Monday, May 28, 2007

Why do Republican want to cut health care to kids?

The republicans and Bush don't want to renew the "SCHIP" program saying that people don't want Washington controlling peoples health care. That the answer "Republicans" give when asked about the high price of heath care in the United State. They don't want a national single payer type program like most of the developed world. They always give you the same answers, yo will have to wait month to be seen, what if your having a heart attack and try to scare people. That's how we got into this war, remember they scared you into believing that there was a terrorist under ever rock and "bush." It came out this week even more that people warned the administration that thing would go wrong if there wasn't enough troops to keep the peace. They told you that there was weapons of mass destruction. Which we found out there wasn't and wasn't even close to that. The mission from looking for weapons has change to removing Saddom, to making the country democratic, and this week they are just trying to get out and say they still won the war so it would look good for the history book. Some republican strategist have said that we went to war just to sell us a new product since the war on terror had run it course so they needed something new to sell leading up to the midterm elections in 2002. Well it work idiots from the bible belt beleived every word and voted republican.

When Bush came to office there was a 5 trillion dollar surplus. That's little over a years on income from taxes. So how are we doing now, we are barrowing money from China. Gas is twice the price since Bush took office. You electric bill keeps going up because the rebulicans deregulated the power companies. What did they do, just mainly one of Bush's friends they raised the power prices over and over. Making outages and brown outs in California which lead to Davis being removed as governor. And guess what a republican was elected in his place, do you think that was calculated or what. What did Arnold want to do the first thing in office but redistrict California, so he had a special election so he could get more republicans in the state offices or federal offices. This is the same thing they did in Texas by the guy that was tied to Abermoff and has been indited for money laundering.

So why don't they want to do something about health care and keep giving people lame answers because they own shock in companies like the insurance companies who make money by not treating people. They don't want to help people because it will cost money, money out of the stock holder pockets.

If we can get to the moon we sure can come up with a health care plan that doesn't include the cheap insurance companies that take you money and deny you coverage. The only way we can have far and cheap health care is to get rid of the insurance companies. A single payer system work in dozens of countries why not here. Sure you'll still have to pay for things like boob jobs or face lifts like it is now but with the government running everything cost will drop putting this country in competition with other countries again.

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