Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What is a republican

Republicans are big business. This means if you don't have 800 million dollars your not rich and being a republican is self destructive vote that will only impend you in life. To believe that a republican or big business has your best interest in store is a total lie. Republicans used the religious right to get votes, you don't hear Bush saying anything about his God or religion these days. During the past 12 years of republican rule the country has past laws to hinder everyone but the rich. The drug companies wrote the Medicare drug plan making illegal to get cheaper drugs from Canada or Mexico while the drug companies keep jacking the prices of drugs up. The republicans used Enron to manipulate electricity to California which cause a recall election sponsored by a republican millionaire in San Diego. This got Arnold voted in which other countries laughed at Californians for being so stupid. If you look at the people that donated to the republican party to get Bush elected many of them were fined or went out of business due to account fraud. The stock brokers that were caught were fined 1.2 billion for steeling 100 billion which show that crime pays when your rich. I think all the brokers should have been jailed just like bank robbers. The only thing that happened to them was they were told not to do it again. World Comm. went out of business and was a big contributor to the republican party. They also caused the loss of millions of people savings leaving them with nothing. Each people that lost do to Enron's and World Comm.'s collapse should be charges separately for each persons loss as if they stole from each person as one crime each. Another big business that workers tried to help from going bankrupt lost wages, retirement and their jobs while executives to huge pay raises. Those airlines should have been let to go out of business because that's the capitalist way but no they are still hanging on like a festering soar. If Bush likes coal fired power plants so much put one or two in his back yard. Bush had his buddies from the coal industry rewrite the laws to and call it the "Clean Air Act" which means they get to pollute more with no regard to peoples health. Then there has been Bush's budget, which cut this year $5 billion dollars to the VA and he has been doing that for the last five years and he says he supports the troops. Chaney's secret energy policy was to divvy up Iraq leading up to the war in Iraq. A war for oil not for terrorist but that totally backfired and has caused that to be a magnet for terrorist. With the torture treatment of captured people who they didn't know if they were terrorist of just people has turned all them into terrorist. When it came to the "Patriot Act" no one caught what Tom Delay said after it was signed into law a document thousands of pages and just seem to appear, "We have been trying to pass this bill for the past ten years." So that means the republicans wanted to take away peoples liberties for the past ten years before 9/11. O'Neil and his book he wrote told of the Bush and Chaney working on figuring out a way to invade Iraq as soon as Bush stole office. Then there's Diebold executive who said he was going to make it so the republicans would win in 2004. They hold there voting machine a secret so no one can examine them to see how well they do work of if they work properly. Some of the operating system was investigated and it was found that the code was written by real hacks having all sorts of programming errors that experienced programmers wouldn't make. When it comes to Gingrich pursuing Clinton over the Lewinski at least the stock market kept going up every time Clinton's zipper went down. At the same time Gingrich was talking family values and he had a woman on the side. His wife should divorce him. When Gingrich was asked why he pursued Clinton he said, "Because we could." it didn't matter what the rest of the world would see the United States as. Then he was caught up in a scandal and had to step down. This is only a fraction of what happened over the past 12 years and how the republicans set the country back. This war is making all military suppliers a lot of money many of them tied to the republicans and Texas. It's good to see McCain is going no where as far as his bid for the next election. So many people forget he was tied to the Keating Savings and Loan sandal. He doesn't rob bank but liberate the money from savings and loans with no promise to repay the withdraw but hiding behind his office like Cranston did but they sure did profit from other people misery but that what a republican does. McCain clams the war and surge is working from his last visit there. What he doesn't say about his drive from the airport to the green zone was there were gunship flying over head and  he was escorted in a heavily armored military convoy where he has loaded down with body armor.

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