Monday, December 03, 2007

Twisted Religions

Just amazed me the stink that Muslims are making over the Teddy Bear name, wanting to put to death a teacher after the kids in the class named him Mohammad. What about the parents that name their kids Mohammad, should they be put to death too. Seems with the age of communication as it is these days where people can hear most story instantaneously but still there is that passing of a message from one person to another error. It's not just Muslims that have twisted views of the world but all fundamentalist seem to have a real twisted view of religion. If you look at the origins of religion first there was the Jewish religion, then the Christians which took about four hundred years to get organized, then came the Muslims religion picking what it wanted from the other two and leaving out what it thought was bad. Mainly religions have always been about controlling people. The Kings and Church used religion to conquer lands in the name of religion taking the wealth or gold in the name of their God's. That promise of life after death was adopted and the followers flocked to the churches or mosques. You pretty much could do anything if it was in the name of God. To think you would put all your trust in just one book and reject the other books of the world seems rather shallow, how can you be a whole man or person by only reading one book. Some people forget that the bible isn't one book but a series of stories bound into one book and it was rewrote to sound better by the Puritans the people the Pilgrims wanted to get away from, now they are here in many names but you couldn't tell them that because they don't read history books.

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