Monday, April 02, 2007

Why not a Do-Over

Iran is really needing some play ground justice. Time for a do-over. Don't vaporize all of Iran but just the big cities so they get the point. If they think they can preach hate without any consequences. Maybe if all the countries that have Iranians send them back home to Iran and rid the countries of Iranians. This might get some internal pressure on Iran. If that doesn't work then drop a big one, we need to test them out to see if they still work.
I'm just getting tired of countries blaming their crappy country on the west. If they didn't have such a corrupt crappy ideas and government even worse then the republicans here. Their backwards religious type government where they want to live in the past, when the people of most of the country doesn't. Nothing like a country that wants to live in the stone age and condemns progress sort of like the evangelicals here holding back progress. If they want to meet their God lets help them.
Be real easy to get the oil out of Iran if there wasn't 80 million Iranians. Maybe that's what the world needs a world clean up. This might help solve the problem of global warming too. Could start a nuclear winter to counter the global warming and get rid of the pains in the world. So a do-over might be just what the world need, it would take but a few thousand years to repopulate some of the pain in the butt countries. Use some Nuke-a-way to clean the earth of problems.

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