Monday, October 31, 2011

Little faces

 Momma Kitty
 Momma Kitty
Self serve. Deer lining up to help themselves to sticking their heads into the grain bag. They learn to open a sealed grain bag by watching me open them.

Happy Face

After photographing humans to capture emotions I have tried capturing the wildlife's expressions. At first I didn't know what I was looking at. Slowly it started coming to me. It wasn't so much just seeing it but feeling it. Now this is a Happy Face. I've seen this little bear scared at the sight of me and wanting to climb a tree for protection. Once it became a little used to me I could see the difference in his eye and face. The deer you can see smile or have a concern look to their face. Even the turkeys would express themselves. Older raccoons look the same almost as the young raccoons. There is a little rounded heads to the baby raccoons. They sure do look cute out exploring the world learning from mom. She's real protective of her babies and even growls at me if I get to close even though I've known her from a baby. Each animal has a way of expressing itself. For the most part I've found wildlife not to be too wild. Most people are frightened at the sight of anything they don't understand. I'm closer to the wildlife then my kittens. They run off at the sight of me even if I'm trying to help them. The kitfoxes are really something and come close to me. I thought it was a cat the first time I seen one but it was sitting down. When it stood up that long tail showed up. I've found that all the wildlife have a degree of smarts. I don't try to harm them and they see that. The deer I swear totally understand me and ever word I say. They even come to different names I've called them over the years. It's hard not excepting their friendship when it's offered no matter what they look like.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Fuzzy Kittens

 You can click on the pictures to zoom in
 Got the lion thing going on

Little Puppy

 My friend the Kitfox walking up on the cedar fence
 Trying to take a flash picture in the dead of dark. Still you can see the color of the Kitfox.
 Kitfox and skunk wandering around. Everyone gets along here.
Running up close and sort of out of focus. My little friend is very hyper
I'm really amazed at the Kitfoxes because of how friendly they are. I can talk them over to a spot where I tossed a piece of cheese which they really like. This is the larger of the two Kitfoxes. They are very small creatures and the tail acts like a counter weight for balance. It's really got strong looking little legs. I'll walk on the porch and the puppy comes up on the walkway and sits down about 10 feet from me. The first time I seen a Kitfox here I thought it was one of the cats because it was sitting down. I called it over and motioned with my hand. It darted to the porch for some cat food. Being around dogs and wolves in the past I never seen anyone as smart as this little guy. It really is smart. 

The baby raccoon's and mothers are here. Have the cutest albino baby, it's the lightest one year and almost looks white in the tree. Pasta night out at Bob's. Everyone likes pasta and cat food. The little skunk with the hurt front paw is here. It's a real friendly skunk that follows me everywhere. It's got a star like marking on it's forehead. I just hate seeing it limping getting around but it seems to be doing much better. It's holding food in bother paws so I don't think it's broken. They tend to jump off things or fall off and not know how far it is down. I see the baby raccoon's don't know where to wash their hands or drink the milk left out for the kittens. What still amazes me is wildlife isn't as wild as you think it is. That you can make friends with them. The wildlife is easier to get close to then the kittens.

Kittens at Play

Running after each other playing chase
Sneak attack and pouncing
Fun Jumping into each other
Attacking the tail grass
"Little Tigger"
Interesting photos taken through the kitchen windows and through the window screen. These kittens sort of have a lion thing going on. Been trapping them and getting them to a vet to be fixed. A woman saw two of the kittens and asked if she could adopt them. I said sure but there's one more in the family set. Hate to break up the family because they really like playing together. They also sleep in a pile together. I have to say, they sure are entertaining to watch play. Most of the time they sleep but when they are moving they are playing. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

GOP goes for Neurotic Sociopath for President

What God told you to take over the planet? That's a good sign your a sociopath. Devil and witches were casted out of you by a fringe cult leader who thinks God is talking to him and he's rewriting the bible the way he thinks it needs to be written? That just might be a sociopath. Why is the GOP digging to the bottom of the barrel for a presidential leader? Eye of Newt? Anyone that doesn't agree with Newt is a "Elitist?" Everyones against you and out to get you, you might be a sociopath.

Tea Baggers aren't making to much noise after being taken over by the Koch brothers and funded indirectly through Dick Armey. What's it feel like to be used by the radical right?

Watching a news show about the Tea Baggers one thing really got me, the guy that said, "I want government out of my Medicare." He clearly doesn't know that Medicare is a government program.

If you listen to the GOP presidential candidates, they all are repeating the same talking points coming from the Koch brothers and the foundations they sponsor.  Karl Rove and his group American Crossroads gets it's money from the Koch brothers. No one still knows what that one group that slandered Kerry about his time in the military. The Right Wing supreme court said money is free speech and corporations are people but corporations can't be held responsible for their actions like people are. If a person kills someone they go to prison but if a corporation kills someone no one goes to jail even if they knew what they were doing would kill someone. Massy energy killed many people in several mines and just called it the cost of doing business when they get fined. Most of the time the judges are on business side so nothing ever happens because the judges got funds from an industry or corporation which they hold worth more then any human life. The minors in Nevada where the mine collapsed were left there and never even tried to recover the bodies because it cost the company too much. If there was more coal to be had then it might be worth it but that mine was on it's last leg.

Citibank was fined 280 million dollars for selling a 1 billion dollar packaged security then beat it was going to fail. They made 160 million on fees selling the package. The people that bought the package lost it all even though ratings companies rated it highly because they were paid to rate it highly. So, 280 million was just a fine for the cost of doing business and no one has gone to jail.

Bank of America can't manage itself because it's to big and too big to fail. When they were given the bailout money they bought other crap rather then taking care of itself. Now it's almost ready to fail again and plans to lay off 30,000 people and close banks around the world. Well, when BofA was first bought by Security Pacific back in the 80's it was a failing bank then.

The Glass Stegal Act need to be put back in place along with stronger Dodd Frank laws. To hear the republican say that they want to do away with regulation is just asking for more problems. The banks want to have a socialist policy of getting bailed out by the tax payers but want to be this failing capitalist corporation able to make stupid moves. All the GOP people running for office say they want to get rid of the regulations and what gets me is the mindless people hearing sound bites haven't a clue what they are talking about and play follow the leader over the cliff like lemmings.

Looking at what Greece is doing or what is happening there, it's what is going on here too. The rich aren't paying taxes and that's why they are failing. The idea we don't tax the rich so we can barrow money from the rich and pay them back with interest isn't going to last. A total free market without regulations will always fail. Even Greenspan said so being grilled at a senate hearing. He pushed for a self regulating market which doesn't work because people cheat and are greedy. One in America can a CEO run a corporation into the ground and get paid for running it into the ground and walk away with a outrageous pay package of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Perry wants to drill baby drill back to prosperity which is good for Texas corporations like Halliburton. So far the hunt for natural gas has only ended up polluting ground water. Areas that had "Fraking" done are having earthquakes which they never had before. Natural gas is leaking out of wells and cracks made by "Fraking." The Oil Sand pipeline is only for the export of diesel fuel because they can't make much else from it. Watching TV ads, where they say we are your friends and we just need to get rid of the clean air and water acts and get the EPA not to regulate greenhouse gases and everything will be fine. One ad says natural gas is cleaner then coal. That's true but it still puts greenhouse gases in the air. So it isn't safe. Texas has the worst drought in living history but Perry says he believes that climate science is a conspiracy so they can get research money. Mean while the largest fires in Texas history burned on with no water to put them out. Farmers are going under and cattle can't be fed. Only in America is global warming being played as a political toy, the rest of the world sees it as fact. Why would corporations spend billions to make up fake science to try to put down global warming. Bush said global warming would be good then people in cold areas could be working all year round building houses. Everyone discounting global warming is tied to oil and chemical industries.