Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What’s wrong with Internet Explorer 9.0?

Am I the only one that has to press the reload button on Internet Explorer 9.0 several times before the page loads? Even Microsoft pages don’t load but give you the compatibility button. When you push the button it asks you if you want to get help from a friends or anyone but Microsoft. It’s like that with all Microsoft products ever since DOS 1.0 who wasn’t made by Microsoft but bought and the Microsoft name slapped on it and leased to IBM. Corrections? Well it was bought so like everything someone needed to be paid to figure out what’s going on and try to fix it. So far after installing the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer 9.0 I’ve had a bunch of updates and it still works the same like Windows 7. Try to save a picture and internet explore crashes. You finally go to another browser (Firefox) the dependable browser you have to save the picture. Feedback, don’t try it because it just causes the browser to crash. I think that’s a planned part of the program so you can’t give any feedback. I even signed up to send them info about crashes but haven’t seen that work since I’ve install version 9.0. Haven’t seen Windows 7 send any feedback when something crashes either. I’m sure there was so much feedback they made a patch to disable that part of the program.

Oh, the spell checker I’ve been using for years doesn’t work with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.0. It sticks in an extra word without taking the old word out plus adds a few more characters that don’t make any sense. That’s all run together and spell checker thinks it’s fine.

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