Thursday, November 29, 2007

XMAS report or stock market report

I've been hearing the last few days the XMAS reports and it sound like a stock market report. Be interesting if we went back to the old way of a religious holiday but then again what would the economy do. Myself I'm burned out already with all the ads. I can't stand going into a store and seeing all the "XMAS" junk and it is junk. So many people are buying useless junk that they will never use. The TV ads just get me, "Buy this car and tell her you love her" like that a measure of love. You have to wonder what people are thinking when they make these ads. What kind of person they are. You might compare them to snake oil sales men with very low morals.

What else gets me is there's a couple wars going on and it seems the Christmas hasn't been effected at all from the people selling good. No sacrifices from anyone here in this country. Bush's ideas of sacrifice is to go shopping, that's going to help fight terrorism.

What I don't get is those evangelicals who scream about values are silent. I guess the values they have aren't that great. The bar is rather low for them. Meanwhile they keep thinking that gay marriage and abortion will save the country from terrorist at least that's how they vote.

Christmas is for children but it's been bastardized by the corporate world taking the value right out of this holiday.

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