Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greenspan, totally wrong

Turns out every thing Greenspan said was right was wrong and he was warned 10 years ago. All these so called economist got it all wrong. they said the market didn’t need to be regulated and wall street is telling Obama not to regulate the market, so nothing is going on.

Phil Gramm attacked Mrs. Born because she wanted to regulate derivatives market. Phil Gramm’s wife just happened to be working in that same market.

All the things that were put in place after the 30’s depression were taken out to let the market run free at Greenspan’s advice. When it all blew up, all he could say was their was a flaw in his thinking of the world. A flaw, is that all you can say after loosing trillions of dollars. Maybe you could cover that with your pocket change, Mr. Greenspan.

The person that warned of impending doom,  Mrs. Born from a unregulated market is saying people haven’t learned their lesson yet and this will happen again and again.

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