Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiny Flower Time

Looks like "Daisy's" but much smaller. It's "Chamomile" flowers. I have them popping up all over. For a good part of the year this flowers are out making the yard look nice. I do have Shasta Daisy's also here and they are much bigger. It's nice how there are so many of these little flowers covering my gardens. I don't have to do much to take care of these they just grow wild. I like that there's so many of these not hundreds but thousands of them. The animals don't eat them. Makes a good ground cover.

Bochmann in Christian Ponzy scheme

Madoff to the wind out of the story about the Ponzy scheme Bochmann was linked to. She was pushing born again's to a scam, one of her friends selling bogus investments. Then wrote a letter defending her buddy to keep him out of prison. That's still going to court. So her best days are behind her. The fall out from this scam isn't going to be kind to her. There's a lot of mad people wanting their money back. The investment scam was also used to fuel her political champagnes.

Hearing the other matters about her, she's only interested in herself and not the people she's voted to represent. She part of the extreme Christian Right and has her facts confused. It's going to be interesting to watch the media fact check her because she's going to end up like Palin and a foot note in time.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bockmann, another idiot tea bagger, hoser

Guys vote for her thinking they are getting into her pants. Just another big mouth. Just because you want to slash and burn the country for fun and profit count me out.

Used to be republicans were somewhat normal people but now they want to impress each other by how radical they are. The tea baggers are even more radical then Bush and he was out of the park. Why any person that's in the working class would vote republican, they need their heads examined because they are just shooting themselves in the foot. The antisocial republicans are just that and it's the mentally kind. They are defending corporations not having to pay tax and want to make up the difference by placing the burden on the working class. They want to and are dismantling social programs because a democrat came up with it. They are doing everything that Hoover did leading up to the great depression again and want to take it further. They won't bring back Glass Stegal Act which the republicans pushed and are still pushing for deregulation. Look at the disheveled Greenspan who said that deregulation doesn't work the market can't be trusted to police itself. Yet the republicans weakened the Dodd/Franks Bill giving investment banks free ride again. Stock markets can sell you crap and get away with it again because the republicans depend on insider trading. Republicans don't want people to have health care and want people to go bankrupt. Law makers have it easy and the best health care money can buy. Well they are the best money can buy too, but you get what you pay for. Republicans are what's wrong with this country and doing everything they can for power including breaking the country for fun and profit.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Kitfox

New little guy.  Shy, nervous, alert the little kitfox paces and gets kitty's food.  Had to shoot through the screen of the security door. This little one is about one half the size of the mother. I've been hearing little yips in the evening so thinking there might be more then one.

They are a bit far north. They shouldn't be father then Fresno and living in the valley. Well it is getting hotter down there plus a lot of development. Migration has to happen so they are adapting to the new climate change.

Oh Poor Young Fellow

It looks like Jeffrey's younger brother is blind in one eye. Stumpy was going blind in one eye but his problem was due to old age. This your fellow looks like he might have been poked in the eye or was kicked. Some how they do adapt and can live a long life but I'm a bit worried for him. He won't have depth perception. He's a bit jumpy when others come up on the right side because they surprise him.  Stumpy had cataracts but this looks different. There's a scar above his eye which could be from a deer's foot kicking him. There's a few bigger guys that can be rather mean. Most of the deer that come here are very nice and peaceable. When I called one deer a mean deer it really effected them and they were sad. They hung there head down until I told them they were okay.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunny Boy

One of the twins, my Sunny Boys. Born last year around July 4th to Pretty Girl. They have been great to watch grow up over the last year. There's a baby girl that loves to run with the boys. One day she was so disappointed when she came here and the boys went here. She cried out for the boys over and over looking everywhere in the yard for them. The mothers are good at letting the kids play while they rest in the shade. One day there was seven babies running as hard as they can around the valley. Seeing the smiles on all the babies was a wonderful sight. Baby deer are so full of life. So happy at everything they see.  I'll find them looking up at the hummingbirds watching them fly to the feeder. Seeing the babies jump in the air and kick just to test their legs. The Sunny Boys always run ahead of mom getting here first every day. I don't know who is happier to see who when they get here.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Here's looking at you

Surprise! It's kittens, my little ones a little camera shy but just the cutest little ones. Working on trying to get all three kittens together playing. This is the first time I tried using GIMP for more then just viewing a picture and took a bit to find out where the tools were. GIMP is a free open source program that runs on many platforms. (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mango brings back the wrong thoughts

Microsoft came out with the Mango but that makes me think if Chris Kattan and his character from a Saturday Night Live skit where he plays Mango. So when I saw the ad for Mango it brought back this character of what sex you never knew, it was Mango. Sure was funny so now hearing about a phone called Mango I take it as a phone that's going to be doing odd things to you and others. Think I'll pop in the Corky Romano DVD and do a bit of laughing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gangs all here

Been out with my deer friends. They have been lounging around since the bears left. The mother deers look a bit lighter and I believe they had their babies. There's one that still looks pregnant. Saw Momma Girl's ears perk up and she dashed across the creek to the other side where I think her babies are hiding. Pretty Girl did the same thing the other day. She went down to a spot on the creek and came back up to the house area. Most of the creek grass was cut down. They all have areas they like to lay down in the tall grass. Some like under a tree. They all like eating the low hanging branches of the apple trees. Can't wait to see the little babies. They are really fun to watch. See how happy they are always smiling. They like running around here and the mothers will lounge around watching them.

Saw a couple baby skunks following mom around. I could smell the babies after spaying it's a unique skunk smell like Vitamin B with a little over tone of skunk. Have to work with them so they won't be afraid of me.

The kittens are a lot of fun to watch playing with each other. Momma Kitty still hisses at me. I'm not sure if it's because she's wide or wants me to keep back from the babies.

I was cropping a photo of the kitties when my 13 month old HP computer melted down. What a scam HP has. You pay for a whole computer if you get the extended warranty. Cost $99 dollars for them to tell me it was broken. I knew that, that's why I called tech support. They could tell me anything except give us money and we will tell you that you have a broken computer and it's going to cost you $327 in advanced to fix it. So that's over $425 to get the computer repaired and only a 3 month warranty after that. A new mother board cost $120. If they replace my hard drive because the mother board to the drive to do strange things I'll loose my data. Even sending the computer in and not replacing the drive they can't say the data would be there because they just clone a drive. They only know one way of doing things and it's not customer friendly. Now I'm stuck with a 20 pound door stop. It's funny that HP would send me an update 30 days after my warranty ran out and my machine craps out. It said in the log it fixed my BIOS. It had a lot of other things it said it done too to the registry.

HP makes good science equipment but not computers. Everything is made by someone else. I'm sure HP doesn't even assemble the computers. I read several forums where people are looking for mother boards because there's burned up. It's real funny it's the same model of mother board that craps out too. I didn't see that it was different models just this one a PEGATRON M2N78-LA made by ASUS.

Monday, June 13, 2011

HP Computers, they never loose

After my long talk with HP service Techs, the guys in India with a flip book to try to figure out what's going on with the computer. I've come to the realization They only know what's on the cards they are reading and no more. They don't understand computers and it only cost me $99 dollars for the phone call to tell me I have defective parts at no fault of my own. For another $327 dollars they will fix the computer but no guarantee on saving anything on the hard drive, just that I will get a computer back in a somewhat new state like when I first opened it up. That means I'll have to reload all my software digging through hundreds of disks to do that. The software I bought online will be gone along with my music, lectures, All my data on earthquakes over the past year. All my photos all 15,000 pictures. My videos I transferred from tape to the hard drive. I'll have to be downloading software not to mention two days of Windows 7 updates. What gets me is the prices they are charging. I could get the same mother board from the manufactures for $100 dollars. I could get a 3TB drive for the price they want for a 1TB drive, same manufactures. What gets me if their warranty notice. They told me my warranty will be running out soon, since I was busy at the time I pressed remind me. The Tech said it ran out 40 days ago and just for phone support to find out that I'm going to have to send it in because they can't find a card to fix the problem because they aren't real computer tech but phone guys and it's going to cost me another $327 but he said you get the one year of phone service you just paid for. They don't pro rate that for the time they have the computer in the shop. They only give you a 3 month warranty on the new parts not like the 1 year when you bought the computer. I believe I got the late notice about extending my warranty because they would have to replace any parts and make a $99 dollar fee which most people never use unless you get a defective computer. I've never had a computer fail like this but then I bought good mother boards where the IWill Manufacture give you a life time warranty on it's products no questions asked.

So, HP makes disposable computers because it's cheaper to buy a new one then having it repaired. They say they have warranty but that's as good as the paper it's written on. Every with that you still have to pay. Everything they will do you have to pay.

I used to work on PH test equipment and that was built good but there computers are all parts from other people. I'm sure they don't even assemble them and they sub out the repairs too. I heard that some transport companies now have a corning in the warehouse where they fix computers. They don't really fix them because they don't have that bright of people there it's people that keep replacing parts until it works.

So you might loose all your data on the hard drive because they replaced the hard drive when the only thing that might be wrong is a bad cable and they might find that out last after replacing everything in the computer first.

I taped the phone call and plan to edit it down because it's 90 minutes before I ran out of tape. The phone call was over 2 1/2 hours. You will be surprised at what they say and how much they put you on hold. That a part that I found amazing being on hold they talk about all the things that went wrong with my computer after it did an HP update and there software did some fixes. And yes those service cost you more money but by the time you pay for your computer twice you will at least maybe get a computer that works.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why it's Jeffrey

My shy friend Jeffrey. He always is smiling and happy but looks somewhat sad at times. He always cheers up after I talk with him. It's real nice interacting with the wildlife. They do respond to a smile and kindness. I'm so amazed that each deer has it's own personality. They are very smart too.

Deer Friend Buddy

My deer friend Buddy. He was kicked last winter by a larger deer and broke his jaw. Now his tongue hangs out but it hasn't got him down. I was worried he was going to have problems. He can't open the right side of his mouth properly. Since he was kicked he picked up that bad habit which I keep telling him it's not nice. He's getting that, just taking a bit. He was really friendly before he was kicked but that effected him. He's really a good deer just had some bad breaks. I think he might grow out of this habit. I'll keep working with him. He is a real friendly deer. He's real good with the girls.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Mom and baby

From baby kitties to baby squirrels and soon baby deer. there’s some of my favorite one year old male deer here along with the girls. Momma squirrel and her baby too.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Pretty Birds

I’m always amazed at the wildlife here. Every spring and summer birds come through like this Black Headed Gross Beak. I’m not sure but think it’s the bird with a great song. I’ll hear the songs but never see the bird directly singing. They don’t seem to like landing on the ground at least I haven’t seen them there. Seems the birds come by at different times of the day. Morning time is one time that all the birds want something to eat. Then there’s a pause in the day until late afternoon and evening.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Amazing Nose

The porch light came on and this is what I got to see. A big nose wandering around sniffing things. I was at my desk on the computer and grabbed my camera when I saw the nose at the window looking in at me. I’m always amazed at the wildlife here. There’s always something new to see. Have to wonder what’s going on in that big head when it looked into my eyes as I was looking into it’s brown eyes.

This is the first time the bears have been around more then just a sighting. There’s a baby Boo-Boo bear which I thing is one of these guys baby. So there must be a den where they live. I don’t know if they are always on the move or not.

When the bears were here last night the owls were real vocal. when the bears came through in the day time the birds seem to go silent. The small bear, Boo-Boo looks cute sitting on the picnic table and looks real small but is rather large and will grow even large. I’ve noticed that long lived animals stay with mom for a while where they learn how to be themselves. They have to learn what to eat and where to look for it.  I feel sorry for them in that their lands are being taken over. I saw a story on the news where a woman couldn’t understand why a mother bear and it’s two babies walked through their back yard in the house they just built near Tahoe. She was so confused that a bear could even think about walking in her yard after moving from the city to the forest. She couldn’t figure out they built a house in the bears backyard. 

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