Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fiscal Cliff or Fiscal Theater, Don’t tax the rich job creators!

Taxes aren’t being raised but returning to where they were before the tax reduction from Bush and Obama. There was a deal to reduce the deficit over ten years which isn’t much when you get down to it. 150 billion a year for ten years. That will pay for both wars the republicans forgot to pay for but put it on plastic and charged it. Then there was the world economic rescue. This saved the world’s banks from totally failing.  So what is the media talking about? Is it just a metaphor? Is the media taking this too far? Is this like the ” Y2K ” hype? Remember that where they said planes were going to fall from the sky. Banks would be broken and not be working and you couldn’t use your ATM cards. Why aren’t they talking about jobs? Too many right to work states and not enough unions. Where is the problem, is it the lobbyist passing out tons of money to congress and senate and spreading cheer and myths about government? They are saying, Raise the age for Medicare. This would save around 100 billion at the end of ten years but the people getting sick and coming onto Medicare would be in worse shape costing Medicare more over all. When people retire they are pretty much used up. I was forced into retirement because of my medial shape, I was used up far before my time. Without Medicare and Social Security I’d be living under a bridge some where.

Let the “Fiscal Cliff” be permanent. It’s going to cut funds to the military industrial complex. Taxes will be back to where they were back in Clinton’s days when the economy was doing fine and making jobs and there was a balanced budget.  As Clinton was signing one of his budgets he said, “this will make sure the budget is balanced for the next 25 years.” Then Bush came around and cut taxes for the rich which was back loaded so the longer it went on the more they would get mainly because of the tax breaks such as capital gains and other deductions that the poor and middle class can’t take advantage of.

Why is Obama trying to deal now when the republicans only want tax breaks for the rich. It’s not just lower income tax but a whole line of breaks they get. Why hasn’t anyone said, Lets tax those people on Wall Street when they buy things. A sales tax on stocks and bonds and other financial instruments. When you buy anything you have to pay sales tax except for those rich people who caused the problems we had in 2008 and afterwards till now. I heard is they were taxed 1% it would add up to hundreds of billions a year.

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Friday, December 07, 2012

DTV what a piece of crap!

Unless your in close proximity to a transmitter antenna your never going to get a good signal. The signal seems to break up during a show and come back during a commercial. I’ve missed the endings of so many show. The signal will be fine until the last ten minutes of the show. So you always miss the ending. I’ve been watching a show tonight and missed twenty minutes after the beginning of the show just enough time to want to see what is going on. I’ve got to see ten minutes out of an hour and can’t figure to much out of a fast paced show with a lot of changes and turns. I try to be real Zen over my TV watching but when fog or the weather causes the signal to break up something that analog TV never did. At least with analog the signal might break up but you could still see and hear it. I’ve noticed that it takes 4 times as much power to go 1/4 the distance. I don’t know what to do to get a better signal other then what I’ve done so far.

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Now that's a storm

Had a series of storms come through this week. The one today was real intense. High winds, trees bending like little sticks, rain going sideways. My poor kitties hide on the back porch and under things. Sprockets was on the back porch and kept looking out over the yard by looking under the railing. Was the first time Dieter came up to me and let me pet her. She then rub against me walking around me, that was the first time she let me pet her. The kitties really like being assured things were okay but they were still scared with all the noise. I saw a blue sky late this afternoon going into the evening. I was out feeding the kitties a little bit ago and it was so silent outside. No wind. No rain. No noise. The air was cold and feeling heavy. Tomorrow will be a clean up day.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why TAXES should be higher on rich?


He’s the reason why taxes should be back to the 1950’s rate so that the country has the money to work.


Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein came to Capitol Hill this week to call for cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. As Congress and the White House are negotiating a year-end deficit deal, Blankfein blustered about the need to “lower people’s expectations” about their retirement and health care. He was loose with his facts. He spoke with all the sympathy for someone struggling to get by on a $14,000-a-year retirement that you’d expect from a Wall Street banker paid $16 million last year. To Bernie, Blankfein’s attack on working families is obscene. “Think about the arrogance of these guys on Wall Street who were bailed out by the middle class of this country when their greed and recklessness nearly destroyed the financial system, and now they come to Capitol Hill to lecture Congress and the American people about the need to cut programs for working families,” Bernie said. “This is what class warfare is all about.”

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tropical Storm, wet week

It’s the first big storm of the year. So fat the winds aren’t so bad but the constant rain is getting old. It’s been raining with one break mid-day to evening. Was listening to a San Francisco radio station and they said there could be 12 inches of rain in the coastal mountains. A local station said there could be 12 to 18 inches of water in the foothills. So far the steady rain hasn’t been that bad. The Weather Undergrounds maps showed the break today. Now it’s looking rather grim. It looks like rain all night. Sure wish I had indoor kitties. I feel bad they are outdoor cats. I have dry places for them on the deck under large tarps that cover the side of the house. Weatherman on TV said get ready for storm two. Just wonder what’s after that. Well on the bright side I get to do indoor projects. Read my VB book and learn VB or Java.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Warp Engine and going really, really fast

Found this article on "warp engines" and space travel near the speed of light.

 How NASA might build its very first warp drive
It really sounds good but the amount of energy needed puts it out of reach at this time and who know maybe we will come up with some sort of anti-matter cores that produce all sorts of energy like in Star Trek. The warp engine isn't called a warp engine but The Alcubierre Drive. Michio Kaku dubbed Alcubierre's notion a "passport to the universe." Just need to solve that power problem. Have to have a infinite power supply which doesn't sound like something humans are going to be doing anytime soon when we are still burning coal, something out of the 19th century. Well they were burning coal to heat homes and buildings because they cut the trees down and burned them so getting out of the burning era and into something new is a bit far off.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Fiscal Cliff

When one person you’re the phrase Fiscal Cliff it traveled the media like wildfire. Some reporters can’t use it enough like in every sentence at least once. The worry is that the middle class will stop spending after January first and won’t buy a lot of junk for Christmas because they are worried about “The Fiscal Cliff” an over rated catch phrase. Catch phrases come and go. Remember 9/11 and “Connect the Dots?” What about the first gulf war and “Hunker Down?” Everyone was “Hunkering in place” waiting for the next catch phrase to repeat. The latest word or phrase is “Superstorm Sandy.” If you use a spell checker “Superstorm” isn’t in there. I thought the words would have been hyphenated as “Super-Storm” but everyone followed the leader and made it one word, a new word. It is good the climate  change is in the media but the way it’s being used is like filler to a program. The people doing the reporting couldn’t care less what they are reporting about they are just reading copy. Copy, a page or pages of text written by a writer for a person to read on camera or in front of a microphone which is transmitted to the masses.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stitchen the front yard

100 pictures stitched together to make this. I had to make it about 1/4 the size because it was 170 megs. Check it out... click on the photo to zoom in.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Stitching Photos


These are amazing the added depth because the pictures are made up with six or more photos. This free ICE program from Microsoft is pretty good. I'll have to take some photos with the idea of stitching them together. These were just a bunch of photos I was taking of one area. The JPG files are a lot larger then the originals. Just amazing the depth the photos have.

Quit playing with the Boehner

Boehner wants tax cuts for the 1%. As it is the 1% has grown at a rate of 265% above the middle class. The .01% have gone into the sky and rates over 1024% and Boehner want to pay back the rich people for putting him in office. Too bad he's such a peckerhead. Look at that, an orange Boehner.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Little buddy lounging on the deck. After playing with the sock and friends she down for a lounge. Just a cute little girl.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What was that?

So what about hurricane Sandy. What was it? A super storm? Three storms? Hundred year storm? Thousand year storm? There hasn't been a storm like this in forever. Not while humans were around to document it anyways. There are a lot of flaws in the system that's for sure. No way of plugging up all those hole going under ground. Of course there are the houses built in the wrong place, on a sand bar right on the coast. The talking heads call it extreme weather but that's what they called the hundred plus degree heat this summer. Then the last hurricane was suppose to be a fluke, a once in a hundred year storms. We're getting those event every year now. They don't say anything about global warming or climate change. The talking heads say you can't say this storm was because of global warming or climate change. This year was the hottest year since they started taking records. Last year was the hottest since they started keeping records. It's been getting worse every year for the last thirty years. For me here it seemed like there was only a few days that it wasn't over a hundred this summer. It was months at a time over a hundred. Last year it was weeks at a time over a hundred. Seems like I'm hearing, "That really was a fluke in the weather" more and more. The talking heads on TV call it extreme weather. Was extreme rain storm that was a thousand miles wide. That's got to be a fluke. "Had we listened to climate scientist....." They said it was going to be like this and it is too.

What can be done? Don't build there. You can't build houses on the shore and expect insurance to pay for a new house every other year. Maybe if insurance companies stop insuring houses and things on shores where you know storm surge is going to hit the beaches. Would be nice if the shore line would be shared with more people then cluttered up with boxes on the beach.

How many extreme weather event does it take to get your attention? Just in the USA, 14 extreme disasters last year and 7 this year so far. Knowing that green house gases cause the problems it would be a good idea to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are going to be areas that will be lost to the future and sea level rise. They will be a marker of a time gone by. It's going to cost too much to repair or replace things when the extreme weather events happen every year in the same spots. More people are finally getting the boot to the head to wake up and pay attention to whats going on in the world. Some people though have their head barred in the sand saying it's not really happening but that will change.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One sunny day

 Momma Kittie on the fence enjoying the sunny day. The ropes on the cedar fence is just for looks. It's all screwed and wired together. The rope is to give it a more rustic look. It's not even rope but part of a old carpet I found here when I moved in. I was looking through my pictures and finding such good one that I over looked. For every picture here, there are hundreds in storage.
 Where's the worm? Robin hunting for worms. They are so interesting to watch catch worms and take it back to the nest. I've found one robins nest last year and was amazed at the construction. The inside was lined with mud and smoothed out perfectly.
Got cha! Robin makes a catch. They will collect a bunch of worms before they head back to the nest to feed the babies. They are sure a very unique looking and acting bird.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Different Era ...

1951 fashions are a bit different then today's dress. This is my mother in 1951.

No hip huggers for my father. No, it's high pockets, riding all pulled up.

Interesting how wide the side walk is. Years later the city took the grass out and paved from the road to this side walk. It's amazing how small houses were back then. Wonder if my fathers leaning or the house is leaning or it's something to do with the lens of the camera.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little buddies

 Kitties on the play house. It's a jungle gym for the kitties. The kitties like climbing around the pallets.I cut one pallet in half and made it with hinges so I could open it up and clean it out. Then put carpet in and on top. It's good for rain and is water resistant. It's amazing all the things it turns out the kitties like to play with. The raccoons like playing with different toys which I find amazing. They like getting into everything.

Little baby wandering calmly with it's tail down. Easy to make friends with the little ones, much easier then the kitties.

I always find pictures I like when I go through them. At the time I took these I was interested in one photo and disregarded the rest. Going back through them I'll find some really nice photos. Well. it's going to rain soon so I better run to the store for trash bags and food. Tried getting one of the kitties inside but didn't want to come past the door. I tried carrying a cat inside but it wouldn't have anything to do with that.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sneaks in the night

"I'm sneaking here"

 Stealing cat food

Mystery hand print that opened the door about 3 AM the other night. Have nose juice on the window too.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't throw stones in a glass house

"Mitch Ramney" doesn't like it when he's slandered but he sure throws a lot of crap. His whole campaign is nothing but what Obama did or didn't do.I just have one thing to say, the man's got no lips and beady eyes just like a criminal. 

Have pity on me, I'm a douche bag and a big government mooch.
(no lip, criminally insane)

You can buy everything and I will too.
(you can never trust a person that can't tie a full Windsor)
I have an elevator to park my cars. My wife, she's got a couple cads. What will I do as president, make you pay higher prices for health care. Cut taxes for the job creators. I'll pay for it with revenue enhancements on the middle class, working class and poor.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hot again


Too hot for too long. No breaks insight. I don't mind hot days but I need breaks in this heat. I can't have the life sucked out of me every day, day after day. It's like opening the door and walking into a wall of heat. Taking a cool shower mid day feels good for about 5 minutes. This global warming is only going to get worse too. I just hate to think of the summers 20 years from now where it's going to be a hundred every day if not higher and hot at night too. People will look back and say why didn't anyone warn us. Then the scientist will say we warned you about this. The people will say you weren't perfectly clear about what you meant about getting hot. I just know so many people who think like rocks now will be the ones saying that. They are the hyper people that talk and talk saying nothing only to talk to hear their voices. You've seen those people. What gets me is those people seem to do well in the economy and have all the toys. They never seem to have to work and what they do for work is things like selling things. They don't know what it is but they sell those widgets like crazy. If your like me your seeing the news reports and sit there asking why isn't anyone doing anything about this because it's going to be bad. You tell everyone you know but some of your friends live for bumper sticker slogans and vote that way too. The others are those that say it's a debate and it's just politics and hide their heads in the sand.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

McAfee call center suck

Had to ask a question from the people that made my antivirus program. When I downloaded the update software it told me to download for the update. It asked me for a key number the one on the back of the CD. I didn't get a CD because it came on the computer. Talking to McAfee, the first person who hung up on me. Don't believe them when they ask you for your telephone number in case they get disconnected. Don't believe them because they don't have a way of calling out, they are in India. I'm asking about a serial number that the software that was downloaded by the software I have installed ask me to put in. But I don't have a CD to get the number. The purchase order doesn't have any number like that. Don't like the idea of having to have an interpreter for a product made in California. Going to the help page it shows you how to do different things like if you have the software. Be nice if what they wanted me to do was there. No talking to people in India on the phone about software when you can't understand them.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mitt on the Stump

"Look at me Clint, I'm F_ _king myself "

A wise leader doesn't look for wars. A leader that talks of war is talking from vanity and pride.

Mitt's foreign policies; "we will beat you into liking us." Mitt talks tough but he's a wimp. A normal person wouldn't be looking for war. Only republican want to get up in the bedroom, a women's health or tell other countries how they must think. Those holly undies don't protect you from wars and failures.

If you listen to Mitt's speeches he keeps asking people to like him. Maybe he could buy some people to like him. Mitt your a sad excuse of a human. Sure you have a lot of money but that doesn't make you likable. You need to earn peoples respect you can't buy it.

You can't talk tough when you a cream-puff. Talking tough make you look even more like a phoney then a leader.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kitty with deer friends

 Tiggers Kitty out with her deer friends. The baby deer aren't sure about what to make of kitty. It's not uncommon for kitty to go up and lay down next to the deer lounging. She also will rub up against them showing affection. Sometimes that will spook the deer because they don't know what to make of it. The kitties seem to like all the wildlife here.

Momma Deer sneaking on the porch to eat the kitties dry food. For some reason there is a couple deer that like the kitties dry food.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A day in the life

 A day in the life of my friends. Everyone comes by to say hi. Just amazing seeing everyone here every night. The deer come to get apples from the trees.

Mr. Friend in the back ground
 It's a close family so they like to get close to each other

 Just the cutest little babies
 Hiding from the coyotes in the tree

 Deer on the porch. They are so quiet I never hear them climb the stairs.

 A youngster eating the greens. His sister is here with him.

Mom and the babies resting in their favorite spot

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"You didn't build it."

You didn't build it has been tossed around out of context by the republicans. What the president was talking about was the roads and bridges. The government built those things not private business but you know republicans they need to lie and cheat to win. I just heard the senator from Wyoming say that he could give everyone a Blue Cross card and save money on medicaid. So why doesn't he do that. Talk is cheap and republican talking fast not letting anyone in is their style. So big lie about saying that You didn't build it wasn't anything to do about business it was about government projects something too big for any business to handle.

If republicans want less regulations why don't they start with the bedroom which they want to regulate. People are already forgetting what happened at Wall Street with lax regulations. It's good that republicans base are stupid people that can't remember last week forget several years ago. People forget what Bush did already. Talk about some one spending and putting it on the credit card. Two wars one because of the oil for his buddies. Regan went crazy with spending but then he was crazy. Bush forgot the people at home while making billions for Halliburton and several other war profiteers.

Why do they want a permanent under class of people because a mother has to give birth to a child she can't afford. You don't hear the republicans talking about helping these mothers. They want an assault on planned parenthood. Why do republicans want this poor class of people because they become the foot solders. They don't want people to get ahead. All the best schools are in the areas of the rich people. The poor areas get the hand me down schools. Now it's a push to make money from school by privatizing them. It's not going to make the schools any better just that now the public school are a cash cow for Wall Street. If they follow the Texas model of teaching then kids won't be learning any real history. The kids won't have to learn anything because no ones going to ba watching as they siphon off billions.

It's funny that republicans say they have a plan but never tell anyone what it is. They have said they are going to make the rich richer by cutting their taxes. They say that taxes keep rich people from creating jobs. Under Clinton they raised taxes and growth happened. Republicans talk about Regan cutting taxes but he also raised taxes twice the two highest tax hikes in the history of the country but the republican have selective amnesia.

Republican work the wedge issue and say they are going to fix things but end up spending out of control and leaving the bill for the next president to fix. It's those bumper sticker republicans that get republicans elected. They see one issue and that's it. They don't see the big picture of suppressing voters. they want to repeal woman's right to vote. They want women pregnant pumping out babies for the military because that's the only jobs they can find. Now that the wars left us with damaged solders they are cutting off the support something they played on for the warrior going to war. It's amazing what the dream act says, you can become a citizen if you go into the military or go to school. You won't make it too far going to school without money. They want a permanent state of war for the war profiteers.

It's amazing how the republicans say they want to take back the country well it never went anywhere. The republicans just stopped working is all. It makes a nice slogan though. They are depending on it to impress you because their plan is to take ever last penny you have and give it to the rich.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The deer friends eating apples

 One of two babies
 Mother and her baby girl
 Going after apples
 Hiding in the tall grass

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What a butthead

Someone is thinking with shit for brains. Misspoke my ass your radical republican thinking is wrong. You a bigot and that's all that to it. There is no misspoke, you mis-think. No one wants anyone with views like this in the senate. If this is your limited knowledge of how a body works then it proves that the religious idiots are taking sex education out of the class room because it sure isn't being taught at home with a mind like yours. With a limited mind like yours how can you be making laws that deal with real science. That's why republicans are saying global warming and taking about the science because they believe in religious myths and not science. Toad Akin's is over. Go home because no one wants you. Oh I mis-typed a word, that's a mistake what you said was your oppressive radical right republican mantra. You want to go back to the 17 century and take the woman vote away. Republicans can only win an election by cheating and disenfranchising people.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ryan finds out he can't be called King

"Why can't I be called King when we take over the world Mitt?"
"I want to be called, "Your Assholeyness, King of the Dwebizoids.""

Ryan and Mitt joke about taking over the world

"Your going to take so much money, when I take over the world.""You signed on with the Devil and your getting what's coming to you." "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha," Mitt's best Doctor Evil Laugh.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tiny birds take a rest in the heat of the day.

 After working on the sprinkler timer I triggered it to run. Stepping outside I could hear the one line working. Soon there was a bush of tiny birds splashing in the water. They have to be some sort of finch but I maybe wrong. They look only a little bigger then a humming bird. There dozens of birds here and since they were so small they didn't take up much space.  After playing in the sprinkler the birds go up a few inches above the ground and group together.
 The tiny little birds groom on the tiny branch before taking flight. The little birds picked at their wings and rubbed their beaks on the branch. I think the birds saw me watching them but could see I wasn't a treat to them and continued to play in the water. I'll have to see if they show up tomorrow. I've seen other birds playing in the sprinklers before.
Flying off. The little bird takes flight beating it's little wings briskly.

I've looked the birds up in my bird manual but I think the name and pictures are wrong. They are saying that the one bird that looks like this but the size is wrong. The full length can't be more the 3 1/2 inches total. The book has them as 6 to 8 inches long and that's too big. If it was in centimeters then it would be right but it's in inches. They really like the small jet of water spraying out. It's not a very big jet because of the setup I have to spray the roots. I'll have to find a better perch tomorrow. That is if they return. I remember in past years I'd notice a flock of small birds going from tree to tree about 3PM to  4PM every day. Could have been later you just get caught up in work and time flies.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Kicking back out at Bob's

 What's cuter then a baby raccoon? Two baby raccoons. My little friends come up to the porch without mom because they all trust me. Was going through old picture and found a picture of the baby mother when she was a tiny baby. It's a full circle of life.
 You have to wonder what they are thinking as they look at me. This family feels very comfortable being close to me taking pictures. Sure they can fight and they are good fighters but I treat them with kindness and they see that.
 The kids up the walnut tree. Puppy girl came around and they slowly climbed up the tree to be safe. There was another family of raccoons here the mother with her five babies. I don't know what scares them. I see moving fast does make them cringe. They move slow and steady walk with mom. They jump on each other to play. It's cute to see them trot or skip as the playfully run along.
 Is that a cute baby face with it's rounded head. It's still growing. It will grow about four times this size to moms size. The kitties like to come up to the babies and rub against them and purring.  
 It's funny how you can see the subtle differences in them, Even their color are slightly different. They have unique personalities also. Some are shy while some are bolder.
 Some like to be in the center of thing and try to be  in as much contact with the rest of the family.
Safe in the tree but can't wait to come down with all her friends. I've heard that their hands are a hundred times more sensitive then ours. Their claws are above part of there fingers. It's like our fingers except they have nails that are round and pointed. It's like they can handle things just with their fingers but when climbing they curl their fingers to make the claws point towards the tree. I've noticed they have rather big hands and feet. the body weight is somewhat distributed like ares it. They will stand on their back feet with the body balanced over them. It would be like you bend over and use you hands to handle things. You back legs are centered under your body. Theirs are the same and they balance the same. I keep showing them my hands to see if they understand we both have five digits.They just don't have a thumb. I've been noticing a lot of little holes around the area. They dig a hole and let the moisture in the soil pool in the holes so they can get a drink. They are lucky in that I keep the place watered which helps the out. Mom is teaching the babies all these trick of how to be a raccoon. I've seen one raccoon trying to spin the outdoor faucet handle to turn on the water. I've noticed that before. I'd get up in the morning and the water would be running just a little. I was watching their little arms moving under that large coat of skin and hair. Their arms look so much like outs. I'm sure if you check the DNA you'd find out that they are closer to us like primates are close to us.