Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What is porn and what is a nasty book

I've been hearing the take from the Supreme Court talking about porn, child porn and what books to ban. Listening to the arguments just gets me when people take religion into the matter. Some people are just twister and need porn to get off. I don't know if it's because they are insecure with themselves. Whether it was their upbringing and the religion that was forced on them which kept them from developing normally. The people that want to live this Victorian life on the outside but once they are in a bedroom they become some nasty thing and do things they condemn in the outside world. So many people like senators and Christian leader and their followers talk against different life style but end up they find they are doing the life style they condemn.

The bible is a good example of a book with a lot of naughty passages. Mosses gets raped by his son. There's a lot of bigoting going on. Lets not forget the angel that came to Mary, must have been a real good lay.

Lets not forget the fundamentalist Mormons who marry off as teens to old crusty perverts.

Then there is the middle easter cultures that have to have a virgin to marry. Or that when they go to their heaven they get a bunch of virgins. That would be ironic if all the virgins looked like their mother and that's why they are virgins in their heaven.

From what I heard that child molesters where once molested them self and that's why they do it too.

It seems you do what you have learned as you were growing up.

When it comes to locking people up for long periods of time to take them out of society, I really think that's sort of the right idea but they should be treated as mentally ill people. Throwing someone into a violent environment without some sort of treatment will only get you a violent person when they come out.

Well enough ranting, time to get on with the day. It must be because I didn't sleep well that I'm so ornery today. I think what I was trying to posse was that some people just jump into ideas to restricted others and they are just as twisted themselves.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bombs away Bush. Chaney told me to...

We the people? Well is it really? From wire taps to hiring solders of fortune to fight our battles so we don't get blamed. Protecting the Constitution, well are you really or just making a few bucks for your friends at the expense of the American people.

Bush administration levels more sanctions against Iran. Does that me Chaney's Halliburton will finally have to leave Iran or are they going to continue to say they are a international company and stay in Iran. They still haven't left Iran since the first sanctions started under Carter.

Then again that might cause Chaney's kickbacks to be cut and he wouldn't want that.

There should be a law that if you can't say, "Nuclear" you can't use it. After all these years of being criticized about his pronunciation of the word Bush still hasn't gone to a speech therapist to learn how to say the word.

Is the "New World Order" going to be a world run by corporations?

CO2, we'll, take care of that tomorrow when things are better

It's interesting how governments are putting off cutting down on CO2 and making such small strides to cut CO2. Things like cutting 20 or 30% but 2020 sure it's good but we know that the worlds condition is direr right now. I see this slow action as like the people on Easter Island cutting down the last trees to put up ideals. Whether it was to appease the gods or to catch the eye of a passing ship. We are in the same predicament today. We need acting today. The worlds atmosphere is messed up right now. Cutting the CO2 in the future isn't going to help the worlds existence. When you talk about billions of people being displaced so you can keep your life style right now doesn't make much sense. This is going to be a mass extinction of the earth and nothing short of that. So your kids have to swelter but you grandkids bake in an oven, how does that make sense to put things off and only reduce CO2 a little bit. This is something your going to see in your life time. It's not going to be a story passed down from generation to generation. Your not going to be able to say this is how it was but more we used to be able to breath. We used to have plants here and new the danger but ignored it and put it off to tomorrow to fix things, waiting and hoping for technology.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2.3% cost of living increase, boy that was real white of you

It just amazes me every time congress or the senate votes themselves a raise. Meanwhile working people don't have that luxury. Maybe we need to take our elected officials raises to a vote and not leave it to them. They gave people a 2.3% cost of live for social security which works out to about $24 dollars. Maybe congress and the senate should only get the same amount of a raise based on what social security gets. So if they get $24 dollars a month raise congress and senate get the same money too, not a percentage but $24 dollars. No more of this 30 or 40 or 50 thousand dollar raises. They are all rich to begin with and could live just fine without working. Then again they didn't get rich by giving there money away. Rich people tend to be rather cheap and only think of themselves. Look at Bush vetoing the S-CHIP program saying it's going to cost too much but his war for oil for his friends he will spend you money like crazy. Now there is a bunch of investigations ongoing about kick backs on food and supplies for the troops and the cost of the war. Chaney still getting kick backs fro Halibuton. They even moved out of the country so it would be harder to audit them. When it comes to companies dealing with countries put on the no trade list Haliburton will be there. They have never left Iran of Lybia. As they say crime pays and it pays rather well. Bush's legacy will be the president that ran the country into the ground while enriching his friends. I can't wait for the next landslide election in 2008. That when there won't be the obstructionist left in office supporting Bush and that's when some real investigations can happen. The scary thing I see that can happen it the republicans pay someone to attack the country to get reelected. You don't think they would do that just look at what they have done so far.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Propane and propane accessories

Well, heater stopped working last week after sitting all summer. After taking the gas valve out, it was full of black goo. I had to order a valve and replace the generator a bi-metal strip. In ordering the valve I found the the propane dealers didn't know much about their products. One dealer said propane comes from the ground and the refinery puts it in tanks. When I questioned what the refinery does he really didn't know. Then it was the question about the difference between LP Gas and Propane, as far as they were concerned they were the same. Looking up the heater I found that the LP Gas model was more expensive. Dealing with a supplier of heater products they couldn't tell me what the difference was between the valves just that it was a different serial number. I use propane but a LP Gas unit was installed here. He won't sell me a propane valve or even look it up but he will replace the LP Gas valve. I looked up the difference between the gases and it's a big difference. Propane a distillate from crude oil. So it butane which is added to propane to make up LP Gas. The ratio is 60% propane and 40% butane to make up LP Gas. Natural gas is totally different as far as the chemical make up. Natural gas has a lot of goodies in it to make it what it is; methane , which make up most of the gas, 70 to 90%, then ethane, butane, propane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen sulfide. What gets me is how so called professionals don't know their products and why they work like they do. I could see the LP Gas need a product that is more resistant to alkaline gas. It just amazes me that these people like the ones at Suburban Propane here in Placerville just think gas comes right from the ground and it put in tanks. They were the original people that put the heater in in 1985. Why they would use a LP Gas unit instead of a Propane Gas unit, I can only surmise they sold it because it was listed at $100 dollars more then the Propane and Natural Gas units.