Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pop This Up! Windows Live Mail Program

OK, I’ve installed and uninstall Windows Live Mail and all the other programs over and over for the last two days. Was up till 4 AM this morning hoping this next time it would work. I really hate programs you get these little seed programs and it then downloads the program and installs it. There isn’t very much you can do with it to change things. I keep getting the same messages, “Contacts failed to load.” Well I rooted around and found the folder where all the contacts are stored. I thought if you uninstall a program that means it removes everything. What was the other message, the first one that pops up. I think it said something like, “Sorry Windows Live Mail had a problem please re-install.” Maybe it was the contact list message that said to re-install.

I’ve ignored the pop up messages and deleted all the accounts I had installed. This was a first step forward. I looked at where the program and data are. There still was two email accounts there with sub-directories. It also signs in right of the start of a new install. That’s a first for me, not having to enter name and password in a program. Well it is a new program from Microsoft and must have that new ESP technology. All those hard working guys at Microsoft, using The Tossing Method while they work, it’s one of those new ways of getting things done in corporate surrounding.

image image

Here’s those nagging messages that keep coming up.

What I don’t get is Windows Live Mail was working a few months ago when I had my laptop in the bedroom and would be writing there. I’d have the mail program running in the back ground while I was writing and watching TV. Everything was working just fine. I started working on my desktop computer and re-installing Windows XP because of some problems. Added memory and hard drive. Install Windows Live Mail series of programs. I noticed at I install each account it downloaded the folder for each account. There wasn’t any contacts that I had to install but were downloaded from the Microsoft mail servers. So what do I do with my contacts that remain on the hard drive after un-installing Windows Live Mail and series of programs? No one has said to delete them. Not much info on repairing Windows Live Mail and series of programs. It’s back to that ESP Technology I guess. Try it what do you have to loose. What get’s me is all the messages I’ve sent to Microsoft when closing Windows Live Mail. I’ve sent my personal info to Microsoft but never hear back from them. They did call me one morning when I solved one problem, think it was, “System Fade.” That was duplicating a empty file in the temp directory or folder. Once you got rid off all those and restarted the computer everything was fine. I think that was with the new Windows Internet Explorer 8. I was half awake when I was talking to the young person on the phone. Was wondering if it was some strange person or really Microsoft. I was too tired and wanted to get off the phone and back to bed. 

So what happened to the mail program after sitting for a couple months. Why can’t I install Windows Live Mail and the series of programs where I don’t get errors. Why isn’t there a place with info on how to repair things. I’ve noticed that most instructions tell you how to do something that works and not where the errors creep in.

Well it looked like I was going to be able to read my mail. I could see it there but when I clicked on the mail to read it, I got this messages again.

image They all the type faded away but the program was still sitting there, a empty hulk of a program. And me here trying to get my mail working before the big rain. Going to be storming for a week. Ten feet of snow in the high country. Don’t need anymore snow here. I’ve had my fill of that last month where I was without power for a week and without a phone for two. Couldn’t drive out. Had to cook with my camp stove. No snow here please.

Back to this mail program. Do you think it would work better if it was open source? I’m sure it would be faster, smaller and more secure that’s for sure. At least that’s what I’ve been finding out about open source programs anyway.

I’ve grown to like having a mail program with every thing right there. All my account nice and neat. Having to work from a browser it’s like looking down a tube. Every things not where you want and you need to scroll up and down. You get all those tracking cookies from Microsoft ads. My spyware program keeps popping a message up that it’s removing something. What I find real stupid is when your changing sites with Internet Explorer 8, that top like telling you that it just blocked a pop up. It goes away after the page changes. I know they have forum to find out things but I hate having to read through so much crap before finding the answer. Be nice if that stuff was filtered down to how to fix the screw up’s section. Give you pictures not a description of the error because some are like others. Seems like with all the money coming in there could be some people working on fixing the operating system that was abandon when Vista came out. Now that Windows 7 is out everything else gets put on the back burner or in the warehouse. I’ve been working with Windows 2 and DOS 1.0 so I’m very familiar with you need to buy a new version. I’d like to see one Microsoft program come out and be finished. Nothing ever gets finished, they just move on to something else when they can’t fix it.

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