Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh Poor Young Fellow

It looks like Jeffrey's younger brother is blind in one eye. Stumpy was going blind in one eye but his problem was due to old age. This your fellow looks like he might have been poked in the eye or was kicked. Some how they do adapt and can live a long life but I'm a bit worried for him. He won't have depth perception. He's a bit jumpy when others come up on the right side because they surprise him.  Stumpy had cataracts but this looks different. There's a scar above his eye which could be from a deer's foot kicking him. There's a few bigger guys that can be rather mean. Most of the deer that come here are very nice and peaceable. When I called one deer a mean deer it really effected them and they were sad. They hung there head down until I told them they were okay.

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