Thursday, December 20, 2007

EPA says tail pipe gases are good for you

EPA sucking the tail pipes of big American car makers votes against California's law to reduce tail pipe emissions. Well there's a way around that, ban the American auto makers from coming into the state because they pollute to much. Well you had to expect this since it's Bush's buddy's in the EPA who are none scientist making policies. Since foreign car makers can make these standards it's time to send a message to Washington and Detroit. No more new American cars in California will fix the problem. If you want to play by Bush's rules then you need to take harsher measures. When a American car gets a smog check here and fails because it's not meeting the new California green house emission laws and you can't register the car but have to take it out of state and sell the cars.

George W. Bush, "Milk Toast of the Year"

Toast of the Year and George won again. Listening to the press conference I was wondering why the reported don't ask and good question. I forgot, these press conferences are scripted and Bush knows the questions before he starts. Bush needs a writer to talk and they are out of strike. Shooting from the hip Bush sounds like a country bumpkin that's drunk. After being a drunk for so many years he's still coming out of that wet brain state. His disjointed statement are examples that a substandard student can grow up to be president as long as you have a big business force behind him. Use Daddy's friends because when you were drunk you alienated all the people you once knew.

What I don't understand is why impeachment proceedings haven't started yet. If any people needed to be removed from office it's Bush and Chaney. With the lies told in the lead up to the Iraq ear, people, mostly shallow minded Evangelicals believe Bush has found WMD in Iraq. They also believe from all the lies that Al Quieda was involved in Iraq.

Why don't the reported ask Bush why he invaded Iraq. Why does he keep pushing the privatizing of the Iraqi oil fields. When does he project when the troops will be coming home, like in what day or year. That crap he give, "We will stand down when the Iraqis stand up. There are more mercenaries in Iraq then there are standard troop shooting up the place. So as I count there's over 500,000 troops able to fight there while the freedom fighters and people the they tortured are still fighting. The one independent poll on how many Iraqis have died since the start of the war is over 600,000. No mention on how many women barring unborn children have died but that doesn't matter because they didn't have an abortion but a bomb that killed them so that's okay.

He gave his "The economy is just fine" quote. What planet does he live on. Well the economy is going good for the real rich and the government is bailing out the investors of the sub prime mess. Funny how the rich never loss because they are connected and people pull strings for them. Mean while people can't go into bankruptcy because of the new laws. Even if you loose you house you still have to pay off that investor so he won't loose.

Bush was asked about the destruction of the torture tapes, (which America doesn't do.) He's claiming ignorance on this one which isn't so hard for him, or until they all get the story straight. It's not a couple tapes like I first thought but 200 to 300 hours of tapes. That's a truck load of tapes. Maybe that's what was burning in Chaney's office yesterday along with all the other secret papers that if gotten out would make this administration look worse then they already do.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Don't you wish Windows XP worked every time.

Still dealing with the Win32 error problem. So nice looking up on Microsoft's search engine and find out you have to buy a product not made by Microsoft to fix the problem. Be nice if XP worked without giving you an error message and tells you to restart the machine. Be even nicer if it would tell you what is going wrong. So I have a Win32 error and part of the problem is the SVCHOST.EXE problem. I know I can't get online to send the an error report because it says my modem is already being used. I downloaded the patch from Microsoft which is suppose to fix the problem but after restarting the machine for over an hour it finally works. What a great product. This first started after updating to Internet Explorer 7.0 and after that the rest is history, the Win32 error. I've been putting my computer into hibernate rather then turning it off so I won't have to deal with this problem since Microsoft hasn't figured it out yet. Looking up the problem on MSN's web site they have page after page of fixes and reasons for the error. I've noticed that Apple has a page for this problem for the people running Windows on their Apples. Nice to hear that Windows runs faster on a Mac also. Now Microsoft has come out with a new operating system, full of problems. People are buying new computers and taking off the new operating system. I just love getting something that doesn't work out of the box and where you need to spend days installing patches to fix the broken product.

Top it off, Microsoft has geared up with Ford to have crap in cars. I'm wondering how many updates and patches your going to need before it works. How many versions of the same product are you going to have to install.

I've been trying to install Windows Live for the past 9 hours. The program just stops. It thinks it working but then after stopping the program it comes up with the error, "Program stopped responding." Don't give up you just need to strat it over and over until it goes all in.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Frosty wet morning

It looked like the little birds could use some seeds. So I slipped on my fuzzy slipper and ventured out with a pound of seeds in a coffee can. I could see why the birds were having a hard time finding something to eat, the ground is covered with frost along with being wet from the rain from that past couple days. Still the birds need energy so they are out every day no matter what the weathers like. Rays of sun light is coming through the trees. Where it hits the cold frozen ground it's turning into a fog and steaming off. The sun on the wet leaves looks like a icy reflective surface. Still in the shade the ice crystals sparkle as I move by and the light refracts of them.

The hummingbird is getting breakfast and I think I need to fill the feeder up for the little bird. Some times when I'm outside the humming bird will fly right up to my face to check me out. See who is the nice guy putting food out for them. As soon as my eyes focus on how close the bird is to my face they fly away.

The little Oregon Junco's are back zipping around eating seeds. Suddenly they fly into the trees and shrubs as if danger was around. A silence is in my forest but soon broken and the birds are flying once again.

Yes it's a cold fall morning in paradise. Time to enjoy life with a cup of French Roast coffee and be amazed at the forest as it comes alive.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wolf, Wolf, Wolf

"Don't believe those truth tellers," Bush said today. "Dick and I want to get that oil for our friends and Iran has lots of that." "So, I'm going to keep preaching fear until we start the next war. You know they have terrorist there?" "I still think they are working on a WMD and we're getten' the mind police on them."

"I want congress to give me money unconditionally so I can fund my Black Water friends." Do my pet projects. Buy oil and put it in the reserve driving up the price of oil for my friends. We got a deal you all know." Support our troops." "9/11" "Terrorist"

Monday, December 03, 2007

Twisted Religions

Just amazed me the stink that Muslims are making over the Teddy Bear name, wanting to put to death a teacher after the kids in the class named him Mohammad. What about the parents that name their kids Mohammad, should they be put to death too. Seems with the age of communication as it is these days where people can hear most story instantaneously but still there is that passing of a message from one person to another error. It's not just Muslims that have twisted views of the world but all fundamentalist seem to have a real twisted view of religion. If you look at the origins of religion first there was the Jewish religion, then the Christians which took about four hundred years to get organized, then came the Muslims religion picking what it wanted from the other two and leaving out what it thought was bad. Mainly religions have always been about controlling people. The Kings and Church used religion to conquer lands in the name of religion taking the wealth or gold in the name of their God's. That promise of life after death was adopted and the followers flocked to the churches or mosques. You pretty much could do anything if it was in the name of God. To think you would put all your trust in just one book and reject the other books of the world seems rather shallow, how can you be a whole man or person by only reading one book. Some people forget that the bible isn't one book but a series of stories bound into one book and it was rewrote to sound better by the Puritans the people the Pilgrims wanted to get away from, now they are here in many names but you couldn't tell them that because they don't read history books.