Thursday, August 24, 2006

Get your religious right hand out of my pants

Get your religious-right hand out of my pants. If the religious right is so moral, why do they have a hand down my pants and trying to get into everyone else’s? Must come from those celebrate priests fiddling about with those little boys. How can you make a decision that affects other people’s sex life when your house isn’t in order? It really gets me how these so-called religious people say they are right but do all the wrong things. Corporate corruption is a start, everyone that has been busted steeling from the people that invest in their company claim to be Christians. These same companies under fund their retirement programs. For a bunch of people saying they are “Christ like” they sure do a poor job showing it.

Bush says he won’t kill embryos but he will send people off to war to drive the price of oil higher so his friends can make billions at the expense of the American people.

It’s so amazing that religious zealots never see the things they are doing wrong. They will destroy the earth saying it’s Gods work they are doing. They talk about marriage and the family, how many of these families last more then a couple years in the red states. Seems they have more divorces then the blue states.

What I don’t get is someone that read the bible doesn’t mean you’re a scientist. Reminds me of someone that wanted to become a programmer but was reading the bible for his direction, never picking up the programming manual.

All through history any mystery need to be blamed on some one or something because they didn’t know any better. Science is science and facts are facts you can’t change that or make it into some sort of there after. If you want to believe, believe but don’t make other have to follow you down your road, it my be the wrong one.

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