Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We are going to cut taxes and cut spending and save tax payers money

Boehner and his oxymoron statements. You going to cut taxes which is going to cost 7 trillion by the time it’s over. Remember this was a tax cut or a giveaway to the rich tax payer like hedge fund managers and banker and stock brokers all the people that caused the economic melt down. They will not be getting a $250 dollar check like you did, no, they are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars. The middle class has already been getting a tax cut that there pay check. Can’t see it because it’s minor. This new tax cut will be real minor to you unless your rich the other end of the scale where the rich will get more then you make the whole year, maybe even your whole life. How can you want this in principle. I know the republican will do it because they don’t care about our country but themselves. They would take Uncle Sam’s last dollar and smile while they are doing that. Boehner is already getting a pay raise for becoming speaker. I sure wish I could get an extra $30,000 a year but people on social security don’t even get a cost of living in crease. They say there’s no inflation which the gauge cost of living. You know the rich won’t be spending any of that money because they have everything they already want. We could pay no taxes and we still would never get to a point where we didn’t need anything like where the rich are. Your still going to be at that point, “I’ll get it next month when I have a little extra cash,” you say each month.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Shocking Spine

The doctor came into the room with his PA whom asked me a ton of question. I really didn’t want to be talking with him since I’d have to repeat myself talking with the surgeon. After a long drive I wasn’t up to be making small talk and wanted to get into the mead and bones of the matter. With my MRI’s and now this full spine scan. I was impressed at the scanner and how it worked. I was impressed at the scan but more shocked where I just wanted to look at the film and stair at it, because it was so shocking to look at every bone closely to see how the bones are moving. See if any bones

Positive View


Negative view, Was wanting to see it both ways to see the most detail. The machine that scanned me was amazing, It’s got a three axis head. Some are computer controlled axis. Set the bard door to set the angle of x-rays that are going to come out, they have a modeling light to see where your going to scan, a sort of test run of viewing. Amazing that I’m still standing and walking although not that good. The program that puts the film together put a special format film with a jpg2000 format. All the data of the doctor and me are on each segment. Has everything on the header of the picture. Everyone that was involved in some way.The software puts 5 segments together into one picture. I’m still is shock, seeing how bad my spine is right now today. I’ve had some other shots done with a fluoroscope. I’ve seen the big pictures on the monitor which is the same thing I get in a small thermal print. You get the same data just smaller. Still I can clearly see that my spine has gotten worse since the last time I had a cortisone shot back in April. They were still in somewhat of a line although bent a little but not drastically out of line like it is here.

Surgery: February 2 and 4 are the dates set so far, no times have been given to me yet. Have two CT scans  to go through coming up. Have another set of x-rays to be taken, think I can do those up here. That drive really beat me up. By the time I got home I was tired, I was tired while I was still at the doctors office. I left there some time after 4PM. Now for a 50 mile drive home. I was hungry and hadn’t had anything all day except coffee and a soda.

You call that a spine?

It’s amazing that the vertebrae are moving so far from each other. Soon some will be wandering around. I’m worried that some movement on my part will pinch more nerves making things worse then what it is now. Every time I make minor movement, lift my arms I hear pops and crack from my back. It was where I had something like that happen maybe once I several month. Now it’s happening several times a minute. I try not moving, get well seated so I don’t have to move but when I say moving it might be lifting a finder, tilting my head, lifting a leg in hopes that I could lessen the pain there. I’ve been having these surges of pain where it starts in the hip area and knee area and the pain keeps getting greater and greater until I’m jumping up trying anything to reduce the pain. Getting down to the floor laying on my side works the best. If I can get a pillow between my knees that would be good. It’s just such a overwhelming pain you almost can’t breath. Well been waiting this long a few more month till February. That will give me some time to get things arranged here and with the county to get someone to help me out. I take it that I’m not going to be in the best of shape worse then the first two surgeries I had. I’ll be in the hospital for a week. I’m hoping that the cortisone shot next week will help out. Have prednisone pills to take for 5 days.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lets run the country into the ground again. Privatize it all.

Republicans pledge to wankers win everything. Tossers win elections what a bunch of stupid people out there destine to repeat the Hoover mistakes. John Boehner becomes speaker of house. Hope he gets sober, can’t stand that drunk yapping on. Claims he knows bartending but a drunk isn’t what the country needs.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What you write to much? What kind of crap is that?

Seems to blog you can’t type unlike other blogger sites that let you write as much as you want. Don’t leave big comments, is that for the simple minded with A.D.D. and they loose track of simple conversations. What is this for idiots or what? Haven’t you ever read a book before? How do you think those ideas get stuck together? My blog is my life, really my life, what I’m doing, what I’m seeing and how I react to it. I live out in the sticks, I mean I don’t talk to people for weeks or months at a time. I’m closer to the wildlife which I’m doing research on and documenting. To make simple shallow comments on the encounters with things like bears, mountain lions, Kit fox, raccoons or deer, my herd of 24, and my pet skunks. Sorry Stan Lee died this year by a pit bull.

Hey, something interesting for you simpletons that need TV. PBS has a show on Hubble Deep Space Telescope and the repairs. know why they needed to repair the tele? It was a spy sat that was made to look at the ground and optics needed to be changed. You know where it’s looking and getting all those cool shots of galaxies? Well that’s like holding a grain of rice at arms length and looking out past that 14 billion light years. The spy sat it was designed from is still in service looking downward with a 3 inch resolution. I’ve seen a document with the date of a dime clearly readable.

Never stop learning so you can write your own software and not take any blowback, write less, gee’s, mindless.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Used up: work longer after 65 when you gave your body to make the country great

When you’re a paper pusher, say a congress person a real slacker as for as hard work. You never got dirt under your finger nails. You never worked up a sweat where you needed to change your cloths several times along with a quick shower, then a new set of cloths. Try that three time a day having to drowned yourself in energy drinks to replace all the chemicals you sweated out. Nothing like the feel of accomplishment where you knew you really done something because your body tells you your tired but you have energy because your body is in shape and could go another round because your strong.  Making love is incredible because you can preform every time and for hours and hours. Take a fast break to wipe off some of the love sweat, get some food, cheeses, hard salami, fruit drink and you a smoke and your ready to go again. A paper pusher would be taking out the bottle of love pills to get started because they live in apathy as far as keeping up there bodies. They still will live longer then the hard worker because they didn’t impact there body with constant damage you just shock off. Some one like a representative would have to be taken to the hospitals. I’ve seen some people get a bump in the leg and fall over and have to stop working for the day. A minor splinter or a cut to the hand, so you bleed a bit and it hurts but you keep going until the bloods dripping to the point it’s making a mess on what your working on. So you stop the leak and get back to it. Try working with barbed-wire. That could put you through some changes before you get the hang of it and one day isn’t going to do it, we are talking of years of working with it to get it right. Long hours, sun rise, watching the sun come up and your having a coffee and smoke waiting to start work. Give me those wimps, the dun laps over the belt to show them what living and working is about. You don’t complain because the work has to get done because no one else is going to be doing it.

Now I here because the savings of people have been stole by fast talking brokers telling you, “your money is perfectly safe, trust me.” Ya right go back to work to recover, your body is burned out. Have a new hip, new knee, major back reconstruction where the operation takes two days to complete. And you want him to pick up and start working again. Standing, siting, the position of your legs causing increasable pain because your sitting the hardest thing you can do with your back.

We have some really out of touch law makers making rules on who could even be healthy enough to work. Maybe like the show Undercover Boss could be used to help form better policies. All congress men and woman would have to take up all the jobs for at least two weeks to see if a person would need to retire at a earlier age then 65 but maybe 55 because there body is worn out. No job will be not tested and our representatives would have to do this themselves and not let there aids to do the work.

To make this country great again to raise wages and protect people we need unions. The police and fire unions the best deals in the country. Get out on a disability and your living on phat street. Something even better then just a normal retirement. People will hold beck from telling about injuries and have them come up at retirement time to give them the grand package. I still see they need to be tested randomly on a lie detector to fine out how honest they are. Do that twice a year. Find out how many wife beaters there are being protected by the blue code. A normal retirement based on other retirement packages.

Getting everyone into a union, the Americans Worker Union, something that would cover all classes of work. The Teamsters are powerful and could incorporate something like this into every aspect of workers. This would protect your health so you don’t have to work hurt because your afraid of loosing your job because you need to recover and which ends up making the problem worse over all.

The republican have worked hard to dismantle the unions because they are cheap and want all the profits for themselves. They couldn’t do the jobs of the people in the companies they might have a stack in.

I had an accountant for one company, Group W Cable. He would round to the closest number whether it was up or down but it make that the shortest hours paid for me. He thought he was doing something special for the company but he was just shorting every one. But there was no over site. As far as I know he was taking all those extra minutes and placing it in his account.

The Unions made this country

Wake up, it's time for pain

Wake up it's time for pain. First I turned the TV on to see if I coul just lay there but I got up after taking a few pills. Knee is killing me, must have rolled over funny and caused pain besides walking into the step ladder yesterday morning. Still haven't over come the pain from that yet.

Made a warm cup of French roast coffee. The warm coffee makes me feel like sleeping sometimes. French Roast has a lower cafine level.

Well going to lay on the heating pad or maybe crawl back in bed. Some place warm.