Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Windows Live Mail craps out again and again

What trying to insert a picture and it causes Windows programs to crash. So what's new.
Can't change directories because that causes programs to crash. Takes forever to do anything in Windows when programs keep crashing over and over.

FAA gives workers 9 hours of rest time

Talking real big FAA says that workers have been fired and rest time goes from 8 hours to 9 hours. So what does 9 hours of rest time mean when it doesn’t take travel time and food into the mix along with getting ready for work after all working in the tower is a high stress job. If you live in a large city then 2 hours of travel time each way to work isn’t uncommon. Lunch or dinner on the go because you don’t have time to sit down and rest. 9 hours of rest time but the rest of the day you could be at work, that’s a lot of hours to be awake. Seems if you want to be safe that you would only want a person working on a high stress job for a maximum of 8 hours and the rest of the day being off and not the other way around.

Then again the FAA seems to think sitting in a hot jet for 4 hours is no big deal before people need to be aired out and fresh air needs to be put in the airplane. Makes you wonder if the FAA works for the people or the airlines industry. Do they really have peoples interests ahead of the airlines interests.

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Shy Kit Fox

Real nice kit fox looking out at the skunk and big brown doggie with sun bleached hair.

Big Doggie

"Well this looks like a nice place to lay down. I'll sleep here for a while."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crash again. Well it’s Windows 7


Crash, crash, crash, then the program closes. Start the program up again and it crashes again trying to change directories. Seems all the programs in the Windows Live series has that same problem. Internet Explorer also does that. Don’t have this problem with other browsers or programs just Microsoft programs. I just installed another 300 plus meg. update the other day. Maybe by the next version of Windows they will fix the problem. What I don’t understand is how Linux can get it right where you don’t get these crashes under your own programs. I can run Linux and several other operating system on Windows 7 and don’t have problems with those operating systems. Same thing with computers with Linux on it, never have any crashes.

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Mr. Tommy T. Big Bird


What a good looking bird looks like. Smart friendly big bird comes right up to me. You don’t see birds like this on your dinner table those birds are really messed up. Those farmed birds don’t have a normal set of feathers. They grow them so fast they never learn anything like wild birds. That’s a male three years of training to become a big bird. They are very long lived birds too. The males put on parades to impress the girls. It’s like the king and his court marching in front of the girls. I was amazed at seeing them form up like that. Unlike the farmed birds these birds do fly. One year there was six baby birds that mom raised up. The next year they were on their own and stuck together. When I saw them charge a bear to chase it off I was really amazed. All six flapping their wing running after the bear. The bear was going to climb a tree but didn’t have time and ran off. I’ve heard people say they are stupid birds and will drown if left in the rain but that’s not true. They know enough to get out of the rain and under the trees and bushes. They are a passive bird and I think people see that as a weakness. I was painting some board and kneeling down. The turkeys came up behind me and watched me painting until I stood up. I really find them an interesting bird.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Got Spine… Bolts?


front view side view 2

Front View                                                        Side View

A normal curve something I’ve been missing for over 20 years. Doctor said the spines bolted together and isn’t going no where. That’s good to know and makes it hard to get socks on. Some other things too but I’ve learned to get around the hang-ups so far. When the shell comes off I’m hoping that I’ll be able to extend better right now it’s getting in the way. Found out that everything’s made of titanium which is real good if I need to hop into a MRI machine again. At first I thought it was stainless steel which has iron in it with nickel. Good to know it’s titanium. Very interesting metal, ridged and strong, wears well.

Real amazed at the speed of my recovery. It’s not even painful to my back right now unlike my first two back surgeries 20 plus years ago. That recovery seemed like it went on forever.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

How’s IE working, crashed again and again and again…


Don’t you like Internet Explorer telling you it needs to recover the page, doesn’t load the page, can’t find the page, tells you to get help from a friend to solve the problem. What kind of crap is Microsoft selling? Another product sold before the bugs are out or even finished being developed. There was a feedback item under help before but that’s gone. Too many people being pissed off about software that doesn’t work. Has anything Microsoft sold ever worked right? Why is Linux taking over the market because it works.

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Burned out on Internet Explorer

I’m so tired of reloading and reloading the same page and hope that it loads in internet explorer. Used to never have that problem and work like everyone else’s browser. In fact other browser you might question but no more. What gets me is the broken page symbol in the address bar and when you hold the mouse over it it says that it’s an older web page and most likely not going to work right. Well isn’t that special that Internet Explorer isn’t backwards compatible. Why would anyone not make a program that wasn’t backwards compatible? It’s nice to have the new stuff from web 2.0 instruction set but why throw out what worked on a simple page that just might have a couple pictures and a little text.

Don’t have any problems with other browsers all of them I have installed that is so I can check web pages that I design and make sure they work in all browsers. Not sure what Microsoft is planning to do with there Internet Explorer program, are they only going to work with all the new Microsoft products and nothing else? Sure the new programming features are nice

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What’s wrong with Internet Explorer 9.0?

Am I the only one that has to press the reload button on Internet Explorer 9.0 several times before the page loads? Even Microsoft pages don’t load but give you the compatibility button. When you push the button it asks you if you want to get help from a friends or anyone but Microsoft. It’s like that with all Microsoft products ever since DOS 1.0 who wasn’t made by Microsoft but bought and the Microsoft name slapped on it and leased to IBM. Corrections? Well it was bought so like everything someone needed to be paid to figure out what’s going on and try to fix it. So far after installing the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer 9.0 I’ve had a bunch of updates and it still works the same like Windows 7. Try to save a picture and internet explore crashes. You finally go to another browser (Firefox) the dependable browser you have to save the picture. Feedback, don’t try it because it just causes the browser to crash. I think that’s a planned part of the program so you can’t give any feedback. I even signed up to send them info about crashes but haven’t seen that work since I’ve install version 9.0. Haven’t seen Windows 7 send any feedback when something crashes either. I’m sure there was so much feedback they made a patch to disable that part of the program.

Oh, the spell checker I’ve been using for years doesn’t work with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.0. It sticks in an extra word without taking the old word out plus adds a few more characters that don’t make any sense. That’s all run together and spell checker thinks it’s fine.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Getting the short end of ATT’s stick

How can ATT say they have good quality when they keep charging more for less service. No one likes the cell service because of dropped calls and now internet service suffers because they are shifting service from the people that have DSL to cell phones because they can get more money charging by the byte.  Just amazes me that I can get a letter and find out my service has been cut in half. They didn’t tell me they were rising my rate it just happened. What gets me is the DSL internet cost them less then pennies to the customer yet they want to get more then there share. Since they are a monopoly and no one minding the store they will keep raising rates. If you notice they want to service the customer that spends a hundred dollars a month.  What gets me is if more people are on at slow speeds the people with high speeds will slow down. It bothers me that it cost them the same price for each tier. Whether your on the slowest or fastest it cost ATT the same price. I think it’s time the government breaks up ATT again into smaller companies like they did with Bell.  They are trying to take over T Mobile. Soon there’s only going to be one cell phone company like there is only one DSL service or one phone company where you don’t have a choice in who you can get service from. The P.U.C. is pro business and let them have anything they want. The P.U.C. is suppose to protect people not work to help out big business take every last cent from people. I’m sure the lobbyist are there every day hammering on the P.U.C. something the people don’t have. Maybe if we had lobbyist for the people hammering on the P.U.C. every day the people would be getting better prices.

What gets me is the U-verse service is just a way of sending compressed data. They are also charging for higher speed cell service when they just have enhanced version 3 not version 4. No matter who’s service you get there is no version 4 of the cell phone service. It’s just a sale pitch and advertising.

It was good that the PUC protected the people when PG&E asked to raise rates because people were saving so much energy that it was cutting in to their profits. We lost out during the last oil crunch when they said natural gas was costing more when oil was the only thing that was going up.

Speed Tiers


Broadband Service Product Name*
Downstream Speed Range

AT&T High Speed Internet Basic
Fast Access DSL Lite
200 Kbps - 768 Kbps

AT&T High Speed Internet Express
Fast Access DSL Ultra
769 Kbps - 1.5 Mbps

AT&T High Speed Internet Pro
AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Pro
Fast Access DSL Xtreme
1.56 Mbps - 3.0 Mbps

AT&T High Speed Internet Elite
AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet
Fast Access DSL Xtreme 6.0
3.1 Mbps - 6.0 Mbps

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max
6.1 Mbps - 12.0 Mbps

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max Plus
12.1 Mbps - 18.0 Mbps

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max Turbo
18.1 Mbps - 24 Mbps

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Mentally ill pastor burns holy book in Florida

Full of hate, crazy man who is a antichrist church leader burns holy book to prove how evil he is. “Hate is my American right,” Terry Jones said. “I hate everyone,” he said. 30 of his malformed inbreed church followers stood behind.

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