Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cast on, Cast Off, Pin in, Pin Out! Way Out

Surgery is almost over. Got the cast off today and the pin pulled out all 2 1/2 inches of it. I feel so much freer now. I've felt stuck here unable to do anything. Hands still stiff and doesn't function so well but it's better then having that cast on and not being  able to do anything with my hand.

So nice to wash the hand. Skin is coming off like a wet old news paper. Hand is smaller from apathy. Going to have to work on getting things built up again. I have a Velcro cast now and need to go back to the doctor in a month. The best feeling so far was my hand under the warm water washing it. Such a difference then no washing for the last 6 weeks. Definitely a funky smell from the hand when the cast came off.

So, going to be typing  a lot to get my hand back in shape. I think it will be a while before I'm hammering or using power tools.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Well today has started up okay. I'm tired but could stay awake. Don't feel depressed and not sure if I should trust my feelings right now but it sure does feel good. When you feel depressed for so long a change is very shocking so I'm suspicious of it.

Day light came up slow. The turkeys were here hunting down seeds. The sun wasn't showing yet and it was still a little dark out. Don't like the day light savings time. I'd rather have the time set and it would stay that way through the year.

Was reading about computer parts, some new products coming out. I like the idea of a hard drive with no moving parts. Flash memory hard drive that uses a fraction of the power of one with a motor and less heat too. Blu-Ray disk reader/writers have come down in price. New AMD 6 core CPU, CPU that fits in a quad core socket and takes advantage of the extra two CPU's. I'm lucky to have a one core. Maybe one day I'll have the money or someone will give me there old computer. I see video boards with lots of memory are $30 bucks. The price of hard drive seem to go up. 1T is about $100 dollars. There were down to almost $50 dollars. The USB drives are cheap also, that might be the way to go without a serieal interface.

Well time for a nice bowl of Oat meal. Then lets see how the day goes.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

What going on

Worried. About me, my father, people close to me that I haven't heard from in a while. Been thinking about a relationship. That's usually shot if I'm doing something whee that takes up most of my time.

Saw the skin under the cast, the day the cast was removed and checked.

Just heard a speech Bush did about Geneva what ever part 3, about torture. I don't know what all the fuss is and the tour groups coming in. forgot what it's for except you don't torture people while holding them. I'm not my usual self, I'm in a lot of pain and that keeping me from talking or thinking properly. At times the pain pills aren't strong enough and other time too much.

To top off the day as I'm calling my father the nurse seemed to be fighting with him and said my father is slipping not sure what that means. Is he slipping holing on to my father, doing a one person rolling the person over. I'm sure if your a hospital you really would want two people turning a person like that. One person puts to much stress on the body. I know what I was rolled over or side to side I had two nurses and one spotter.

Out of all the nurses I had to deal with those to black women were the best nurses ever. When I moved here I was in the hospital for about a week. It also had a bad record to, it preceded them. I was watch the nurse give me a syringe. It was raining outside and the nurse wasn't going to give up when she's doing a perfect finger nail. The ones that look good but you couldn't pick up anything with.