Sunday, July 16, 2006

A comparison

A comparison: Pre World War II the German people let the Nazis take over the country. They could have stopped the Nazis but they became complacent. In Lebanon the people and government of Lebanon have become complacent letting a terrorist group operate within the country. The people of Lebanon which aren’t Shiite Arabs don’t agree with what the terrorist group has done and understand they are all Lebanese and that it’s Lebanon’s problem. Where some people think it’s only the terrorist problem and forget where they live, who’s supposedly in charge. Israel is attacking another sovereign country, Lebanon that attacks Israel first in the cross border raid. We can’t separate the two matters that a terrorist group works with and is in charge of Lebanon. Hezbollah is a part of the Lebanese government. This is like Germany in the past, which let a hate group take over the country to eventually cause the demise of the country.

As would be said on the playground, he’s a big boy let him fight his own battle, the battle he started. Just because one side is loosing should be like looking at a puppy and saying “he’s so cute” we need to stop this. What Hezbollah is doing is just like the Germans did in World War II with the indiscriminate bombing of London. We can’t separate the two groups of people in Lebanon, the complacent and the terrorist. They are both guilty because they live in one sovereign country. Lebanon needs to deal with criminals within its country if they don’t want other countries attacking them.

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