Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Started of a hot sun

Started of a hot sunny day. Suddenly a thin cloud layer blew in until I could hear thunder off in the distant. It was hot like sticking your head in the oven hot but now it 99% humidity. Don’t know if I should water tonight. Think it’s going to rain up the hill. The turkeys gobble every time they hear the thunder. I noticed they gobble at rescue sirens. Well, that’s interesting, some one is taking flash pictures. Think Ill turn the rain bird off. I walked from the house north along the creek pulling weeds and cutting back black berry’s vines. I did this a couple weeks ago, I think, could have been last week but the weeds are going like crazy. Every thing is growing like crazy. There has been a big growth spurt in all the trees. A lot of plants I’ve never seen here before. Think I’m going to put together a plant scrape book together with pictures and a CD to go with it. A more in depth version of what’s in the hills here then you can get in the local book stores. I looked at them and getting a bird book for this area has birds from the east coast. When you say, “The Western United States” and you get everything from North American it’s so cheesy.  I’m sure I could put a version that kids to college student could use. What a funky day but it’s just another adventure in the life of Bob in the Sierras. Buddy and Con stopped by to lay around. Totally freaked out Buddy when he walked behind the house and I followed. Then he turned around and say me right behind him. Buddy jumped and landed on the side of the hill, which got Con running up the hill. I started laughing, Buddy turned looked at me then lay down. Buddy is such a trip for a deer. I’ve learned his body language. I sort of know what he wasn’t to do for him, guess he’s training me well. Well skunks are here and it’s getting dark out. There is a nice breeze blowing through the door. Things cooled off well after the light rain It feels so good like a breeze of a lake or river.

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