Saturday, January 30, 2010

What about My Windows Live Mail Errors?

image So what’s with this error every time I start Windows Live Mail. I’ve been trying to read about errors on the Windows Live help site but the only thing they have there is how to add an account and things like that. Things that you can only do if you Windows Live Mail program is working. What’s odd is it was working for years and I set my computer on hold while using my desktop computer and now it comes up with this error. There was a second error message telling me to reinstall my program. That my contacts couldn’t be loaded. I really hate getting online to read my mail with a browser, it’s real hard to do and the screen refreshes and the mail I’m working on moves up and down. All the rest of the Windows Live programs seem to work just fine and I’m using Windows Live Writer right now. I’ve tried turning things off in Windows Live Mail and this message reminds me that nothing is going to be saved. I sent a feed back form in so waiting for a reply on that. I’ll have to post it when I get it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Preparing to install, What

Have a new problem with the laptop, a window pos up and it’s trying to install something but what. I’ve been looking everywhere to see what things might be running. Found a lot of old files that haven’t been uses since 2002. Noticed there is a lot of programs ready to install hanging around in directories that I’ve installed before. Why the file was moved from the download directory to this other directory  and sits there taking up disk space. Noticed that the mouse was getting loaded twice. That gas to take up time. The new mouse driver is 60 plus megs before you install it. Then 20 plus after you install it. I remember when a mouse driver was about 50K and that’s all.

Been reading the big book of XP. I’ll find something that might be cool to do and it will say this is only for XP Pro. One thing I’ve noticed is that the book is written in a way that everything is working right. Sometimes you can find something and work backwards. I’ve tried installing the CD that came with the book but it doesn’t work. The install is really hidden too. Lot of links to places online. What’s funny about that instead of giving you support for XP it wants to sell you Windows 7.

Noticed that the time it took to load this program I started my Linux computer next to me. I’ve noticed with Linux there are more uses of passwords to change things. I’ve been trying to make changes to Windows Internet Explorer but it keeps telling me I’m not the administrator. It says I’m the administrator. I haven’t found any other place to find out access rights to a program.

I still haven’t figured out how to install Windows Live Mail again. I had it there and didn’t use the computer for a few month and now it doesn’t work. Installing the program comes up with the same errors. Checked the registry last night. All the mail stuff was still installed even though I uninstalled it. I tried putting in the patch to get Outlook to work with Live Mail but it’s 2002 and it works on 2003 and newer. So have to check mail with the browser. I really hate that because the screen updates and moves. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What’s Wrong With RE-installing Windows Live Mail

Why can’t I reinstall Windows Live Mail? Why Did I have to reinstall Windows Live mail? I just didn’t use my laptop for a while and then my Windows Live Mail program keeps having an error telling me to reinstall Windows Live Mail because it can’t load the contact list. I’ve uninstalled Windows Live Mail and the other programs with it so it wasn’t there. When I reinstalled it the first few times every thing showed up the same and had the same error telling me it couldn’t load right and it couldn’t load the contact list and it had all my accounts except it didn’t have one new one I install from my desktop computer. So I deletes all the accounts with the error messages still up. So starting Windows Live mail with no accounts I thought there wouldn’t be any problems. Still I get the same errors and have that contact list problem. I noticed that when I installed Windows Live on my desktop computer with a blank disk that it loaded all my contacts. They were stored online I guess even if they weren’t a MSN account. Every one was there even just contacts that are phone numbers without and mail address. When I install the package of programs all the other programs install right. Wonder if I need to check the registry to make sure Windows Live programs have been deleted from there. I know the directories remain when you uninstall the programs. What gets me is that the program was working fine before, then I didn’t use the laptop for a few months and it stopped working. Well it did download all the mail, that is all the mail I’ve read but still is in the in box along with the deleted mail, sent mail and junk mail. Filled those directories right up. Did that with every account too except the one new Gmail account I haven’t installed on this computer. That all forced me to use Outlook that came with office. I can’t get any emails from my Hotmail accounts but can get the rest. I’m having problems with the desktop computer staying online and know what the problem is and know what box I need to uncheck. Been reading up on the DSL Modem. Before I start getting into anything else. I need to figure out what I installed that causes my desktop to lock up. It used to run fine and you’d think installing Windows on a blank disk that you wouldn’t have any problems for a few years. My Firewall program stopped working and I can’t get it to start either. I install some new Windows antivirus and spyware program but it says it’s not a full antivirus program and that you need on but it looks and acts like a antivirus program. Going to keep uninstalling programs on the laptop to free up space. I was looking at the Control Panel program to uninstall programs and the list is mostly Microsoft programs, update and patches. I need to remember this is a laptop and all I can really do is send mail and use the office programs. I used to be able to edit video on this computer when I first got it before service pack 1. The there was service pack 2 a whole CD of updates and a lot more space taken up on the hard drive. Then service pack 3 did the same thing, took up more space. It also makes the operating system larger when you start the computer. It used to take about 400 megs for XP to load when it first came out now  it’s around 800 plus megs to load.

Well it’s raining here today. Guess I’ll try working on the desktop today.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It’s cold wet and windy out, No not going out.

A calm for a few seconds. Wind is really moving, wondering if I’m going to loose any trees or that trees might fall on the house. Well, I have my down booties on and I’m not doing anything. Getting the computer running. Installing and removing software as long as the power stays on. Have the scanner on and hear downed tree calls. New or weather said that the biggest part of the storm will be on Thursday. Need rain but don’t want it all at once like the snow storm last month. That was just too much. Liked looking at the snow for a few minutes. After that it was work to walk around. Looking at a few pictures from then I noticed that the foot print would disappear after walking a few feet from them. I couldn’t see my road, it was covered with snow and branches hanging over weighted down with snow. Thought it was a airplane flying over but it was the wind. Felt somewhat awake this morning but ready for a nap. My directional mic of the tripod blew off the porch. Tied a 7 pound sand bag to it. That will keep it here. Have the down booties on and that means no outside at all. Been cleaning up the browsers and tried to go to my web site which I haven’t worked on for a while but it looks gone now. Need to set up the back room computer and run Spinrite on the Western Digital 120 gig drive. Need to take the desktop computer apart and clean the dirt and dust out. Have a couple CD/DVD drives given to me. Going to have to test all them out and take out the ones in the desktop that are acting up. Not raining to hard right now and not to windy, think I’ll go to the cellar and get some computer books. Really scares me watching the pine trees sway in the wind. There’s a call for a power pole down. It’s on a small street so no one ran into it. All set with batteries incase the power goes out. Have a pen and note pad to write too. Mic just blew over. Hear emergence vehicle some what close. Must be the downed power pole. It’s the gusts of wind that are bad. Other then that it’s not to bad. Not to cold out but not warm by any means. Mic and tripod need to come in. Guess I’ll let this defrag and rest.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pop This Up! Windows Live Mail Program

OK, I’ve installed and uninstall Windows Live Mail and all the other programs over and over for the last two days. Was up till 4 AM this morning hoping this next time it would work. I really hate programs you get these little seed programs and it then downloads the program and installs it. There isn’t very much you can do with it to change things. I keep getting the same messages, “Contacts failed to load.” Well I rooted around and found the folder where all the contacts are stored. I thought if you uninstall a program that means it removes everything. What was the other message, the first one that pops up. I think it said something like, “Sorry Windows Live Mail had a problem please re-install.” Maybe it was the contact list message that said to re-install.

I’ve ignored the pop up messages and deleted all the accounts I had installed. This was a first step forward. I looked at where the program and data are. There still was two email accounts there with sub-directories. It also signs in right of the start of a new install. That’s a first for me, not having to enter name and password in a program. Well it is a new program from Microsoft and must have that new ESP technology. All those hard working guys at Microsoft, using The Tossing Method while they work, it’s one of those new ways of getting things done in corporate surrounding.

image image

Here’s those nagging messages that keep coming up.

What I don’t get is Windows Live Mail was working a few months ago when I had my laptop in the bedroom and would be writing there. I’d have the mail program running in the back ground while I was writing and watching TV. Everything was working just fine. I started working on my desktop computer and re-installing Windows XP because of some problems. Added memory and hard drive. Install Windows Live Mail series of programs. I noticed at I install each account it downloaded the folder for each account. There wasn’t any contacts that I had to install but were downloaded from the Microsoft mail servers. So what do I do with my contacts that remain on the hard drive after un-installing Windows Live Mail and series of programs? No one has said to delete them. Not much info on repairing Windows Live Mail and series of programs. It’s back to that ESP Technology I guess. Try it what do you have to loose. What get’s me is all the messages I’ve sent to Microsoft when closing Windows Live Mail. I’ve sent my personal info to Microsoft but never hear back from them. They did call me one morning when I solved one problem, think it was, “System Fade.” That was duplicating a empty file in the temp directory or folder. Once you got rid off all those and restarted the computer everything was fine. I think that was with the new Windows Internet Explorer 8. I was half awake when I was talking to the young person on the phone. Was wondering if it was some strange person or really Microsoft. I was too tired and wanted to get off the phone and back to bed. 

So what happened to the mail program after sitting for a couple months. Why can’t I install Windows Live Mail and the series of programs where I don’t get errors. Why isn’t there a place with info on how to repair things. I’ve noticed that most instructions tell you how to do something that works and not where the errors creep in.

Well it looked like I was going to be able to read my mail. I could see it there but when I clicked on the mail to read it, I got this messages again.

image They all the type faded away but the program was still sitting there, a empty hulk of a program. And me here trying to get my mail working before the big rain. Going to be storming for a week. Ten feet of snow in the high country. Don’t need anymore snow here. I’ve had my fill of that last month where I was without power for a week and without a phone for two. Couldn’t drive out. Had to cook with my camp stove. No snow here please.

Back to this mail program. Do you think it would work better if it was open source? I’m sure it would be faster, smaller and more secure that’s for sure. At least that’s what I’ve been finding out about open source programs anyway.

I’ve grown to like having a mail program with every thing right there. All my account nice and neat. Having to work from a browser it’s like looking down a tube. Every things not where you want and you need to scroll up and down. You get all those tracking cookies from Microsoft ads. My spyware program keeps popping a message up that it’s removing something. What I find real stupid is when your changing sites with Internet Explorer 8, that top like telling you that it just blocked a pop up. It goes away after the page changes. I know they have forum to find out things but I hate having to read through so much crap before finding the answer. Be nice if that stuff was filtered down to how to fix the screw up’s section. Give you pictures not a description of the error because some are like others. Seems like with all the money coming in there could be some people working on fixing the operating system that was abandon when Vista came out. Now that Windows 7 is out everything else gets put on the back burner or in the warehouse. I’ve been working with Windows 2 and DOS 1.0 so I’m very familiar with you need to buy a new version. I’d like to see one Microsoft program come out and be finished. Nothing ever gets finished, they just move on to something else when they can’t fix it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Administrator, I’m the only one here

What do you mean I’m not the administrator, I’m the only one here. Who you talking to, I’m the only one here. No one else here named Administrator except me. Well it’s Microsoft Windows, what do you expect and error like that.

Looking at Linux I’ve noticed that everything you need is in about 650 megs of space installed. That’s the operating system, all the drivers for your computer plus a lot more drivers that you don’t need to have also. It’s got everything. Office programs. Games. Art programs. Graphics programs. Compression programs. Every things there. Why are Windows program that do the same thing take up so much space and do the same things. They look real close to each other. I never see any “Not Responding” error messages. In fact I never see any error messages. I don’t think I’ve seen it ever lock up.

What’s interesting is I noticed that Windows programs cost about 3 times more then the same programs for Linux. I’m really liking this open source program that people are doing. Not only can you get Linux programs through the open source network you can get Windows programs also. I also saw Mac programs too. What’s the deal, all these free great programs. I can’t even get Windows Live Mail working on my laptop after not using it for two months when I set up my laptop and desktop at the same time.

Wanted to make a change on Internet Explorer and it’s telling me that I’m not me. I’m the only administrator at least that’s what it says. Do I need to make an account saying “Administrator?” That I can’t tell the computer my name and that I am the administrator. That’s very interesting. It’s interesting when you have nothing to compare to you see the operating system as being good until you can look at several operating system side by side. For a long time I was all Microsoft manic and nothing else mattered. Now that I’ve looked into other operating systems and how they perform, Wow, have I been spending money like crazy for nothing? I can get something better and it’s free. People help you and it doesn’t cost you. Help files make sense. Very interesting.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Computer is running slow

I bought this Sony computer with XP installed. It ran great but had one problem which I contacted Sony about and the wrote an update to the BIOS so the hard drive wouldn’t turn off because of heating. They set the temp too low and one degree C made a difference when I was running test here and told them about the problem. Then Microsoft had it’s patches, updates, and service packs which made my computer so slow.

I’ve been testing out Linux operating systems from everyone. What’s good about Linux? It’s small, it works, it doesn’t crash, it’s so stable, it’s free. Even the applications are free. There’s a program with a list of programs and if you want to install one you click a box and tell it to apply. It installs the program and it runs. No problem. I here the new Apple Mac operating system is based on Linux. Don’t know if they just are using the kernel or what but if you know Mac’s, turn them on and they work. Same with Linux, turn it on and it’s working. What gets me is this computer is 4 times faster then this other computer with Novell’s openSuSE DVD that I installed but it runs circles around this computer which used to run great when I first bought it. It’s all those fixes from Microsoft instead of replacing the system parts that are bad, deleting them, not putting them in a folder somewhere so you can reinstall the program that you just removed or updated. You can go back to the old way things were working, that is if they were working. They wouldn’t have made a patch if it was working.

What gets me about open source programming is everyone knows how it runs but it’s safer then Microsoft. Microsoft still isn’t going to let anyone know how the system works. They let you build programs with there software which puts it into there way of doing things.

Watching Microsoft grow over the years by taking over the competition when they could make something as good. Then they would shut them down maybe use the technology or not.

Now all there software I noticed I’ve been installing from Microsoft asks if you would take part in making the program better. I’ve been sending in crap every time my programs crash but never here anything back. I’ve started this laptop which has been in the bedroom while I’ve been using my desktop computer. Now that my desktop has some problems I went to start this laptop and get mail. I keep getting an error message. Windows Live Mail is improperly configured, reinstall program. Can’t load address book or contact list, that sounds more like it. Then Windows Live must Close. Well after deleting and installing Windows Live Mail and all the other programs it still doesn’t work.  Still the same error messages. So how are you going to fix things if it keeps telling you to do the same thing something Linux never says. Linux always works. Open Office is so much better the Microsoft Office and all the add-ons are free. Open Office does so much more the Microsoft Office and it’s free too.

Got a disk in the mail yesterday from Sun Microsystems it was open Solaris disk. One the front of the disk is says share freely. That something Microsoft wouldn’t do. I’ve called Microsoft to activate XP two or three times in a day. You can’t get updates until you activate XP. You can’t install Service Pack II or Service Pack III until you activate XP. Then there’s other bits that it wants to install soon as you activate XP before your off the phone with Microsoft. I hate that recording haven’t you tried using the internet to activate your XP? I’ve changed hard ware and had to install Windows XP many times since I put this computer together. It’s still the same basic computer except I had to reinstall XP or change hardware.

What cool about Linux, you have a problem you can talk to people that wrote the programs or that are part of the operating system group or just cool people that have like minds and like computers and thing knowledge should be shared and not sold.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Out at Bob's space - Windows Live

Well, still can’t get Live Writer working right. The program can’t find my site or page. I entered my Google Blog site and there was no problem. It’s funny in the Microsoft wants to get feedback and you click those boxes to give them feedback but I’m stuck here because there is no feedback and I can’t find this problem in the help files. I thought Windows Live Writer was great as sliced bread until now, trying to reinstall my programs after a drive crash. Going to see if I can recover the data on that drive because there’s two years of photos I took here, about 20,000 pictures. Well, when things go wrong they go wrong big time. I did find out that the several versions of Linux install and run just fine without and type of crash or problems.

Out at Bob's space - Windows Live

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Was a nice day here in the sun. Not real hot or warm but not real cold. Worked on the garden. Lot of walking back to the house to get tools. Always forgot one tool and would have to go back for it.

As I was checking mail had two family groups of deer here about 7 or 8 in each group. They were all females with there babies. I had to get out and sit on the porch and watch them. Haven’t seen any males yet today.

The girls didn’t show up last night. I wonder if it had something to do with the earthquake. People all over said they felt it, I didn’t.

Mr. Friend and his sort of buddy Droopy just walked up. Nice seeing the deer day after day, year after year. You get to know them and their personalities. Friend will let me walk right up to him. He’s a good deer friend. Little Buddy and another young male walked up too. It’s amazing the deer are still shy after growing up here. They all seem to keep so many feet away except for Friend and some of the females.

Did some wire work and leaf raking in my garden area. Made up a gate to get into the fenced in area. Turned some dirt and was going to pull the things out but it was starting to get dark. I hear it’s going to be windy tomorrow but no rain for two days. I left the tools out so I don’t have to drag them back out. Going to get those onions and garlic in the ground soon. Got a few cuts and scraps today. Was using a clipper and pinched my skin on my thumb. It bleed real bad and all over. Have to replace the band air I put on, this ones getting funky and frayed.

One of the deer walked up onto the picnic table where the bird seed is. Amazing seeing something that big up there. He’s standing and looking out over the place. Now Friend and him are racking antlers.

I’d sure like to get this program working right. Windows Live Writer is suppose to be able to hook up with my blogs. It does it OK with my Google blog but not the Windows Live Site which it’s made for. I’ll plug in the info and it sits there. It can’t find the site I made with this same program a while back. It wants to make a new site but can’t find sites you made already.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Now what awas that password again?

It's great that you can save passwords in browsers but when your computer crashes you need to dig them up from the canyons of your mind.

The Big Crash

Not talking about the economy, it's my computers and TV or anything plugged in when the power went out. Having so much problems with everything. Computers are being real hard to install operating system. Had to pull a hard drive that was working when the power went off. TV still doesn't work. Going to be a redneck with my TV on a TV. Have to set this blog to work with the Live Writing program. Right now it doesn't want to work. Have to figure out all the addresses and passwords I had