Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Manual Post

I'm down to manually posting to my blog. I don't know why the software program I've been using stopped working. It ended up on another blog site.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Trump said it all, “It’s all just talk!”

Trump blowing a lot of hot air said it’s all just talk. He doesn’t have any new ideas it’s all just talk. When he’s asked questions he refers to just watch me. So nothing has changed even with Trump, it’s all just talk. A bunch of ideal threats. Empty words. The rest of the republican playing field is a real joke. Why can’t they come up with any presidential material?

Hearing Chaney just gets me how he’s pushing for another war and thinks what he did to Iraq worked out just fine. What world is he on? Where does he get his news? He must have a bunch of yes men around him telling him everything is just fine. Now he wants to go to war with Iran for some crazy ideas. He said that the deal that was worked out between Iran and many other countries and the UN was bad. If this deal doesn’t go through because of some nut cases then many other countries will be wondering why.

If Jeb Bush gets elected then there will be another war. It’s all about getting the oil in the case of Bush’s. Jeb’s got Dad’s friends which will tell him what he has to do just like Chaney told George W. what to do.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

made up video trying to hurt

David Daleiden was the asshole that made false videos. David is also in trouble with the law for credit card fraud. He got a credit card in someone else’s name. No telling how far that scam goes. He did have to pay for this project and needed to fly to different places around the county and must have used these credit cards to pay his fraudulent way. I wonder what other laws he been breaking through the years. The videos were filmed using a cheap camera like a cell phone for a camera. The editing also wasn’t don’t very good. It looks like he hasn’t been doing this very much. He most likely used a program that did most of the work for him because it doesn’t look like someone that knows how to use a computer. Still the videos have made an impact to the unaware and dim on the uptake. Someone that couldn’t tell a fraud from someone that wanted to sell them a bridge at a good price. It just amazes me that the republican base are the people who haven’t finished high school. They are the beer drinking confederate flag waving bigots talking about something they no nothing about. They are the same ones saying the earth is only 10,000 years old. They never heard of a light year. They think that’s the year that they only drank light beer. They quote from the bible a book they never read because they never learned how to in school. Extremist are always that way only basing their facts on what they heard from someone or saw on TV in a movie. You know people, people get paid to write scripts and they higher actors to play parts. They aren’t real, it’s make believe. Well, the trailer people have to vote for someone. It’s just amazing that the base of the republican party and who tend to shoot themselves in the foot by the way they vote because they can’t understand concepts. They believe every word off the road of the campaign speeches. The only sure thing they do know is that cars go one way on the race track. It’s amazing how mean some people are. Then to these people are narrow minded. There brain can fit between the width of a match stick they are so narrow minded. Why would someone have to be so mean to take away health care from other people? Maybe it’s a reflection of their mother and her street walking profession and they want to get back at society because of that. Sorry David Daleinden that you were born between a trick.

Staples & Associates subcontractors to PG&E CARE Program

Had a van drive up today with a couple guys in it. They asked me if I could spare 20 minutes to do the weatherizing and energy help for my house. They made it clear that if I didn’t let them do this that I’d be dropped from the CARE program and loose the fridge they said they would give me to replace my 20 plus year old model that was really good for many years and didn’t use much power. Why they kept strong arming me to do their work I didn’t understand. After pushing their way into my house they started casing the place pointing out my electronics devices. As they went into the kitchen the tail lop trips over the only thing on the floor my cat food plate of food and the water bowl on a bright red piece of carpet. I point out all the lights are LED’s. They tell me they need to replace light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs so I don’t loose the care program. I don’t know why I’d want a lesser quality item that uses more power. The living room area has a string of small lights around the ceiling that lights up the room with a nice soft light. It’s perfect to dim for watching movies. With it so hot I keep the doors and windows closed during the day. When they came in they left the doors open. I had to close the screen door to keep the bugs out but by that time they had gone into the kitchen. I really hate people coming into my house to see the items I have. I don’t know what type of record these guys have and don’t know what type of people this company hires. They could have drug habits and never get tested at work. They are just subcontractors to PG&E which I’ve had to deal with on other matters. I finally had to have a PG&E supervisor come out to see the problem before I had it resolved. So I know PG&E doesn’t check on the subcontractors employees. They just hire a company and fire them if they don’t work out and don’t have any liability to the subcontractors only the subcontractor can be held liable for any thing.

So the guys walk into the bathroom it takes two guys to look at everything. I’m guessing the little guy the Asian guy was the one that pointed the big lop in the right direction and tells him what to do. Twenty minutes had turned into 30 minutes and nothing was done. When they looked at the bathroom and the shower head they said this is fucked up. It’s a piece of shit. We can’t install anything here except this hose thing with a shower head on the end. Fine I said do the work. Take care of it. I pointed out if they break a pipe they fix it and that would be rather costly. The pipes in the wall are steel and are 70 plus years old. The little guy said all we can do is put the hose on the pipe coming out of the wall. go head, start working. But we can’t. Why not. you said you’d be here 20 minutes and it’s a half hour later and you haven’t done a thing. But we can’t… So I asked let me talk to your supervisor. He tells me that he doesn’t have a signal. So I handed him a phone. He told me he can’t call him. Then ran out of the house with the lop behind him. Why they asked me to see the water heater and never went to check that while we were outside at first I just don’t understand. For workers that came out to do a job they sure came up with a lot of excuses why they couldn’t do the job. I tried to get the supervisors number but they wouldn’t give it to me. As far as that goes I don’t even know the names of the two guys because they never told me or gave me a chance to see an I.D. and write down there names and I.D. numbers and the company name. I had to call PG&E first to get the name of the company. Why they lied to me about trying to call me and said they couldn’t get a hold of me was a real joke. I talked to one person and they asked me if I was going to be home on Tuesday. This is Wednesday. I did find Staples & Associates on the web. The Sacramento area number is; 916-771-4280 the number of the main office for Staples doing the CARE program is in Bakersfield 888-324-0930. They are in a few state so here’s the URL to their site; http://staplesenergy.com/contact-us/

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Listening to the Greek deal.

I can’t believe what the world banks call help these days. I guess you need to blame it on capitalism. Greece gets billions of Euros just to pay the banks they just got the loans from. They don’t see a dime of it, that money goes directly to the banks making them the loans. The people of Greece that depend on social program still have the big cuts as far as I heard. People that depended on money to live still are looking for help. The austerity programs are still in effect.

Capitalism leads to many things. It leads to greed and poor people and super rich. It leads to homeless people because they can’t afford to live. Many people have to drive hours to work because they can’t afford to live where they work. People seem to become mean and treat other countries unjust like Greece is being treated. Germany forgets how it was bailed out after World War II. Germany forgets how the loans it got were forgiven so the country could flourish. If that wasn’t done they still would be paying off the loans from post WWII.

What if Germany was divided up to all the countries that it effected during world war two? Then we would never had the Berlin wall because there wouldn’t have been a Germany to divide up then. We might not have had the cold war like it was because Germany had been split up and given to all the surrounding countries. Sure there would be the left over Germany people but they would belong to new countries. Then like the capitalist way we sell off all the antiquities of Germany and make many parts of the country into an amusement park.

Now the world is cutting up Greece. Who needs a war when you have a bank.

Why is General John Allen supporting Isis?

Those generals of the Bush era are still around. They were the ones telling everyone Iraq was a cakewalk. Allen was the one that got some sort of deal with Turkey to bomb the Kurds so that we could use bases in Turkey. It also makes a no fight zone so that Isis can get resupplied. The Kurds were going to kick the crap out of Isis until Turkey bombed the Kurds. They were setup to block off the supply lines when Turkey start bombing the Kurds. Why do we still have those left over generals that screwed up in Iraq running around making deals and policies.

ISIS Benefits As Turkey Bombs Kurdish

I thought it was just me but I see a few others have noticed that bombing the Kurds isn’t a good idea. Why they are bombing the best fighters against Isis is just stupid. It was good that pulled out the anti missile defenses from Turkey. I don’t know why Turkey is so against the Kurds. They are attacking them in several countries and not doing anything about Isis.

I hear there are many people and generals that want to get rid of Allen before he really screws things up. I don’t know why those generals got to stick around after Iraq. They sure blew it there. Jed has all those blowhards hanging around in the wings. Don’t need any of those neocons back in office again. They proved what they can do and cost the country so much.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Poor actions for the people

Putin dumps food and dairy into a landfill to protest the EU’s sanctions on Russia. Did he think about the people of Russia and how they need the food and he’s wasting all that food to try to prove a point. So what was the point? How did you gain something other then paying for food and the putting it in a land fill. So what did you gain? So how did the Russian people gain from this action? All you did was waste food that the people of Russia would have gladly taken. It was a waste all around. Nothing gained. No point made. Just a waste of food.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Where did it go and who let it be taken before it was inspected by scientist and criminalist.

Everyone say all the trucks coming and going on the clean up of the twin towers but who was minding the store? Who was paid of to look the other way when the steel was taken off and recycled in a criminal based recycling yard. All the steel was suppose to be brought to one yard where investigators were going to inspect the steel to see what it failed. It was gone and made into other things or just lost where no one could find it since it was blended with other steel that was being recycled. The crime scene was gone except for a few parts. Most of the steel had been stolen. Talk to those Sopranos type people for taking it.

People in the pocket. People had to be paid off to look the other way. No one seem to know where the steel went or who took it. How could that much steel disappear? Graft! People and connections and pay offs made the steel disappear.

Why wasn’t this looked into and why didn’t anyone go to jail? They all were paid off, that’s the way of that type of crime. Not only are the cops on the take but judges, and inspectors and everyone along the line had been paid off so that a crime family could make millions and millions. Still no on has bothered to look into where the steel went. No one even the press didn’t bring this to any ones attention. Not even a single soul went to jail of this. Now that’s where crime really pays because the criminal are in all levels of government.

Doesn’t it make you wonder where all the steel went from the twin towers. There could have been trace chemical on the steel which some people in the government didn’t want people to find. They didn’t want to find out why the steel got so hot that it was melting and burning. There are many YouTube videos talking about the chemical used to melt the steel and how it was put into the building and that people high up in the government knew it was there and they wanted to get rid of the twin towers and collect the insurance on the building because they would make more if terrorist had destroyed them. Makes you wander who all is in this web of criminals. Someone wanted these towers to come down to make a case for war with Iraq. Something Bush had a map of in the Whitehouse the first weeks of moving in. He was planning on how he could get a war started with Iraq according to one senator that saw the maps. George was so happy to point out all the oil fields and which one could increase the amount of output. Was Chaney and Bush using this even just as a public demonstration of what needed to be done and how everyone was manipulated it to voting for a war with Iraq. Rumsfeld is still digging through the desert looking for weapons of mass destruction. What a joke that was.

What is even ore sick is the people that believe that weapons of mass destruction were found based on nothing but gossip and a twisted vey of what the republican party is all about. It’s about imperialism and nothing more plus a few people made off with billions of US dollars that seem to get lost like the steel. Why had Obama chickened out on prosecuting the people of the conspiracy. I imagine he was paid off too not to look into it. The republicans look at Bush as a black chapter in history and one of the worst president the country has every had.

Then all the no bid contract all given to Chaney ex-employer no questions asked and no prices quoted for work.

Why do republican votes vote the way they do. It’s because they are simpletons. When a republican says he’s going to create jobs votes believe them. They just don’t tell them which country the jobs are going to be created in but they won’t be here. The votes have been told unions were a bad thing even though they were the way standards of living were gauged and set in other industries. So the voters were told to vote them away and when their jobs cut or they are ask to give up all there retirement and take a wage cut of 50% to keep there jobs they blame the wrong people they aren’t blaming themselves for voting all this in to destroy their life.

Remember Regan was an actor playing the part of a president.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Life, the babies of the forest

It’s been a great time here seeing the new life coming forth. From the little black kitten that joined our family. To all the little babies that have been coming around with their proud mothers showing them off to me. I just saw a old deer friend tonight and she looks a bit thinner. I didn’t see the babies but I’m sure Momma Girl had her babies. There are other mothers having a hard time biting their butts because they are so pregnant. It’s been really hot here and the cherry’s are just about gone. The birds have gotten them. The turkey have been spending the days under the canapĂ© of the forest. There’s an old road that was used before they put the power lines in that I keep clean. It was made some time around the turn of the century, that’s the 1900’s. I like walking along the old road and checking out the forest flower. The oak tree leaves cover the ground in parts of the forest and in other areas it’s nothing but pine needles. There are these reddish blue clover growing in many areas unique to that spot in the forest. There are some flower that look like they are backwards. The peddles point back while the pestles point forward. There is a unique bee that just pollenates that flower. There are so many pollinators in the forest besides the European Honey Bee. The other day I noticed a tree with flowers on it and bumble bees flying all around it. Under the bushes the deer like to lay down and rest and get out of the heat of the day. The bur clover are winning in many areas but I’ve turned to pulling them out by hand. A weed whacker just plants the seeds. It removes the plants but it removes all the plants that’s why I turned to weeding by hand. So far it’s been a lot of work but I’ve seen so many tiny plants under the tops of the small plants.

Pentax 030

Here’s one plant that is just a couple inches tall that lives under the small plants. I don’t know what this is called but I’ll have to look it up. There was a real good web site I used to go to to find plants but it’s seems to be gone now. It was one of the best plant sites I have been to. It had great pictures of the plants. It gave you the Latin name and history along with the native American name and common name. In the Native American name it told you what it was used for and how it was used. I’d like to find out what the name is for the type sage I have growing because it brings in the Tiger Swallow Tail Butterflies. I haven’t seen them fly to any other plant but these sage plants with a bright red flower. The flower is too bright and covers a wide spectrum of light and doesn’t photograph like you see it.

Pentax 001a 

Mrs. Pinky and her two babies.

Pentax 037

The Big Bird, the leader of the group of 12 birds.

Pentax 065

Mom and baby taking in the sights.

Pentax 007

Look how pregnant my deer friend is. Her daughter looks so much like her and so does her son with the tiny antlers. Her older son by a couple years is growing a real large set of antlers this year. They look so much like his grandfathers antlers. Genes are amazing watching them being handed down from generation to generation. I’m so glad I’ve taken close up photos of all the deer's faces to see in the different families. It’s also amazing to see that wildlife expresses emotions. I’ve seen happy and sad faces. Young deer have friends they like to play with and they are so happy being with their friends.