Sunday, April 29, 2007

60 Minutes, going down, bottom floor, sleaze and crap

Used to be 60 minutes was something you could count on. Tonights show amazed me in that the reporter hasn't paid attention to what has gone on since pre 9/11 and post 9/11 with all the books coming out and all the stories flying. Seems like some one that is going to question the head of the CIA should do his home with before making him look like one of those other "News" shows that are still talking about Ana Nicole Smith. With all the books out seem like Scott would have read one of them, like the one from Paul O'neil who pointed out the administration wanted to go to war with Iraq from the first day in the white house. Richard Ckarke warned the white house over and over along with Tenant ant the same time. Richard Clarke was demoted and was told, "I don't want to hear another word about terrorism." Frank Clack from the FBI was fired and was hot on the trail of Alquita but didn't fit into managements I deal and was moved out. 9/10 he had dinner with his ex-partner for the FBI and they talked about the big attack that was coming. That there was chatter all over they were picking up. The next day, Frank Clark first day was head of security for the twin towers. They never found his body. The whitehouse was warned over and over but lets this attach happen. It was on the grand scheme of getting oild out of the middle east with the devertion of the war.

Friday, April 27, 2007

No money till you learn to talk first.

Congress and Senate tell Bush, No money until you learn to talk first. If you can't spit out your ieas we can't trust you to spend the money properly.

When I was in college it was pointed out to me that you talk like you read. So, listening to Bush speak disjointed is how he reads. No wonder he can't make a train of thought, there isn't enough cars lined up.

I have one question for the republicans that follow Bush down his path of destruction, "Why do you stay on the sinking ship?" Also, What thing did Bush do right? I ask that because I can't think of anything he's done that actually helps people and not helps big business and doesn't destroy the planet.

Bush's "Clean Air Program" make the air more polluted and increases global warming. It was written by the coal industry.

Bush's new EPA standards lets people put out four times more pollution before you need to tell anyone.

Bush's "Clean Forest" is a method for logging National forests. Oh, by the way, Bush owns a logging company, like he didn't know.

Every law Bush and Chaney got passed by the rubber stamp republicans does more harm then good. They started a war with no end in sight, all for oil and profit. What gets me is how fast people forget O'Neil's or Clarke's books on how Bush and Chaney wanted to invade Iraq from the first day in office. I'd go as far as saying they planned this war since the last Bush was in office.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where to put things

From seeing how this administration has took this country backwards from the coal fired plants to making air pollution regulations go back to the 50 when there wasn't any.

Seems that Bush and Chaney need to share the burden, put a coal fired plant next to their house. If they like coal fired plants so much let them live next to them. Same thing with oil and chemical refineries, put them next tp Bush and Chaney's house.

Not Bush wants to bring in Iraqis and all sorts of immigrants, they need a place to live like Waco Texas next to George W. Bush's ranch. Or in Wyoming next to Chaney's house for starting this war and displacing these people. They wouldn't be displaced people if it wasn't for them.

Impeachment is to good for this administration's, they need to be brought up on charges treason. This includes Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and anyone that fed the people of the United States lies to the lead up of the war. That guy from the department of "Dubious Information" need to be skinned I think for the lies he sold people, left in the sun for the ants to eat, it could happen. Seems though this administrations going to get away with all this scoot free but history will show that this administration is and did lied to it people for oil and profit.

It just amazes me how the evangelicals were used to make a case for war, to get Bush all mighty elected. If you ask me it just proves how backwards they people are. Even though you can question these lairs they still think they did nothing wrong. If the do come to grips that there was lies they will blame it on some one or some other group. They can't take responsibility's for there own actions. Even when Ken Lay was convicted he said he did nothing wrong. He supposively died but did anyone check to see who was really in the casket? For all we know he's living on a small island some where. You just can't believe any religious republican because like through time they are people that use and abuse religion for personal gain, just like the church of England which the Evangelicals are a sub set of.

That's a group of misguided people with narrow minds. Just amazes me how they think they are doing good but taking the country backwards. What gets me is they are so stupid that they can't even see how they are getting manipulated by the corporation and political party that the church is.

They walk a fine line and really should be taxed as a political group and not a church. Out of two groups that want to fight each other such as the fundamentalist Christians and the fundamentalist Muslims, if you ask me, they need to be put on one continent and let to fight until they kill each other. Get them out of the way of the rest of the world.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What does mental illness intail

Dealing with mentally ill is a larger then we thing problem. For the most part we only treat people who are bi-polar or schizophrenic and only thing that the ones with the problem. With the advent of the Virginia shooting we are looking more at depressed people, which has been something over looked for years. There also is the matters of drug induced mental illness and dependency. Then there are the psychosexual disorders and neuroses disorders. One way that society is treating all these illnesses is by putting them in the criminal system, which is a business onto itself. One thing we over look are the criminally insane people, which tend to look like normal people but have, drive to take over the world or make money as their Gods or both. Some of which hold high elected office. Some are religious leader who God seems to talk to and people will follow to the ends of the earth.

The criminal justice system needs to be changed in that everyone that’s in there is mentally ill. Normal people don’t kill each other. Normal people don’t thing bank robbing, as a business is normal behavior. Every one entering the criminal justice system needs to be looked at as mentally ill.

Religious people that want to take over the world or impose their will on other is a worse problem that I can see. I see them as more dangerous then a guy with a gun because they rally thousands of people to do their will. Example, the anti-abortion people who want to stop abortion, who kill doctors and say it in the name of God they are protect life. Example, imposing your will on other to protect life when it would put a mothers life in danger saying they are protecting life. When God tells you to start a war with another country for oil profit. When you have a bunch of followers that are egging you on you need to look at what is wrong with those people and figure out whether they need to be medicated or locked up for the safety of the human race.

Being poor and homeless does have effects on people also which slowly changes who they are. Mostly from lack of sleep, being forced to be on guard from harm or even looking out for the police so they won’t be arrested for being homeless.

Seems if we want to help people we would do what’s best for society and move away from what’s just good for a few. Capitalism perpetuates this drive in the criminally insane. Other people see this behavior and want to follow their lead and will do the same actions to get rich. Some go to jail such as the leaders of corporations. When their asked about their crimes, they always say they did nothing wrong.

Remember alcohol is a solvent but when you drink it, it's also a drug and it changes your emotions.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Score one for the Religious Reich

Again the Religious Reich imposes their will on others whether they need it or not. This country was founded on religious freedom until now. No more countries and new lands to run to for freedoms. How they can't see their own action are imposing on other.

The Reich imposed their will in the field of science to stop stem cell research. This has put the country behind other countries as far as advancements goes.

Why is it people who believe in myths make decisions on science when they have no scientific back grounds.

The Evangelical movement has gone from a church to a corporation and political movement. With that, they should be taken out of the tax free status.

I can see people believing in a faith but when it comes to the point where they think they are right and everyone else is wrong, that's not being very Jesus like and loving other. If they believe that life is so valuable then why do they support war? Why do they support destroying the planet they live on. Seems their teachings tend to be an oxymoron.

What gets me is a few leaders of the church tells them how to think and they follow it blindly without question even if it's to their detriment.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Of course I'll lie, I'm Mexican

Bush was heard saying, "Lie like a dog Alburito." Alberto said "sure thing, just like we lied about why we went to war."

"At a boy, Alburrito, your doing a heck of a job. Keep up the good work," Bush said.

Pull my Finger

If anyone is standing in the way of peace in Iraq it's this guy, Al-Sadr. Why no one takes this guy out with a none-denominational bomb is beyond me. So what if they think he's a spiritual leader. Spiritual leader don't invoke war or violence. If anyone in the world needs to be waked this guys top on the list. The only reason he can't show his face in public is because he's afraid that someone will kill him. He keep telling his followers to kill American troops along with anyone and everyone else. He's not a spiritual leader but a warlord. Where are the A130 gun ships when you need them. Every time there's a rally where they're screaming out to kill Americans bring in the Jolly Green Giant's and clean the streets. Nothing like a chain gun to change your attitude and allegiances. Give them the Saddam treatment, gas them like the rats they are. There will be no peace in Iraq until this guy Al-Sadr is promoting violence.

Also I've been taking pictures of peoples faces for a long time now. I found I can tell what kind of person they are from looking into their face and this guy is pure evil, full of hate.

For the good of Iraq, for the good of the world, for the good of the troops take this guy and his followers out. When his followers get together bring out the block buster. They are the "Insurgence" and need to be removed.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

It got deleted by accident, REALLY

It got deleted by accident, Bush administration's said after the information was requested by the oversight committee. They knew there was data missing but it seems it was deleted on 22 computers by accident, not one but 22 computers including Karl Rove's.

I could see it happening to one computer but 22 give me a break. They said nothing fishy was going one when it came to the dismissals of the DA's but the plot thickens. People are taking the 5th, quiting anything not to have to testify under oath.

5 of the 8 DA's fired were looking into corrupt republicans when fired. Now the emails on 22 computers disappears when they knew they were looking for it.

Just more Bush crap and lies, time to get the impeachment started.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Harms way?

If I'm not right but wasn't Bush's idea to go to war and put "Troops in Harms way." Now that congress wants to attach a few items to a supplemental funding bill Bush is going crazier then he is already was.

It's funny to listen to the drunks at a bar solving the problems of the world. They even get into fight over the ways they would solve the problems but when they are sober they wonder, "What was I thinking."

Most everyone now is getting the idea that Bush and his buddies got us in the war for oil and to do a perverted religious thing for the religious right thinking that by going to war they would all be saved in the rapture or to make a 1000 years of peace like it talks about in the bible. Who knew what they were thinking but it wasn't sober thoughts. Must have been drinking too much holly water or something.

What most people didn't hear last week was that the UK was handing out schedules to there troops and when they will be deployed. It goes through the years from now to 2012.

Am I the only one that picks this stuff up and has a memory longer then my little finger. For the most part there's a lot of apathy here and that really needs to change.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More theatrics

Jerkoff (the homeless looking guy) says he's going to protect chemical plants but weakens states laws in protecting chemical plants. This is something that has been being pushed by lawmakers but the chemical industry has been fighting and new laws and regulations. So what does that mean, same old same old nothing is getting done just theatrics like they are doing something when nothing is getting done.
Bush had a speech today of high theatrics using the same old rhetoric, the terrorist will follow us home. Maybe if he would take the border security and port security more serious we would be safer. The idea that he needs this money right now so Halliburton and Blackwater could get paid is more like what the supplements about and not money for the troops. After all Bush just cut $5 billion from the VA's budget this year and democrates added $2 billion to help out the VA but he wants that money striped out of the supplement. He doesn't care about the troops but the contractor friends of his making tons of money. When I was the republicans passing this same bill last year it didn't show up until July. Then all the earmarks were overlooked because it was republican earmarks.
If anyone needs to get an award for theatrics it's Bush and Chaney for the lead up to the war. Question, does Bush eat Rice? or Does Rice eat Bush?

What is a republican

Republicans are big business. This means if you don't have 800 million dollars your not rich and being a republican is self destructive vote that will only impend you in life. To believe that a republican or big business has your best interest in store is a total lie. Republicans used the religious right to get votes, you don't hear Bush saying anything about his God or religion these days. During the past 12 years of republican rule the country has past laws to hinder everyone but the rich. The drug companies wrote the Medicare drug plan making illegal to get cheaper drugs from Canada or Mexico while the drug companies keep jacking the prices of drugs up. The republicans used Enron to manipulate electricity to California which cause a recall election sponsored by a republican millionaire in San Diego. This got Arnold voted in which other countries laughed at Californians for being so stupid. If you look at the people that donated to the republican party to get Bush elected many of them were fined or went out of business due to account fraud. The stock brokers that were caught were fined 1.2 billion for steeling 100 billion which show that crime pays when your rich. I think all the brokers should have been jailed just like bank robbers. The only thing that happened to them was they were told not to do it again. World Comm. went out of business and was a big contributor to the republican party. They also caused the loss of millions of people savings leaving them with nothing. Each people that lost do to Enron's and World Comm.'s collapse should be charges separately for each persons loss as if they stole from each person as one crime each. Another big business that workers tried to help from going bankrupt lost wages, retirement and their jobs while executives to huge pay raises. Those airlines should have been let to go out of business because that's the capitalist way but no they are still hanging on like a festering soar. If Bush likes coal fired power plants so much put one or two in his back yard. Bush had his buddies from the coal industry rewrite the laws to and call it the "Clean Air Act" which means they get to pollute more with no regard to peoples health. Then there has been Bush's budget, which cut this year $5 billion dollars to the VA and he has been doing that for the last five years and he says he supports the troops. Chaney's secret energy policy was to divvy up Iraq leading up to the war in Iraq. A war for oil not for terrorist but that totally backfired and has caused that to be a magnet for terrorist. With the torture treatment of captured people who they didn't know if they were terrorist of just people has turned all them into terrorist. When it came to the "Patriot Act" no one caught what Tom Delay said after it was signed into law a document thousands of pages and just seem to appear, "We have been trying to pass this bill for the past ten years." So that means the republicans wanted to take away peoples liberties for the past ten years before 9/11. O'Neil and his book he wrote told of the Bush and Chaney working on figuring out a way to invade Iraq as soon as Bush stole office. Then there's Diebold executive who said he was going to make it so the republicans would win in 2004. They hold there voting machine a secret so no one can examine them to see how well they do work of if they work properly. Some of the operating system was investigated and it was found that the code was written by real hacks having all sorts of programming errors that experienced programmers wouldn't make. When it comes to Gingrich pursuing Clinton over the Lewinski at least the stock market kept going up every time Clinton's zipper went down. At the same time Gingrich was talking family values and he had a woman on the side. His wife should divorce him. When Gingrich was asked why he pursued Clinton he said, "Because we could." it didn't matter what the rest of the world would see the United States as. Then he was caught up in a scandal and had to step down. This is only a fraction of what happened over the past 12 years and how the republicans set the country back. This war is making all military suppliers a lot of money many of them tied to the republicans and Texas. It's good to see McCain is going no where as far as his bid for the next election. So many people forget he was tied to the Keating Savings and Loan sandal. He doesn't rob bank but liberate the money from savings and loans with no promise to repay the withdraw but hiding behind his office like Cranston did but they sure did profit from other people misery but that what a republican does. McCain clams the war and surge is working from his last visit there. What he doesn't say about his drive from the airport to the green zone was there were gunship flying over head and  he was escorted in a heavily armored military convoy where he has loaded down with body armor.

We can't do the right thing until everyone else does

Bush gets wake up along with the EPA that has been sitting on their hands. Bush's mouth piece says it's not far we have to clean the air. Car makers say they want to have clean air but won't start until they sell off this crap first.
Isn't it typical what republicans say when told they have to take care of the earth and it might cost a few cents to do it. They always say no we can't do that but when it's done it turns out they make more money. Seems if anything you best beat  is not listening to republican or do the opposite of what republicans say for the best decisions.
Seems they started a war doing all sorts of theater, Now people are questioning the war and the Bush and Chaney claim theatrics. Lets start looking at the old news reels because they should have got Tony's for the drama and fear they spread. There need to be a law if elected officials purposely lie to the public they can be impeached and go to jail if this lie causes any death, like a war. No more of this hiding behind the office to start a war for oil.
I'm still waiting for the blood clot in Chaney's leg to travel to his brain.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Why not a Do-Over

Iran is really needing some play ground justice. Time for a do-over. Don't vaporize all of Iran but just the big cities so they get the point. If they think they can preach hate without any consequences. Maybe if all the countries that have Iranians send them back home to Iran and rid the countries of Iranians. This might get some internal pressure on Iran. If that doesn't work then drop a big one, we need to test them out to see if they still work.
I'm just getting tired of countries blaming their crappy country on the west. If they didn't have such a corrupt crappy ideas and government even worse then the republicans here. Their backwards religious type government where they want to live in the past, when the people of most of the country doesn't. Nothing like a country that wants to live in the stone age and condemns progress sort of like the evangelicals here holding back progress. If they want to meet their God lets help them.
Be real easy to get the oil out of Iran if there wasn't 80 million Iranians. Maybe that's what the world needs a world clean up. This might help solve the problem of global warming too. Could start a nuclear winter to counter the global warming and get rid of the pains in the world. So a do-over might be just what the world need, it would take but a few thousand years to repopulate some of the pain in the butt countries. Use some Nuke-a-way to clean the earth of problems.