Sunday, January 24, 2010

What’s Wrong With RE-installing Windows Live Mail

Why can’t I reinstall Windows Live Mail? Why Did I have to reinstall Windows Live mail? I just didn’t use my laptop for a while and then my Windows Live Mail program keeps having an error telling me to reinstall Windows Live Mail because it can’t load the contact list. I’ve uninstalled Windows Live Mail and the other programs with it so it wasn’t there. When I reinstalled it the first few times every thing showed up the same and had the same error telling me it couldn’t load right and it couldn’t load the contact list and it had all my accounts except it didn’t have one new one I install from my desktop computer. So I deletes all the accounts with the error messages still up. So starting Windows Live mail with no accounts I thought there wouldn’t be any problems. Still I get the same errors and have that contact list problem. I noticed that when I installed Windows Live on my desktop computer with a blank disk that it loaded all my contacts. They were stored online I guess even if they weren’t a MSN account. Every one was there even just contacts that are phone numbers without and mail address. When I install the package of programs all the other programs install right. Wonder if I need to check the registry to make sure Windows Live programs have been deleted from there. I know the directories remain when you uninstall the programs. What gets me is that the program was working fine before, then I didn’t use the laptop for a few months and it stopped working. Well it did download all the mail, that is all the mail I’ve read but still is in the in box along with the deleted mail, sent mail and junk mail. Filled those directories right up. Did that with every account too except the one new Gmail account I haven’t installed on this computer. That all forced me to use Outlook that came with office. I can’t get any emails from my Hotmail accounts but can get the rest. I’m having problems with the desktop computer staying online and know what the problem is and know what box I need to uncheck. Been reading up on the DSL Modem. Before I start getting into anything else. I need to figure out what I installed that causes my desktop to lock up. It used to run fine and you’d think installing Windows on a blank disk that you wouldn’t have any problems for a few years. My Firewall program stopped working and I can’t get it to start either. I install some new Windows antivirus and spyware program but it says it’s not a full antivirus program and that you need on but it looks and acts like a antivirus program. Going to keep uninstalling programs on the laptop to free up space. I was looking at the Control Panel program to uninstall programs and the list is mostly Microsoft programs, update and patches. I need to remember this is a laptop and all I can really do is send mail and use the office programs. I used to be able to edit video on this computer when I first got it before service pack 1. The there was service pack 2 a whole CD of updates and a lot more space taken up on the hard drive. Then service pack 3 did the same thing, took up more space. It also makes the operating system larger when you start the computer. It used to take about 400 megs for XP to load when it first came out now  it’s around 800 plus megs to load.

Well it’s raining here today. Guess I’ll try working on the desktop today.

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