Saturday, October 31, 2009

What you say, your ready to work now?

So the republican are saying they want to work on the health care bill. After all the no’s since the beginning of the year now they are trying this, lets ask if we can help now that the bill is done. It’s not like they were busy or getting paid to put this health care package together, they were there physically. Maybe with such small mind, no takes up a lot of space. Then the republicans, the ditto machines repeat talking points over and over, that the sky is falling with this bill. You will live i fear because they are republicans and they perfected the stroke. This is something they have been working on for years. When you think about it, being a slacker because your rich republican with connections. The conservative slacker mantra is no taxes for the rich. At least they come up with good bumper stickers. Who could forget, “Slackers do it with spoons.” “College, I paid someone to attend for me.” That  frees up time for the spoon. Are they the Zombie wolf?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greenspan, totally wrong

Turns out every thing Greenspan said was right was wrong and he was warned 10 years ago. All these so called economist got it all wrong. they said the market didn’t need to be regulated and wall street is telling Obama not to regulate the market, so nothing is going on.

Phil Gramm attacked Mrs. Born because she wanted to regulate derivatives market. Phil Gramm’s wife just happened to be working in that same market.

All the things that were put in place after the 30’s depression were taken out to let the market run free at Greenspan’s advice. When it all blew up, all he could say was their was a flaw in his thinking of the world. A flaw, is that all you can say after loosing trillions of dollars. Maybe you could cover that with your pocket change, Mr. Greenspan.

The person that warned of impending doom,  Mrs. Born from a unregulated market is saying people haven’t learned their lesson yet and this will happen again and again.

Monday, October 19, 2009

“Kill the liberals” the ego driven host screamed out.

The host screamed out, “I want to kill him,” “kill the man,” he is the slime of the earth liberal and I hate liberal. The crowd gathered closer cheering on the host. The host yelled, “We need to kill all liberal starting with this vulgar man, he’s a liberal.” “Someone grab a rope?” a voice cried out.” The host called out. “We will kill it right here and put a end to his liberal ways.” The crowd went crazy cheering the host. Yes they said, kill him. The crowd jumped man-x and put a hood over his head. They pushed him to the tree and threw the rope over the branch with the rope tied in a slip knot. The host yelled out sting him up standing safely on the stage looking down at his followers. The crowd did exactly what the host wanted and all pulled on the rope till he was high in the tree his body liberal body twitching and squirming. The crowd cheered. “Yes, death to the liberals,” the crowed screamed. The host yelled, “Death to the liberals,” again. The body stopped moving. The crowd went quiet. The host repeated himself, “death to the liberals.” The people were silent. A person in the crowd yelled out, “Why didn’t anyone stop us.” Another person yelled out in the crowd, “it’s not are fault, no one stopped us.” Ya,” another yelled, “we were only listening to him, and it’s his fault.” The crowd walked quietly away. The host was on the stage, “we need to kill the liberal,” he yelled out once more but no one was listening. The crowd with their heads hung down in shame were silent.

Some people use drugs, some people drink some do both until they find the new rush, power over others. Their egos take over it’s their new drug of choice, twisting truth to see how far people will follow the broken mans mind.

Monday, October 05, 2009

This was a first

Today was a first, all the female deer and the babies came up close to me.  There are 5 babies here and some teenaged deer and all the mothers. Having them come right up to me was something totally new. There’s still a couple that hang back a little. Sonny Boy is the only male here and he came up close but stood to the side. Not they are going through there pecking order without me standing out there with them. I’m not sure but I thing one tiny baby might be an orphan. I’m not sure why they are acting this way today unless they smell the bear that’s been around.