Thursday, November 27, 2014

Was the Grand Jury done right?

From the Nation of Change

It seem from this article I had to post that the prosecutor Bob McCulloch only gave one side of the story to the Grand Jury and didn’t tell them any thing that looked bad for the officer. He in a sense used the Grand Jury like a court case and not as a grand jury.  This whole thing was a joke to think you could get justice in Mississippi. How can you get an indictment when the rules were made up by the prosecutor.


On Monday, Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced that a grand jury had decided not to indict Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown. But that decision was the result of a process that turned the purpose of a grand jury on its head.

Justice Antonin Scalia, in the 1992 Supreme Court case of United States v. Williams, explained what the role of a grand jury has been for hundreds of years.

It is the grand jury’s function not ‘to enquire … upon what foundation [the charge may be] denied,’ or otherwise to try the suspect’s defenses, but only to examine ‘upon what foundation [the charge] is made’ by the prosecutor. Respublica v. Shaffer, 1 Dall. 236 (O. T. Phila. 1788); see also F. Wharton, Criminal Pleading and Practice § 360, pp. 248-249 (8th ed. 1880). As a consequence, neither in this country nor in England has the suspect under investigation by the grand jury ever been thought to have a right to testify or to have exculpatory evidence presented.

This passage was first highlighted by attorney Ian Samuel, a former clerk to Justice Scalia.

In contrast, McCulloch allowed Wilson to testify for hours before the grand jury and presented them with every scrap of exculpatory evidence available. In his press conference, McCulloch said that the grand jury did not indict because eyewitness testimony that established Wilson was acting in self-defense was contradicted by other exculpatory evidence. What McCulloch didn’t say is that he was under no obligation to present such evidence to the grand jury. The only reason one would present such evidence is to reduce the chances that the grand jury would indict Darren Wilson.

Compare Justice Scalia’s description of the role of the grand jury to what the prosecutors told the Ferguson grand jury before they started their deliberations:

And you must find probable cause to believe that Darren Wilson did not act in lawful self-defense and you must find probable cause to believe that Darren Wilson did not use lawful force in making an arrest. If you find those things, which is kind of like finding a negative, you cannot return an indictment on anything or true bill unless you find both of those things. Because both are complete defenses to any offense and they both have been raised in his, in the evidence.

As Justice Scalia explained the evidence to support these “complete defenses,” including Wilson’s testimony, was only included by McCulloch by ignoring how grand juries historically work.

There were several eyewitness accounts that strongly suggested Wilson did not act in self-defense. McCulloch could have, and his critics say should have, presented that evidence to the grand jury and likely returned an indictment in days, not months. It’s a low bar, which is why virtually all grand juries return indictments.

But McCulloch chose a different path.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Solving the problem

It would be great if the government got on board with putting solar panel on every home and business or any flat surface with solar panels. These would all be hooked up to our smart grid. During the day when power demands are the highest solar could provide this power. For the night time use mainly to light homes and street light and some business natural gas power plants and nuclear plants could take up the slack. We wouldn’t need all the coal plants. Wind power is nice that the wind blows day and night which could help out the grid.

We need a national program to put solar panels on every ones homes. For the poor people the government could help out. Poor people renting could also get help and help the landlord or investment company who owns the apartments by a government program. There’s always a way of doing something it’s just a matter if you want to do it or not. With all the homes covered with solar panels this would have more power then is needed by the country. Power companies would become distribution companies since they wouldn’t have to generate power or not that much power. It would mainly be for the base line power and mostly be at night.

Power companies don’t want you to have solar panels on your roofs because it cuts out their profit. Well, there usefulness has come and gone. They are the dinosaurs of energy. It’s a new world and a new direction.

Power companies are opposed to having batteries to store your power because they want to sell you power. With batteries you could get them charged up during the day and still sell your excess power to the grid. Then as it gets dark going to night the batteries would be used to power your house. Your only using the batteries for a few hours in the evening. Most of the night your sleeping and not using much power. The only thing you would be using power for is for refrigerators, heating water if you don’t have a gas powered water heater, electric stoves if you don’t have gas stoves. Heat for your home but most homes have gas heaters. Going from compact bulbs to LED lights would use even less power for a big savings. Right now the bulbs are a bit pricy. I did find a place in Hong Kong that has real good prices called (deal They do have those brands that are high priced like you would pay here but the prices they have for LED bulbs made in China are so much cheaper. You can even get bulbs that you can set the brightness and color.

I can’t wait until they have the light panels coming out. They are real low power consumption and can change colors besides being white. I seen some panels being tested at colleges. Right now the price is too high for them. It would be nice to put panels on the ceiling to light the place up. These would be great for the amount of light you get out and such a low power consumption.

I’d like to see the L.I.F.E. program get started to generate power. This would start off by burning a drop of water and get up to 10 million degrees. Then you could feed just about anything into it even nuclear waste and burn it up. It’s taken a while for those lasers to be built and they are just starting testing. I would be like something from Star Trek real futuristic.

Getting a smart grid would also be nice. I was checking out how it was laid out now. I didn’t know they use DC voltage at some  segments of the national grid. With the production of high voltage CMOS parts you can make power inverter and regulators that you couldn’t make just a few years ago. Before you needed to have special transformers and banks of transistors to handle the current to make an inverter. Now it’s so easy to make a DC to DC converter and then run it through a sine wave amp to make your AC voltage They have CMOS parts that handle 30, 40, 50 amps at over a 1000 volts. It’s amazing how far parts have come. They even make multi-part goodies with 4 CMOS parts all in one package that does an digital H  output turning one set of CMOS FETs on while turning the other set off making a real good sine wave. Still it would be nice to have a line conditioner on the power to keep it real regular. The FETs are so fast they can sync to the line voltage so you can feed power from your solar panel array to the power grid. Also charge your batteries at home to use later. A new battery that is still in the test mode it the flow battery which is a type of fuel cell but much cheaper then the ones used by NASA years ago. Now you can charge a fluid and keep the charged fluid in a tank to be used at a later time. It charges up fast and holds a large charge depending on the size of your tank. That would be great for home and business.

Another fuel cell design is the Bloom Box which runs of natural gas and produces power. It’s cheaper to use then buying power for the power company. They make a smaller unit for home use. I’m sure you could get it to work of bottled gas like propane so you could be off the grid. It would be good to have a combination of these items so you have back-ups of your power system. Having all that power from the sun you could actually split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then use the hydrogen for your heater and have a byproduct of water. You could also charge your electric car up if you don’t have a hybrid. The future is now.

Meet the Senate's New Climate Denial Caucus

—By Tim McDonnell

| Wed Nov. 5, 2014 2:43 PM EST

I don’t generally copy other peoples work but I have to post this article. I can’t believe how stupid some people are. If your going to be be voting on science then it would be a good idea that you knew something about science and what your voting on. Senators and Congress persons need to take a basic science test before they are let to vote on any science subject. The way they shoot there mouth off thinking that they will show them and then come up with the stupidest comments ever. It’s too important to have stupid people voting on science that’s going to effect the world and the worlds population along with plants and wildlife. They couldn’t make a good comment about science if it was biting them on the nose. Maybe you could recluse yourself from voting and be honest and say you don’t know science and it would be wrong of me to vote where the worlds in the balance. People wouldn’t fault you for being honest. They might even look up to you but your paid off but big oil, big coal and big chemicals to cast a vote for them. After all they put you in office just for these favors. Just thank them for all the money and do the right thing,sit the vote out because your just to stupid to vote on a subject you know nothing about. After all you sit it out when you start wars. I don’t see you charging up the hill like Teddy and the rough riders when the war starts. No your hiding at home away from the action. Still you got paid off for that too by the military industrial complex for all those contracts. You get all those kick backs from the venders, the free trips, gold, dinners, cars and bouts, and discounts on loans where you don’t even have to pay the loan back. Do the right thing and say your to stupid to be voting on something so important.

One thing I’ve noticed about pollution around the world. There’s a layer of brown that circles the globe. There’s no place i the world you can go and see to the horizon where there isn’t that layer of brown. Even in the middle of the ocean there’s that layer of brown. Everyone is living in that layer of brown. You don’t notice it looking up but look to the horizon where your looking through that layer, it goes on forever. Maybe it’s because you go from you limo to a building and never go out in the air. You always in a air conditioned building. When you travel your on a plane above it all. Next time your coming in for a landing look out the window and see the brown layer you go through as you land. That layer of gas and dirt is effecting peoples health including your own. Any one that breaths air their health is being affected. It would be real ironic if you don’t smoke yet develop lung cancer. It would just be what you need.


Well, folks, it wasn't such a great night on the climate action front. It looks like the millions of dollars that environmental philanthropist Tom Steyer invested in the midterms didn't buy much other than a fledgling political infrastructure to sock away for 2016. With Republicans now in control of the Senate, we're likely to see a bill to push through the Keystone XL pipeline coming down the pike soon. And Mitch McConnell, probably the coal industry's biggest booster, retained his seat.

In fact, McConnell and his climate-denying colleague James Inhofe of Oklahoma—the likely chair of the Senate's Environment and Public Works committee—won a lot of new friends on Capitol Hill last night. It probably won't surprise you to learn that most of the Senate's newly elected Republicans are big boosters of fossil fuels and don't agree with the mainstream scientific consensus on global warming. Here's an overview of their statements on climate change, ranging from a few who seem to at least partly accept to science to those who flat-out reject it.

Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska): In September, Sullivan, a former Alaska attorney general, said "the jury's out" on whether climate change is man-made. (Actually, the jury came in, for the umpteenth time, just this week.) He repeated that position last month, when he said the role human-caused greenhouse gases play in global warming is "a question scientists are still debating," adding that "we shouldn't lock up America's resources and kill tens of thousands of good jobs by continuing to pursue the President's anti-energy policies."

Tom Cotton (R-Ark.): Cotton has seized on a common but misleading notion among climate change deniers: "The simple fact is that for the last 16 years the earth's temperature has not warmed." He admits, however, that "it's most likely that human activity has contributed to some of" the temperature increase of the last hundred years. Still, he supports building new coal plants and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Cory Gardner (R-Colo.): Gardner is shifty on the issue. In a debate last month, he wouldn't give a straight yes-or-no answer on whether mankind has contributed to global warming. "I believe that the climate is changing, I disagree to the extent that it's been in the news," that humans are responsible, he said. Yet at the same time, he admitted that "pollution contributes" to climate change. Gardner doesn't seem interested in cleaning up that pollution: Last year he said the Obama administration is waging "a war on the kind of energy we use every day—fossil fuels… because they want to tell us how we live our lives."

David Perdue (R-Ga.): "In science, there's an active debate going on" about whether climate change is real, Perdue told Slate this year, adding that if there are climate-related impacts to Georgia's coast, some smart person will figure out how to deal with them. Perdue has also slammed the Obama administration for waging a "war on coal" and has called the EPA's new carbon emission rules "shortsighted."

Joni Ernst (R-Iowa): Ernst is another rider on the "I don't know" bandwagon. "I don't know the science behind climate change," she told an audience in September. She also hedged the question beautifully in a May interview with The Hill: "I haven't seen proven proof that it is entirely man-made." But she supports recycling!

Bill Cassidy/Mary Landrieu (La.): This race is going to a runoff. Landrieu, the incumbent Democrat, has never been much of a climate hawk—she recently said humans do contribute to observed climate change but criticized Obama for "singling out" the oil industry for regulation. But at least she's better on global warming than Cassidy, her Republican challenger, who flatly denies that climate change exists. He said last month that "global temperatures have not risen in 15 years."

Steve Daines (R-Mont.): Daines is a harsh critic of Obama's energy and climate policies, which he said "threaten nearly 5,000 Montana jobs and would cause Montana's electricity prices to skyrocket." While in the House, he signed a pledge that he will "oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue." He believes global warming, to the extent that it exists, is probably caused by solar cycles.

Thom Tillis (R-N.C.): During a North Carolina Republican primary debate, all four candidates laughed out loud when asked if they believed climate change is a "fact." Ha! Ha! Then they all said, "No." Later, Tillis expanded on that position, arguing in a debate with his Democratic rival, Sen. Kay Hagan, that "the point is the liberal agenda, the Obama agenda, the Kay Hagan agenda, is trying to use [climate change] as a Trojan horse for their energy policy."

Ben Sasse (R-Neb.): Sasse hasn't said much about climate science, but he supports building the Keystone XL pipeline and opening up more federal land for oil and gas drilling. He also wants to "encourage the production of coal."

James Lankford (R-Okla.): As a member of the House, Lankford called global warming a "myth." He also, along with Gardner, Cotton, Shelley Moore Capito (R. W.Va.), Cassidy, and Daines, voted to prevent the Pentagon from considering the national security impacts of global warming, even though top Defense Department officials have repeatedly issued warnings that climate change could worsen conflicts around the world. Lankford also floated an amendment to an energy appropriations bill that would have blocked funding for research related to the social costs of carbon pollution.

Mike Rounds (R-S.C.): Rounds appears to accept at least some of the science on climate change. As governor of South Dakota, Rounds said that "there are a number of different causes that we recognize, and the scientists recognize, are the cause of global warming," and that humans are "absolutely" one of those. He fervently supports the Keystone pipeline.

Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.): In a debate last month, Capito said, "I don't necessarily think the climate's changing, no." Then she clarified that her opinion might change with the weather: "Yes it's changing, it changes all the time, we heard it raining out there," she said. "I'm sure humans are contributing to it." I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. Capito is also a founding member of the Congressional Coal Caucus.

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Make it Easier to get Job, Mitch said.

How can you make it easier to get a job when your a senator or congressman? What does that even mean? They going to have the Easy Job Store? When it comes to road blocks gumming up the works Mitch McConnell does come to mind. He said he was going to oppose everything Obama would put out there, when Obama took office and he did. He also blocked everything that was sponsored by the democrats. Between Mitch and those Tea Baggers,they are like blind people in a mine field. Obama still hasn’t got many cabinet appointment yet because they have been blocked. Nothing like the government only being half there because of Mitch and his brainiac ideas. Now he says if the republican take control that he’s going to make the economy recover just like George W. Bush did for 8 years. How soon people forget the perils of George W. Bush and the weapons of mass destruction. “It’s only going to cost us $50 million dollars for the whole war in Iraq. Well that ended up costing some $4 trillion dollars and they still aren’t done. Then there’s those extreme right wing religious zealots who rather talk about abortion rather then what is needed for the country or how to make peace in the world. I know where the jobs are coming from, it’s the all volunteer military. Where do they get the people to volunteer? From states with poor young girls who couldn’t get an abortion so the kids when they reach 18 they go into the military because they can’t afford to go to college since college is only for the elite, rich, 1% people at the top. It’s amazing how the extreme right wing religious zealots can’t remember what happened yesterday and vote for the same thing that’s harmful for them again and again. If you tell them that the republican are going to bust the unions by taking away collective bargaining or pass a law called “Right To Work.” Then no one supports the union but gets all the benefits of the union but the union can’t bargain for higher wages. They are told some lie like they will be free to choose or be independent but without a functioning union. If you told them they are shooting themselves in the foot for the republican party they would go for it. Not only are you going to be paid less we are going to take away your health care so the CEO can have a raise. So there will be more money for the stockholder and you get less but for some reason that doesn’t sink in. They keep worrying about petty wedge issues that don’t mean anything but they have been presented the wedge issue where it causes fear and so they vote because of the fear and don’t look at what they are voting for. They vote a party and don’t bother to see what the party is really doing. Since they vote in people who were a witch for a  while in college and now are a extreme religious zealot but don’t know anything about the real world. The things that come out of her mouths and people don’t see how stupid they are but they vote for her because of her religious views. It’s clear there are many of these religious right zealots that don’t have a clue about science which deals in facts. They still say there’s a debate on climate change and global warming. You could tell them the sky is blue but if it’s a scientist saying that and not some sort of religious nut they will say your wrong, it’s not blue, there’s a debate over that.  It’s amazing how TV Ads just brain wash peoples minds but then they were close minded to start and as long is it’s one party they believe in because someone in the past told them to vote that way they will over and over. I talked to a few of those closed minded people over the years. I found that they will quote ads word for word and not know what it means or base anything on what people have done in the past. I’ve seen interviews of people on TV and it just amazes me that a woman would say I’m voting for that guy because of the way he looks. The guy could be an axe murderer and people will vote for him because of his looks. Then there is the person that says he’s going to cut the red tape to make business work better. That means they are going to get rid of laws such as environmental laws which keep people say and prevent things like chemical that cause cancer from you. The business would claim that it’s a nanny state costing us jobs and we don’t need that. People eat it up too. There are those AM radio talk show hosts that get paid for saying the things they say. It’s hard to believe that these same people would believe what they say since what they are saying is fiction. They say what they say to make people mad. Once you get these people with wrong information they repeat it to anyone who will listen. The best tea bagger quote I ever heard was an older man saying, “I want government out of my Medicare.” The guy didn’t know that Medicare was a government program, how stupid is that. There is a person running for congress who says i his ad that he going to keep our water from being stolen from the south. People believe that crap. He wants to put an end to the tunnels under the delta but he won’t vote for something like a cannel around the delta. He’s playing with this like it’s a game. Water will be going south for the farmers and for Los Angeles. Restoring the delta is a good project that needs to be done. Many of the levees are falling apart. Many levees were made over a hundred years ago and were made with junk. If a quake happened near them they would fall apart and flood the islands. They are growing food on these islands which are meters below the water line. The islands were at one time the same level and the levees were there to keep the ground dry to grow food. Sure it’s rich soil and grows food just fine but the cost in keeping the ground dry is ridiculous. The islands have been sinking since they were made and should be returned to the delta as wetlands. Growing anything out there on man made island that are sinking is just stupid. II just can’t believe what people think are pertinent and what stuff is irrelevant, they can’t tell the difference. If it’s cute and fuzzy then some people will think it’s important over having water for millions of people. What really is a waste of land is turning farmland into housing tracks so a few people can make money. People don’t care about climate change but are more worried about the car they are driving and if gas is cheap enough. The houses made today the big clones at high prices with little substance. Why people want something they can’t afford and a house too big to  take care of. They have rooms they never go in. So much dead space built into the house to impress but not to have any function. The country wants a better country and knows it needs to be fixed but no one wants to pay for it. Business has enough money to buy the political system so they don’t have to pay tax which the country desperately needs. The lower class people can’t afford lawyers to make tax shelters in a different country. It’s sad how corporations game the system then even stupider is the Citizens United case that the Supreme Court who said that corporations are people and money is speech. That was the worst thing the Supreme Court has ever done to the country. There will need to be a correction to this one day. What about that Sarah Pallin as a vice president. Was was McCain thinking. Why is it that the right always attacks the media except when they use it to spread lies. So Pallin peaks her head out of her hole ever once and a while just to open her mouth and make a fool of herself. And yes there were guys that would vote for her just on her looks. I’m thinking that’s how she got to where she is this way. Didn’t matter what was between her ears the guys were thinking what was between her legs.

Well, in closing the countries a mess and there’s one party that going to do what Bush did and we will have another mess when they get voted out of office. Hopefully they won’t start another war with a country that didn’t do anything except have oil. Speaking of Iran, did you hear the CIA gave Iran the plans to a nuclear bomb? They got a Russian scientist to give them the plans and he told them about how the plans were changed so it wouldn’t work and set you plans back a few years but since you know that then you could correct the defects and be ahead of the game. Wonder who’s idea that was to do that?

Friday, August 29, 2014

What’s with Doctor Who

I’ve been watching the Doctor Who series and noticed a few things. It looks like they are spending more money on each episode in the later ones from the beginning one. Better aliens in the later episodes. The girls that the Doctor picks up along the way have a limited ID. Season 4 picked up “Donna the dumb.” A little cosmetic surgery could remove those unbecoming warts. Just a spray of that cold stuff and they freeze right off. Donna could really use some wart removing along with a visit to the dentist and get her teeth fixed. Donna must have been picked because she does cry on command. Frumpy is another word for the girls he picks up. The first blonde he picked up was one that always did the wrong thing when you told her not to do it she did. Don’t do that it will kill you if you press that button. So what will she do, press the button to see if it works. Martha wasn’t too much better. Rather a scatter brain for a doctor student. It just amazes me when there is fighting where the line of solders are firing at something then another line of solders files in right in front of the guys all shooting. Instead of the first line take position in front first then the next line filing in so they aren’t shooting each other in the back. I do notice the special effects. Some of the construction material  used like venting used for special effects. I keep wondering if this is a kids show or for adults when Captain Jack was there having his way with other guys. At least his girl, the doctors daughter is a little hottie. Well, it looks like Jenny lasted one episode. She was nice to look at. Still wondering why all the parents in the series are dumb as rocks. Is that a cross section of the UK population? Is the doctor the only one that is thinking? The rest of the humans with him are all scatter brains.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seems others have noticed too

I was sent a article about the police killing more people then 911 since 911 with there military like outfits.

It’s really amazing how the mindset of of the police are. It’s them or us and they are the law and what they do is right in their eyes. They might have to fudge the facts to fit what they are applying. I just think there is too many deaths due to cops. I thought they were suppose to use things like stun guns first. Surely death is just too much to pay for contact with the police and if the police don’t like you then your dead. That’s just too much.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cicrle of Life

_Pentax 010 

It’s the Baby Girl, she perks up when she hears her name. She such a delight to see with her brother here eating apples, plums and grazing. I’d like to find more native grasses and plant them here since they would be green in summer time.

_Pentax 007

It’s the Sonny Boy. Momma Girls son born last year. He still sees his mother and the new babies which he’s real good with. Mom is mellow seeing her son. I’ve seen other mothers chase off the young ones.

_Pentax 022

Momma Girl and her two cute new babies. They are really something to see. Just perfect in every way. Momma Girl is so proud of her babies. She brings then over to show them to me. The babies like it here since they can run and play. It’s safe here for them so all the mothers bring their babies here. I’ll see the mothers snoozing under a tree while the babies explore or play with each other. They like testing out their legs and like running around the yard. What a wonderful forest family.

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Hands Up….

What’s going on in Ferguson is the tipping point of the rest of the country. I don’t know but I’ve noticed a lot of shootings by cops I don’t think were fair at all. Today’s shooting over a juice and donuts shouldn’t be a death sentence. So the guy had a pocket knife. Where are your stun guns? Why do you need to shoot the guy 10 times. As long as you keep your distance and try talking to the guy I’m sure the situation could be defused. Now someone is dead over juice and donuts. But it’s like that the cops seem to shoot first and think about what else they could do later. I heard about one shooting on the radio in the Bay area. The guy jumped the turn style and got a free ride. The cops were going after the free rider when he pulled a knife out and threw it at them. The cops pulled out their guns and shot him 20 times to make sure he was really dead. A little logic tells me that the guy threw the knife and now he is unarmed. Shooting him was over kill. They didn’t have to worry about their life being threatened because the guy threw the knife and didn’t have anything other then himself to do anything with. Besides he was just a turn style jumper no big crime not one that deserves to die over. there are so many of these questionable shooting. What gets me is they get cleared of the shooting. How can you clear someone of a shooting when the person doesn’t show a threat. He did but that time past and you still shot him. What are cops learning? Shot first and the cop shop has your back no matter what?

I heard about a guy in New York that wouldn’t open the door because his life alert medallion was set off while he was sleeping. He talked to the life alert people and said he wasn’t having an emergency. Still the cops and fire department showed up. The fire department seem to take a back seat while the cops took the door of the hinges to get in where they shot the 65 year old man. He kept telling the cops he wasn’t going to open the door because they were going to kill him if he did. All the conversation was recorded by life alert. I haven’t heard how that turned out but one of his sons was a lawyer and was suing the police department for wrongful death.

Police need to learn how to defuse the situation rather then shooting to solve a problem. Police mentality is it’s us and them. Them being the public who they are suppose to protect even from ourselves. Cops need to learn you don’t have to kill someone to prove you followed some sort of protocol, someone still dead and I don’t think that is a successful end to the confrontation. If they aren’t shooting at you then you can’t shoot that them. That needs to be the rule of law. I think it is too. They are suppose to use like threat to subdue the person not an overwhelming show of force.

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Friday, August 08, 2014

Been Slacking Off and have to Change

I haven’t been posting lately as you can see. I’ve run a few things through my mind thinking about it but just didn’t get up and write it down. There’s been a lot of politics going on. Then I’ve been watching a lot of videos also and could be writing about the videos I’ve seen. Been trying to figure out Doctor Who and Torchwood which seems like a popular show. I guess Doctor Who have been going for many years. Really have a hard time translating English in to English. It’s like listening to Elmer Fudd talk for hours. Like they are talking with a mouth full of marbles. The blonde really plays stupid well. Wonder if the frumpy blonde is like that in real life. I just don’t find them very good to the story when they go out of their way to be so stupid.

Been real dry here and everything not watered is turning brown. Almost have the new leg of the sprinklers finished being installed. I just have the valve area to finish. Need to beat down the stepping stones and level them out. The turkeys were here this morning eating the grass. Watching the babies run around and mom keeping them in control by a chirp. It’s amazing to see them thinking. That’s one thing I really noticed about all the wildlife is their ability to think.

This summer has been having it’s share of days over one hundred. Those days below one hundred like in the nineties isn’t much better, they really suck the life out of you. Helps add to my depression.

Have some new software from Nero to make videos and recode video to make DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. I need to get some MDisc discs to archive my photos and videos. They say, Write once read forever.

I have to wonder why some people make it while some don’t. Some people make all the right moves but don’t make it but then there it people who take short cuts and cheat and seem to make it. I just don’t understand what is fair. Why the cheaters tend to win. Why do mooches win?

I have to stop giving in to my urge to smoke and be content with the electric cigarette. I don’t know why just holding the cigarette in my mouth even when it’s out I find pleasant. I need to break that habit. I’m just hating smoking. I hate that it’s so dirty. I am a none smoker and I’m stopping smoking!!!!

Have to rake up and cut down any of the left over dry grass and make compost piles. I’ve been hearing people talk like this winter will be another dry one. That’s going to be hard on the wildlife. Very high fire danger too.

Finding that I have a fear of death. I’m wondering about life after death. Wondering how all that works. How there has been these special moments where you feel some contact from life after death. A soul reaching out and touching you. I know or feel there is a higher power and I’m not it. Just some trust I have developed over the years. It’s nice to know that my atoms will go on after I’m dead. I don’t know what that means for my soul or the part of me that’s me and where that goes. Being reincarnated is one thought. It would be nice to come back and try this thing we call life over again. See if I can get it right. Right now I feel like a victim again. Where others took advantage of me and I lost out. I guess I’m seeking help and direction right now in my life.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Media Paint Israel in bad light

The media is painting Israel in the light of a aggressor that is committing genocide or at least a one sided battle. The blood thirsty Netanyahu says he committed to put an end of the terrorist actions. It’s too bad that the women and children are getting in the way of Netanyahu land grab. Netanyahu won’t be satisfied until every Arab is gone from the area and all the land is controlled by Israel. It’s such a one sided fight. Sticks and stones verses a modern army. Todays civilian body count is over 800. Most of who have died are women and children. Israel has been bombing UN sanctuaries that have clearly been marked off. Where are the people going to go if no place is safe. Gaza is just a large open air prison controlled by Israel. There’s no building supplies, medical, water, power going into Gaza without Israel’s say so. They are punishing all the people for a few peoples actions. Mostly it’s about hate. Israel is taking Palestine for themselves and no ones going to stop them. Gaza could be a great place if Israel wouldn’t be dominating Gaza like it does. It’s sad watching this blood sport being played out on TV. They need to draw a line from Gaza to the West Bank through Jerusalem and make that a state of Palestine. Just like they did at the end of WWI when the French and English split up the middle east.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Who is the big CHEESE?

We are fastly becoming second place in the world but we are far farther down the list in other sectors such as medical. we are in the 30’s as far as medical. Internet we are competing with third world countries thanks to companies like ATT. ATT has the government over a barrel because of all the spying. So they hold that over the government why not to advance and do better. Right now 97% of your bill is pure profit the rest goes to run your phone or internet. It’s cheaper everywhere else in the world to communicate. Our Public Utilities Commission doesn’t work for the people like it’s suppose to, it works for the ones with the big bucks. It made the news when PG&E made a request to raise the rates because share holders weren’t making enough. They were turned down but when it was rewritten that got the rate raise the following month. Corporations don’t work for the country or people of the country they only work for share holders and that’s it. Doesn’t matter what country the share holder comes from so our enemies could and most likely have shares in places like Walmart.

Ever since we went off the gold standard inflation has gone wild. That’s because we have presidents like Regan and Bush who say don’t worry about the deficit.  Then there’s Regan’s most famous quote, Government is the problem admitting that he was the problem with government. Regan admits that he should quit government to fix it. Then there are a bunch of other republicans that tell you the same thing, they are the problem and should be fired and leave government.

Other countries are doing much better with better governments. Most all the countries of the European Union are socialist something people of the united state haven’t a clue what it is but they don’t like it. They don’t like it because they were told not to like it. Funny though how all those countries are doing better then us. They have told us for years to hate the commies. Who is going to be number one, the commies. They are beating us at our own game. It’s about that time the child that’s loosing kicks the board and quits. Same with the stock market, since the market is fixed they know when they are going to crash the market and take all the money. They have been doing this got centuries now. Until there is a revolt against the super rich things will keep going the same. The biggest problem is apathy. People are so worried about day to day living and keeping a crappy job they don’t have time to think.

There’s a group of people trying to break up California into 6 or 7 states. I can see the right has their fingers in this one. Wouldn’t you call that treason? Why is the state even tolerating these people.

Until we have a socialist style economy we are going to continue to loose. We are going to be in the 30’s and 40’s compared to other countries for a long time to come if we stay with this market driven economy. Demark runs so well and income is spread out. They don’t have the extremes like they do here. Things worked so much better when the tax rate was up in the 90% like in the 50’s. We need to go back to that and become number one again. The radical right tells you one thing but what they are doing is destroying the country at every election. Soon as we follow that model a corporation will be running the country. As it is congress and senate except for a few people have been bought off. They should be wearing patches of all the companies that own them like a racer with his investors.

What we need is the workers party. A party like all our other two parties but one that works for the people not for the corporations. Corporations need to be set in their place. Take away the power and tax then to the max. They will survive they did in the past and the country did real well too. So don’t believe anyone that says corporations are the job creators because they aren’t it’s the middle class that are the job creators because they are the demand on the market. Without a health middle class your going to have a weak economy.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Friday, July 04, 2014

Afghan Army… what a mess

Watch a movie which I thought was going to be a documentary about American troop but it’s on the Afghan Army. Talk about a rag tag rag head stupid bunch of people who have no loyalty. Reminds me of stories of Mexico. None of them can read or write. They can’t even read the holy book they praise so highly. All the book is an idol not a book. They can’t follow simple instructions. There’s no discipline. Go into battle and they run away like they do in Iraq. That aren’t an army but a job to get money. What they need to do is set grades. Dirt pay for no stripes. They are the ones that get to burn the shit to clean up the place. After more teaching and if they pass give then a stripe and a higher pay grade. If they run off and American Troop see that have the Afghans shoot them in the back running off. Most likely they are Taliban anyway. As the camera panned the afghan troops it was like the first time they have seen a camera and they are making goofy faces. None of them or not very many of them really have their heart in it. You can see the more professional ones because they shave and are dressed clean. Even with the army giving them a uniform they look like they never wash it just like there body hygiene, not a lot of soap spent on cleaning. Watching them just walk as a group is a problem for them. The Afghan air force is left over Russian aircraft from the 70’s. Afghans don’t take care of the aircraft you just need to look at any car driving around. They just drive it until it fails. Same with the aircraft. That’s because they don’t have anyone that can read a repair manual. The only way they learn is orally and by being shown. What a loosing, was of money the Afghan Army is. Then there it the civilian leader which play both sides of the fence and do a lot of black market deals to increase their wealth. If they had some laws maybe they could start doing something. Still they need to shot traitors. They need to put in prison troop that flake out to set examples. They can’t do boot camp like an American troop because it too hard for them. Seeing them trying to do a push up and only being able to do a couple and think it’s funny they can’t do any more when they need to be able to do 50. Same with sit ups. they do a couple and think they did something great when it’s totally a joke to them. They need to make them do boot camp over and over until they get it right. Take them out to a remote base and keep them there until they get it right. If a six month program takes two years then it takes two years. And  they can’t leave until they finish basic training. That’s going to have to be a more stern method of getting things done. not smiles and laughing at how little they can do. Drill sergeants need to carry a one of those swatting reeds and start hitting them on the backs of there legs to get the message across they are screw ups.

Afghanistan could be used as a proving ground. Been a while since we have done above ground tests. That would be a good place to test out the new and old weapons we have in our stockpiles . It’s the only country on earth that demanding a do over. Start from nothing and no people.

Need to cut out spending there because some people are getting rich who are connected like Karzi. Stop sending them tax dollars.

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Those Damn Racist Bigots….

You’d think I’m talking about the south in the United State but no, it’s the Jews another four letter word of hate.The Jews abuse the people of Palestine where they are being occupied by the Jews. It’s worse there then it was in South Africa during the dark years.  People need to do the same thing they did to South Africa and stop buying from them. We need to stop sending them money too. Every year it the same thing billions of our tax payer dollars going to Israel and they are the problem. They use an army to take on kids throwing rock, shooting back at them. I’d like to see a siege of Israel. Screw them bigots. First they take over the Palestinian peoples country after WWII. We let them have a country but it’s just getting out of hand. Screw the Jewish bigots. Let put a real peace plan to work just like they way France and England divided up the middle east, we just draw some new lines where everyone get the same amount of land per person. Who cares if this is some old historic place doesn’t mean anything to me. Just cut the country up into two fairly divided countries. None of the creep in the west bank where the Jews keep pushing and pushing the people that have lived there for centuries out. I really object at giving them any more help until there is peace there with a two equal state solution. I can’t believe how the Jews keep saying poor us, we keep getting rockets shot at us. Then Israel returns fire bombing towns and killing dozens to hundreds of people. It’s an unfair occupation. We need to start evening the scales and start shipping guns, bombs and real rockets to Palestine where it’s a fair fight. Jews don’t do fair fighting. Just like that poor kid that was 16 years old was killed and the body was burnt because of the other three kids that were killed. Now there’s going to be more fighting over that and more fighting over the people that were killed. What a rat hole piece of the world. The only fair fight for the Jews is a 10 or 20 to 1 ratio. The Jews will need to be fully armed against children. They don’t fight real army people one on one. Back stabbing? But of course. Never turn your back on a Jew or your going to get it in the back by a dozen Jewish solders. Then the Jews will complain that the kids threw rocks, we got boo-boos and launch a invasion of a town. I sure would like to see a fair fight myself.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

One man is destroying the country

If you’re a bible thumper start praying that Roberts with have a heart attack. Where is that Karma? I want to see the wrath of karma on Roberts. Republicans talk about legislation from the bench and how much they hate it but what is Roberts doing? The man is destroying the country. Money is not speech. Corporations are no people. Corporations hide behind the laws when it comes for them to go to jail. Roberts is all for corporations and less human rights, less unions, anything good for people Roberts is against. How I that he will just drop like a rock. Please God, strike him down then send him to hell where he belongs. How can someone that suppose to be educated think like he does. He’s not doing what’s good for the country but what’s good for corporations which are running the show because of the deep pockets they buy people like Roberts and own them. You wonder why government is broken it’s because of people like Roberts and the republicans. It just amazes me how the republican can call people names but they are the names they are calling everyone else. They forgot Bush and what a failure he was. Now they walk around with their noses in the air because their poop don’t stink or at least that what they think. History will prove out that the republican were the worst thing for this country. I’m just waiting for the rest of the country to wake up and vote them totally out of office.

What is needed is a party that works for the betterment of the people. Right now this is Rome burning. Too much money has to be used to repair the world after Bush and the NeoCons. Will there be a revolution? Most likely or it’s just going to end up like Rome and falling apart plunging the world into dark ages again. That’s going to be a hard way to go, becoming a third world country. Taxes means civilization.  Too bad the tea party doesn’t get it, they originally were fighting the tax breaks that the East India company was getting. How we are repeating the past. Too many tax breaks for the kings men. We need a workers party where everyone in the country is in a union or that the state will be looking out for the people. Doing what’s right for human development and not for what is making some one the most money. I’d like to see the tax rate of the 1950’s return.

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Quitting Smoking

Well, it’s really hard and I’m cheating a bit. I’m already hacking less and it’s only been a few days. I’m using the patch to help me. I’m noticing that I need to be holding something. Most of the time my smokes would go out in my mouth because I didn’t do anything but hold them in my lips. So far I’m only doing about 1/4 or less smoking. Then it’s going to be one day at a time after I get down to zero. I’m just hating smoking and it’s time to quit. I remember my computer room where I’d smoke up a storm. Everything was yellow. I even noticed my windows had a yellow tint. I see that here in the bathroom with it’s white walls, they have a yellow tint and it’s not because it’s oil base paint. I have to do this for my own health.

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Don’t sit back….

It’s about time the democrats do something rather then letting the republicans wall all over them. Start a investigation into the Iraq war and all the lies the Bush administration said. Let put some head republicans in jail. I’m sure the republicans will start crying right away. It really needs to be done to set history straight. Then we need to look into 9-11 and see if those building just happened to be taken down with controlled explosions. Several of the building that weren’t on fire ended up being knocked down the same way the towers went. there are tons of videos on the web pointing out all the reasons why it was done with controlled explosions. Then there is the line Bush said after the towers fell, “That should be enough for you.” They needed a event like Peril Harbor to get the country to go to war. Iraq was all about oil. Now look at the place, that because of Bush and Chaney. Those guys are so out there they don’t see what they did as anything wrong. They don’t thing a 10 year war was bad because they are all invested in military products. Follow the money. So many billions just seem to vanish. There wasn’t any one watching the ship sink. Bush was off on vacation while Nero played on.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Republicans want boots on the ground and more war

How fast people forget what Bush has done leading up to the war in Iraq. All the lies. All the deaths. All the wounded. A country left in ruins. Now Boehner wants to go back to that after it took so long to get out of there. Boehner forgets all the lies. He forgets there wasn’t any WMD the reason for going to war or so they said. He forgets the stop loss program making are troops go back to Iraq over and over. If the troops didn’t have PTSD they sure would after going there four of five times or until they were dead. Boehner says stuff without thinking. Take about someone with brain damage from years of drinking. You tend to shoot your mouth off when your drunk.

Lets bring up all the war crimes Bush and Chaney have done. Lets put them on trial before anything else. Lets find out which oil companies got the contracts to expand the oil fields? Who is making money off the war also should be brought out into public light.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So many things happening……..

So many things happening on this ball we call earth. Russians want to expand their ghetto into a no mans zone in Ukraine to protect themselves from NATO missiles. Putten wants to take after a queen of yester years. Not much the world can do but stand back and watch. Ukraine wants to be part of the EU and NATO. News cycle is hung up on the prisoner trade. Was it too many bad guys or are the republicans giving the bad guys too much power. After all at the end of a war you usually do send prisoners back. Republicans still hate everything but have no answers. They talk like they have something to offer but it’s nothing just empty words. They do every thing to get people to hate them. What a party. Rove is shooting his mouth off saying Hilary has brain damage when it’s Rove who has run his course and now is outdated. Been a few fires in the west like it was the end of summer and the hottest months of the year. It’s hot here, close to a hundred today. Was over one hundred again down in Sacramento. Still a drought in the west. Next winter we might get rain because of the temperature of the Pacific Ocean. Started seeing the baby skunks coming out with mom. I have also been seeing baby turkeys too. The quail were born during the warm spell that was in January to March. They should have been born later in the year when the right bugs are out. There’s been talk about doing something about global warming. Some sort of cap and trade thing. Also they are going to make the laws a bit stronger for what comes out of power plants. They really need to get off coal. If they looked hard enough they might be able to find a way of getting the energy out of coal and piles up what’s not used as a solid. Like turn the CO2 into rock with the aid of another mineral. Turn it into road surface. That would be a good use for the CO2. I do like the idea for the flow battery. That charges fast. I think it would even charge faster if you swapped out the liquid that’s in the flow battery. Was wondering when man will build a space station that’s big enough to house hundreds of people. Also an air freshener for the station. Right now it’s rather stinky up there. Must be a way of running air through a filter and take out all the particles in it, like the stink particles. Would be nice to see America do what other countries are doing as far as social issues. Mexico has free medical and everyone in the country is covered. I heard if you move there and aren’t Mexican you can get medical insurance for a few hundred dollars a year. America has gone out of it’s way for the people to hate the government. Seems like we should be trying to make a better government instead of gridlock. Other counties take pride in there governments and do everything to make it better. Not here, one side is always slandering the other. Rove, Bush, Chaney and all the rest of the neocons need to be put on trial for lying to the country to go to war. Everyone figured it out that they went into Iraq for the oil. I have a lecture where a senator goes into the Whitehouse shortly after Bush took office and he already had a map up of Iraq. He planned on going into Iraq before he started running. Then again it wasn’t really Bush running the country it was the people that got him into power that were running if from the sidelines. All those who were saying a CIA persons name because they were made at her husband and wanted to make the lie bigger. There wasn’t any sale of yellow cake from Africa, that was another lie. Then who is to say that Bush didn’t contract with Bin to fly planes into the buildings. I like others think a missile flew into the pentagon. There wasn’t any airplane wreckage on the ground. The fires weren’t hot enough to melt the plane and all the bodies and still leave items out undamaged. I have a Fox interview where Chaney said he shot down the one plane. Everyone seem to miss that news item. It’s so amazing now that time has gone by and no ones looking into all the lie Bush and Chaney spun.  What gets me now is how the republicans bitch about the tiniest things yet no one wants to look at what went on with Bush. It’s rather amazing how all those building came down even ones not hit fell all the same way like it was planned. Surely I’m not the only one that thinks that something fishy is up. Will that ever come out or will history white wash that period of time. Even Bush being appointed to be president was planned. Then the second election was fixed with the electronic voting. All that should be open source so everyone could check it to make sure it was working properly. Those swing states having 700 people in the town and getting 3000 votes for Bush? That was fixed. Not many people listened to that author who wrote the book about JFK and who was behind that. Just amazing that Johnson could do that and get away with it. Then he did have help from Daddy Bush and the CIA. It was a Texas job just like Bush Jr., getting into office. I’m sure those Texas people planned it all out just like JFK. Will we ever know the truth about everything?

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

It’s almost worth it if it started now.

$10-inflastion A  copy

When I heard that they wouldn’t make the minimum wage $10 dollars an hour until 2016 I just has to laugh. Inflation will eat up the 10 dollars and be worth less in 2016. Right now it would be good to get the raise but not in two years when inflation goes up.What they need to do is make it 10 dollars right now and keep increasing the wage with inflation.

If you took $2 dollars an hour from the 60’s and brought it up to todays worth it would be around $20 dollars an hour. So this minor increase to $10 dollars is really a minor joke that no ones laughing at.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

What’s New and What’s Old and What I’m Going To Do….

Really been slacking off with the blogs. This morning hearing the news I thought I’d add “Things about the Weather.” Since know on covers what they think climate change is. Why aren’t people in the news looking at the unusual freak storms and flooding happening while it also is drought in other areas? It really seems to stick out looking back at everything that is going on. Last year in this area we set a record for the amount of days over 100 degrees. That was three weeks of days over a 100 degrees. Who comes up with these days to measure? I know those days over 100 degrees really sucked the life out of me and I think I past out a couple times standing up. There’s no hiding from the heat. I had two small trees burn up in the buckets they were in. The roots got too hot and toasted the little trees. I was watering them in the mornings for 20 minutes. Now we are on restricted watering because of the drought here. I need to get the sprinklers going, the valves are stuck closed. I haven’t checked the wiring yet.

Like the time a few years ago in Texas it was raining for 60 days and night. Totally Biblical for a state of deniers of Climate Change and Global Warming. Then came the drought for several years and they had to sell most of their cattle because they couldn’t afford to feed the cattle.

There was Katrina that hit New Orleans and flooded out the city. The weather people were on the fence whether it was climate change or global warming that made such a large storm.

Super Storm Sandy in New York. That was a perfect storm. At the time I believe it was two weather fronts merging together forming Super Storm Sandy. Wonder how many more storms will we be naming Super Storm? That was the first and I’m sure there will be many more.

The Balkans, it rains three months worth of rain in three days. That’s going on right now but no one is covering the storm since it’s one of those out there little countries. A majority of the land mass is under water. They don’t have any weather reporters standing in the water there to show people there it wet, not like the minor storms here.

Drought are happening around the world. There are also rain fall of biblical proportions happening around the world also. Funny how you can have so much rain and so much dry at the same time. Last winter we had massive amounts of cold in the midwest to north east. Snow and freezing cold weather in southern states like Florida.

So this is the first post looking back at things I’ve remembered about freak weather. Still sticks with me seeing a guy looking at the damage of tornadoes and saying the weather has been real freaky lately. Oh, there was a record number of tornadoes this year so far in the mid country and southern states. States that never have tornadoes are getting them. Just amazing. Well that’s it for this morning.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How big is big and was it really big?

Where did the big bang come from? What was it that did what it did? We know that the flash of the big bang is 14.4 billion light years old. Is there a place in time with a really big boom traveling out away from the universal center? Could the big bang have come from a universal vacuum cleaning black hole? After a black hole cleans up all the matter does it just sit there? What happens when it gets to the point where the black hole is full and adding just a bit more causes it to explode. A flash in giant magnetic pulse repelling pure energy into matter. Are there other really big black holes hanging around the universe outside the event horizon of our universe? What happens if one of those super black holes explodes, will we be able to see it inside our universe? Can we see past the edge of the known universe. What if there was another thing like what we call a universe past the edge of our universe. How many other things like are universe are there out there? Are they just so far away that we can’t see them? There light is going to take so long to get here that we will never see them?

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What’s with Bobby Jindal?

Talk about keeping the poor people down. Jindal won’t expand Medicaid even if the federal government pays for it. This leaves hundreds of thousands of people with no insurance. What is wrong with Jindal. Does he just hate people? Is he some sort of bigot? Is he just cheap? Some things wrong with Jindal. Maybe it’s because he he resents his race after all he’s darker then African Americans. How did he get in the republican party being so dark? The republicans are the white peoples part unless your just a lackey for the republicans. Just being used as their token man of color. Maybe because of his race, how dark he is, he’s just trying harder. He wants to play with the white party and carry out all their orders to prove himself. That’s why he doesn’t want to help anyone from his state even if they are poor white folks too. Maybe he would help if they all were Indian from India.

It’s funny how MoveOn.Org put up a poster pointing out how cheap Jindal is that he needs to sue them. How can you sue someone for pointing out what your doing. I guess he didn’t like being pointed out to the masses. I guess seeing that your screw up is posted on a bill board sort of gets you.  Well, people are saying you’re a screw up then by popular demand you are.You can look at it this way too, he’s happy to pay the court costs when it’s thrown out because the suit doesn’t have any merit.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Windows 7 and Error 217

What’s wrong with Windows? It’s made by Microsoft and they always publish broke software. What’s good about Linux? It doesn’t fail like Windows 7 and any other Microsoft product. Windows and Microsoft was a dying company because that can’t compete with FREE. Linux is always free and you can run windows program on Linux. I never have a computer running Linux stop on me. It never has errors. Even my slowest computer outruns Windows of any version. I have a 200Mhz computer and old one and I loaded Linux on it and it had all the drivers and it works. Every computer I’ve loaded Linux on always worked. I have a stack of Linux discs 6 inches tall and I’ve tried out all the version I could download and they all run with no problems. Why is it that Microsoft has such a problem coming up with a working version? There is always a problem with drivers and DLL files. Windows can’t even update itself even when they know there’s an error they post all sort of crap online how to fix things and it may or may not work. It’s a know error but you can’t make a patch to fix it. Linux doesn’t need patches because they don’t have errors. Mac turned to Linux for it’s operating system because it works. When is Microsoft going to get it’s act together? I can see why there are so many people angry with Microsoft because they write shit for programs. They need to start coming up with free software like Linux the next big thing like Android. There will come a day when your going to read about has beens and people will say remember when everyone used Windows. What ever happened to that company? When did they go out of business? What they priced themselves right out of business. They just couldn’t compete with free.

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Global Warming Doesn’t Care

The climate system doesn’t care if you’re a republican or a democrat or how much money you have. It doesn’t care, it’s an equal opportunity planet killer. It’s not only going to kill human but everything that lives in a normal heat range. As what was coined by Loveless, The Gia principle where the planet is a living being. All the bits of everything living make up it’s components. The plants of the world clean the air and make a certain percentage of oxygen and nitrogen. The magnetic core makes up a sphere that protects us from cosmic rays. The upper atmosphere blocks harmful rays. It all works together to keep it a living planet. For the most part it’s self correcting.

Hurricane Sandy didn’t ask what party your in or how much money you have it destroyed property equally. Hurricane Katrina was the wake up call but now one was listening. I was watching the storm coming and said that’s going to be bad for New Orleans. Sandy was our next wake up call. There has been incidents in Europe and down under in Australia that we should be paying attention to. While Rush was making fun of the freezing temperatures here laughing at the people talking about global warming and climate change down in Australia is was baking hot. The last few years Australia has been having baking heat and fires. The news media doesn’t seem to want to play any of that because they are too busy talking about snow storms here. Freak snow storms that cripple states. Airlines can’t fly because of the snow which is big headlines. The fires and heat don’t play well when it’s happening on the other side of the planet. Then the storms in the Pacific have played well in the news but only until something else like politics jumps to the top of the hit list. Media sure does a poor job of telling the news. They only show what gets the best ratings.

People say that Senator Inhofe has been on the take from the petro-chemical industry and that’s why he thinks that climate science is a joke. It’s funny that science is used to make all these chemicals but Inhofe doesn’t believe in science. He’s more of a myth and magic person. Then you just have to question what state Inhofe comes from to understand his policies. It amazes me how people can use science when it suites them and other times use myths and fables like it was science.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Doing all the wrong things because you hate.

The economy is in the dumps and all the economist say you need to stimulate the economy to get things moving. So what do you do, lets cut spending at a “tossers” spanking speed. Not enough jobs, lets cut schools and public works projects. People can’t find jobs, you cut the safety net. By itself unemployment insurance helps stimulate the economy because those people on it spend every last dime which goes out into the community. Or to Walmart because that’s the only place they can buy cheap stuff. No Food Stamps because you say you want to cut spending but still give away money to corporate farms that don’t need it meanwhile you want to starve people because your just mean.Why are you doing everything to the country because you’re a racist turkey neck old bastard. People say, Mitch McConnell is a real asshole, a bigot from a funky state of a long line of bigots. It’s amazing watching the republican do themselves in. What only works for them is the stupid wedge issues. Then those people are stupid and just hang on to the wedge issue and don’t know anything about anything. Science, that’s the voodoo stuff for those elitist educated people. It’s amazing when the Tea Baggers shut down the government and didn’t think that would have any blow back. That’s like Bush invading Iraq and thinking they were going to greet us with roses. Bush and his cronies never thought about blow back. Where were the republicans then following Bush off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings. I kept saying Bush was running the country into the ground. The republican wanted to dump a broken country on to the democrats then say why can you fix it. Takes a few years to undo all the crap Bush and the republican caused. The idea you put you foot into everything and stopped progress and wondered why things are going as good as it should, well with the obstacles put in the way by the republicans. What get’s me, is people say republicans are afraid of their own shadows and believe in myths rather then facts. The way the republican are it’s like having a ship with the anchor out wondering why your not moving. There’s a French word for Cleaning bag, that’s what the GOP is, a cleaning bag.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

If they could only talk to me.

I've been looking at my Tiggers and wondering what she's saying. It's clear that there's more then just a meow. Last night I noticed that she repeated herself to tell me what she wanted to eat. She looked at me and repeated what she said like don't you understand me, I'm not stuttering. I've never heard of anyone trying to study animals and find out what they are saying. With the primates they were taught a language we knew and didn't try to understand what they were saying in their native tongue.
As I drove up I could see the deer in the yard. They looked over at me as I greeted them then looked back over at the house to see if I was coming out of the house. I don't think they understood that I was the same person. I find it so amazing being close to the deer. I'll get within 10 feet of them and walk around the herd. The babies really amazing me. They are so small and so full of life. I've never seen a creature so full of life before like I do with the baby deer.
The raccoons and skunks are a trip too. They make good forest friends but they are a little shy. One night I was eating cookies and went to the back porch where a raccoon was. Mrs. Nippers who has a nip taken out of her ear was there. I bent over to give her a cookie and she took it from me. We sat there on the back porch eating cookies until she had enough. I just kept giving her cookies when she was finished and she would take them from me. She's been a friend ever since then and doesn't run off at the sight of me. When she had the five babies she really had her hands full. When she would come around with them she didn't growl at me like other mothers did when I'd get close to the babies. In fact she sort of showed them off to me. The babies would get into the cats food and play with each other. I hung a sock up with a sock in side and they would pull and play with that every time they came here. On my YouTube channel I have them playing in the garden together. The babies liked piling on top of each other and rolling down the hill. I noticed that the babies are the only ones to make that cute raccoon vocalizations. Then I noticed the babies would react to mom and she was making a noise and I was only hearing the tail end of her call to the babies. She was making a sound that was over 20kHz and then it would tapper to a lower noise as she was stopping. I'll have to put a microphone outside next spring and run it into the program I have. I have one that is sort of to analyze voices. Now that I think of it I think the top of it is 20k.
A couple summers ago there were a lot of babies here. They would play together while the mothers would rest under their favorite trees. One day this little female came here with mom and the other babies weren't here yet. She started crying out for them I'm guessing. Since I really don't know why she was really crying out, I'm just guessing. I think she wanted her friends to play with. She seemed rather depressed when she didn't see them. When the babies did show up their mother didn't want them running like they did the day before. The babies wanted to go but would look over at mom and she was saying no. I would have liked to see them running and playing again. The little female baby tried to motivate the babies by jumping and kicking her back legs out as she jumped. The two babies kept looking over at mom and then looked down as to be sad. So that was two emotions displayed to me by the babies.
One night when I first moved in it was raining pretty hard. I looked out the window to see a baby deer standing there. A larger male deer came over and put his head over the baby's neck and then started licking the baby. I'm thinking that the baby deer seemed frightened and the large male deer comforted the baby. It really looked like that to me. I was wondering where the mother of the baby was because it seemed pretty small.
Taking photographs of the wildlife I've been trying to capture them expressing emotions. It's taken several years but I can see it now but it's not that clear in the photo. The other day I got a picture of a mother deer licking this orphan baby she took in. The baby just stood there as mom was licking her. They walked off together side by side. The deer have been one of the only creature that I seen smiling but then their lips sort of go that way. I know when they have another emotion like being concern their lips go flat across instead of up when they are happy.
I noticed that turkeys show emotions but you really have to look. Their faces are sort of fixed but it's their actions I've watched and noticed when they are happy. It's also the angle they point their heads. That's something I've learned over years to see. I have such a different opinion of turkeys these days. They are smart birds. I've watch them gather in a group and plan out what they were going to do. They lined up and put on a parade for the female birds. It clearly showed that they conveyed an idea between them. I've only seen them do that once out of all the years I've been watching them. Turkeys do have a sort of language they talk to each other with. After watching them I started picking up what they were saying. It was more a feeling I got when I heard them. I noticed that other birds about the same size made the same vocalizations even though they were a different type of bird. When the vultures started eating this dead skunk killed by dogs coming through the turkeys came up to the edge of the creek and watched the big birds. I don't know if they were trying to see if they were related. They sure seemed interested in seeing those big birds here because then never had seen them up close.
I'm going to have to figure out a way of taking voice prints. See if I can learn and see if the creatures have some sort of vocal language. I'd like to figure out what's going on in the minds of the kitties. I'm really amazed at the different sounds that the kitties make. Each kitten makes a unique set of sounds. Dieter makes sounds that are almost silent. She makes these two little chirp like cries when she comes up to me. Momma kitty is totally silent, so is Wheezer. I noticed that Wheezer stopped her coughing or wheezing. She was real bad when she first came here.Sprockets meows real quiet too. She also makes what sounds like a sentence, it's a series of little meows and gurgles. Every one is unique but for the most part the wildlife is mostly silent. They talk by looks to each other. It's like they don't have to say anything but the others know looking at them what they are saying.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Water wows

Hearing tonight about water wells up here running low to running out. Last year ending a few days back was the driest year in California history. Sacramento still doesn't use meters, either does some older cities before they became big. A friend stopped farming his 600 acres because they put meters on his wells. He had six inch lines going down into the grown. I noticed that wells were using to much water back a few years ago when my creek stopped running all year round. It even stopped flowing in the winter time. After a major storm the creek would flow but would dry up right away. Too many wells where people were wasting the water keeping their lawns green. As one person told me, "It's free water so why not." They weren't concern with the water in my creek but they will start to worry when there well starts drying up. So many people think they have a well and it doesn't effect anyone else but it does. When you drain the water table it effects everyone using that water table. When creeks dry up that's surface water that comes from that same water table. The people along the American river must be noticing that their wells are pumping a bit slower. The three rivers haven't been filling up the Folsom dam. Old gold rush towns are starting to show themselves and people are picking up suveneers of the past on the lake bottom. It' funny to hear some of the people of northern California saying the people of southern California are steeling are water. Then there has been a few words over the new state water project. I guess that's more then a few year project and they are really looking to the future. I heard the other day it's not going to be finished for decades. They plan to bore two 20 foot holes under the delta. I'm guessing that they plan to be under a impervious layer so that the delta wouldn't leak in as they were boring. There's a lot of heats voices over this water shortage. They don't seem to think before they say but spout off a lot of mean things. The old water system sucks up fish and they have to cut the pumps when the water gets low and they suck up fish. Then the fisher men are complaining about the smelt being sucked into the pumps and not being eaten by the growing salmon which there has been a shortage of. It's amazing seeing these cause and effect situations. There's too many people saying that climate change isn't happening. Then this lack of water has to be caused by something. Weather patterns have been changing and for a few week most of the country was in the deep freeze. Of course Rush shoots his mouth off saying what climate change. He didn't look at the temperature of the southern hemisphere where it was up to 129 degrees. That doesn't sound so bad when you see it as 53.88 degrees until they say it's Celsius. They use those numbers down there. We are one of the few countries still using Fahrenheit and inches and feet. All the people of science use metric it's so simple to use too. You don't have odd things like pints and cups. One of these days we will have to switch over and be normal like the rest of the world. Some people are talking about building more dams but if it's not raining then what will they do.  Then damming up all the rivers what will that do to the people down river with wells? What if this is just a normal function of this area since we haven't been taking records all that long compared to geologic history. We could have a period of low rain for the next ten or twenty years. What will that do to the states population. Will we look at the ocean to take the salt out of that water? Will we tighten out belts and just use less water. Showers but once a week and that's metered out. Two flush toilets in ever house but only flushing the solids. Maybe even switch to composting type toilets. Then when they fill up they can flush a paste mostly composted down the drain saving water. Then saving any rain water off the roof when it rains like people do on some islands. Change plants over to all native plants that don't need water and stay green all year round. Right now everyone is projecting the worst. We are still getting some snow and that will melt and go down the rivers. Life hasn't change yet where we don't recognize it like it was. One thing for sure the price will go up and never come down even if we are swimming in a lake.