Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Well today has started up okay. I'm tired but could stay awake. Don't feel depressed and not sure if I should trust my feelings right now but it sure does feel good. When you feel depressed for so long a change is very shocking so I'm suspicious of it.

Day light came up slow. The turkeys were here hunting down seeds. The sun wasn't showing yet and it was still a little dark out. Don't like the day light savings time. I'd rather have the time set and it would stay that way through the year.

Was reading about computer parts, some new products coming out. I like the idea of a hard drive with no moving parts. Flash memory hard drive that uses a fraction of the power of one with a motor and less heat too. Blu-Ray disk reader/writers have come down in price. New AMD 6 core CPU, CPU that fits in a quad core socket and takes advantage of the extra two CPU's. I'm lucky to have a one core. Maybe one day I'll have the money or someone will give me there old computer. I see video boards with lots of memory are $30 bucks. The price of hard drive seem to go up. 1T is about $100 dollars. There were down to almost $50 dollars. The USB drives are cheap also, that might be the way to go without a serieal interface.

Well time for a nice bowl of Oat meal. Then lets see how the day goes.

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