Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Was Feeling Down but....

Rainy funky cold day. Not very light out. Was thinking I'd watch Dave on the Tube but started listening to some Jungle on Netscape Radio. Just got the groove on. Didn't realize how much I missed the rave scene. Forget how it is to dance jungle. I have been listening to some house and trance. Even put on some hardcore for a day or two. Didn't have much jungle. This internet radio is good. Good throw down. Was listening to Cream earlier on PBS. Felt like I needed to do some heroine to get into the groove of the music. This jungle has got me going. It got the funk out and I can dance till morning.

Break it up, the skunks are fighting again.

Little guys really went at it tonight. One skunk was eating while the other guy climbed up the stairs. Soon as he got to the top and saw his rival they just went at each other falling down the stairs in the process. They continued out in the front yard rolling in the wet grass. Guess the rain puts everyone in a sort of bad mood. The guy's look like "punkers" with their spiked wet hair. Never saw them fight like they did tonight. Usually they nip at each other or nip and chase each other. This one was a roll on the ground and bite fight. Of course there was the aromatic aroma of the skunks that goes with them fighting. At least it was cold out and the door was closed. During the summer it gets a little funk at night with the guys running around. The babies were real cute growing up but they don't have a lot of control of "the Gland." They are little scrapers when their young. Mom and Dad stay with them until they can be on their own. It was very interesting with three families of skunks here all competing for food. Skunks as far as I can see are like a combination of a dog, cat and raccoon. They live under ground or in anything they can get into that's warm. They have some nice claws in their front paws for digging mostly it looks like for getting food. They have nice k-9's for ripping food apart. What has really got me is they left beef fat and bones until they finished off the dog or cat food. If there is black oil sunflower seeds they will eat those first.

Had a male deer, "Little Buddy" stop by.  He went at the apples for a hour or so. I could see he was a bit spooked by some noise off in the distance which kept him on alert. I never get tired of seeing the wild life. They always amaze me at the new things I see them do.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cold day, colder night

I don't think it got over 48 degrees today. Too cold to be working outside. I had a hard time staying warm even in the house. Had to resort to working inside the house. When I did go outside there was to much moisture in the air which cut right through the clothing. It's 26 degrees outside right now and the poor deer are freezing. Stinkers my skunk came out for a bit earlier but he's under the house for the night trying to stay warm. He really didn't eat much. Maybe the hair wasn't keeping him so warm. The ground is frozen stiff so nothings wet. I was thinking of putting a tarp out for the deer to lay on. Maybe some old grain bags or something. I'm to attached to the wild life here. The stars are out real good. I could see Orion without any added optics. Then again there isn't a lot of light pollution here so viewing is good. The other night I was laying in bed looking out the sky light when I saw a shooting star, was rather nice. This rain for the last couple days put a damper on doing anything outside. Leaves are all over the place. I cleaned them up before the rain and now it looks like a leaf pile. Good thing I got the tools picked up. I'm doing the usual winter tool thing of sharpening of all the tools. I do that ever winter, sit watching TV sharpening tools for the spring. Get out the burnt linseed oil and coat the wood handle. Sand off any ruff splinters. I need to see how my telescope is. I know it's not totally aligned but it's close. It's going to have some distortion. I wonder how cold it will be in the morning.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Let them go bankrupt

Seems a lot of companies are falling apart these days while the republicans keep saying, "things are great and getting better." Northwest is playing a game to get rid of their workers pensions along with Delta. Seem they should put their money where their mouth is and sell a few plane to pay for the defaulting of the pension plans. Same with GM, sell off those car plants. Better yet make a car that some one would want. You see the cars GM is making, I've seen ugly but their cars take that cake on that one. If they didn't make ugly gas gosling cars maybe people would buy them. I just don't think that companies should get away with promising people money for their retirement and them tell them sorry, we can't do that because our profits aren't high enough for the stock holders. Maybe if they stop paying CEO's such outrages salary packages the companies would turn a profit.
I guess if you want to do the same things that others do you need to throw out your morals like a good republican and screw over as many people as you can. When steeling money it's better to go for billions or more because the fines and jail time will leave you so rich you could buy a country.
I still believe that any elected official being found guilty of a crime need to go to jail for at least 20 years just because they knew better. Then after that they would go to jail for their crimes plus would have to pay back all the money they took plus a fine of three times the value of what they Stoll. So what if it leaves them penniless. That's what their plan was in the first place to some one else. They didn't care what they did or who they hurt. The only thing they regret is getting caught. The only thing that they will understand is if they loose everything then others would watch their step and do what right for this country and not what right for their pocket book.
Show me a republican and I'll show you some one that take bribes.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fw: Sorry, George, I'm In the Majority ...from Michael Moore

Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 8:56 PM
Subject: Sorry, George, I'm In the Majority ...from Michael Moore


Dear Mr. Bush:

I would like to extend my hand and invite you to join us, the mainstream American majority. We, the people -- that's the majority of the people -- share these majority opinions:

1. Going to war was a mistake -- a big mistake. (link)

2. You and your administration misled us into this war. (link)

3. We want the war ended and our troops brought home. (link)

4. We don't trust you. (link)

Now, I know this is a bitter pill to swallow. Iraq was going to be your great legacy. Now, it's just your legacy. It didn't have to end up this way.

This week, when Republicans and conservative Democrats started jumping ship, you lashed out at them. You thought the most damning thing you could say to them was that they were "endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore and the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party." I mean, is that the best you can do to persuade them to stick with you -- compare them to me? You gotta come up with a better villain. For heaven's sakes, you had a hundred-plus million other Americans who think the same way I do -- and you could have picked on any one of them!

But hey, why not cut out the name-calling and the smearing and just do the obvious thing: Come join the majority! Be one of us, your fellow Americans! Is it really that hard? Is there really any other choice? George, take a walk on the wild side!

Your loyal representative from the majority,

Michael Moore

Friday, November 18, 2005

Chaney defends his lies

Ever meet some one that is criminally insane? Just look at the Republican party and you can see people who are sociopaths. People with out emotion. People only for themselves. This week was an interesting one in politics where the republicans cut help to the poor while giving themselves and their rich friends tax breaks. Wouldn't be nice if you could give yourself a pay raise. I'd do it if I could but I'm not sucking the dix of the corporations and other politicians.
Bush is a boob with no social skills. Seeing him on TV over seas he was like a child visiting with his parents but they went there to keep him inline.
This administration remind me of Pinky and the Brain where every night they try to take over the world but fail every night. The only problem with this scenario is it's like the movie like "ground hogs day" and the store repeats every day with the same thing happening. The war is turning into an endless pet project of Bush's that didn't go right from the start. If he only didn't want to one up his dad.
Chaney on the other hand who really runs the country and is the most evil person other then Karl Rove. Chaney's plan to get the oil of Iraq backfire and the people he was sucking are taking it out on the people of the world with higher prices. Things won't let up there until they get  to drill in Alaska and get the oil fields. This war was planned out in 1993 by these Neo-Cons and when I say Con I mean cons in the way like confidence men ripping off the country.
Over all, Bush, Chaney and the rest of the Republicans are destroying this country and the world and were sitting back unable to do any thing. One thing I think the people need to get to be law is that any politician caught in any criminal act, automatically gets 20 years in jail. People have forgot the 7 trillion dollars that the stock market walk away with. Not bad for immoral acts and only get fined 1.2 billion for the theft. Now we legalized theft by using the companies like Halliburton. Here's a corporation that isn't based in the United State but if doing contracts with the United States. Why can I open a bank account in the Caribbean and not pay taxes.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Raccoons were here

First time I got to see the raccoon family tonight. They didn't know what to make of me. They didn't know where they should run off or stay there and look at me. Mom's a real big raccoon where the kids are a lot smaller. Just the cutest faces. They came on the porch to eat the skunks food. I've been seeing signs of the raccoons stopping by over night but haven't seen them until tonight. I'll need to get some COB for them. They pick out the corn kernels with the sweet malaises. The kids are about half the size of mom and see looks to be a good 20 pounds if not more but then there is a lot of hair, a real lot. Skunks have been fighting, the smell is sneaking through the door. I hope they aren't under the house fighting, it takes weeks to get the smell out in summer. This might be one of those things where I just have to put up with it. Once you get a good blast of skunk smell your nose gets used to it. It wasn't like that when they went off under my bedroom but then they were just born and there was 8 of them there. Two adults and 6 babies. I guess  I just have a soft spot for baby anything's. Think I'll have a couple smokes to deaden the smell. It's those two big guys that were fight too. They always pick on the little guy that lives under the house these days. I think that's why he's smaller too. Since he spends less time trying to stay warm under the house, he has to eat less. I just can get over seeing the raccoons tonight, it was great.
Saw Big Buddy last night. He's been chasing a female for several weeks now. I was standing on the porch when I heard some little feet crossing the creek. Then a bulldozer plowing through the woods. I saw the female scoot up by the apple trees. Then the skunks came running out of the field and Big Buddy popped out. He didn't care to do any greetings. He didn't even stop for anything to eat. It was that gowning sound with his nose in the air. Since Buddy was gone for so many weeks I was getting worried about him. After the first of the year he's going to come back as a skinny hungry deer. Seems while the mating season is going on they don't get to eat much.
Well George Clinton is on Jay tonight. Go to get my P-Funked

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

65 degree day

Nice fall weather. Not enough sun in the day but the weathers good. Male turkeys are here. Why one of them is by himself is a question. He seems to follow the group but stays by himself. Looks like some moisture moving in. No more good star viewing.
Moons up and bright again tonight. It should be a full moon tonight. So far I've just seen the light coming through the branches. Maybe if I feel like it I'll stick my head outside to see what the sky looks like.

Bright Moon

It's almost like day light, bright moon light with a light blue tinge. Skunks ate good tonight. Eggs and dog food. I can hear dogs off in the distance talking to the moon. Almost swear that you can feel heat from the moon. Well should I see how close the mirror is lined up or end up curing myself because I bought a spherical mirror. Might be fun but the back really doesn't want to.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Evening time

Baby deer gets chased off as he started sniffing big brothers butt. Older deer is just a little touchy with mating season going on. Turkeys hung out most of the day here. Squirrels had the run of the place this morning and after noon.  Leaves are getting to be a real problem. Moon's almost full. Jupiter is just below the moon. The forest and surrounding lands are going through a drying out period. Air is getting to be under pressure as it evaporates and examined with the direct sun light we've been getting. Kind of nice, little rain then a drying out period. Skunks ate well last night. It was the pan with all the turkey drippings. I sliced some bread and soak up the juices. The little guys were having a blast going at the bread. One of the guys was in the roaster pan and not paying much to the other guy walking up behind him. The skunk sneaking up gave him a nose in the butt. He kept eating ignoring the skunk behind him. The skunk just lunged forward and snipped him in the butt. The guy in the pan jumped straight up and over. He just wanted to eat and not have anyone bother him. They are having chicken eggs tonight. I should try doing some time laps photography. I need to get the remote for the camera. I didn't realize it was so cheap. I thought it was going to be about $70 dollars. Time to roll me a after dinner smoke.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

To nice a day

Sunday. Suns out and the squirrels are playing in the freshly fallen leaves. Looks like everything in the forest wants to be in the sun, including me. I'll let the squirrels play longer and have another cup of coffee, take a few pictures of the kids playing chase. Listen to a little Sunday radio theater and reflect a little. Take a good look at the forest and see if I can find something new about it. Want to keep trying to make some sort of natural material check dams and organics holders which also doubles as water reservoirs. Something to keep the moisture in and from evaporating. A gust of wind sets the forest in motion. The squirrels jump and grab in at the sudden movement claws gripping like they were upside down holding on for dear life The hens are here. I'm getting a few shot off. Good color and light. Interesting brown tinge to the light. Looks like I'll have a lot of turkey until spring when the food source is returned. Maybe this year I can get a few to eat out of my hand. Got close last year but they stopped about a foot away. Seems the seven sisters turned out to be the Amazon hen army. The seven are this one mothers kids from last year. This year she had three kids. The momma bird had some sisters which took off in the spring to raise their young. So there's a few mothers here with there young and the grand kids. One of the mothers with the kids and grand kids has a terrible limp. I also found a arrow razor blade for the arrowhead. That could be one reason they are coming around too, hunters. Well they are going to the side of the hill to pick feathers. Little later it will be  a lap around the place to look for bugs and other strange things. Couple more hours and the males will be showing up. Set you watch by them. Always the last place before they fly up into the trees for the night.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

California Spoke

Yes, Californians spoke today in the special election. They said, "yes" to higher power cost.  I guess they like what Enron did to California. They said, "yes" to high drug costs. And yes, they said they are a bunch of morons and idiots. They have to be to afraid to read the voter pamphlet. They believe propaganda on TV. Maybe it was because they couldn't read or something. I know it wasn't an informed decision. Maybe if the teachers were better they could read and not rely on TV ads to scare them. I swear people would kill them self if you told them it would be good for them. How soon they forget how good things were when power was regulated. People! that was 4 years ago. When things were deregulated the power cost sky rocketed. I believe half the state are on crack and the other half are followers. I guess when you don't understand you just vote no. IDIOTS!!!! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fascism, Republicans and the Religious Right

Fascism, Republicans and the Religious Right something about other people telling me how to live just doesn't sound like freedom to me. As the Bible said, God gave you free chouse but the Religious Right takes that free chouse away. The Republicans are only using the Christian movement for the votes and don't really care about what the Christians have to say since they are into big business. They have always been into big business at the cost of any one that gets in the way. When it comes to workers rights you have none , you are a disposable cog in the machine. When you get broken by the machine you are cast a side. Regan showed the unions what for when the Air Traffic controllers went on strike. Whether it would even make flying safer it didn't matter. The controllers were going to have to use out dated equipment and face mental burn out. Every one that is in the union that votes republican is like shooting yourself in the foot over and over, you going to have less and less. The American dream is just that a dream. It's easier to get out of poverty in Canada and Europe then the United States. Your twice as likely to get out of poverty not in the United States. What really gets me is the way the religious right reads a page in the bible and take every word as fact. There are writers putting out books which are fiction and they are reading these books as they are fact. The idea of teaching theology in science is truly the dumbing down of America. The republicans talk about morals saying that abortion is murder but making war is okay as long as they aren't Christians. There was a song I really liked that came out some twenty years ago by the "Call," "When the walls came down." Not the John Cougar Melon head or what ever he's calling himself these days either. It has to say, "There are no countries, just corporate criminals, playing with tanks." The oil companies are in the Whitehouse and they are going for all the oil and they do not care how many cogs in the machine get toast out. It's perfect to see ho the republicans took in the religious right in that they make good solders, blind obedience without question. I don't think these people really know what is happening to them as they get brain washed in to thinking like what some one else wants you to think. It's sort of like becoming an alcoholic. At first it's fun and you think there is no harm. Slowly it takes over until you have to drink and you don't know how to behave with out it. You have to drink it's your life now and there is nothing that anyone can say to stop you. When I hear a Christian say, "I'm ready to die for the lord," I'm wondering if he really hears what he's saying. It's just like the suicide bomber who gets to go to Ala for being a matter. That promise of the after life where they promise you everything and you need to take it on faith. Just as long as you reach deep in you pocket to show God how much you love him. It doesn't matter that the guy saying that has a dozen mansions and a couple dozen car, with his heavenly bank account. For some reason, call it ignorance they can't see the similarities of the different religions. Every one thinks there's is right and the others is wrong. The Christian religion remember is Jewish light. The same old stories but if you pay some money you don't have to do the eating thing. For a few more bucks you don't have to be circumcised. There was even a time that you do all sorts of bad things but then the church needed money so they made you a deal, give them money and they will for give you sins. The church over the years did some really bad things like killing off millions of people. What a deal, "take Jesus or we will kill you." Let see what other good things were done in the name of God. We burned witch's. The Nazi party were all Christians. The KKK were all Christian. The church said slavery was okay. It's amazing how people make laws to make injustices okay. I guess it makes them sleep better at night. People around the world think "Bush" is delusional when God talks to him. Before I thought we locked up people like that in hospitals. That's right we need to stop abortion because we need a next generation of tax payers. The churches want them to donate the big buck and follower there every word. When it comes down to it slavery is sort of still here when you take into the fact inflation keeps taking and making you money worth less. Unless you not making a million a month the republican party isn't for you. If you are making the big bucks and have those millions and don't care about anyone but yourself then the republican party is for you. From what I hear you can live rather comfortably if you have 400 million or more. Below that you might still have to work. Rather funny how rich people get to vote themselves raises because they make the laws and poor people get what they can. If people didn't have to worry about money we would generate some outstanding people. It's amazing how much people believe in propaganda. It spreads like wildfire. Fear is a big factor in controlling the masses.

I just had to vent about people that say one thing and do another. It just gets me.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Stinkers having turkey

Stinkers having some turkey. Yes, I was that close. Funny how sometimes they prefer sunflower seeds over animal parts but they never turn down turkey of chicken. Still, they are very shy creatures.

My turkeys all stopped by including the hens. The males were showing off and the hens didn't want anything to do with them. The hens except the mothers are to young for breading and will stick with mom until next year learning how to be a turkey. Looks like three young males too.

Beaned Stinkers

Was feeling a bit sorry for the skunks last night since it's getting close to raining. I cooked a store bought turkey yesterday and not one of the wild ones here. I pulled off a wing and tossed it out the door towards the skunk. I didn't mean to hit him but I did. The wing landed right one him. He was a little dazed at first and sort of walked in a circle to get his bearings. He found the wing and picked it up. He looked like he was in fat city strutting off with the wing. It was like he was saying, "Look at me with the big bone." Usually they keep their heads down sniffing everything. Not this guy, he had his head high as he walked to the under brush to take part in his feast.
Looking like rain today. The squirrels were eating but took off. They must know something I don't. Usually they will continue eating even if it's raining, well sprinkling. The foods out there for them. Don't even see the turkeys so it must be a good storm coming up. The place looks void of life, not even a little bird or anything. I guess this is the calm before the storm.