Tuesday, May 23, 2006

People dont get it

People don’t get it. What we are talking about is what you can do today verses how long life on the planet will die off, humans be one of the life forms. Putting it this way, you can have a large power consuming house, a couple V-8 cars and a lot of useless electronic or gas powered recreational products but your children will have to all drive small cars less then 50 miles per day. Their children will have to walk unless you have compressed oxygen to help your gas powered car burn gas because there’s not enough oxygen in the air for an internal combustion engine. The means death rate at this point will be around 35 years old. Most deaths caused by lung disease. Food has stop growing as once it did because the amount of dirt in the air cuts sun light from hitting the earth. The earth has turned into a brown sky in every direction. There are no more blue sky’s. You can’t see the stars at night and those stories become legions like the Greek gods.

Why is it that people want to drive the planet into a place of no return?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Started of a hot sun

Started of a hot sunny day. Suddenly a thin cloud layer blew in until I could hear thunder off in the distant. It was hot like sticking your head in the oven hot but now it 99% humidity. Don’t know if I should water tonight. Think it’s going to rain up the hill. The turkeys gobble every time they hear the thunder. I noticed they gobble at rescue sirens. Well, that’s interesting, some one is taking flash pictures. Think Ill turn the rain bird off. I walked from the house north along the creek pulling weeds and cutting back black berry’s vines. I did this a couple weeks ago, I think, could have been last week but the weeds are going like crazy. Every thing is growing like crazy. There has been a big growth spurt in all the trees. A lot of plants I’ve never seen here before. Think I’m going to put together a plant scrape book together with pictures and a CD to go with it. A more in depth version of what’s in the hills here then you can get in the local book stores. I looked at them and getting a bird book for this area has birds from the east coast. When you say, “The Western United States” and you get everything from North American it’s so cheesy.  I’m sure I could put a version that kids to college student could use. What a funky day but it’s just another adventure in the life of Bob in the Sierras. Buddy and Con stopped by to lay around. Totally freaked out Buddy when he walked behind the house and I followed. Then he turned around and say me right behind him. Buddy jumped and landed on the side of the hill, which got Con running up the hill. I started laughing, Buddy turned looked at me then lay down. Buddy is such a trip for a deer. I’ve learned his body language. I sort of know what he wasn’t to do for him, guess he’s training me well. Well skunks are here and it’s getting dark out. There is a nice breeze blowing through the door. Things cooled off well after the light rain It feels so good like a breeze of a lake or river.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One of the young males who I usually see with mom are running with Buddy and the boys. I first saw him running down the creek then up the hill into the dense forest. Later that night when the group was here the two young brothers were here trying to fit in with the big boys. The poor young guys were getting pushed away from the herd and they weren't giving up. They wanted to be right up front with the other guys. So cute the youngsters checking out everything that the older deer's checkout. I'm always amaze at wild life and how much it reminds me of human life