand over fist from the ads. Don't think I've made anything so far.

The Firebug program works pretty cool. I've been getting a lot of goodies the last few days. I thought I had all the good ones but they always come out with new better toys. Some I'm not sure what they do yet since I haven't used them yet.

All Right Now, Playing with the Blog

Trying some new stuff for the blog. Found that there is videos about how to do things on YouTube. Whether it's made by Google or a personal entry they cover a lot of things you can do to yuor blog. Not sure that I want people to come to my blog to play games but I guess they are there to put on your blog.

The Soon to be Momma Deer is laying about resting intensely. This is what the other female did right before she had the two babies. Very touchy too, even though she knows me and lets me walk close to her but not today. I'm thinking she will be giving birth soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

McCain plays stupid, again

I should say he’s not playing stupid. How can you find out what happened with the spying if there isn't an investigation. Either is the rest of the republicans that don’t want an investigation on spying on American, warrant less wire tapes, what ever ever evil things Chaney could cook up. Republicans know that if the spy program is reveled to the public they will loose seats and votes along with credibility. This is besides the torture programs Chaney loves also which republicans don’t want people looking into. As Chaney would say, it’s just a little water and some stress positions. As it is they changed the definition of torture to where only if you have organs failure is it torture. Well, people did die from what they did to them. They also ignored the Geneva Convention. How can you tell others not to do that when your not setting an example.. If what all happened in the last 8 years of what Bush and Chaney gets out to the world there might be a cry to put them on trial for Crimes against Humanity. I’m sure there were some other shady deals done where Bush and Chaney’s friends made billions of dollars. All the no bid contracts that went on which gave people the idea they didn’t have to do a good job but take the money. All the companies tied to position that Chaney had as CEO should have been excluded from taking part i any government contract. Chaney went from being CEO to vice president and gave his former employer sweetheart deals. It was like he was still the CEO and had two jobs.

What gets me is the republicans said they are the party of morals then go out and torture people, invade a country for oil. Looking from the outside you would say it was insider trading and manipulations of the markets. How people voted for the party thinking they were voting for moral people when they are the party of big business. There vote was shooting themselves in the foot. If you look at what happened to the bankruptcy laws where you can claim bankruptcy but big businesses can. That credit card companies can charge you any fees that get you into deep water where you never can get out because you can’t claim bankruptcy. Last years high price for oil was Bush’s gift to the oil companies. That’s what caused the economy to start to collapse. Then it was a house of card falling one by one until today. Meanwhile the rich got richer. Bush and Chaney aren’t hurting and this depression has no effect on them, they could care less. Like Iraq which Bush and Chaney broke, they also broke America and the rest of the world. I hope history isn’t very kind and tells the truth about Bush and Chaney and all there shady dealings.