Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mitt on the Stump

"Look at me Clint, I'm F_ _king myself "

A wise leader doesn't look for wars. A leader that talks of war is talking from vanity and pride.

Mitt's foreign policies; "we will beat you into liking us." Mitt talks tough but he's a wimp. A normal person wouldn't be looking for war. Only republican want to get up in the bedroom, a women's health or tell other countries how they must think. Those holly undies don't protect you from wars and failures.

If you listen to Mitt's speeches he keeps asking people to like him. Maybe he could buy some people to like him. Mitt your a sad excuse of a human. Sure you have a lot of money but that doesn't make you likable. You need to earn peoples respect you can't buy it.

You can't talk tough when you a cream-puff. Talking tough make you look even more like a phoney then a leader.

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