Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a Life

If it can go wrong it has starting with the snow storm, after that everything was down hill. I've been backing up files on the computer when the snow storm happened. AT first I didn't think much about it. I continued putting files and pictures on DVD's. I made up so many disks I thought I'd defrag the hard drives. That's when the power went out. Not all at once but a sputter where the computer tried to keep going. Then it went out for the next five days. The phone was out longer, 11 days with no internet. Didn't matter, computer crashed and wasn't coming back anytime soon.

Been working on the computer besides other things here. Had a problem with the power cables going to the drives. The connectors seem to get loose because of where the computer is, near the sliding glass door. It's a bit cooler in this space because of the glass. It's dual pane glass which help no letting the cold in but still it's cool here So, I cut all the power cables apart and soldered them together coming from the power supply getting rid of any loose cables connectors. Had to replace the ribbon cable going to two drives. That seem to help fix things also.

I've been running Spinrite 6.0 for days to recover data and refresh the surface. I got about 1% done over 4 days. That took out two blocks and recovered several other blocks. Before running this it would take 3 hours to boot up. Now it's booting up normal. Haven't tried to accessing the drive yet. I wasn't being seen by Windows but now it is so that's good. Don't want to loose 2+ years of photos. I've backed up most of the downloaded files. I had so much junk and I was running out of space.

Well, my blog space has a mind of it's own and changes type or goes off to another page while typing.

So have the cover on the computer to cut the noise down. Hopefully I won't have to get back inside.

Installed Novell's openSuSE Linux on the small computer but haven't figured out how to set up the internet yet. Getting closer I think, the network lights are coming on and the DSL modem sees the computer. I've been trying all sorts of combinations of of network IP numbers and addresses. Going to take a little more work.

Suns almost out. Going to the doctors but afterwards I'll be cutting up trees.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow tonight

Been cold out all day and some popcorn like snow came down around noon. Now it’s real snow and it’s covering every thing.

Pentax 005

Watched the a skunk, Little Buddy and one of the female raccoons come on the porch earlier. If it keeps snowing like this I’m going to be stuck here a few days until the snow melts. It’s not coming down real hard right now and hasn’t all light. It’s just been real steady.

Friday, December 04, 2009

You call that a tax?

Some bone head thought he would try to get a tax on buying stock and derivatives but it’s so little it’s like buying a postage stamp for a million dollar sale. Then again everyone know that Washington insiders protect the rich. Why isn’t it more like 1% on stock purchases and 2% on derivatives and credit default swaps. All sales need to be registered so you can charge them for income tax. What I don’t understand is why there hasn’t been any taxes on these money making products. Even brokers take a cut why isn’t the government taking a cut for these sales? Why isn’t congress and senate up in arms after all we did have to bail these people out for the world mess they made.

Banks are putting up resistance to any changes or over sight, I wonder why. So they can have black market money to buy and sell things off the books. When I heard that weasel, senator Dodd laugh at how hard it is to make changes and get bills past with all the lobbyist in Washington. It’s hard to pass a bill when your on the take that’s for sure.

I heard a lecture about Black Market money and how it’s going to cause capitalism to fail. I listened to it and wondered how true it was. That Senator Dodd as the biggest obstacles to any bill that would make black market money.

What it takes is people with morals in Washington and not people only there to be on the take. They might call it campaign contributions but cash spends real well.