Friday, July 25, 2014

Media Paint Israel in bad light

The media is painting Israel in the light of a aggressor that is committing genocide or at least a one sided battle. The blood thirsty Netanyahu says he committed to put an end of the terrorist actions. It’s too bad that the women and children are getting in the way of Netanyahu land grab. Netanyahu won’t be satisfied until every Arab is gone from the area and all the land is controlled by Israel. It’s such a one sided fight. Sticks and stones verses a modern army. Todays civilian body count is over 800. Most of who have died are women and children. Israel has been bombing UN sanctuaries that have clearly been marked off. Where are the people going to go if no place is safe. Gaza is just a large open air prison controlled by Israel. There’s no building supplies, medical, water, power going into Gaza without Israel’s say so. They are punishing all the people for a few peoples actions. Mostly it’s about hate. Israel is taking Palestine for themselves and no ones going to stop them. Gaza could be a great place if Israel wouldn’t be dominating Gaza like it does. It’s sad watching this blood sport being played out on TV. They need to draw a line from Gaza to the West Bank through Jerusalem and make that a state of Palestine. Just like they did at the end of WWI when the French and English split up the middle east.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Who is the big CHEESE?

We are fastly becoming second place in the world but we are far farther down the list in other sectors such as medical. we are in the 30’s as far as medical. Internet we are competing with third world countries thanks to companies like ATT. ATT has the government over a barrel because of all the spying. So they hold that over the government why not to advance and do better. Right now 97% of your bill is pure profit the rest goes to run your phone or internet. It’s cheaper everywhere else in the world to communicate. Our Public Utilities Commission doesn’t work for the people like it’s suppose to, it works for the ones with the big bucks. It made the news when PG&E made a request to raise the rates because share holders weren’t making enough. They were turned down but when it was rewritten that got the rate raise the following month. Corporations don’t work for the country or people of the country they only work for share holders and that’s it. Doesn’t matter what country the share holder comes from so our enemies could and most likely have shares in places like Walmart.

Ever since we went off the gold standard inflation has gone wild. That’s because we have presidents like Regan and Bush who say don’t worry about the deficit.  Then there’s Regan’s most famous quote, Government is the problem admitting that he was the problem with government. Regan admits that he should quit government to fix it. Then there are a bunch of other republicans that tell you the same thing, they are the problem and should be fired and leave government.

Other countries are doing much better with better governments. Most all the countries of the European Union are socialist something people of the united state haven’t a clue what it is but they don’t like it. They don’t like it because they were told not to like it. Funny though how all those countries are doing better then us. They have told us for years to hate the commies. Who is going to be number one, the commies. They are beating us at our own game. It’s about that time the child that’s loosing kicks the board and quits. Same with the stock market, since the market is fixed they know when they are going to crash the market and take all the money. They have been doing this got centuries now. Until there is a revolt against the super rich things will keep going the same. The biggest problem is apathy. People are so worried about day to day living and keeping a crappy job they don’t have time to think.

There’s a group of people trying to break up California into 6 or 7 states. I can see the right has their fingers in this one. Wouldn’t you call that treason? Why is the state even tolerating these people.

Until we have a socialist style economy we are going to continue to loose. We are going to be in the 30’s and 40’s compared to other countries for a long time to come if we stay with this market driven economy. Demark runs so well and income is spread out. They don’t have the extremes like they do here. Things worked so much better when the tax rate was up in the 90% like in the 50’s. We need to go back to that and become number one again. The radical right tells you one thing but what they are doing is destroying the country at every election. Soon as we follow that model a corporation will be running the country. As it is congress and senate except for a few people have been bought off. They should be wearing patches of all the companies that own them like a racer with his investors.

What we need is the workers party. A party like all our other two parties but one that works for the people not for the corporations. Corporations need to be set in their place. Take away the power and tax then to the max. They will survive they did in the past and the country did real well too. So don’t believe anyone that says corporations are the job creators because they aren’t it’s the middle class that are the job creators because they are the demand on the market. Without a health middle class your going to have a weak economy.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Friday, July 04, 2014

Afghan Army… what a mess

Watch a movie which I thought was going to be a documentary about American troop but it’s on the Afghan Army. Talk about a rag tag rag head stupid bunch of people who have no loyalty. Reminds me of stories of Mexico. None of them can read or write. They can’t even read the holy book they praise so highly. All the book is an idol not a book. They can’t follow simple instructions. There’s no discipline. Go into battle and they run away like they do in Iraq. That aren’t an army but a job to get money. What they need to do is set grades. Dirt pay for no stripes. They are the ones that get to burn the shit to clean up the place. After more teaching and if they pass give then a stripe and a higher pay grade. If they run off and American Troop see that have the Afghans shoot them in the back running off. Most likely they are Taliban anyway. As the camera panned the afghan troops it was like the first time they have seen a camera and they are making goofy faces. None of them or not very many of them really have their heart in it. You can see the more professional ones because they shave and are dressed clean. Even with the army giving them a uniform they look like they never wash it just like there body hygiene, not a lot of soap spent on cleaning. Watching them just walk as a group is a problem for them. The Afghan air force is left over Russian aircraft from the 70’s. Afghans don’t take care of the aircraft you just need to look at any car driving around. They just drive it until it fails. Same with the aircraft. That’s because they don’t have anyone that can read a repair manual. The only way they learn is orally and by being shown. What a loosing, was of money the Afghan Army is. Then there it the civilian leader which play both sides of the fence and do a lot of black market deals to increase their wealth. If they had some laws maybe they could start doing something. Still they need to shot traitors. They need to put in prison troop that flake out to set examples. They can’t do boot camp like an American troop because it too hard for them. Seeing them trying to do a push up and only being able to do a couple and think it’s funny they can’t do any more when they need to be able to do 50. Same with sit ups. they do a couple and think they did something great when it’s totally a joke to them. They need to make them do boot camp over and over until they get it right. Take them out to a remote base and keep them there until they get it right. If a six month program takes two years then it takes two years. And  they can’t leave until they finish basic training. That’s going to have to be a more stern method of getting things done. not smiles and laughing at how little they can do. Drill sergeants need to carry a one of those swatting reeds and start hitting them on the backs of there legs to get the message across they are screw ups.

Afghanistan could be used as a proving ground. Been a while since we have done above ground tests. That would be a good place to test out the new and old weapons we have in our stockpiles . It’s the only country on earth that demanding a do over. Start from nothing and no people.

Need to cut out spending there because some people are getting rich who are connected like Karzi. Stop sending them tax dollars.

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Those Damn Racist Bigots….

You’d think I’m talking about the south in the United State but no, it’s the Jews another four letter word of hate.The Jews abuse the people of Palestine where they are being occupied by the Jews. It’s worse there then it was in South Africa during the dark years.  People need to do the same thing they did to South Africa and stop buying from them. We need to stop sending them money too. Every year it the same thing billions of our tax payer dollars going to Israel and they are the problem. They use an army to take on kids throwing rock, shooting back at them. I’d like to see a siege of Israel. Screw them bigots. First they take over the Palestinian peoples country after WWII. We let them have a country but it’s just getting out of hand. Screw the Jewish bigots. Let put a real peace plan to work just like they way France and England divided up the middle east, we just draw some new lines where everyone get the same amount of land per person. Who cares if this is some old historic place doesn’t mean anything to me. Just cut the country up into two fairly divided countries. None of the creep in the west bank where the Jews keep pushing and pushing the people that have lived there for centuries out. I really object at giving them any more help until there is peace there with a two equal state solution. I can’t believe how the Jews keep saying poor us, we keep getting rockets shot at us. Then Israel returns fire bombing towns and killing dozens to hundreds of people. It’s an unfair occupation. We need to start evening the scales and start shipping guns, bombs and real rockets to Palestine where it’s a fair fight. Jews don’t do fair fighting. Just like that poor kid that was 16 years old was killed and the body was burnt because of the other three kids that were killed. Now there’s going to be more fighting over that and more fighting over the people that were killed. What a rat hole piece of the world. The only fair fight for the Jews is a 10 or 20 to 1 ratio. The Jews will need to be fully armed against children. They don’t fight real army people one on one. Back stabbing? But of course. Never turn your back on a Jew or your going to get it in the back by a dozen Jewish solders. Then the Jews will complain that the kids threw rocks, we got boo-boos and launch a invasion of a town. I sure would like to see a fair fight myself.

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