Sunday, January 29, 2006

What? More Rain?

Rain at night and gloomy days. The cold doesn't help the bones out. Never thought I'd be saying that. I don't feel old, too old. Not ready for a dirt nap just yet. Been feeling funky the last couple days. Haven't been sleeping good so I'm tired during the day. It's this darn weather. once it gets sunny out I'll be more mobile. That's not including on what the back might present. Looks like it's going to be raining on and off this weeks.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Well that was a surprise

Well that was a surprise hearing the rain hit the skylight. Woke me up enough where I looked out the sky light and listened to the rain and wind. I remember I felt relaxed, warm and tired. The pillow was melting to my head. Been cleaning up the place more then usual, wash the dishes or something. It's hard to keep the sunflower seed husks out of the house. Now with it raining and things are muddy that seems to get all over too. The cold seems to jet through your body and do your bones something funky where you do want to move. Things have been greening up. Want to try to grow some grass or something the deer would eat. Need something to hold the moisture in.

Where to find some file dirt with topsoil. I can see the blackberries are coming real good. Want to clean up the north end of the creek so it will grow willow. For now, it’s time to turn this of and go to bed.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

On your mark, Set, Eat.

What a cute bunch of boys. Rain stopped for now and the phones working sort of with a lot of static. Phone company said they were going to fix my phone. I've been waiting since Thanks Giving. Well a little phone is better then no phone.

Saturday the 14th an

Saturday the 14th and no phone again, it’s been raining. On top of all that I ran out of propane. My deer are here at least ten of them. The young girls came by earlier. It’s going to be a cold couple days inside and out. Going to have to drag out my down bag. Its rated at –10 to –15 degrees. I went outside with the deer earlier but the ran and cold wasn’t too pleasant. That’s when I found out the pilot light is out. Well, I should go check the tank maybe when the power went out a little it turned off the pilot light. At least that’s what I’m thinking and hoping. Other wise I won’t be able to get gas till Monday. Nope, there’s no gas, no nothing, totally empty. Buddy’s here, he has a piece of grass hanging off one of his antlers. As deer’s go, he’s a good guy. His one son acts just like him along with looking like him. Buddy’s so big he scares the younger deer but he’s so gentle. Wow, rains really coming down now. At least it’s only in the 40’s outside so it won’t get any colder than that in here.

Volcano in Alaska is going off. Augustine, it looks like a Chinese hat with real steep slopes. I like the way the news reports on things like this. The geologists are telling the news people it might be doing this for days. The news guy looked like it was going to be to long but he doesn’t understand that it could keep doing this for years or decade or longer

I was listening to a radio show today that was dealing with the teaching of “Intelligent Design.” Some of the people that they talked to have the brains of a handball and they are telling people they know better. The one group was saying that the only people that believe in Darwin and evolution are smart people in colleges. You know the type, scientist and such. The same ones that put people on the moon and make you microwaves and TV and those MP3 players also those thing that people drive with and talk on the cell phone. One of the ladies said, “I don’t care what they teach as long as it God made man and we didn’t come from monkeys.” Well that was an intelligent statement I bet they put a lot of thought into that. I could tell she was a white woman with little education maybe who would live in a trailer park.

I’ve seen the types before. Right after 9/11 this school put up on their reader board, “God bless American.” The courts made them take it down. She ask me why did they make them take it down. I told her that, “it’s the separation of church and state.” Then she said, “but what’s wrong with saying God bless America.” I said, “it was a public school and public school can’t endorse any religion.” She asked again, “What’s wrong with that, it only says God bless America.” She couldn’t understand the concept. Then again she was from Oklahoma so that told me a lot. What I don’t get is they don’t see themselves as the same as the extreme Muslims.  
Phone is sort of working but with errors and static. Very low connection rate.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A walk in the forest

My Little Buddy has been here before I took my walk. He’s still here hanging out here. He’s just like his father very mellow. I walked up the creek checking out what the water did from the last few storms. It really cut into the ground and washed a lot of stick and rock down. Looks like it’s afternoon feeding time the turkeys have returned and they are a lot mellower. Guess they worked off all that energy this morning. When I got to the end of the property I made a west and went up the hill through the black berries. There’s sort of a path but it’s rather over grown. It’s a real trick to walk through the vines with those nasty thorns. After getting up about 600 feet the area started open up into a meadow. I haven’t been hiking here before since it’s rather hard to get here. When I looked down I could see thousands of little mushrooms. A whole forest on the forest floor, so small you need to get on your hands and knees.

There were other mushrooms along with lots of little plants. As I walked south I could see a lot of oak and manzaneta I almost forget the pines there since they are all over. The ponderosa’s are almost everywhere. There were some ferns, which I don’t know the type.

It always amazes me at the simple things I find every time I walk around here. I used to go to the desert a lot and found there that if you want to see anything you need to look at the ground. Then taking science classes in college I started looking for rock as I walked. These days I look for life.

Just heard something interesting on the radio. A guy was arrested for dealing medical marijuana. He faces forty years for each count. They say he made money doing the medical marijuana thing. He should have made a billion then he would only face a couple years in jail and get some sort of deal. The more you make, steel, con, from people the less time you spend in jail. If you look at Abermoff or Keating they spent a few years in jail and got to keep the money. If we apply the same standard to Abermoff then he’d be spending life in jail. Just shows that, “justice for those who can afford it.”

The Goggle addon

The Goggle add-on works, and now for something serious.

Woke up late today, it was light out when I got out of bed. Didn’t see any critters as I put out the feed. Then again it was just getting light out and it was in the 30’s outside. As I was having my first cup of coffee the squirrels and turkey arrived. As the sun came over the hills and through the trees the turkey became more playful. Don’t know where they are right now but I can’t see them from where I’m sitting. They were chasing each other around almost flying. Even birds just standing around are jumping and practicing their turkey skills. I’ve been watching these guys for a few years no and couldn’t figure out what all they were doing. At first I thought they were just picking on the younger birds but it looks like it’s more like a boot camp for turkey. Soon they will master their turkey skills to become “Turkey Master.”

I was watching the deer last night. Buddy was here and did something real funny. Never thought I’d see the playfulness of these deer. Buddy walked real slowly behind a young female when he turned to me and gave me a wink. He goosed the young female with his nose and she jump. Buddy looked over at me with a smile and gave me another wink.

I noticed that one of mothers adopted a young female deer. She has her own two girls and they all seem to get along together. I watched them grooming each other the other day. Mom was concerned with a scream that came across the hills. The kids heard it too but continued eating and grooming. I could hear a dog barking in the same area. I don’t think it was coyotes they wouldn’t bark on an attack.

It’s sad to see how people take car of dogs and cats. They really don’t know the behaviors of these animals. They don’t under stand the concept of a pack animal. Just because you feed an animal doesn’t make it yours. What gets me is people who let their dogs back for hours without checking why they are backing. Some people get little dogs with don’t have the ability to stay warm in the area that they live. Some dogs are a reflection of their owners and look just like them. If the owner of a pet is fat then the dog or cat is fat. I don’t mean a little over weight but get diabetes and have a heart attack while walking.

Time to get outside and get some things done before it rains again. The local weather people say it’s going to rain for a couple days with snow up top. Right now it couldn’t be a better day. The suns out the birds are flying around. There’s a lot of bright green out.

Goggle Word Add-on

Well, Goggle has a new toy to Blog with using Microsoft’s Word. Maybe I can get my grammar right. Well here’s my first test to see if this add-on program works.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Springs coming, sort of

All the critters are here this sunny cold morning. Eleven male turkeys and a herd of hens and young males still with mom. Looks like I need another salt block a little squirrel is licking the picnic table where the block was before it melted in the last rain. Been trying to get a picture of this nuthatch, he has an orange breast. Sort of cute the way the squirrels look in the house at me looking at them. Spring is coming and it's making me feel more alive as more light warms the earth. Still cold outside but it really gives you the feeling of change.
It was cute last night when the turkeys all left, the doves came walking in. It was a herd of them all sneaking in to get the last eats before it gets dark.
They say it's going to rain today but you couldn't tell by the way it looks right now. No telling what's blowing this way. The clouds hang on the side of the foothills below me. Going to try to put the porch tarp back up today. Need a spring to take up the slack when the tree moves that hold the cable. Last storm it snapped a 1/2 inch cable like it was nothing.
I only see a dove puffed up eating now. The morning rush for food is over time to pick feathers in the sun. I'm ready for my next cup of coffee, some dark, rich, dark French roast. I want to go outside and dance in the sun like I saw the turkeys doing. If I have time I might go into town to see about some grass seed. Not sure what will grow here. Maybe something sort of natural.
I noticed while the sun light was slipping away for winter, I started eating a lot of junk foods. In fact I was craving foods I never eat the rest of the year. Maybe it has something to do with hibernating in out historical past. Or that it helps get us through the cold time when we need more calories.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Cooper doesn't like the gray squirrels which amazed me. Thought only the pigeons only had yellow feet. Still he's a good looking bird.

Sort of have a phone again

Got the phone back 01-03-2006 but it went out friday when it raine. It started working later saturday when the sun came out. The only time I might need a phone I can't use it.

Think I'll get out the pan and look for some gold after all this rain. Something should have washed down the hills. Just walking anywhere there's dirt it's mud. Even the rock have mud or moss. Things are so green. Mushrooms poppping up everywhere.

Haven't seen the raccoon family in weeks. Stinkers and George Clinton with the P-Funk were here last night. Haven't seen the girls and the babies in a few days.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Put in George's Backyard.

Where should we get rid of the solid waste? How about in George Bush's backyard. He seems to think that heavy metals and such seem to be safe and air pollution is something the left wing liberals are making up. Then send George to Bakersfield and let him breath that air for a few days and let him suck in that black air. Seem he might what to have beach front property in a few years but I think in his mind it more that make money now a screw the rest. They care worry about their future while the Republicans drove the earth into a irreparable mess.

I know spring is here


I was surprised yesterday while folding up the laundry when I saw the jackrabbit out by the telescope. It was creeping up eating a little here and a little there when something spooked it. It took off running north down the old road, more a path but never used for cars.
Then today I've seen my first robin. I like watching them on the hunt standing tall to get a good view of things moving. Then running over and snatch up what ever it saw moving, usually bugs.
I found some sort of wild Lilly yesterday. It's not the regular show piece that you'd get in a flower shop. The slim white pedals and it delicate features look like it could fall apart with just a touch. I'm going to that area to take some pictures of them today. Along with that, do some tree trimming. The area has a  lot of dead under branches. Call me anal-retentive in forest care but I think that's what mans design was. To take care of the forest so that all life could live. It's okay that we learned to learn but when it gets into the area of destroying the planet for profit is more important then being able to breath, then there's something wrong.

Christmas Out at Bob's

I got a surprise Christmas night, my friend Big Buddy came by for a bite. I had been so worried that something had happened to my big forest friend. His rake has four antlers with little splits at the tips of them making then look like can openers. It was Christmas so I gave my friend a large apple which I put at the edge of the porch. Buddy had a bit of a hard time biting the apple so I cut it up for him. He was about two when I first met him four years ago. Big Buddy, Mr. Fuzzy Antlers and Stumpy are my oldest deer here with a large group of offspring. I can see each of the fathers features in the offspring by the markings and antlers. Mr. Fuzzy Antlers was my first friend. We would go out foraging together. I would help him out by getting the things he couldn't reach. Our friendship started by me getting a arm full of apples and offering them to him. He saw that I wasn't a threat. He started hanging out after that letting me work outside without running off with the load noises I was making. I could use the chain saw and it didn't seem to bother him as long as he saw me making the noise. Big Buddy and Stumpy were a couple years younger when I met them. When I was sick Buddy used to walk up the stairs and look in the front door window to see where I was. I don't know if he could sense how sick I was but it help me get outside even though I didn't feel like getting out of bed. Some of the most interesting things I never would have imagined was one deer would control the herd and look out for them. I saw all the deer in the thick forest eating and there was Buddy in the creek looking up the hill seeing where everyone was. This year Buddy broke his rear leg. That really troubled me. I tried getting help for him but no one wanted to help not without money. His leg was just hanging and it scared me. He limped around for months. I put out more bird seed and picked up a bale of alfalfa to help him eat so he wouldn't have to travel so far. It seem to work and he never was far from the property. After a few months he started putting weight on his leg but still limping. Soon after his antlers were full he was pushing other large deer around. What I thought was cute was watching him as a young deer came up to him slowly trying to challenge him but not to make him angry. Buddy was good, he gentle pressed up against his head and started pushing. The young deer didn't stand a chance. Buddy just pushed the little deer around like he wasn't even there. Buddy didn't want to hurt the little deer and if I didn't know better through the challenge and let the little deer win. The little deer started strutting like he was king of the roost. I never thought I'd see deer being affectionate to each other. One young deer who's mother died in a car accident was all along one night. It was raining and the little guy seemed to be so afraid without his mother. That's when Buddy came up next to him and started licking him on the neck. The little deer leaned into Buddy to keep him warm. Buddy pulled the little guy closer. He set his head over the little deer and pull him closer.

A day of rain and criiters

Rain looks like it's going  to let up if not stop. It has been raining a lot over the past few days. The creek started running. Well, I spoke to soon. Weather people just said there will be a couple more storms blowing in. I guess I won't be doing any outdoor stuff for a while. Still don't have the phone working yet. Phone guys should be coming out while it's raining. Couldn't happen to nicer people. It's been a day with the turkey, deer and squirrels. Lots of little bird here for the winter. I watched a wood pecker work on the oak tree for about a half hour. The wood pecker has been working on the same part of the tree for a few weeks.
Took a break to get dinner started. Got the pork chops cooking. Oh, I forgot the Fresno peppers. The sun is setting, time to watch the BBC News. I forgot to pick up food for the skunks and raccoons.
I was listening to the radio and noticed this load pecking sounds. It was the turkeys on the porch eating the seeds that have fallen of the railing and on to the bins. I didn't think to much about it because they do that often. Then there was a loud squeak and the sight of a turkey flying the door's window. Some one scared the hen and she took off. Must have been a squirrel sneaking up behind her. The rest of the turkeys just looked at her and continued eating the cracked corn. There had to be at least thirty big birds here today. It sure looks good seeing them looking for bugs on the side of the hill.
I hope I see Big Buddy again tonight. I really missed him through the fall season.
Christmas commercials are coming to an end. The amount of commercial this year have gone to new limits. "Oh honey thanks for the car for Christmas." It wasn't just the cheap cars but almost all the car manufactures. Now it's going to be the end of year shows telling me all the things that happened this last year. Wish people paid more attention in what's going on. The other day a reporter was giving his prospective on the ruling from Dover, Pennsylvania. When he said that 50% of Americans didn't know that the earth goes around the sun and that 30% of them didn't know how many days there were in a year. That they believe that the earth was 6,000 to 10,000 year old. That most of the people that didn't know these things were deeply religious. With Bush and his evangelical buddies pushing this kind of teachings it's going to dumb down the people of America. Looking at it from a history prospective, going this way is a good way of making followers with no thought of their own. This is a good way of making an army of blind followers and only keeping education to the rich. They could make up a good slogan and the people will follow the policy you set whether it's right or wrong. Sort of like what Bush and this administration has been doing for the last five years and how we got into a war we can't win. I really think that the Neo-Cons started this war by not telling Bush what was going on in the world. They let the terrorist commit the crime on 9/11 so they could get into a war. I never understood why the people that kept telling the administration about the terrorist but the only thing they did was demote or fire anyone who knew what was going on. Anyone in the FBI that talked about terrorist were pushed out because they were making to many waves. O'Neal wrote in his book about how this administration wanted to invade Iraq as soon as they took office. Richard Clarke was demoted from his job of head of counter terrorism. Frank Clark the man that knew the most about Alquada but was demoted and stuck off in some remote office. It's almost like they wanted the terrorist attacks to happen. This was a theme in one episodes of the "X-Files." The whole story deals with the CIA's budget being cut after the end of the cold war. They put a plan together to get some terrorist group to take blame for something the CIA did. They were thinking that some group would take credit for the attack and we could start a war with that country.
Well, time to recline and watch the news.

flooding and more rain.

Just amazing listening to the news people describe the water and rain. One woman news reader compared the river to Lake Michigan. They obviously never been to Michigan before. Wind has been rather bad here, my antennas turned 90 degrees. The creek is a river. There's a creek going through the yard. The tarp over the porch is down. I was going to cover my telescope but the rain kicked up. I saw a woman picking up sand bags on TV. She said there is three inches of water in her house. I have to say, getting sand bags now is to late. You need to prepare for a storm in the summer. That's what I do every year. I spend most of all summer cleaning the forest, moving dirt so water would run off the place. The news people just crack me up with there descriptions. A pond is an inland sea. A creek is a river. A couple of inches of water on a road is a flood. You can always tell a person that never gets out by what they say. I'm going to have to take some picture of the water here as soon as I fix a few things. Need to wrap the camera in a plastic bag.
Went outside. Rain slowed a bit but there is gusts with heavy rain. Walked to the park. My ears are still ringing from the sound of water. The creek is doing some serious white water. Even the creek by the house is flowing with white water.
Had to tighten up the u-bolt on the antenna. So far it's staying in place. Saw one of my little Buddy's and a squirrel. Nice almost break in the storm. Looks like a large cell coming this way according to the weather map on TV.At least I haven't heard anyone ask the dumbest question I ever heard when I was down south. That was, "Why is there water in the flood basin?"
Looks like we got about 10 to 12 inches of rain in Placerville in the last 24 hours. It amazes me how much the news people fabricate the news. There might be a foot of water and they will say it's waste deep.
A little squirrel is on the railing eating seeds. She's really packing in the seeds as fast as she can. There's a couple more squirrels eating. Taking advantage of the break in the rain.
They say there is another storm still coming. Up in Truckee there is a land slide. What gets me is the news people say, "look there's no traffic" right after they say both lanes are closed.
Glad I'm not riding my bike like I used to. Never let a little rain stop me from going anywhere in the rain or snow. Riding a 650 pound bike in the snow is a real challenge. Sure taught me to be water proofed. I think the worst thing was the snow that would gather between my legs and the seat.
Not much traffic in town. Still people drive like there has been no rain.
Have a leak in the roof. The texture on the ceiling is falling down in the corner of my bedroom. It's the same area that I patched a couple years ago. I went into the attack to see what was leaking, it looked like the valley where the two roofs meet. I check the roof when I went outside but didn't see anything when it was raining.
Just saw the stupidest sand bagging job on TV. These people put a line of sand bags in front of their house. Straight across, with no idea that when the water would go around the line of sand bags when it got to them.
One reporter said the water was 5 feet deep in his house. When you see the water mark is only a foot high. The reporter only got a few inches inside his place. In the same complex a woman could understand why the water came into here place blaming the county for not warning her.
No national news tonight. My antenna turned again so I can't get channel 10 to see what's on it..
When you live in a flood plane you should expect your going to get flooded.

Flood plane Living

Watching the aftermath of the last storms on the news. Seeing the people living in flood plane areas and wondering why it flooded in their neighborhoods just has to make me laugh. Not that I like to see people misery but to see the shallow thoughts of the people living in an undesirable area reclamation area. Just like the person driving like they are invincible, living below sea level isn't a good idea. When people think that insurance is going to protect their lives and not just their property they must have something wrong with their thinking. Looking at a map should tell you that where your living isn't the best place if a river is above your house. Since most of the levees were built in the 1800's should give you an idea that they went built to well.
I wrote a paper about people living on unsafe grounds several years ago that was published right after the Big Bear Landers earthquakes. I also included people living out in the Palm Springs area. Out there they live in dry river beds, parts of a bahada. I equated the people living there as people living on a train track, a train will be by sooner or later.
I was also amazed at people that bought houses on mud flows. They are all marked on USGS, State and county maps. When houses start sliding of creeping down the hill they wonder why. They always say, "buyer beware." I guess you have to add to that carry a lot of stupid people insurance. That will protects people for things they do that a normal thinking persons wouldn't do. Some people are just so oblivious to the world. When I heard that 50% of the people in the United States didn't know the earth went around the sun or how many days it took. I have to say anyone living in a flood zone need to have a large note pinned to their shirts telling then that where they are living could flood and their responsibility for their stuff if it floods. That they will have to pay for their new stuff unless the insurance companies don't.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Still raining

The rain doesn't seem to bother the little birds. I was just watching a sparrow bathing. The little guy looked like he was having a great time swimming. I thought he would have just splashed around a little but he was diving and swimming. There was a few turkeys here this morning. Saw a few squirrels too. Oh hell, I'm going to have to go out in the rain to cover my work table, the plastic has blown off. I was hoping I wouldn't have to get dressed up and go outdoors but I don't want my table to warp.
There's a few downed branches by an oak tree on the road. Not to worry, I'm not going anywhere. It's almost like the clouds are on the ground. I was only out there for a couple minutes and rain gear is soaking wet.
It bothers me that Bush is looking into the phone tapping of people. It's more like data mining as I understand. The outing of Valerie Plain still drags on since it was this administration that came up with the idea of leaking a CIA agents identity. Well, Poncho Bush don't need no stinking badges.
Yesterday I found out the conservative republican philosophy was. They say they are conservative but when it come to the environment it's anything goes. The world can be used for anything without and consequences. I guess my idea of strip mining the desert is a good idea. Making a mile wide several miles long ditch seems okay in their eyes.
Still no phone. Damn phone company.

Rain and politics

Lots of rain and some interesting things in politics. Deer seem to be having a fun day while it's not raining right now. One small deer was sort of motivated by another deer and he jumped on the picnic table. The table was wet so he went sliding across the table. As he was going to fall off he jumped and landed on all fours. Male turkeys are hiding under the trees with leaves to get out of the rain. I had to get out in the rain to make some channels to direct the water draining through the yard. Water is boiling out of gopher holes. I put out sunflower seeds for the turkey but the deer found them and they look like they like them.
Looks like some heavy rain going to come down in the next few minutes. I did see some blue sky but that's being covered up by the black clouds. Not much snow in this storm and there are several more coming. There's a lot of run off and the rivers are full and the dams are letting out water. What I don't get about people up here is they live at the bottom of a river and put a dike around them and feel safe. Let's get this straight, they are living on the bottom of a flood plain and don't think anything about flooding. I guess like W.C. Fields said, "there's a sucker born every minute." Sure the flood plain has fertile land but putting a house on it is just stupid.
There's a guy who shot is son and ex-wife running around. Sheriffs haven't caught him yet. There was a sheriffs helicopter that flew over. Don't know if they were looking for him or all the accidents happening on the roads.
In the Enron scandal, the government made a deal with one person. Instead of him going on trial for thirty counts he's pleading guilty to one count of fraud. He has to testify against others in his ex-company. What a deal, steal billions screw over states with high electric prices and destroy people saving and stock holdings and only go to jail for five years. He will be fined 1.5 million though. He does gets to keep the millions he walked away with though. Seems like he did make a good deal. If you rob a bank and get a few thousand dollars and get caught, you go to jail for at least 20 years. These guys steal billions and get a slap on the wrist. Just proves that crime pays when you know the President. Pay off the republicans and you can do anything you want. Stock market made big donations to the republican party and walked away with trillions.
Bush is stacking the deck just in case he has to go before the supreme court for all the crimes he pulled off over the past five years. I'd like to see the administration end up in the Hague getting prosecuted for war crimes.

Cut This

Listening to the republicans bull droppings, I can see they are only looking out for the rich and themselves. They are looking out for companies that pollute and make the world a worse place in the pursuit of money. Corporate farmers giving them large subsidies to not grow or compensate their ability to compete with other countries. They don't cut those programs but cut programs that help the poor and almost poor people. If congress and the senate wanted to do something that shows leadership they should cut there retirement programs. They should pay for their own health care just like anyone else or a large portion of it. Out of anyone working in America congress and the senate get the best benefits while everyone else's is being cut. People in congress and the senate are rich to start with. They don't need any help or all the perks they get. With all the things the republicans are doing to labor they are going to produce people that aren't going to be able to make anything. They keep cutting school support. They cut aid to people to go to college. They keep pushing the bible on people so no real science will be done in the future. All the promises our government made has changed their minds saying it's going to cost to much. It looks like they want to take the country back to the 1800's where there wasn't any health care and people died young. People back then were disposable at least that's what the rich people thought. It was the unions that made this country strong and gave use the middle class. If the republicans could they would make savory legal again. They are doing everything they can to destroy the unions. They are working on cutting peoples standard of living. Right now Bush keeps saying that the economy is doing so great, the best ever. Then why do they need to cut social programs.
Bush has got this anti-missile program going when he first took office. Nothing to do with terrorism. After 9/11 he kept bringing up the fact of rouge states. So far this program doesn't work. They started making installation in Alaska saying that they will work out the bugs as they go. Out of all the test shots, not one missile was shot down even when it was told where the incoming missile was coming from. The total cost of this project is going to be over a trillion dollars. If one project need to be cut back this is one that need it. If they could start proving the program works then they should go ahead with funding but not before. From working with the Department of Defense I found that there is a lot of things done to help out areas or people in developing these projects. I bet you anything that is it was looked into many officials are getting some sort of kick back in some manor.
Looking at it from the prospective that not cutting social programs would cut crime because people wouldn't have to steal or sell drugs to make ends meet. When people can go to school to make a decent living they wouldn't have to turn to crime. When it comes to crime our government is such a bad example for people. They are always getting caught in some scandal where they were cheating on some on. The idea that some corporation can go into bankruptcy and not take responsibility for it is just outrageous. If an airlines in going down the tubes there shouldn't be anyway the government should be bailing them out. Sell a few of those airplanes to pay off the debts you owe.

Lots of rain

Here comes the forty day and forty night. Looks like a lot of run off in the valley. The rivers are at there tops. Not much snow in all of this. My creek is doing it's thing. At least the rain isn't flowing through the yard.
Big Buddy stopped by earlier. One of the younger deer challenged him the other night. Buddy being a good father pushed the little guy and let him win the contest.
Still without a phone. Been playing card games without the internet. What a bunch of crap but there's nothing you can do with a monopoly.

Tree movement

Oak tree pulled the cable and broke it. Half inch wire snapped like a twig. Wind is really going at it. Can't see to much outside right now. They say most of the rain is going to start tomorrow. Rivers are at flood stage. Lucky I'm in the hills and not in the delta.