Friday, December 29, 2006

Its been a sunny clear day

It’s been a sunny clear day, cool or even cold out but not that bad for being winter in the mountains. I’ve been watching little birds all day. Saw a Robin this morning along with two Flickers, which are birds that seem to be very allusive. The Scrub Jay’s and Steller’s Jay’s have been coming in waves. Seems the Steller’s jay and the Scrub jay like to fight or play not sure what it is. At times they look like enemies then they will be eating right next to each other I’ve seen a Titmouse and Sparrows this morning along with a few Nuthatch’s. Two other birds are the Rufous-sided Towhee and Dark-eyed “Oregon” Junco. The Junco is here for the winter while the Towhee is here all year round. It amazes me how brightly colored they are but blend into the background. I’m still getting used to the Audubon’s field book in how they measure a bird or how to find them in the book. I swear some of the pictures are the same bird with different names and the birds I’m looking for aren’t there. My turkeys are the only ones that sit still long enough to get good pictures of them.

Momma deer and her two little ones were here earlier. The babies were born on July 3rd and are as tall as the picnic table now.  It still amazes me that they understand a smile. I’m rather good friends with them but mom is still protective.

I got a good picture of an owl the other night but can’t figure out what kind it is. My bird book doesn’t have the best pictures. With all the cameras out there seems like a birder would be taking better pictures in natural posses.

Rats, going to have to run to the store for cat food for the skunks. Today’s Friday and skiers are going to Tahoe for the weekend so traffic is terrible. My back is killing me from being upright for to long today. I made one run into town this morning to get some blood tests done. Nice to see that the nurses still have my picture up on the walls. I’m going to have to bring in a bunch of pictures for Christmas presents. For now I think I’m going to lay on the heating pad and see if I can reduce the pain. Things are really getting painful to a point were you just hate every second. The pain pill don’t give you much relief either. I’m scheduled for a cortisone shot next month. I hope that helps a little, anything is better then being able to only stand for maybe two hours a day.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Babbling Bush makes

Babbling Bush makes disjointed speech. “Were not winning but were not loosing” he said. Panic management is in style if you’ve ever seen a company’s leader fall apart. Bush is the Enron of Presidents and he’s going down faster then a led balloon or Perris Hilton. Bush is so worried about what history is going to say about him that it’s eating him alive. He may joke and say it doesn’t bother him. That all his stubborn ideas are dragging the country down. After 9/11 the world was with us but today most of the world hates us. He should have paid more attention when he was in college he would be such a boob now. There’s no one in the world that can bail him out or stop the hate. If no one has noticed he dropped a lot of catch phrases. He doesn’t say “God Bless America” anymore; in fact he doesn’t mention “God” at all these days.

This goes to show everyone that looses can become president if they have enough money behind them.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No nog

No nog! Been going to the stores for my yearly dose of nog but it's all out. Heard about how to make nog on the radio last week but with 80% of the chickens having salmonella I don't think raw eggs would be good to eat. It's funny about salmonella because my uncle had a chicken ranch back in   Michigan. He had 3.5 million birds when they found salmonella. The government at that time made him destroy all his birds and burn down his barns. Some time between the 60's and now some one changed the laws to help out the chicken ranchers and tell people to cook it better. "Don't worry just cook the piss out like kidneys" the government says.It's about production these days and how many birds or animals they can push through. To have good quality control people need to be able to inspectmeat products. If you just sampling and hoping that the samples are all the same like building a machine sure you can use standard deviation formula. When random sample by an independent group test then and finds out that 80% of the birds have some sort of infection that could kill you or at least make you violently sick something's really wrong. You can't trust beef either. Ground beef is the worst but now it's radiated by gamma rays. Bananas come radiated by these same gamma rays and have a shelf life of a couple days unlike the bananas I got from friends in the sixties where a large stalk would last for a few weeks. Even my friends from Southern California that grew bananas in their back yard the bananas they tasted totally different because they were tree ripened and not picked green.
They stopped using DDT here in the states but third world countries that still use it and we import their foods. We know that DDT causes breast cancer along with other problems in humans and wild life. It's the bottom line that corporations are thinking of and not people’s health.Bush just signed a new bill to let chemical producer pump out fur time more pollution while restricting the information about what they are pumpingout. Shows me that this president doesn't care about people. He started a war that he can't finish. He has no plan for the future but how much money his friends can make before the hammer comes down. It's good to know that Bush will go down in history and the lousiest president ever.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Church are on self destruct. If you don't like the church your in start a new one make up new rules. People came to this country because of religious persecution but the fighting still goes on. It's funny too that the Church Of England is at the root of this turf war. Again the churches say Jesus told them that they don't have to love every body but only like minded bigots. Each break away church is more extreme then the last. Soon you'll be seeing these groups killing each other for not believing the same way these extreme groups. Wait they're doing that already and have been for centuries. Seems these out spokes leader are taking their flocks on a downward destructive spiral.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What did Jesus mean

What did Jesus mean when he said to love all? Did he mean just your friends? He loved the sick, the poor, the prostitutes, and the disenfranchised. He didn’t make rules on which he was going to show love to. These days as churches bastardize their beliefs and become bigots and turn their nose up at those with less then them or they aren’t the right color for their church. Even though the bible is supposed to be inspired by God man creeps in to make money off religions.

For years kings have bent the rules killing off others that challenged them and their authority. For some reason some people who I think are criminally insane have been the rulers of society. They only did things to help out their kingdoms but not the people of the kingdoms. They made up rules to keep them in power like saying it’s in there blood line that make them king when they were a bunch of inbreed defects perpetuating the recessive defects in your gene pool and your family line. When you have the church on your side you can change thing like breeding with your cousin or sister or face being killed apposing the leaders.

When people talk about evolution it’s not just what’s happen in the past few years but over millions of years. Science doesn’t look at the over all package of who you are today but the evolution of the skeleton structure. How muscles are attached to bone and when that changed. When say a double pivot joint first appeared in the time line of life and that all animals after then have that same features.

One thing about science it deals with logic and not myths. You can always improve ideas. You don’t have to sit there with the same old crap. It’s an ever changing book advancing human knowledge.

Friday, December 15, 2006

ATT and is an evil

ATT and is an evil company that sends you spyware to track your every move. As Mel Brooks said in one of his movies, “It’s nice to be the king.” Well in ATT case, “it’s nice to be a monopoly.” Hopefully the FCC with stop ATT from becoming even larger then they are now. Without competition the bill keeps going up just like what they are saying about other mergers. People have been paying to get high-speed fiber optics put in for over a decade and never put it in. Now they are saying it’s going to talk too much. They are afraid of VoIP because they won’t be able to charge people for long distance calls. They want to control the Internet and charge people for every bit they send. The United States has fallen behind the rest of the world as far as communications. You can go to some remote section of China and have high-speed Internet but not even have electricity. In Japan you can connect to the Internet at firewire speeds. Even commercial plans here in the U.S. can’t do that. Our military uses the Internet to communicate but it’s a third rate system because we are become a third rate country do to greed.

Inflation only helps the rich while keeping the poor, poor. It’s the story of the human race to oppress the masses so a few can live this better then life. Rich people have this need for power like an insanity. Think they call that one or two of those deadly sins.

It would be nice to see people that worked for the betterment of mankind and not the betterment of one or two greedy people.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Been a while since I

Been a while since I wrote anything. Been rather depressed with the loss of my big friend Buddy. Never thought I’d feel so sad to see a deer pass on. He’s has been such a good friend over the years. I own my life to Buddy for getting me outside and moving when I was on treatment for a life threatening illness. When Buddy didn’t see me outside he would come on the porch and look in the front door window. I’ll miss going foraging and playing with him.

I believe that people call animals stupid because the animals might take a none violent approach to life. My turkey friends are pacifist like the deer. The skunks might fight between groups but nothing is a fight to the death.

I had a couple possums come by last night along with my skunks. There was a stray kitty that came up on the porch that lives in the park. He grabbed a small piece of chicken. For the most part they can support themselves but on cold foul weather days like it has been they turn to me for help. Since they are fellow mammals I feel it’s my duty to help all mammals. The only difference between them and me is 2% of DNA. They are 98% the same as me so it make them like the Native Americans my brothers and sisters.