Friday, December 29, 2006

Its been a sunny clear day

It’s been a sunny clear day, cool or even cold out but not that bad for being winter in the mountains. I’ve been watching little birds all day. Saw a Robin this morning along with two Flickers, which are birds that seem to be very allusive. The Scrub Jay’s and Steller’s Jay’s have been coming in waves. Seems the Steller’s jay and the Scrub jay like to fight or play not sure what it is. At times they look like enemies then they will be eating right next to each other I’ve seen a Titmouse and Sparrows this morning along with a few Nuthatch’s. Two other birds are the Rufous-sided Towhee and Dark-eyed “Oregon” Junco. The Junco is here for the winter while the Towhee is here all year round. It amazes me how brightly colored they are but blend into the background. I’m still getting used to the Audubon’s field book in how they measure a bird or how to find them in the book. I swear some of the pictures are the same bird with different names and the birds I’m looking for aren’t there. My turkeys are the only ones that sit still long enough to get good pictures of them.

Momma deer and her two little ones were here earlier. The babies were born on July 3rd and are as tall as the picnic table now.  It still amazes me that they understand a smile. I’m rather good friends with them but mom is still protective.

I got a good picture of an owl the other night but can’t figure out what kind it is. My bird book doesn’t have the best pictures. With all the cameras out there seems like a birder would be taking better pictures in natural posses.

Rats, going to have to run to the store for cat food for the skunks. Today’s Friday and skiers are going to Tahoe for the weekend so traffic is terrible. My back is killing me from being upright for to long today. I made one run into town this morning to get some blood tests done. Nice to see that the nurses still have my picture up on the walls. I’m going to have to bring in a bunch of pictures for Christmas presents. For now I think I’m going to lay on the heating pad and see if I can reduce the pain. Things are really getting painful to a point were you just hate every second. The pain pill don’t give you much relief either. I’m scheduled for a cortisone shot next month. I hope that helps a little, anything is better then being able to only stand for maybe two hours a day.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Babbling Bush makes

Babbling Bush makes disjointed speech. “Were not winning but were not loosing” he said. Panic management is in style if you’ve ever seen a company’s leader fall apart. Bush is the Enron of Presidents and he’s going down faster then a led balloon or Perris Hilton. Bush is so worried about what history is going to say about him that it’s eating him alive. He may joke and say it doesn’t bother him. That all his stubborn ideas are dragging the country down. After 9/11 the world was with us but today most of the world hates us. He should have paid more attention when he was in college he would be such a boob now. There’s no one in the world that can bail him out or stop the hate. If no one has noticed he dropped a lot of catch phrases. He doesn’t say “God Bless America” anymore; in fact he doesn’t mention “God” at all these days.

This goes to show everyone that looses can become president if they have enough money behind them.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No nog

No nog! Been going to the stores for my yearly dose of nog but it's all out. Heard about how to make nog on the radio last week but with 80% of the chickens having salmonella I don't think raw eggs would be good to eat. It's funny about salmonella because my uncle had a chicken ranch back in   Michigan. He had 3.5 million birds when they found salmonella. The government at that time made him destroy all his birds and burn down his barns. Some time between the 60's and now some one changed the laws to help out the chicken ranchers and tell people to cook it better. "Don't worry just cook the piss out like kidneys" the government says.It's about production these days and how many birds or animals they can push through. To have good quality control people need to be able to inspectmeat products. If you just sampling and hoping that the samples are all the same like building a machine sure you can use standard deviation formula. When random sample by an independent group test then and finds out that 80% of the birds have some sort of infection that could kill you or at least make you violently sick something's really wrong. You can't trust beef either. Ground beef is the worst but now it's radiated by gamma rays. Bananas come radiated by these same gamma rays and have a shelf life of a couple days unlike the bananas I got from friends in the sixties where a large stalk would last for a few weeks. Even my friends from Southern California that grew bananas in their back yard the bananas they tasted totally different because they were tree ripened and not picked green.
They stopped using DDT here in the states but third world countries that still use it and we import their foods. We know that DDT causes breast cancer along with other problems in humans and wild life. It's the bottom line that corporations are thinking of and not people’s health.Bush just signed a new bill to let chemical producer pump out fur time more pollution while restricting the information about what they are pumpingout. Shows me that this president doesn't care about people. He started a war that he can't finish. He has no plan for the future but how much money his friends can make before the hammer comes down. It's good to know that Bush will go down in history and the lousiest president ever.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Church are on self destruct. If you don't like the church your in start a new one make up new rules. People came to this country because of religious persecution but the fighting still goes on. It's funny too that the Church Of England is at the root of this turf war. Again the churches say Jesus told them that they don't have to love every body but only like minded bigots. Each break away church is more extreme then the last. Soon you'll be seeing these groups killing each other for not believing the same way these extreme groups. Wait they're doing that already and have been for centuries. Seems these out spokes leader are taking their flocks on a downward destructive spiral.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What did Jesus mean

What did Jesus mean when he said to love all? Did he mean just your friends? He loved the sick, the poor, the prostitutes, and the disenfranchised. He didn’t make rules on which he was going to show love to. These days as churches bastardize their beliefs and become bigots and turn their nose up at those with less then them or they aren’t the right color for their church. Even though the bible is supposed to be inspired by God man creeps in to make money off religions.

For years kings have bent the rules killing off others that challenged them and their authority. For some reason some people who I think are criminally insane have been the rulers of society. They only did things to help out their kingdoms but not the people of the kingdoms. They made up rules to keep them in power like saying it’s in there blood line that make them king when they were a bunch of inbreed defects perpetuating the recessive defects in your gene pool and your family line. When you have the church on your side you can change thing like breeding with your cousin or sister or face being killed apposing the leaders.

When people talk about evolution it’s not just what’s happen in the past few years but over millions of years. Science doesn’t look at the over all package of who you are today but the evolution of the skeleton structure. How muscles are attached to bone and when that changed. When say a double pivot joint first appeared in the time line of life and that all animals after then have that same features.

One thing about science it deals with logic and not myths. You can always improve ideas. You don’t have to sit there with the same old crap. It’s an ever changing book advancing human knowledge.

Friday, December 15, 2006

ATT and is an evil

ATT and is an evil company that sends you spyware to track your every move. As Mel Brooks said in one of his movies, “It’s nice to be the king.” Well in ATT case, “it’s nice to be a monopoly.” Hopefully the FCC with stop ATT from becoming even larger then they are now. Without competition the bill keeps going up just like what they are saying about other mergers. People have been paying to get high-speed fiber optics put in for over a decade and never put it in. Now they are saying it’s going to talk too much. They are afraid of VoIP because they won’t be able to charge people for long distance calls. They want to control the Internet and charge people for every bit they send. The United States has fallen behind the rest of the world as far as communications. You can go to some remote section of China and have high-speed Internet but not even have electricity. In Japan you can connect to the Internet at firewire speeds. Even commercial plans here in the U.S. can’t do that. Our military uses the Internet to communicate but it’s a third rate system because we are become a third rate country do to greed.

Inflation only helps the rich while keeping the poor, poor. It’s the story of the human race to oppress the masses so a few can live this better then life. Rich people have this need for power like an insanity. Think they call that one or two of those deadly sins.

It would be nice to see people that worked for the betterment of mankind and not the betterment of one or two greedy people.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Been a while since I

Been a while since I wrote anything. Been rather depressed with the loss of my big friend Buddy. Never thought I’d feel so sad to see a deer pass on. He’s has been such a good friend over the years. I own my life to Buddy for getting me outside and moving when I was on treatment for a life threatening illness. When Buddy didn’t see me outside he would come on the porch and look in the front door window. I’ll miss going foraging and playing with him.

I believe that people call animals stupid because the animals might take a none violent approach to life. My turkey friends are pacifist like the deer. The skunks might fight between groups but nothing is a fight to the death.

I had a couple possums come by last night along with my skunks. There was a stray kitty that came up on the porch that lives in the park. He grabbed a small piece of chicken. For the most part they can support themselves but on cold foul weather days like it has been they turn to me for help. Since they are fellow mammals I feel it’s my duty to help all mammals. The only difference between them and me is 2% of DNA. They are 98% the same as me so it make them like the Native Americans my brothers and sisters.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rush Limbaugh bigot

Rush Limbaugh, bigot of the airwaves. Not only is he a bigot but also is a coward, hiding from the questions people want to ask him, “Why Rush?” When I was debating in school people heard both sides of the subject your talking about. Rush Limbaugh is afraid to debate anyone because he just doesn’t have enough material to back up his points on a subject. So when did Rush Limbaugh turn into a 7th grader. Is he still on the playground? Here’s some on that wants to solve the problems of the world by calling people playground names. Rush is a drug addict and he can’t set up his tent with out help. I guess when you can’t set up your own tent you become angry like Rush Limbaugh

Friday, September 29, 2006

Buddy's gone

I found my friend Big Buddy dead the other day. It real saddens me to loose a friend like Buddy. It looks like coyotes got him trying to make it here, he was short about 800 feet. It just amazes me that a deer as big as Buddy could be taken down by coyotes. I'll miss seeing his smile, going on hikes with him. I've been placing flowers on him and doing a bit of crying.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Throw away the key

Seems anyone can be detained as long as the republicans want now. You could be labeled a terrorist or combatant and be thrown in jail forever along with being tortured. Slowly the constitution is being whittled down where people without the big buck can't put up a fight. The republicans wanted to turn Mexicans into the Jews of Germany and generate hate to get votes. They did that against gays and abortion already. Now every ones a terrorist or a evangelical republican as Bush says. Bush has said numerous time the United States doesn't torture people but they do sub contract it out to other countries. If anyone is a flip flopper Bush has to fall into this category. Everything Bush has done and said is the opposite of what he says he's doing. For a party that suppose to believe in small government that doesn't interfere in your life the republican party is getting in you pants telling you what you can and can't do in the bedroom and with who. Forget the environment your kids will need to wear a gas mask to breath. This idea that the earth is disposable and so is everything on it need to change. If you look at all the large corporations that have failed in the past few years, they all were tied to the republican party and republicans. When the stock market fell apart leading up to the 2000 election, the brokers were all tied to the republican party donating millions. When it came to prosecuting the perpetrators of the stock fraud nothing happened. The brokers walked away with some 100 billion dollars and were only fined 1.2 billion dollars which is a minor cost of doing business. When it comes to an honest republican with morals you will have to search hell to find one.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Frisk has a big brown nose

Frisk has a big brown nose from Bush’s butt cheeks. It’s so funny watching the republicans supporting ideas they don’t believe in and turn to name calling when they can’t support these ideas. It’s always the same, simple catch phases to attack democrates. They have to bring up 9/11 every time they can’t answer any question. If you bring up increasing minimum wages they will say were giving into the terrorist. When will people start seeing that republicans mainly the Bush buddies are for big business and don’t care about the health and welfare of the people that work here in the U.S.  If anything the republicans want to take work place ethics back to the 18th century. They want and have destroyed the unions over years, which made this country great. When it comes to doing something right for the country they have a, “can’t do” attitude. Always saying it’s going to cost too much and send jobs over seas scaring people into keeping things the same. Since 9/11 there hasn’t been any improvement to chemical plants, ports or railroads. They seem to want to get rid of all social program and turning over to evangelical churches and getting rid of the separation of church and state. Iraq wants a religious based government but the U.S says no to that but doesn’t see a religious based country here at home. When it comes to chemical plants using safer chemicals they keep saying it would cost too much but some chemical plants that have changed to safer chemicals are doing just fine and haven’t gone out of business. It just a disregard for the people is an accident happens always arguing the bottom line. Now Bush want to torture terrorist sighting we do not torture people just question them aggressively. The only people that are profiting since Bush came to office are the energy companies and manufactures of war products. I really believe that this war was made to drive the price of oil higher by making the Middle East unstable. Inflation, prices at the pump and your electricity bill all have gone up while the worth of the dollar has gone down. How can anyone say the republicans are doing a good job is beyond me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Big juicy shot in the knee

Big juicy shot in the knee. What a fun day, another shot in the knee. It went well or I should say the needle slipped right in there. Feels rather good so far. The headache though I don’t think is related has been driving crazy. I think it’s the heat it’s been 99 degrees today. The air hasn’t been the best quality. Could be my eyes they are getting so sensitive to bright light. Then again the air is real bad and my lungs hurt like those day of the all night party’s where I used to smoke a couple packs of cigarettes. Now it’s just pollution blown up the hill from the valley. The injection was a chemical similar to what’s naturally in the knee. It was something, something acid; what ever it is it does the job and make my knee feel much better. Can’t say so much for my back. Lower back is always bad and last night I woke up because of the pain in my mid-back.

Monday, September 04, 2006

No critter fighting

No critter fighting here. Broke up a fight between the hens today. The girls didn’t recognize their sister at first. Her mother trying was picking on the one hen to chase her off and away from the group. She had left the group to raise six chicks, the only hen to have chicks this year. Well the chicks are gone; this has been a real hard year on the turkeys. This hen was one of seven hens. Mom has come back to be with her girls after raising a clutch of chicks last year. The seven hens are two years old and mom is five. I watch last year as the seven hens chased off a black bear. Why they call them black bears when there brown, I don’t know. Anyways, the hen was trying to get through a chain-linked fence and was having problems finding he way through. The other hens heard the cry and all ran over to chase her off. Not sure but it might even been one of mom’s chicks from last year since it looked a bit small. I walked over to the hens and separated them from the one hen. They went down by the house but were looking on to see what this hen wanted. I sat in the pine needles with my back to the one hen listening to her walk back and forth. She flew to the top of the fence and down into the yard and right by me. I could see she knew me because of how close she came to me. We both walked towards the house and the other hens wanted to confront this hen. Soon they were chasing each other around the yard. I started to whistle one I’ve picked up from the turkeys when they are calm. Soon the birds found she wasn’t a threat and became part of the group again. I can only guess that they have to challenge the new bird to find out if she belongs. Turkeys are very family oriented and will stick close to each other. I really find them so very fascinating.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Life imitating art

Life imitating art. I’m an old Monty Python fan and listening to Bush’s speeches this last week reminds me of the infamous parrot sketch. Where Eric Idle is the shop keeper and John Cleese is the customer bringing back his dead parrot. Eric insists that the parrot is only sleeping. John points out that the parrot’s feet have been tacked to the perch so it wouldn’t fall off. Finally John takes the bird out of the cage and bangs it on the counter. Bush in the same way has been pushing the war saying things are great, nothing to worry about, stay the course. Stay the course as the rowboat goes over the waterfall.

Rumsfeld is comparing terrorist and the war in Iraq to fighting Nazi’s in World War II. Only problem with that scenario, it only took five year to defeat the Germans.

To me it seems if your going to fight a war you would put all efforts into fighting the war and not sub it out to private company friends where you stand to make a lot of money having it last longer where equipment is constantly being replaced.

I don’t know if this is there strategy, letting the country go into civil war and the country destroys itself where you pick up the pieces down the road after many of the people in Iraq have killed each other.  

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm a goat herder and I want a nuke

I've always loved my goats, Sheep aren't baaaad. No one kills my goats. I want a nuke to protect my goats.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good old war

Good old war. We have been fighting the wimpy wars lately with settlements and agreements, terms and conditions. What ever happened to the wars where you got to kill every body? Remember the Semite’s, well they put up a fight and lost and are no more. The days you could cut their heads off and stick them on poles. The days you cold have your females cut off the genitals of the apposing army are good. We have turned out to a bunch of wimp warriors. All the good warriors live in jails, just a part of social evolution. Move them out and bring in the schemers.

Isn’t that how it works, use other peoples money and use other people to get what we call rich. Then when you think about the rich are only selling paper telling you it’s worth a lot. Nothing to back up the paper like metals or products they just tell you this is worth it. Isn’t that the ultimate? Since Bush was appointed to office, the dollar has been constantly dropping in value. It’s not at half but around 3/5 of what it once was worth in the year 2000. Well, that’ll keep those poor people in line.

Bush reselling the war again

Bush reselling the war, “Everything’s great.” “If we leave Baghdad now, there will be fighting in Our Streets,” Bush said. Don’t you love the lies? This is what he said about weapons of mass destruction, “We were going to find them every where over there” Bush and Chaney said before the war. Although I’ve seen some shady advertising there are laws against making false claims, we need that in politics also. The idea that you can come up with any kind of lie you want and sell it to the public, is just wrong. Every time a politician makes a false claim they need to be sued, fined and jailed. The tricks that Karl Rover has done to this country with out any type of guilt make me think Karl is criminally insane. Anyone that would put money and profit in higher regard then human life has to be mentally ill.

Republicans are trying to fight the green house gas cap here in California saying it’s going to cost jobs and cost the state billions. This is the same thing they said about raising the minimum wage, that all the jobs would move out of the states. It’s funny how the first thing a republican sees is the bottom line and not the health of the people of the state of California. As it is, 20% of the light which is destine to hit the surface of the earth doesn’t make it because of the amount of particulate in the air. For a state that makes a large portion of its income with farming this is a serious problem if you can’t grow plants.

There’s one thing you can count on by republican, anything they are saying while campaigning is a lie. They are only concerned about their wealth and not the good of the country unless it helps their wealth.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Working late download

Working late downloading and web site. National Public Radio is having a good lecture. Web site is starting to look good. Need to find out more about watermarks on pictures. Eyes are so tired I’m half awake and need to rest.

Friday, August 25, 2006

CO2 it hangs around for a long time

CO2 stays in the atmospher for 50 years.

When it gets so hot out that the snow doesn't happen in the Sierra where will the water come from?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Get your religious right hand out of my pants

Get your religious-right hand out of my pants. If the religious right is so moral, why do they have a hand down my pants and trying to get into everyone else’s? Must come from those celebrate priests fiddling about with those little boys. How can you make a decision that affects other people’s sex life when your house isn’t in order? It really gets me how these so-called religious people say they are right but do all the wrong things. Corporate corruption is a start, everyone that has been busted steeling from the people that invest in their company claim to be Christians. These same companies under fund their retirement programs. For a bunch of people saying they are “Christ like” they sure do a poor job showing it.

Bush says he won’t kill embryos but he will send people off to war to drive the price of oil higher so his friends can make billions at the expense of the American people.

It’s so amazing that religious zealots never see the things they are doing wrong. They will destroy the earth saying it’s Gods work they are doing. They talk about marriage and the family, how many of these families last more then a couple years in the red states. Seems they have more divorces then the blue states.

What I don’t get is someone that read the bible doesn’t mean you’re a scientist. Reminds me of someone that wanted to become a programmer but was reading the bible for his direction, never picking up the programming manual.

All through history any mystery need to be blamed on some one or something because they didn’t know any better. Science is science and facts are facts you can’t change that or make it into some sort of there after. If you want to believe, believe but don’t make other have to follow you down your road, it my be the wrong one.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bummer in the bones

Bummer in the bones. Went to the bone doctor today. Got to hear something I didn’t want to hear, that the surgeon is unable to really do anything but pain management. The surgery would be too extensive. I wouldn’t be able to bend after disk fusion. Synthetic disks aren’t approved for multiple levels, which I need. Until something drastically happens the coarse is the same for me. Until there is something drastically happening in science to help me, I’m just going to have to except the pain as a part of my life. Sad and depressing I have to say, everything’s going down hill form here. Now, how to stay balanced during all of this, mentally and physically.


New redirected website with my pictures.

Well woke up to some

Well woke up to some excitement. Raccoon was yelling, barking and screaming as he climbed into the cherry tree. Turns out to be two raccoons after checking the picture. Mean while back at the house what ever went after the raccoons took after on of the skunks. He ducted under the house into another families den. Yes the house has a strong spice smell.
I talked the stray skunk out from under the house. Since he didn't know his way he followed my voice to the entrance. He's one of the guys that lives on the north end of the property.
No worries, smell will clear up and everyone's safe.

Is it irenic when you

Is it irenic when your just getting by and you start talking to a cameraman who just got a $30,000 dollar camera from the manufacture to test out for free? Some things in life just aren’t far. He got the camera and can afford to buy the camera unlike me. It not like he doesn’t have cameras, he does video and they gave him a still camera. I was getting food from the food bank and he was getting a free camera.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Been working on my website

Been working on my web site for anyone looking for nature picture of my forest friends. My eyes are burning out staring at the screen.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A quiet Sunday evening

A quiet Sunday evening. The temperature is dropping to a comfortable level. Two young squirrels are eating sunflower seeds. A hen comes back to have a snack before turning in for the night. Con and Momma Deer and her two kids walk up. Soon one of the twins strolls in. They found the new alfalfa bale, candy for the deer. I almost got a few good pictures but the camera batteries failed. I knew this was coming a bought a pack of batteries yesterday. That’s when I found I had four batteries in the ridge. Well, the mouse is going to need batteries soon; I’ve been getting the battery low message. Those cheap alkaline batteries do the trick for a few days to get by but not for anything longer then a few weeks. If I could have took the shot it was one of the babies giving an older deer licks on the nose. I stepped back into the house to rapidly change the batteries but the deer ran off rather fast. One of the twins is back that means Con and Friend aren’t to far behind. Simpson’s are on, it’s a repeat but so what, nothing else on but fake reality shows. Might as well stick with an old standard.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The heats been hard

The heats been hard on all the critters, it’s cooling off now still in the high 80’s or 90’s. I spent several hours watching Momma deer and her two children. The kids are a month old today. Growing fast and love playing is their main concerns so far. Saw a vulture flying low yesterday going over the tops of the trees. I noticed I haven’t seen Con a two-year-old deer. I have to remember to get a salt block for everyone. I haven’t seen all the critters here and hope all are alright.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feel so sorry

Feel so sorry, looking at the deer and wondering what is going on. How do you tell a deer your poor? Trying to tell some one my link with these forest friends is very difficult. It's not just a few animals but families that are living in this valley with me. I really see a need to help the wild life but others see it as just another animal, that they can do it on their own. There weren’t all these houses here before where they could do it on their own. When you don't see animals in the forest it's not because the moved away, it's because they have died off. Since injecting some help into the forest here so much more life mammals, birds, reptiles and plants have been coming back to a somewhat normal levels. I'm as much a part of their family as they are a part of mine.
There was a show on PBS the other day with the question why are the seals of the coast dieing? I didn't have to think long, it's that lack of animals up stream not filtering the water properly that is causing the down stream problems. Any time the balance of the eco system becomes upset it tries to compensate to get it back on course.

It’s the same with global warming; the earth wants to keep itself in a balance but that balance doesn’t work out on some people balance sheet. What a trade off, life on earth or lots of money for a short period of time. I guess it always boils down to the haves and the have-nots’.  Some one always pushing some sort of idealism that may look good for now but in the long run leads to wars, loss of cultures, loss of people. What do you tell your tribe, “Sorry, we made a bad deal many years ago and have to live with it, whether you like it or not.”

Monday, July 31, 2006


There are no innocent terrorists. 220 mm rockets are terrorist weapons and nothing more, there filled with ball bearings to kill people. As they say, "you could hit the broad side of a barn."

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Looking up history

I really find the way people believe and say they are religious people and wage war and hate. I was Googled “Zionism” and started reading a bunch of sites. Some looked rather innocent at first but turned out to be a nazi site. Some people call it tradition I’m seeing that all religions seem to have hate built into them. It doesn’t matter which religion you choose your going to find one group looking down on others. If anything, this earth is getting too small. With the discovery of genes and how to follow lineages, it’s clear that were one race all tied together. If history has taught us anything is that the explorers end up being conquered by the people where once they came. One tribe expanded into the next valley for a few hundred years soon they were considered different and less than. Even though they came from the same tribe originally. The world’s history is full of migrations. When you get down to it, were all from Africa and your genes prove that. In fact you can follow the movement of all people around the world by there genes. Religion puts an idea in your head that it’s us against them. Our books better then your book. It’s thinking like that which has got us to this point and could cause the end of mankind on earth if not the total destruction of all life on earth. Some countries have found that keeping religion out of government is a good idea and have successful countries. It’s those groups that want to change that and make a one-religion state with no democracy that has problems. I see that as stepping backwards in time. During wars people have to admit defeat. Say country “A” attacks country “B” but country “A” is the looser. Country “B” gained a bit of land over the war. Should country “B” give back the land country “A” lost? Well that hasn’t been the rule of thumb since the start of time. Country “A” need to concede their loss because they were the aggressor. As they say, “Spoils of war goes to the winners.”

Friday, July 28, 2006

The exploding turkey

The exploding turkeys. It’s been so hot that the turkeys have been pulling out their feather to get cooler. From year past they would drop feather here and there. This summer they stand in one spot and start pulling the down out. I still find the wing feathers here and there like normal. I’ve noticed that the squirrels are loosing hair too. In the middle of the day the forest isn’t moving at all, to hot to move. The squirrel’s ant turkeys find a cool spot to lay down in the shade.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Myths are not

Myths are not compactable with the 21st century. It’s about time to do away with them as a basis for a government; yes I’m talking about religions. Some groups of people don’t want to join the 21st century so if they don’t leave them back 1000 years ago. If the world plans to move forward then some things or some people need to figure out where they want to be. Several groups tend to look at history rather twisted. Iran says that Germany didn’t go through a nationalism period, which drove the world into a world war. Some people learn by looking back at history while others need to be taught a lesson again and again such as Germany did the second time around. When the surrounding countries of Israel attacked them and Israel ended up with a lot of land, they gave most of it back except areas, which give them a buffer from attack. Last nights guest kept saying “Arabs” want this or want that but forget some countries signed treaties ending war. They found out it wasn’t in there best interest to continue fighting. I know the United States doesn’t have the best track record but when anything happens in the world, “the Arabs” blame Bush or the United States or and Israel. If “the Arabs” are so united why don’t they make a state sort of like the United Stated a union of states. They can’t because they’ve been fighting for thousands of years and don’t see that it’s not in their best interests. If they want to kill each other let them, just leave me out of it. Some time you have to learn to stand on your own two legs and find that war doesn’t solve a lot unless you count killing a lot of people. After all, World War II, which most people have forgot about killed more the 50 million people. If that’s what it takes then “push button diplomacy” maybe what is needed. Sure you could still get oil out of the ground wearing a anti-radiation suite, just a bit inconvenient and really doesn’t matter to me. If it bring peace to the world then lets go that route if the people want this and need to learn some history or become part of history.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stem Cells

Backwards Bush stand there like he knows what he's talking about pandering to the religious right for votes without getting the facts. Everyone should have been taking warning when Bush said, "global warming is good." He's talked about fuzzy math yet nothing is being done to shore up the country even when it breaks. A friend told me once, "Rich people didn't get rich by spending money." The rest of the world is looking and laughing at us as they become the new world powers. Trading paper can only go so far, soon somebody will want some substance. The dollar keeps falling in value since this administration took office. This is a president that reminds me of Harlan Williams in a movie "Rocket Man" his line, "It wasn't me." Bush always blames failures on others even though he's the big "Decider."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kings want to leave or do they

Big news in Sacramento, KIngs owners want a new arena. Mayors office wants to tack on a 1% hike to sales tax. Feed back from the public not so good when the levees need repair, state owes money to creditors, schools need money and states retirement program need help. It's going to be put to a vote this fall. Myself, is the Kings want to move let them. I don't think any team should hold a city hostage.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A comparison

A comparison: Pre World War II the German people let the Nazis take over the country. They could have stopped the Nazis but they became complacent. In Lebanon the people and government of Lebanon have become complacent letting a terrorist group operate within the country. The people of Lebanon which aren’t Shiite Arabs don’t agree with what the terrorist group has done and understand they are all Lebanese and that it’s Lebanon’s problem. Where some people think it’s only the terrorist problem and forget where they live, who’s supposedly in charge. Israel is attacking another sovereign country, Lebanon that attacks Israel first in the cross border raid. We can’t separate the two matters that a terrorist group works with and is in charge of Lebanon. Hezbollah is a part of the Lebanese government. This is like Germany in the past, which let a hate group take over the country to eventually cause the demise of the country.

As would be said on the playground, he’s a big boy let him fight his own battle, the battle he started. Just because one side is loosing should be like looking at a puppy and saying “he’s so cute” we need to stop this. What Hezbollah is doing is just like the Germans did in World War II with the indiscriminate bombing of London. We can’t separate the two groups of people in Lebanon, the complacent and the terrorist. They are both guilty because they live in one sovereign country. Lebanon needs to deal with criminals within its country if they don’t want other countries attacking them.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lets get the facts

Lets get the facts straight. Terrorist from Lebanon crossed into Israel attacked an outpost killing solders. Then kidnapped the two surviving solders. The news has dropped the part about the cross border attack and the death of the original solders and is only reporting the kidnapping. The terrorist operating in Lebanon, which has no control over these terrorists, has to except the consequences for these militants for letting them do whatever they want to do in Lebanon. Shooting rockets at your neighbor then saying you want peace when the neighbor comes knocks on your front door. When you sleep with the devil then expect it to get hot.

Lebanon is asking the U.N. to get some sort of ceasefire going while the terrorist group declares war on Israel and shot 200 rockets into Israel. It might be a good idea for the U.N. to get involved round up these terrorist and detain them forever so they won’t cause anyone anymore problems. It looks like Israel will be doing that for the world. Call it trash removal.

Perspective: I rented an apartment form a woman, Anadorous, who lived in Germany through World War II. She asked me why did the bomb Dresden. I had to point out the amount of bombs that Germany dropped on London. That Germany invaded the neighboring countries. The million of people the Germans killed. The Nazi death camp and slave labor. I also told her about my father who was shot down and spent 3 ½ years in a Luftstolog getting tortured. The 600 miles that he was forced to walk in the middle of winter on a death march. She looked at me and asked, “Why did they bomb Dresden.” “I never saw any death camps.” “My brother was working for the SS and never saw any of this.” Then I reminder her of what I just said and she said, “We were at war” like it was okay but we shouldn’t have bombed any part of Germany.

Moral of the story, they didn’t learn a lesson the first time and needed to be brought to there knees. A total defeated Germany was necessary so they would do it again. The same thing needs to be done in the Middle East so it won’t happen again. Until these groups that have such a twisted view of the world because they live in a country that messed up because of their government are removed there will always be problems.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life imitating Art

Life imitating Art. Been watching the news about what’s happening in the Middle East and it reminds me of a Monty Python movie. You might remember the scene where the king is looking for knight for his round table and comes across the black knight. The knight challenges the king with a fight to the death. The king says well okay lets go after trying to talk him out of the up coming battle. Soon the black night is without arms and legs and wants to keep fighting. This sounds like the two terrorist groups. They are clearly out gunned and over powered but they keep insisting that they have some sort of army and will defeat the Israelis. Seeing the terrorist groups idealisms, they clearly aren’t playing with a full deck. It’s like an ant taking on giant. Ants are annoying and you need to swat them away but they never win.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th and little spam

There must be a tie between little Spam and the holiday. The spammers live in the United States. Republicans think Spam and scams are great because they use them too. My advice, never buy anything from Spam. Never believe anything that comes to your e-mail because it lies. People with little morals, criminals want to steal everything you have.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Who is the Terrorists?

Did the Carlyle Group pay the terrorist to attack the United States. Would make sense if you are an arms builder. Is this war about making money at the cost of thousands of lives?

There was a Chris Carter script that had the CIA attacking the trade center with a remote control 747. Of course the heros save the day at the last minute. Sort of make you wonder why this adminastration Demoted Richard Clarke before 9/11 after warning this adminastration several time about Bin and his boys. Bush's quote, "I don't want to hear any more about terrorist. How can we invade Iraq. This was before 9/11 and can be fact checked in O'Neil's book and Clarks book.
The man that knew the most about AlQeada from the FBI Frank Clark was driven out of service only to die in the trade center on his first day at work doing security. The night before he told a former worker that he felt something big was going to happen by this group.

Church service that's more entertainment

Church services that is more Hollywood entertainment then church service. It's just my observation but it seems they don't have much substance and more entertainment. One thing I've noticed is the repeating of the same words. This church fill it in is the best over and over. It's a form of brain washing. In a news report I've seen they say the "preachers" act in a way of mass hypnosis. The drama really gets me. What I hate is they take these simple minds and turn them into voters with out any thought. The church tell them what and who to vote for. There should be a law against this, oh wait there is, it's called a separation of church and state. This take over is a republican ploy for power and nothing else. The poor people, those believers with limited mental faculties fall into the trans of the cult. It's not a church anymore when the church take away your ability to think and condemns everyone else who doesn't think like they do. Listening to them talk is so automaton like and they never knew what hit them. Soon the religious right will be if they aren't already as bad as the radical Muslims. Wait, we invaded a country over so called values and ideas that doesn't sound to peaceful.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Seen the first of the Quail

Seen the first of the baby quail. Unfortunately I was half a sleep when I went out side to put out grain and seeds. The squirrels stuck around along with the doves and blue jays but the quail scurried into the underbrush. Still the sight of the babies was such a good feeling.

The other day I watched a quail chasing a blue jay for getting to close to his woman. The one jay with the broken beak is still going strong. Still having problems picking up grain and seeds but he’s still alive. I put small pile of scratch out so it would be easier for him to eat.  His upper beak is broken half way down.

The blackberries are green and plenty. There are still blossoms that the bees are getting nectar from and pollinating. Maybe a good year to make blackberry preserves. It’s to bad they have so many spines because they tear me up.

Well it’s Sunday, time to listen to Prairie Home Companion, sit at the computer looking out the front door watching the wild life drinking coffee, French roast. What a great way to reflect what has happened this week, this month or my whole life. I try not to think to much but enjoy the moment.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Deep Impact

Deep Impact, Hollywood or a picture of what’s to come. Monday there will be the first close sight of an asteroid that scientist say is should hit the earth in 2035 in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been wondering why with the current economy has Bush insisted on continuing the missile defense program to shoot down incoming missiles. So far the program doesn’t work. All tests have been failures except when they program where the incoming missile is then they can hit it other wise it misses it every time. They say it’s a work in progress, a trillion dollar bungle. If anything it paying some bodies salaries for a long time and I think they are in those red states, the ones with the bible bender and people that believe in myths more then reality.

So what does the planet have in store for this up coming event? Say nothing and let the rich people hide out in some under ground cavern somewhere. There are a few of those left over from the cold war. Will the places that are safe be sold to the highest bidders?

The one thing I see that Hollywood got wrong in the movie was the meteor was traveling to slow in the earth atmosphere. When you can see it, it will be to late to run and hide so get some good seat if you want to watch. They did get the tidal wave somewhat right, a little slow but the volume was about right. Knowing the people in power now would look at this up coming event as a way of getting property at a cheap cost after impact. I’m not saying all republicans are greedy just 99.99% of them are.

Pet the Skunk

Pet the Skunk? Well I did that tonight. Poohkey didn’t mind at all in fact she seemed to like it. Steve and George don’t want anything to do with me though. The Babies are growing like weeds; they are about the size of a gray squirrel. Whitey still thinks he’s the big skunk her taking after any other skunk and me. His brother is a lot nicer and come right up to me. He does his little sniffing thing and rubs against my leg like a cat. For the most part the skunks living here aren’t any problem except when fighting over food. Well, it’s not fighting over the food but fighting to keep their food. The heat has been hard on all the forest creatures. I sort of rescued a baby deer that’s an orphan. I explained to Big Buddy the situation the baby deer was in and the tribe all pitched in to get her to water and eat apples I cut up for her. One of the mothers who aren’t going to give birth for a few more month is looking after her. The poor thing look to be a few months old. I never seen this little one here before and the other mothers I know hadn’t given birth yet.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I've heard it all

I’ve heard it all. “If you raise the minimum wage you won’t help people to get out of poverty” according to a republican congressman. If they weren’t paid so little they might be able to get out of poverty. It doesn’t take much smarts I agree to flip a burger but I wouldn’t want a disgruntled employee doing things to the customer’s food. The congress gave itself 31,000 dollar raises over the past ten years. Inflation is at an all time high but that doesn’t find its way into the little people pockets. Seems inflation is a way of keeping people poor. Sure you get wages but it never keep up with inflation compared to the ratio of the extremely rich. The rich don’t gave to do anything but there worth more in time while a person work by the hours works until he dies.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Were going to stay

Were going to stay till hell freezes over no matter what the cost the taxpayers, so says the republican house. That’s going to be, a long time with global warming.

I heard some interesting stats. When the war started we paid the families $200 for those oopses that the military made by killing civilians. First year cost, 5 million dollars. This last year we paid 20 million to civilians at $200 per family, which works out to 100,000 people the same amount of people Saddam killed over 30 years.

The story goes like this, weapons of mass destruction and Bin’s group in Iraq. Then it was for regime change. Then it was to make a democratic country. Today there is no reason just that we will be there until hell freezes over. You get that impression by the permanent bases they are building.

Mean while back here the health care issue, wages, job and a stable dollar is the concern of the people. So many republican business are claming bankruptcy to get out of paying the peoples retirement and breaking the unions, all done for the stockholder dividends. Yes greed is driving the Republican Party with no regards to the health of the country.

After 9/11 Bush changed the way unemployed people are counted. When your benefits finish so do you as far as getting counted. This makes a real nice number but doesn’t represent what is really happening to the working class people.

One thing I noticed is the oil shortage is only happening in the United States all in a quest for Exxon to drill for oil in Alaska. The only way to solve this extortion would be for every country to nationalize their oil fields where each country would pay privet companies to drill for oil. After the hole is drilled there isn’t much work to be done, just collect the oil and sell it. The futures market need to be removed from the world along with hedge fund. Both seem to be a problem that is causing high prices and fuel inflation. Maybe one day people would work to better the world instead of bettering just themselves.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Touch screen voting

Touch screen voting without a paper trail. Trust me the republicans say. No one has pulled the BOIS out of each machine and checked them to each other like a normal person would do. Instead it’s lets put in a couple names and see if it works out. There is no transparency to the Diebold machines. When a Diebold executive says he’s going to make it so the republican party would win it should be a warning to all that the machine are fixed.

Karl Gets Off

Rove gets off again. Karl Rove gets away with his personal assault on others with his mud slinging. To get away with treason because your friend the president cuts you a break is just wrong. To me I would see a revenge by the organization that he used as a political toy would be out of the question. Karl has gotten away with creating to many lies and destroying to many people. Karma and Wicken both say that things come back in the powers of three so maybe Karl will die some sort of long and painful death. Even as he cries out for some one to kill him because he’s in so much pain his religious right will say no you can’t do that.

Someone outted the CIA agent, which is treason. Someone had to come up with the idea to discredit Joe Wilson. And after everything is done someone caused a CIA agent cover to be blown. Someone needs to pay for this but in this administration no one does anything wrong even lying about reasons for going to war.

I don’t know how long a country can exist when they keep lying to the people of the country. Why do other people of the world hate us it’s because of the lies of the republicans. Why people can’t see how they are making the country into a fascist state. This administration keeps saying things are going great and the war on terrorism is just a quest for oil. If Iraq can’t get it together and sell us oil then we will have to take over the country that puts out oil and take that part over.

When a country is based on lies its time for a change. Whether it’s a new country or what it’s time for a change.

Today’s debates on the hill patting each other on the back instead of doing real work but only following Karl Rove’s speaking points where nothing gets done. The republicans have no real policies but to scare people to voting for some thing they know nothing about. The only ideas they have is to attack the demarcates. In the eye of the republicans if they stop gay marriage then it will stop terrorism. The republican party would want you to believe that without being Christian that you are some sort of sinner when they take bribes. Make people loose their homes. Take over businesses and send the work over seas. Destroy the unions. Make electronic voting machines to keep the republicans in power. Go to war to make your friends in the oil business rich. I see the republicans are for big business just as they have been for years. Getting people to invest in the stock market only to have the market fail again like they did once before.

I have never meet a honest republican who hasn’t wanted to have nothing more then free labor and no taxes. If the republicans keep doing what they are doing our country will go bankrupt by 2010. Then the big businesses that are world companies and don’t care that they destroyed a country will go on. What the right keeps forgetting is that the meek will rule the world and I don’t see big business fitting it to that category.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Stinker Family

It's May time for stinkers. There are 7 skunks in this picture. It also a time for tolerance. Just like living on a chicken ranch you get used to the smell, sort of.

I watched a baby last night taking on a large skunk. The big skunk just ignored the little guy but the little guy didn't give up he kept stomping his front feet to scare off the other skunk. I'm real supprised that skunks like salads with avacodo and thousand island dressing.

More lies from the right

More lies from the right. Frisk said yesterday in the same interview a contradiction to his own words. According to Frisk the boarders are hemorrhaging but he also says we need a guest worker program. He also was saying the inheritance tax or what he wants to label it as the death tax was immoral. That it made government bigger and controlled peoples life. This was after his debate over gay marriage where the republicans wanted to make laws to control people.

It’s been over a decade since the republicans took over and the only thing I’ve seen is the country going down the hill to line the pockets of the republicans. Every thing they have said they were going to do has failed. Bush said he wasn’t going to do any country building but we are stuck in Iraq with no end in sight.

The republicans keep telling you that social security is bad and that you need to invest in the stock market. Last time the republicans were in power and said the same thing we had the great depression.

I heard a republican leader say he was bull headed and I think that means even if we are wrong we will still fight for it. The Republican Party is for big business and always has been. To say they are compassionate is a play on words because they are only concerned with getting richer and leaving the people of the United States in the dirt fending for themselves.

The religious right, although rather narrow minded is finally seeing that the Republican Party has only used them to get to power. Because they are a bit slow it will take longer for some to see the light although a dim one.

It amazes me that none of the republican leader has served in any war except John McCain. Which make me wonder why they are so quick to go to war and send all those democratic kids to there death without flinching.

It was unions that gave people a better life and built this country now the republicans want cheap labor from south of the boarder leaving citizens hanging. After 9/11 when unemployment was so high a way to fix it was to change how you counted the unemployed. When you unemployment ran out then you didn’t count or matter.

When Richard Clark warned Bush and the administration about terrorist Bush said he didn’t want to hear any more of it. The reason they didn’t care is they used the terrorist attack for a reason to invade Iraq. Even Paul O’Neil said the administration wanted to invade Iraq as soon as they got in office.

If it weren’t for the Supreme Court and Diebold Bush would not be in office. When an executive from Diebold company said he was going to make sure Bush was re-elected this should have been a warning sign that Diebold wasn’t playing fair.

If you believe the republican there is no problem with green house gases. They even made a commercial saying CO2 is a natural gas and it good. This show me that they don’t care if are children can breath. That they will have a place that is safe to live without having a lake catch fire or you skin fall off because the land you live on is polluted. Greed is what is driving the Republican Party not caring what will happen in a few years down the road. It’s just that we have oil people who want to sell oil and don’t care about the out come.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Stinker Family

There's 7 skunks in this picture. Mom and Dad stay with the kids until they are as big as mom and dad. They have been hiding the last couple night but the cat food is out there for them.

You know what's worse then cats mating in your yard, bobcats mating in your yard.

Out at Bob's

Out at Bob's Living in the country

Twenty bucks and its

Twenty bucks and it’s not even half full. Those days of running to the desert for the weekend for twenty bucks each are over. That was for two people food, gas and fun in the sun. Twenty cents a gallon and they washed your windows and checked under the hood. “Two buck,” my dad used to yell out the day we were going driving. Those Sunday drives to places we haven’t been before. To see the legendary places we only heard of. It might be only a sign but something happened there once before and my parents loved it being at a point in history. I sold my V-8 powered car when the price of gas went to 35 cents a gallon. Bought a motorcycle when it went to 80 cents a gallon.

Watching one of the

Watching one of the squirrels I see his seed eating stop and the observation mode kicks in. I didn’t know what he was listening to, what caught his attention. There’s a helicopter flying near by. I could see the puzzlement hearing the foreign sound. What was it? Will it hurt me? I’ve noticed when they are moving distances they stop and size up the area.

Dont you love those

Don’t you love those political commercials? What about commercials that tell you something is safe when it’s poisonous. There is an industrial group trying to sell the idea that global warming and green house gases are good. What they didn’t tell you was that as the temperature of the oceans goes up it moves the where the rain comes down. Some places in the future like Texas will become permanent deserts. To bad some of these areas are depended on for food. Beside that when all the ice melt that has been here for a million years the sea level will rise 200 feet. Just think about it, the San Joaquin Valley full of water. Where will I get my lettuce? At the end of the ice age around 8000 years ago, trees that used to grow in Florida move North until the earth atmosphere stabilized and ended up in Canada where they are today. What’s real sad is the Republican Party and the industry behind them wants you to believe that every things okay and that the earth will survive. What they don’t tell you is they are so greedy that they would kill all life on the planet for power and wealth. When it comes to people getting breathing illnesses they blame it on second hand smoke. They don’t tell you that breathing diesel exhaust causes the same disease as breathing asbestos. The companies that make truck and heavy equipment for over 80 years have covered up this fact. When the past mayor of Los Angeles was elected he eliminated the law that was going to go into effect. When I looked into it further I found out this same mayor made his million in the trucking industry. The law I was talking about would have outlawed diesel engines in Los Angeles County.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Dick Chaney’s energy plan was to take Iraqi oil. In Paul O’Neil’s book he put the map dividing up Iraq for the oil companies. This was as soon as they came to power and don’t confuse that fact they were never elected. That was money and power can do place an un-elected person into the presidency. This is going to go down as the lowest point in the United States history.

As I remember a book about Nostrodomous’s forecast for the future, a religious president gets into a war but the rest of the world disagreed with this. The rest of the world unites to defeat this religious zealot and destroyed this country. Sending this country back to the Stone Age.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Wasting time on the hill

Wasting time. Congress and Senate are going to play bigot these next few weeks to kill time. The republicans are lagging and want to get people riled up before next election. If they can look like they are doing something for the Christian Right then they will vote republican in the fall. To bad they are building prejudice into the constitution. Why don’t they issue national ID cards with a scale from one to a hundred on them telling how American you are, “100” being the best patriot and “0” being a zero. “100” if your rich and donate large sums of money to the party in power. They’ll have a formula of course to figure it out. Put it with your passport so you could have you papers crossing from blue states to red states.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

People dont get it

People don’t get it. What we are talking about is what you can do today verses how long life on the planet will die off, humans be one of the life forms. Putting it this way, you can have a large power consuming house, a couple V-8 cars and a lot of useless electronic or gas powered recreational products but your children will have to all drive small cars less then 50 miles per day. Their children will have to walk unless you have compressed oxygen to help your gas powered car burn gas because there’s not enough oxygen in the air for an internal combustion engine. The means death rate at this point will be around 35 years old. Most deaths caused by lung disease. Food has stop growing as once it did because the amount of dirt in the air cuts sun light from hitting the earth. The earth has turned into a brown sky in every direction. There are no more blue sky’s. You can’t see the stars at night and those stories become legions like the Greek gods.

Why is it that people want to drive the planet into a place of no return?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Started of a hot sun

Started of a hot sunny day. Suddenly a thin cloud layer blew in until I could hear thunder off in the distant. It was hot like sticking your head in the oven hot but now it 99% humidity. Don’t know if I should water tonight. Think it’s going to rain up the hill. The turkeys gobble every time they hear the thunder. I noticed they gobble at rescue sirens. Well, that’s interesting, some one is taking flash pictures. Think Ill turn the rain bird off. I walked from the house north along the creek pulling weeds and cutting back black berry’s vines. I did this a couple weeks ago, I think, could have been last week but the weeds are going like crazy. Every thing is growing like crazy. There has been a big growth spurt in all the trees. A lot of plants I’ve never seen here before. Think I’m going to put together a plant scrape book together with pictures and a CD to go with it. A more in depth version of what’s in the hills here then you can get in the local book stores. I looked at them and getting a bird book for this area has birds from the east coast. When you say, “The Western United States” and you get everything from North American it’s so cheesy.  I’m sure I could put a version that kids to college student could use. What a funky day but it’s just another adventure in the life of Bob in the Sierras. Buddy and Con stopped by to lay around. Totally freaked out Buddy when he walked behind the house and I followed. Then he turned around and say me right behind him. Buddy jumped and landed on the side of the hill, which got Con running up the hill. I started laughing, Buddy turned looked at me then lay down. Buddy is such a trip for a deer. I’ve learned his body language. I sort of know what he wasn’t to do for him, guess he’s training me well. Well skunks are here and it’s getting dark out. There is a nice breeze blowing through the door. Things cooled off well after the light rain It feels so good like a breeze of a lake or river.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One of the young males who I usually see with mom are running with Buddy and the boys. I first saw him running down the creek then up the hill into the dense forest. Later that night when the group was here the two young brothers were here trying to fit in with the big boys. The poor young guys were getting pushed away from the herd and they weren't giving up. They wanted to be right up front with the other guys. So cute the youngsters checking out everything that the older deer's checkout. I'm always amaze at wild life and how much it reminds me of human life

Friday, April 28, 2006

Nice Day

Forest FloorSun and lots of it. It's been in the 80's for the last couple
days. Sure beats the excess rain. The bear was back last night. I was
working at the computer when the bear came on the porch. It's so big, make
me look like a tooth pick.

I see the Abermoff scandal is reaching to El Dorodo county. Doolittle gets a
bribe from Abermoff to keep the Indian casino out. Even though the Indian
tribe paid for roads which were never built. I think they were run off
because of the people in Tahoe felt threatened by the little casino. The
city of Placerville spent over 2 million to defeat the Indian casino. I
don't understand how it was built if they didn't want the casino there.
Seems like the Indians did everything by the book and got all the permits
before they started putting the screws to the Indians. Myself, I think we
should be paying them rent for using their land.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bear on the porch

Bear on the porch. I thought it was my skunks fighting but no it was a big black bear. Hearing a loud noise I opened the door to find a bear with an empty bin.  Lucky for me I finished it off earlier last night. The bear made a run for it. I heard the steps as he was running in the yard but it ended rather soon. He must be on the road. I don’t know how many times the bear has been here because you can’t hear them until they make a lot of noise. He looks sad when I saw him last week. I know he was just looking for food. He was just doing his thing being a bear. I can see that he doesn’t like humans. I beat anything he’s been chased off so many places.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Where the seed bin

Went out to feed the squirrels this morning. I bought a bag of sunflower seeds yesterday. Now, the bins gone. A lap around the house and can't fined it. I came back in the house to get some shoes on and wash my foot off after stepping in a "turkey surprise." Not ready for dilemmas this early in the morning. Overcast and cool out right now as I start my search for the missing bin. Squirrels and Big Bird are looking at me asking, "where's my food." I found the bin up the hill from the house, it was that bear again. Inspecting the bin I notice the teeth marks, find puncture through this heavy plastic. So it's not much security but I can't bite through it. Simply amazing, I didn't hear a thing last night again like last week or the week before. The bear is walking in when ever it wants, something logical about that statement. Since the bear didn't eat much he might have just left since the neighbors dogs been barking all morning which isn't uncommon. The bear could have saw me as I walked around the house and took his leave. I can't be made at the bear it's just hungry and want to eat. Funny how I didn't see any tracks or hear any noise.

Friday, April 21, 2006

First nice rain

First nice rain in that it’s warm the doors are open and the rain is gentle. It cooled off just before it rain, not to cool but evening with a string running and silence. Nice to have a phone again. I was having a panic attack last week just like what happens to that new dog when you drive off. The dog does his panic from the loss of their companion. No bears tonight, yet.


6 month it took to get my phone fixed! If I lived in the city I wouldn't care so much because I could walk next door in case of emergency. He's it's miles to a phone. The other night I had a large visitor. I guess he came through last week too. It was a Big Yogi Bear big hairy sitting any where it wanted to. Thought went through my mind. "They found the guy that lives here, he's that pile of bones." "Too bad he didn't have a working phone, he could have called for help."

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wild Weather

Today's storm has to be the worst storm since I moved here. When I stuck my head out the front door the rain was so load I couldn't hear the radio I was standing next to. It was dark all morning with minor rain but about noon it really started coming down. There was so much hail so quick that the rain gutters were over flowing. As far a visibility goes I could almost see the other side of the creek from my desk. If I didn't know what was there I wouldn't know what it was. This storm was on a North Northeast trek so it came up from the South. I heard a lot of thunder and saw a lot of lightning. You know it's close when you see the flash and then you hear the boom. I didn't have my computer on at the time and could here the thunder from my computer speaker. Heard a couple calls to the fire department to put out houses that were hit by lightning. PG&E is disconnecting the power from one burning house so the fire department can put out the fire. There were several car accidents all one car. From all the report I've been hearing it looks like this storm is following Highway 49.
My friend Carly is having her funeral today. So sorry to see her go we were just starting our friendship and relationship when she became ill. She died last Tuesday.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

March 11 2006 and more snow

March 11, 2006 and a nice white morning. Don’t know how long it’s been snowing but there’s three inches of snow over everything. The hens came walking up the road single file to the house from the south. The males came from the north. First squirrel here was at 6:00 AM. The turkeys got here at 7:00AM. I hear the snow level is down to 1000 feet or so but then that the weather people. The pictures I’ve been taking have been coming out rather blue. As the little birds fly through the trees they knock clumps of snow and powder from them. This is the first time I’ve seen ice sickles in many years. My forest is a white wonderland. Snow is falling again not as heavy as it did last night. Just amazing! I need to get to town for feed.  I don’t have chains and hesitant about driving. Just took the temperature, 33.1 degrees. Tree branches are bent over touching the ground. Should I stay or go now or will it clear later.

SNOW and a lot of it

Living in the Sierra's always has surprises with the weather. It's not bad here at the 2000 foot level but on top is another story. Weather people said on top of the hill it's getting 4 feet of snow for every storm. People back east think they know what snow is but unless you've seen 20 feet of pack you never seen nothing. Had two avalanches this week off Highway 50 on the way to Tahoe. I could use more grain for the critter, I went through 80 pound today. I'm so amazed at people who call themselves hunters, they know so little about the animals they hunt. My little fur balls have been here all night. Why can I walk up to animals and animals run away from other people. There are two visiting skunks and they don't get along with my skunks to well. Noticed one thing I never knew before about skunks, each one has a distinct odor. Well enough looking outside time to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day picking up branches that feel over night. Have to eat a lot of calories if I'm going to be outside.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Bushs fear mongering

Bush’s fear mongering backfires, when it comes to the port transaction deal with UAE. Bush has been preaching terrorist, terrorism and fear for so long the people voted down the UAE port sale. Rove campaign to scare the people of the United States has work. Lets see how warrant-less wire taps hold up in court. What gets me these days the people that Bush was attacking he wants more of. Bush had called scientist elitist but what about a rich son that gets to go to two high dollar colleges. The said part of all this is Bush is just a puppet of Rove and Chaney with out them he’d be drilling dry well and going out of business. Only in America does a failure get to buy the presidency. The only people that are doing well with this administration is Bush’s buddies. By the time Bush leave office there will be two world powers and the United States isn’t one of them.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Raining now but snow is on the way. The raccoon came by I was happy to see he was still alive after the hash weather. He was startled when he first saw me but a smile and a wave let him know, I wasn't going to hurt him. The little guys hair was all standing up to keep him warm. He ate about a pound of the cat food I put out for the skunks. Really feel sorry for the skunk with only one eye. He really has a hard time getting around. I guess he got into a fight that he could finish. Skunks are like that, in that they bit at each other but no one gets hurt. Poor wet critters. Last night I could hear one of them under the house snoring. It could have been him cleaning himself too. The skunks seem to take very good care of their fur. Well I better make something for dinner to warm me up. Need those calories.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 3rd snow and no power

March 3rd 4:44PM. Snows almost melted. Hundreds of little birds are still feeding like crazy making every second of day light count. I’ve been hearing sirens all day some close and others on the highway. Most people wouldn’t hear them but I’m funny that way. From the days where I was doing studio work to being in front of a stack of speakers at a arena. I’ve told people the sound is so loud that your ears bleed. Now I’m here and I can tell what kind of bird that is chirping a hundred yards away. I’ve always had good hearing with a photographic memory. Same with smells also which could bring back memories from years past. Just saw a flash at first I thought it was the TV but it was thunder. Well time to batten down the hatches. One squirrel is getting a few more seeds before the cold night. Here comes more snow or hail or rain what ever it is it’s cold here. It’s really coming down now, little white beads of frozen water. It’s that popcorn like hail. I walked the creek and the water is really moving. What was once grass is now rocks with broken branches. I was going to unload the grain from the car but I think I’ll wait, at least my cars nice and clean on top. How wild I see blue sky in the white puffy clouds. Well I better do it now while there’s a break in the weather. Nop, can’t do it, have a squirrel eating on the porch. Ya, I’m such a softy I’ll let her eat until she leaves. If I scare her off she wouldn’t come back for a while and by then it might be dark or harsh weather. Every year I’ve been here the weather has been different. The only thing I can count on is it will be hot or cold. How the miners ever lived here has got me this is the most inhospitable and harshest place on earth.

All right night shift is taken care of now it’s time to take care of me. Chicken tonight, so it looks like my little stinkers are going to eat good too. So goes my nice clean pants. I thought they would have stayed clean more then a couple hours.

I’ve noticed that the deer during this wild weather have a harder time of finding their way. I’ve seen them stumble or at least heard them stumble when it was real dark without any starlight.

I was watching the noon news to see what the weather was going to be like then a reporter in P’ville said it was a blizzard here. Of course it was only a mild snow which just go me. I’ve been in blizzards and this is no blizzard. I even was cross country skiing in a winter blizzard on the east side of the sierra’s by mammoth mountain. Then I knew if I stopped for to long I’d die and wouldn’t be found until the spring thaw. I wish they would give these news readers a yard stick to give accurate measurement because 2 inches turns into a foot. One foot turns into three feet. Sixty mile an hour wind gusts turns into hurricane force winds. I bet when they go fishing they catch hundred pound fish on 10 pound test line and the fish is described as 10 feet long when it’s a minnow.

News Hours on.

March 3rd snow and no power

March 3rd, snow and no power. Snowed all night and most of the morning. Suns coming out now and things are melting. Since I had no power or phone and going outside looked way cold I stayed wrapped up in my down bag looking out the front door. Three male turkeys just arrived and look very hungry. They must have been burning a lot of calories. I’m sure the squirrels and little birds have done the same. I put out seeds under the picnic table so the little birds feed and it’s working out good for them.

I’m going to have to remind the phone people to finish what they started because my phone hasn’t worked for a week now. So far since November I’ve had about 3 weeks of service. What gets me is the phone company thinks I need to pay for service I don’t get. Isn’t that just like a corperation.

March 2 2006 snowed

March 2, 2006 snowed last night. It’s news time and the snows almost melted it’s in patches here and there. I took a cold walk around and found several large branches that broke last night from the weight of the snow. Two willow trees lost three large branches that were budding. The squirrels and little birds were eating all day. I saw some young squirrels I haven’t seen before. They could have sat in the palm of my hand. Life’s hard in the forest. I think I found the rest of the body of the Cooper Hawk. I think the cold weather did him in, I’m going to miss seeing him flying around here. The creek is flowing rather good and so are the hills. I haven’t been down the hill to see where my creek joints the other creek yet but I’m sure it’s really moving. It’s to bad that the snow is coming in spring and not winter. Now the snow pack is melting with the rain so the snow doesn’t get to soak into the ground. From what I’ve heard that this area used to get a couple feet of snow that would stay through the winter. Want to hear a good joke? People are buying $500,000 dollar houses below sea level in the Sacramento delta.

Monday March 6 2006

Monday March 6, 2006. Waiting for the storm. Sun has come in and out over the morning. Lot’s of young squirrels zipping around playing “chase” and “dare ya.” It’s a squirrel version of follow the leader. They keep testing themselves to see what they are possible of doing.

Doesn’t look like I need to worry about snow from this next storm but the weather people don’t read it right some times, you never know.

Saw the “flicker” today again, three days in a row.  Very aggressive when looking for bugs, no loose piece of bark left unturned.

I need to get outside, feed the birds and squirrels, turn the antenna around, get cat food and get ready for tonight “24.” Not before I have more coffee. Just not ready to get in the cold damp air, my bones are telling me not to.

Okay, got a lot done. Dinner??? What to do…  Backs doing it to me having a lot of pain standing. News, the evening break, time to lie down and make it count.

Feeling rather cold in the house. Pledge break on News Hour.

One hour before “24,” deer are feed. skunks are feed.

Chicken tonight; guess who’s getting the scraps. All three guys are here checking out the new cat food. They also look like they better eat because something bad is coming.

Got about an hour of phone service yesterday.

Was looking at the deer yesterday. Two youngsters a dark one and a tan one both male. As I looked out the door at them I was reminded of Hank Hill’s neighbor Lu talking to hank but it was the deer talking to each other. The little brown deer kept saying to the other deer, “You hillbilly deer, look, look it’s human.” Tan deer, “relax dude Bob’s cool.” I found out there is two type of deer, black tail and mule deer.

Skunk fight, break up all sore of wild things. Only rules here no fighting or eating your neighbor.

No snow yet so I don’t think there will be any. I saw an area up the mountain on TV and it had fog. So moistures in the air and it’s about freezing.  

Tuesday March 7 2006

Tuesday March 7, 2006 hale! And a lot of it. No driving today. In the last few minutes it’s been haling and now the place is covered white. One squirrel is avoiding the weather on the porch, just eating seeds like nothings happening. Turkey’s got his head facing into a bush. As fast as it started is done. The sky is looking brighter then it was, still gray but brighter. Hearing rumbles of thunder. I was under the impression that we were going to be drying out for a few days. I think I like when it snows better it’s a more quiet type of event. Yup, it’s cold outside and now everything is dripping. Through out a couple pound of sunflower seeds. There’s a few birds trying to dig out seeds on the picnic table. They can see the color distortion under the hale and that’s where they start digging. The creek looks real nice with the blanket of white meeting the water.

News has past and now for CBS’s new show. Smells like a skunk passed gas and it lit on fire. Sort of smells like burning plastic, the skunks don’t even like it. Had a couple stray skunks coming over along with the cat. Was hoping to see the raccoon.

Oh darn it’s so cold in and out of the house. Just have that low-pressure type feeling and the start of a headache. Weather people said it might snow. I’m in for the night no more going out t o night. Did laundry today nothing like the feel of warm cloths.

Sunday March 5 2006

Sunday March 5, 2006 waiting for the storm. Turkeys and squirrels have been here all morning and afternoon eating and cleaning making sure that everything goes right in this next storm. They look serious about this storm like they did before the last snow, I watched one of the young male practicing his fighting moves like a dancer would test his choreography. The winds been gusting, I heard a warning for Napa earlier. Ground so wet water is running out of every gopher, mole and ground squirrel hole. Ant’s are moving to high ground, my kitchen. I see the male turkeys are under a large ponderosa tree sort of in the shadow of the tree. Can’t see any hens, they’re doing military maneuvers getting to get out of the wind and weather somewhere. I was looking at the direction they have been going and it low shrubs.  Always wondered what they might do in harsh weather. Whether they would still roost in the pine tree at night with these winds.

I’ve noticed that the turkeys are separated by age with the youngest in the center. Then it’s the mothers older young males then the old males. There’s one young squirrels rocketing around the trees, I hope he’s not lost. This little one has just left the nest in the past couple days.

Getting dark now and the deer are coming in along with the storm winds.

Phone just came one. Try e-mail.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The deer were here

The deer were here earlier; I had to sit with them so one of the deer with antlers wouldn’t push them around. There are a couple guys still with antlers and now they think they are top deer on campus. Big Buddy is just the best father and leader of the herd. Even when Buddy had his antlers he was so gentle with the younger deer. I saw one deer creep up to Buddy he was so scared. Buddy locked antlers with the youngster and they began pushing. Buddy started pushing and it was a cakewalk. He stopped and started backing up and let the little deer win. It was his son and looks like a miniature Big Buddy. Little Buddy has the same personality as Big Buddy too. Buddy’s getting old and one day he won’t becoming here. I was worried when the mating season started because he took off for about three months.

Tonight I sat outside with the deer for about an hour. Even challenged the deer with the antlers because he was being a bonehead. One of the little girls seemed to be getting picked on by everyone. I was sitting down and she came over by me, I think she felt safe. She sure looked happy and seems to perk up being there. I don’t mind them eating the forest because I won’t. Summer is great for them I have all sort of fruit for them. I think going out with a deer and getting apple out of the tree for him is the coolest thing ever. Having a deer follow you or you follow them it show me how they can reason. The thing that amazes me the most is the family that they have. I can tell that the herd has three type of main marking. When I first moved here, they were just a deer, I could tell anything about them. Now I can see a foot and tell which deer it is.

I came in when I saw the first skunk sniffing along. I had a couple of George Clinton’s family show up. Not George himself if their tails, it looks like George Clinton hair. Pooh-key the medium sized skunk really was chewed up. He’s got a bald spot and teeth marks. The teeth are spread rather far apart so I know it wasn’t another skunk. Stinkers run off when he sees any other skunks. Seems everyone want to bit on him. The raccoon just butts in and eats the cat food without to much worry.

It still amazes me when your nice to any animal they will be nice to you. Sure I have that alpha male type personality and that doesn’t seem to matter to much. Even the turkey, squirrels, skunks, raccoons all seem to turn out to be very friendly They don’t seem to be wild at all even though they are.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a day

What a day. I laid down on the heating pad and was watching the snow fall and it made me so tire. I close my eyes for a second and next thing I know it 7PM. Little Buddy was digging through the snow for something to eat. Poor little critters, having to deal with this snow. Well it’s mostly gone now. I’ll know better how the night shift did later this evening. Was sort of nice being out in the falling snow just a bit cold for this not so young body. Not sure if this storm is over yet but it sounded like the storm was going to be here a couple days then nice weather. Then again it changes hourly and you can believe any of the long-term projections.

Well dinner calls. Time to wake up. COFFEE!!! Nice warm coffee.

Snows almost melted

Snows almost melted. It’s 34 degrees at noon today Saturday and my phones out again. It worked for a couple minutes but now it’s dead, no static at all. Have two brave squirrels here eating. It haled here for a few minutes with the sun out. The sky is darkening and looking menacing. Snow level was down to 1500 feet. Radio said it’s going to get up to 50 degrees today but not here.

Had a good down pour of hale while the phone guy was here fixing my phone. Yes it works again. I can’t believe it. There water and I can use the phone. Well it’s raining, no it’s snowing it’s… the sky is falling and the ground is turning white.

Feels good to put on “the boots.”  I can only were these in real cold wet weather or a long distance hick up the side of a big rock. Amazing, I bought these boots in 1972 and still haven’t wore out the soles.

I’m fascinated at the little birds feeding. They look a little rounder and puffed up with the cold. My turkeys took off. I think they are under trees somewhere. Mrs. Squirrel is hunting for seeds on the picnic table. She scraped the snow off to revile the sunflower seeds. There’s another squirrel coming down the tree. It sure takes the squirrels a long time to see if things are safe.

Snowing again too warm to stick right now. Well spoke to fast here come the fluffy chunks of snow. It’s not a white out just soft clumps of snow gently falling.

Started off a cold

Started off a cold dark day and got colder. Snow began around 5pm tonight. Phones out again as soon as the snow started. TV reception is flaky the antenna is gathering snow. Poor critter are hating life, I can see they are fighting over food being to close or the way another deer looks. There’s more than enough for everyone if they just slow down. I can see that they’re cold and confused with the snow. I left the corn bin open on the porch. I know Buddy know how to get on the porch. The white covering over everything looks rather nice to a point. Sure it makes a nice post card but you don’t want to lay in it. I saw one of the skunks and he didn’t look so happy getting around this weather. Sure they have fur but they still get cold and have to look for food in any weather. What a hard life. Seeing the deer in the daytime I get to watch how happy they are to be alive. When I was out earlier it didn’t seem to cold but when I came back in the house my glasses fogged up. This last time I was outside with the deer it was rather cold but then I was in a tee shirt and long johns, which isn’t the brightest thing to do. I heard a large crack, which sounded like a large branch racking from the weight of the snow. I’m glade I parked the car in the road so nothing can fall on it. When I went to the car a couple hours ago there was at least two inches of snow on the car. If I didn’t know better it sort of looks like it’s a little foggy out. Snows still falling but not as much as it was earlier.

Well Rummy’s on Charley Rose. I’m going to have to watch this to see all the lies. Besides my back is killing me and I need to lay down for a bit.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The boys are loosing

The boys are loosing their antlers. Mr. B only lost one and it looks sort of lopsided. He’s still the gentleman deer, always walking so proper and upright. You might even say he’s a bit snobby. There was two new baby girls come through without their mother. Mom must be raising some new bambi’s. Little Buddy didn't want them around here or at the table to eat. I think they were male and never had antlers. It looked like they had bumps but that could have just been their marking. They were very dark brown with a bark face. There was almost no white at the tip of there noise. Little Buddy is light brown with two unique white spots on his neck. Most of the deer that come here have one white spot under their chin. I sure find them amazing. Why they like the new bale verses the old one amazes me. The old one is next to the new one and is half the size of the new one but they don't want it. I think it ha something to do with them tipping their heads. They feel safer at certain level although they will reach to the ground if they have to. Maybe it's about the way they have to spread their front legs to eat on the ground. I found that I could leave the bottom piece of string on the bale so it holds together while they kick on it and it doesn't fall all over. They sort of take bite off like they are biting beef jerky.

The skunks were here until I stepped outside. I think Clinton damaged one of his eyes in that fight the other night. Out of all the stuff they eat sunflower seeds have to be their favorite. Chicken is always good then it’s the cat food. Feeding them by hand had to be the biggest kick. I don’t recommend that to just anyone unless you have a rap or with them. Well Clinton’s back having more cat food.

The raccoon family seems to disappear. Not sure if they’re sleeping the winter away. I wonder where they do go when they are all together. Do they have some sort of home base?

I spoke to soon, one of the kids are here. I don’t see it as them taking food from the raccoon but Clinton did. He had his tail in the air and the gland was puckered. Only a little stink and it was just in the air to scare the raccoon. When I open the door to break up the confrontation both guys ran off. The raccoon just went to the shadows always look to where the food was. I went to the bin of the cat food was and got a can full. Then walk down to the walk where the raccoon was watching me. I poured out the food and walked back on the porch. The little bandit came up the food by the time I was closing the door to go inside.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney blasts lawyer point blank

I was watching the news last night when they showed a doctors drawing of where all the BB's are in the lawyer Chaney shot. To me it looks like the guy was shot point blank, less than 20 feet away. The pattern was around a foot across. Even with a full choke shot gun the pattern wouldn't be that tight unless the guys was real close. The Vice President is coming up with this cover up story just like he said, "I know where the WMD's are." If the lawyer was just peppered he wouldn't be in intensive care and he wouldn't be in intensive care for another week. Chaney turned the lawyers chest into hamburger. The shot that is imbedded in the lawyers heat got there by the closeness of the blast. The lawyer is near death when he was shot. If the lawyer was only peppered he would have been able to walk away from the accident. I'm sure if someone could get into see the lawyer they would see him hooked up to all sorts of tubes and things. This is just another cover-up by Chaney and this administration.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Little Critters

Poor Stinkers has a hurt leg. Little guy is limping. I heard a bit of a fight last night. It really sounded rather fierce. Don't know if it was just the skunks getting into it or something bigger. I did have to air out the house today. I hate to see anyone in pain since I have so much. Seems it doesn't matter if they are big or small or have a nasty smell I like them all. Took care of my big deer when he had a broken leg and it healed up rather good. I wanted to help out the turkeys that were hurt but I couldn't get close enough. They are both still limping but doing a lot better. I think someone tried to shoot the bird with a hunting arrow. I just don't like people shooting on the property. They can do that on there own place if they want to do that. It really amazes me how small skunks eyes are for being out at night. I know they do a lot of smelling. When I went out to feed Stinkers, he started smelling the ground wear I was. I guess to make sure I was gone.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just because you say

Just because you say it’s true doesn’t mean it’s true. If you claim something that is top secret and know one knows about it you could make up anything to defend your policy. You could say anything and say it’s true because there is no way you can check it out. Bush could say he stopped an earthquake in California. See it didn’t happen and how are you to know he didn’t.

In Iran the Bush white house is now saying they are making nuclear bombs but the Iranians are saying it just power research. Who are we going to believe, Bush who took us to war over weapons that weren’t there, or the Iranians who don’t want to burn oil in power plants to prevent green house gasses?

Is this a republican big business maneuver to invade Iran for their oil? From the impression I’m getting from all the spending on homeland security nothing has really been done to make this country safer. The only people making out are the people making war goods. Iraq has turned into the money pit with no end in sight.

When the president says the economy is doing great then why does he have to cut social services to balance the budget, which isn’t balanced at all. Why is he keep giving the rich tax breaks, saying it’s going to stimulate the economy. He just said the economy was great then why does it need more stimulation at the cost of the poor. Bush said he would repair New Orleans at any cost but now the money has been cut off. He’s a president that couldn’t keep his word if his life depended on it. He said he’s a Christian and wants to protect unborn babies but kills the mothers carrying the babies. It’s okay to kill innocent people in a war but it not okay for a woman to make her own decision. Tom Delay said after the Patriot Act was pasted, “we have been working on this bill for 10 years.”  So that means that the republicans were planning to pass this act to reduce the amount of rights Americans have without the terrorist threat.

Is this terrorist problem a version of McCarthyism? Did the republicans make up the idea that Americans would support this or any administration because of the terrorist threat? Has anyone come up with the conclusion that this administration let the terrorist strike New York just to find a way to invade Iraq? I believe Dr. Rice prevented important information from getting to the president so the terrorist would complete their missions. This would outrage the American public and let the republicans do what every they wanted including starting a war or wars.

There’s nothing like a administration that does anything it wants without checks and balances. It makes this country no better then the tyrants we are fighting. Fascism comes in all forms. After 9/11 everything the republicans have wanted to do has been put into this category of impending doom. If you don’t do this we are doomed. If you don’t fix Social Security the way I want the terrorist are going to get you. If you don’t drill in Alaska the terrorist will get you. There aren’t to many things that the president has said that are true. The people of the United States have been led around like a mob trying to get every terrorist under every rock. Bush inherited the recession caused by his friends and campaign contributors in the stock market that took the American public for a 7.4 trillion dollar ride. Doesn’t that just make you want to invest to save social security?