Sunday, December 17, 2006

What did Jesus mean

What did Jesus mean when he said to love all? Did he mean just your friends? He loved the sick, the poor, the prostitutes, and the disenfranchised. He didn’t make rules on which he was going to show love to. These days as churches bastardize their beliefs and become bigots and turn their nose up at those with less then them or they aren’t the right color for their church. Even though the bible is supposed to be inspired by God man creeps in to make money off religions.

For years kings have bent the rules killing off others that challenged them and their authority. For some reason some people who I think are criminally insane have been the rulers of society. They only did things to help out their kingdoms but not the people of the kingdoms. They made up rules to keep them in power like saying it’s in there blood line that make them king when they were a bunch of inbreed defects perpetuating the recessive defects in your gene pool and your family line. When you have the church on your side you can change thing like breeding with your cousin or sister or face being killed apposing the leaders.

When people talk about evolution it’s not just what’s happen in the past few years but over millions of years. Science doesn’t look at the over all package of who you are today but the evolution of the skeleton structure. How muscles are attached to bone and when that changed. When say a double pivot joint first appeared in the time line of life and that all animals after then have that same features.

One thing about science it deals with logic and not myths. You can always improve ideas. You don’t have to sit there with the same old crap. It’s an ever changing book advancing human knowledge.

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