Monday, July 03, 2006

Church service that's more entertainment

Church services that is more Hollywood entertainment then church service. It's just my observation but it seems they don't have much substance and more entertainment. One thing I've noticed is the repeating of the same words. This church fill it in is the best over and over. It's a form of brain washing. In a news report I've seen they say the "preachers" act in a way of mass hypnosis. The drama really gets me. What I hate is they take these simple minds and turn them into voters with out any thought. The church tell them what and who to vote for. There should be a law against this, oh wait there is, it's called a separation of church and state. This take over is a republican ploy for power and nothing else. The poor people, those believers with limited mental faculties fall into the trans of the cult. It's not a church anymore when the church take away your ability to think and condemns everyone else who doesn't think like they do. Listening to them talk is so automaton like and they never knew what hit them. Soon the religious right will be if they aren't already as bad as the radical Muslims. Wait, we invaded a country over so called values and ideas that doesn't sound to peaceful.

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