Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We can't do the right thing until everyone else does

Bush gets wake up along with the EPA that has been sitting on their hands. Bush's mouth piece says it's not far we have to clean the air. Car makers say they want to have clean air but won't start until they sell off this crap first.
Isn't it typical what republicans say when told they have to take care of the earth and it might cost a few cents to do it. They always say no we can't do that but when it's done it turns out they make more money. Seems if anything you best beat  is not listening to republican or do the opposite of what republicans say for the best decisions.
Seems they started a war doing all sorts of theater, Now people are questioning the war and the Bush and Chaney claim theatrics. Lets start looking at the old news reels because they should have got Tony's for the drama and fear they spread. There need to be a law if elected officials purposely lie to the public they can be impeached and go to jail if this lie causes any death, like a war. No more of this hiding behind the office to start a war for oil.
I'm still waiting for the blood clot in Chaney's leg to travel to his brain.

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