Saturday, July 01, 2006

Deep Impact

Deep Impact, Hollywood or a picture of what’s to come. Monday there will be the first close sight of an asteroid that scientist say is should hit the earth in 2035 in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been wondering why with the current economy has Bush insisted on continuing the missile defense program to shoot down incoming missiles. So far the program doesn’t work. All tests have been failures except when they program where the incoming missile is then they can hit it other wise it misses it every time. They say it’s a work in progress, a trillion dollar bungle. If anything it paying some bodies salaries for a long time and I think they are in those red states, the ones with the bible bender and people that believe in myths more then reality.

So what does the planet have in store for this up coming event? Say nothing and let the rich people hide out in some under ground cavern somewhere. There are a few of those left over from the cold war. Will the places that are safe be sold to the highest bidders?

The one thing I see that Hollywood got wrong in the movie was the meteor was traveling to slow in the earth atmosphere. When you can see it, it will be to late to run and hide so get some good seat if you want to watch. They did get the tidal wave somewhat right, a little slow but the volume was about right. Knowing the people in power now would look at this up coming event as a way of getting property at a cheap cost after impact. I’m not saying all republicans are greedy just 99.99% of them are.

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