Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good old war

Good old war. We have been fighting the wimpy wars lately with settlements and agreements, terms and conditions. What ever happened to the wars where you got to kill every body? Remember the Semite’s, well they put up a fight and lost and are no more. The days you could cut their heads off and stick them on poles. The days you cold have your females cut off the genitals of the apposing army are good. We have turned out to a bunch of wimp warriors. All the good warriors live in jails, just a part of social evolution. Move them out and bring in the schemers.

Isn’t that how it works, use other peoples money and use other people to get what we call rich. Then when you think about the rich are only selling paper telling you it’s worth a lot. Nothing to back up the paper like metals or products they just tell you this is worth it. Isn’t that the ultimate? Since Bush was appointed to office, the dollar has been constantly dropping in value. It’s not at half but around 3/5 of what it once was worth in the year 2000. Well, that’ll keep those poor people in line.

Bush reselling the war again

Bush reselling the war, “Everything’s great.” “If we leave Baghdad now, there will be fighting in Our Streets,” Bush said. Don’t you love the lies? This is what he said about weapons of mass destruction, “We were going to find them every where over there” Bush and Chaney said before the war. Although I’ve seen some shady advertising there are laws against making false claims, we need that in politics also. The idea that you can come up with any kind of lie you want and sell it to the public, is just wrong. Every time a politician makes a false claim they need to be sued, fined and jailed. The tricks that Karl Rover has done to this country with out any type of guilt make me think Karl is criminally insane. Anyone that would put money and profit in higher regard then human life has to be mentally ill.

Republicans are trying to fight the green house gas cap here in California saying it’s going to cost jobs and cost the state billions. This is the same thing they said about raising the minimum wage, that all the jobs would move out of the states. It’s funny how the first thing a republican sees is the bottom line and not the health of the people of the state of California. As it is, 20% of the light which is destine to hit the surface of the earth doesn’t make it because of the amount of particulate in the air. For a state that makes a large portion of its income with farming this is a serious problem if you can’t grow plants.

There’s one thing you can count on by republican, anything they are saying while campaigning is a lie. They are only concerned about their wealth and not the good of the country unless it helps their wealth.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Working late download

Working late downloading and web site. National Public Radio is having a good lecture. Web site is starting to look good. Need to find out more about watermarks on pictures. Eyes are so tired I’m half awake and need to rest.

Friday, August 25, 2006

CO2 it hangs around for a long time

CO2 stays in the atmospher for 50 years.

When it gets so hot out that the snow doesn't happen in the Sierra where will the water come from?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Get your religious right hand out of my pants

Get your religious-right hand out of my pants. If the religious right is so moral, why do they have a hand down my pants and trying to get into everyone else’s? Must come from those celebrate priests fiddling about with those little boys. How can you make a decision that affects other people’s sex life when your house isn’t in order? It really gets me how these so-called religious people say they are right but do all the wrong things. Corporate corruption is a start, everyone that has been busted steeling from the people that invest in their company claim to be Christians. These same companies under fund their retirement programs. For a bunch of people saying they are “Christ like” they sure do a poor job showing it.

Bush says he won’t kill embryos but he will send people off to war to drive the price of oil higher so his friends can make billions at the expense of the American people.

It’s so amazing that religious zealots never see the things they are doing wrong. They will destroy the earth saying it’s Gods work they are doing. They talk about marriage and the family, how many of these families last more then a couple years in the red states. Seems they have more divorces then the blue states.

What I don’t get is someone that read the bible doesn’t mean you’re a scientist. Reminds me of someone that wanted to become a programmer but was reading the bible for his direction, never picking up the programming manual.

All through history any mystery need to be blamed on some one or something because they didn’t know any better. Science is science and facts are facts you can’t change that or make it into some sort of there after. If you want to believe, believe but don’t make other have to follow you down your road, it my be the wrong one.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bummer in the bones

Bummer in the bones. Went to the bone doctor today. Got to hear something I didn’t want to hear, that the surgeon is unable to really do anything but pain management. The surgery would be too extensive. I wouldn’t be able to bend after disk fusion. Synthetic disks aren’t approved for multiple levels, which I need. Until something drastically happens the coarse is the same for me. Until there is something drastically happening in science to help me, I’m just going to have to except the pain as a part of my life. Sad and depressing I have to say, everything’s going down hill form here. Now, how to stay balanced during all of this, mentally and physically.


New redirected website with my pictures.

Well woke up to some

Well woke up to some excitement. Raccoon was yelling, barking and screaming as he climbed into the cherry tree. Turns out to be two raccoons after checking the picture. Mean while back at the house what ever went after the raccoons took after on of the skunks. He ducted under the house into another families den. Yes the house has a strong spice smell.
I talked the stray skunk out from under the house. Since he didn't know his way he followed my voice to the entrance. He's one of the guys that lives on the north end of the property.
No worries, smell will clear up and everyone's safe.

Is it irenic when you

Is it irenic when your just getting by and you start talking to a cameraman who just got a $30,000 dollar camera from the manufacture to test out for free? Some things in life just aren’t far. He got the camera and can afford to buy the camera unlike me. It not like he doesn’t have cameras, he does video and they gave him a still camera. I was getting food from the food bank and he was getting a free camera.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Been working on my website

Been working on my web site for anyone looking for nature picture of my forest friends. My eyes are burning out staring at the screen.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A quiet Sunday evening

A quiet Sunday evening. The temperature is dropping to a comfortable level. Two young squirrels are eating sunflower seeds. A hen comes back to have a snack before turning in for the night. Con and Momma Deer and her two kids walk up. Soon one of the twins strolls in. They found the new alfalfa bale, candy for the deer. I almost got a few good pictures but the camera batteries failed. I knew this was coming a bought a pack of batteries yesterday. That’s when I found I had four batteries in the ridge. Well, the mouse is going to need batteries soon; I’ve been getting the battery low message. Those cheap alkaline batteries do the trick for a few days to get by but not for anything longer then a few weeks. If I could have took the shot it was one of the babies giving an older deer licks on the nose. I stepped back into the house to rapidly change the batteries but the deer ran off rather fast. One of the twins is back that means Con and Friend aren’t to far behind. Simpson’s are on, it’s a repeat but so what, nothing else on but fake reality shows. Might as well stick with an old standard.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The heats been hard

The heats been hard on all the critters, it’s cooling off now still in the high 80’s or 90’s. I spent several hours watching Momma deer and her two children. The kids are a month old today. Growing fast and love playing is their main concerns so far. Saw a vulture flying low yesterday going over the tops of the trees. I noticed I haven’t seen Con a two-year-old deer. I have to remember to get a salt block for everyone. I haven’t seen all the critters here and hope all are alright.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feel so sorry

Feel so sorry, looking at the deer and wondering what is going on. How do you tell a deer your poor? Trying to tell some one my link with these forest friends is very difficult. It's not just a few animals but families that are living in this valley with me. I really see a need to help the wild life but others see it as just another animal, that they can do it on their own. There weren’t all these houses here before where they could do it on their own. When you don't see animals in the forest it's not because the moved away, it's because they have died off. Since injecting some help into the forest here so much more life mammals, birds, reptiles and plants have been coming back to a somewhat normal levels. I'm as much a part of their family as they are a part of mine.
There was a show on PBS the other day with the question why are the seals of the coast dieing? I didn't have to think long, it's that lack of animals up stream not filtering the water properly that is causing the down stream problems. Any time the balance of the eco system becomes upset it tries to compensate to get it back on course.

It’s the same with global warming; the earth wants to keep itself in a balance but that balance doesn’t work out on some people balance sheet. What a trade off, life on earth or lots of money for a short period of time. I guess it always boils down to the haves and the have-nots’.  Some one always pushing some sort of idealism that may look good for now but in the long run leads to wars, loss of cultures, loss of people. What do you tell your tribe, “Sorry, we made a bad deal many years ago and have to live with it, whether you like it or not.”