Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You want to eat Whales? I want to BBQ you.

Several countries don't seem to get it about that whales are on the endangered species list. They insist on hunting them. Japan says it takes around a 1000 whales a year for "Research" but the whales seem to end up in the markets. Maybe it we change the stakes, any country that does whaling are open to hunting the countries people down for sport of a BBQ. What ever you feel like doing with the carcass. You bag it and it's yours to do with what ever you want. Mount it above you fire place with the other heads Open season on whaling countries. Cook em up for a summer BBQ.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Why do Republican want to cut health care to kids?

The republicans and Bush don't want to renew the "SCHIP" program saying that people don't want Washington controlling peoples health care. That the answer "Republicans" give when asked about the high price of heath care in the United State. They don't want a national single payer type program like most of the developed world. They always give you the same answers, yo will have to wait month to be seen, what if your having a heart attack and try to scare people. That's how we got into this war, remember they scared you into believing that there was a terrorist under ever rock and "bush." It came out this week even more that people warned the administration that thing would go wrong if there wasn't enough troops to keep the peace. They told you that there was weapons of mass destruction. Which we found out there wasn't and wasn't even close to that. The mission from looking for weapons has change to removing Saddom, to making the country democratic, and this week they are just trying to get out and say they still won the war so it would look good for the history book. Some republican strategist have said that we went to war just to sell us a new product since the war on terror had run it course so they needed something new to sell leading up to the midterm elections in 2002. Well it work idiots from the bible belt beleived every word and voted republican.

When Bush came to office there was a 5 trillion dollar surplus. That's little over a years on income from taxes. So how are we doing now, we are barrowing money from China. Gas is twice the price since Bush took office. You electric bill keeps going up because the rebulicans deregulated the power companies. What did they do, just mainly one of Bush's friends they raised the power prices over and over. Making outages and brown outs in California which lead to Davis being removed as governor. And guess what a republican was elected in his place, do you think that was calculated or what. What did Arnold want to do the first thing in office but redistrict California, so he had a special election so he could get more republicans in the state offices or federal offices. This is the same thing they did in Texas by the guy that was tied to Abermoff and has been indited for money laundering.

So why don't they want to do something about health care and keep giving people lame answers because they own shock in companies like the insurance companies who make money by not treating people. They don't want to help people because it will cost money, money out of the stock holder pockets.

If we can get to the moon we sure can come up with a health care plan that doesn't include the cheap insurance companies that take you money and deny you coverage. The only way we can have far and cheap health care is to get rid of the insurance companies. A single payer system work in dozens of countries why not here. Sure you'll still have to pay for things like boob jobs or face lifts like it is now but with the government running everything cost will drop putting this country in competition with other countries again.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Preconception about people from Oklahoma are true!

My preconception of people from Oklahoma being a bit on the dim side. Today I heard a senator talking about so called junk science. Only thing I know it that the senator has a faulty mine and need to have it replaced with a new one. It's not just in Oklahoma but those "Red States" as a whole or should I say, "A Hole." These are the people that will have facts in front of them but go with superstitions. They could be on fire and you'll say, "your on fire" and they will look at you and say. "No I'm not" just because your not in the same church as them or belong to the same political party. They will talk about stem cell research as something evil when they can't even spell DNA. Forget asking them is they understand DNA because they don't, the only book they read is the bible to find out about science. To them the earth is still flat, if you've ever been there then you might thing that too. They need to keep people there from breeding with their brothers and sisters, too much inbreeding and you get an "Okey."
The same Senator picked up a book by Micheal Crichton, "State of Fears" and pointed to it and said "Global Warming was a myth." Doesn't he know Crichton write fiction or is that a word they don't have in Oklahoma. Crichton's got some weird views, I think he did too many drugs. He thinks "Aliens" are causing global warming. What weird about that he believe that and lectures about it too. He also much be from one of those flat states.
Don't get me started on the people there they are Creationist. Darwin to them means humans come from monkeys and the earth is less then 10,000 years old. I know they haven't really read Darwin's book or any other books dealing with evolution.
Since God told Bush to invade Iraq, then we have only God to blame for the war. Well when you live in a place like Oklahoma where the world is flat you better not go to far other wise your going to fall off the edge.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A wonderful end to a day

After a fun day of pulling weeds I took a shower and got dinner started. The oven was hot so bake a cake, why not. Yummy chocolate fudge cake. That will sit well with the pound of cherry's I ate today. With the kitchen door open I could see a heard of baby skunks walking on the road with mom. Had to run out and get a couple picture. Too cool little babies. Had a Laura Croft movie on, don't think I ever say this. Haven't been paying attention to it so being in the kitchen really doesn't matter. Well movies over food all done, time to kick back. I hear crunching on the porch; it's Ernie one of the raccoons. So I lay down in front of the door watching her. She didn't mind me watching, it was rather amazing like any other day. Bill Moyer's is on with a poet who I can't remember her name. They were reading poems from veterans mainly from the Vietnam War. Sort of nice listening to the poems, reflecting on what Memorial Day is about. I get to do a lot of reflecting out here every day, which I don't mind. I hear an owl hope the babies are back home. Don't know if they would bother with a little stinker. I hear the frogs in the forest, the moon should be coming out soon. It was a half moon last night. Here come momma skunk and the kids. The raccoons scared them off all but one. I'll try to herd him over to mom who's down on the road now. The bugs are really out tonight. I started making grunting sounds like momma skunk and the baby ran right over to me. He start challenging me as soon as he figured out it wasn't momma, stomping his little feet and squeaking at me in a threatening tone. I tried it again but this time close to the steps and he ran over but I backed up. He recognized the steps and knew he wasn't far from home. He struggled down the steps and mom and the rest of the babies came running over get him. Every one seems to be happy running around mom, squeaking and such. Another day in paradise, time for another piece of fudge cake. Got milk!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"I work for Devil, that's what we do," she said on the stand.

I was what I was taught to do in the college of Satan, Pat taught me well. I want to destroy this planet and every one on it she said today at the hearing on the firing of the Federal DA's. We wanted to put "Our Special People" into office to serve evil and all it stand for.

Then it was reported she started speaking backwards. After it was translated, it said, "I'll see you republican all in hell."

Mean while back at the ranch, Bush writes presidential act making leader of the universe.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bush Appointments dropping like...

Has anyone noticed that everyone the Bush appoints to a job they leave with their tail between their legs. Next will be Alberto. It's amazes me what a stain in the shorts the Bush people have been. Even party members don't want to be affiliated with Bush. With Blair leaving in the U.K. seems he doesn't have any friends left. Did he ever have any friends or was he just tolerated. Carter gave him the what for over the weekend stirring up the hornets on both side of the Atlantic.

I listened to a lecture last night on the radio. Seems that the Neo-Cons plan was to invade Iraq and Chaney's Energy policy was to flood the market with cheap Iraqi oil drive the price down making OPEC seem meaningless. That was Chaney's secret meetings with all those oil companies back in the first administration when everyone wondered what they were doing. They were planning a war way before 9/11 way before any terrorist problems. Makes you wonder if or who paid them to carry out the attacks of 9/11.

After all, Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and now the defunked Wolfowitz all were pushing for a private military to carry out secret things that couldn't be tied to the United States.

So many people warned Bush and this administration that something was coming but were only fired for their input. I just hope all the secret laundry gets air making Bush look like a footnote in history and not the Grandiose Grand Pooba that George thinks he is. People should have locked him up when he said God was talking to him. That what you do with people like that. Put him in the patted room.

Well if all my plans would have worked out I'd be a millionaire too but plans don't always work out life happens.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My nightly prayer for Chaney

Oh God, Please let Vice president Chaney has an aneurysm that bursts or blood clot to the brain rendering him brain dead. Oh God, please do this for sake of the country. I pray that he has a long lingering time in bed with spittle coming from his mouth like all the troops that are coming home from the war are. That is if your not to busy smiting evil in the universe.

Thank you for taking Jerry who sold religion and turned God into a business.

Thank God he's dead

The bigot has died and gone and maybe the rest of those narrow mind people will get a life instead of following some one. Letting them tell you want to think and how to vote. Hopefully the hate speech will stop now.

Save America, feed a Christian to a lion.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Profiles in Deciders

George W. Bush Master Reader

George W. Bush Master Hacker

George W. Bush Master Pointer

George W. Bush Master Batter
George W. Bush Master Whiner

Views and Perceptions and Loosers

If you'd say a religious group wants to control what you see on TV or what music you can listen to, you would think it's some third world country wouldn't you. Some sort of radical Muslim faction that controlled the country. You wouldn't think it was the United States and the Evangelicals that were the radicals trying to force their ways and views on you now would you. They are and with a army of people too. There's a reason why they call them red states it dates back to the civil war, the red confederate states and the blue union states. The baptist church of the south, the
puritans, the re-written King James Bible with the enhanced miracles. It's sort of like the lead up to the Bush's Crusade, the Iraq war, an evangelical miracle war, the second coming of Christ, the end times, and the rapture.

It's too bad that people don't understand the religion is being used as mind control. Countries use religion to make there case for war. Didn't Bush say God told him to go to war? Sure it wasn't the oil companies telling Bush to go to war? The church leader told their subjects to vote red and they did putting the Neo-Cons in power. This war wasn't planned when Bush and Chaney took office in 2001 but after the first Gulf War. The oil companies wanted that oil and money talk as we all know and they pushed the people that would give them what they wanted.

People need to wake up and see that the evangelicals are as radical and terrorist Muslims. Both are pushing their will on others. If you really believe that God gave you free will, then who are these people telling any one how to live. Wouldn't that make then be acting like God and there can't be two God or can there? But then they are human so they could be a God because Gods are suppose to be supernatural.

It's interesting that when you look at the desert religions it's all about who is going to rule the world. The religion with the most people wins. What gets me is that the leader tend to always live in great houses and have dozens of cars and millions of dollars. I just don't understand why you need to sell religion or is it a business that take in the suckers, the pawns the meek of the world to do a few peoples bidding.

If your religion says all life is valuable then starting a war would be blasphemy. What also gets me Christians call none believers and blasphemers and the Muslims call the none believers infidels. Seems following these rule books makes them all as losers.

When you look at the current world situation the terrorist leaders never are suicide bombers they always get some gelable person to do it. When Christian army's go to war they talk about honor and preserving their way of life. Who's way of life, I'm poor, rich doesn't start until 800 million dollars. You never see some rich leader leading the charge in battle. They are the one pointing, "You go do that for the honor of your country" and I'll hide here.